WW3 Conventional War will be Set Off in Taiwan

Here we have the classical set up which has been playing for over 70 years.  China will formally unseat the US as the global hegemon of World Order and the US will become significant no more.

This recent Greg Reese piece is a piercingly succinct summation of our current predicament.

Everyone alive today in the industrial world has been conditioned to expect World War Three as inevitable.

Conditioned through print media, pop culture and ultimately, WW2, today’s serial propaganda keeps the human mind anticipating the inevitability of a Third World War.

And it now seems to be upon us.

Former Soviet intelligence agent, Yuri Bezmenov warned us nearly 40 years ago that America was under a sophisticated attack of Fascist subversion.

Stage 1, Demoralization takes up to 20 years, because its purpose is to demoralize an entire generation, creating an army of disenfranchised minions, an army who is then used for Stage 2, Destabilization. This only lasts 5 years and is the precursor to Stage 3, Crisis. System failure.

This is where we are now; at the precipice, awaiting the crisis, just as the CCP is poised to invade Taiwan. 

Taiwan was part of China for centuries and when the Communists came into power, in 1949, destroying Chinese culture, millions fled to Taiwan to preserve it.

In 1971, the UN’s General Assembly admitted Communist China and expelled Taiwan, taking a clear stance against the People of China. Xi Jinping plans on running all of China under the CCP, by any means necessary.

And his time’s running out. His power is being challenged within the party.

The CCP regularly rehearses invading Taiwan and recently released a video of it.

If America were to allow the CCP to invade Taiwan, then the message is clear: the US cannot protect any nation from the CCP and Communist China becomes the world’s prevailing superpower.

And if we defend the People of Taiwan, it will be World War Three.

And who decides how America reacts?

Joe Biden?

Because they are so dependent on one another, a military conflict between the US and China will be devastating to both economies but it will give the international banking communities the Great Reset they’re all pushing for – which cannot exist in a world of national sovereignty.

World Wars I and II created massive wealth for the big banking cartel, while millions perished.

War with China gives the international banking community the opportunity to do away with America’s false culture of freedom and usher in a world of authoritarian dominance.

For those of us who have awakened, it is obvious that this world war is between the people and their own governments and the unaware masses will obediently go along with whatever they are told.

So, the only hope that we have is the awakening of the people, as unlikely that is.

There are far more of us than there are of them and the only way to avoid World War III is for the people of the world to wake up.  They have not shown any evidence of this from past similar events, and today, they seem more unconscious than ever.

They seem very content to remain focused on their war against their fellow citizens who chose not to accept the lethal vaxx.

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