Why Isnt Everyone in Bangladesh Dead from COVID?

Bangladesh just reported zero ‘COVID’ deaths in the entire country in a 24-hour period. Less than one-quarter of the population is vaxxinated. This poor, incredibly densely populated nation appears poised on the verge of achieving ‘awareness immunity’ – despite violating every principle the High Priests of the Order of the Plandemic assure us are necessary to beat the COVID.  Their awareness is not of ‘covid’, but of vaxx.  They have seen vaxx before, in the past, and see it kills everyone. They are making a bold statement about the scamdemic.  If the great scientismists of the public medicine elite were even slightly close to telling the truth, the facts here, would be impossible.   

Why? How is this possible?

Bangladesh has a population of roughly 167 million people. These people are jammed together in an area the size of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has a population of roughly 13 million.  Therefore, isolation and distancing are relatively impossible.  The real key factor is the paucity of vaxxination.  The only threat to life and health here is the vaxx.  And the less of it, the healthier are the people.

Bangladesh has a population density of over 3000 people per square mile. The population density of the United States is 94 people per square mile.

Keep in mind that the average population density for Bangladesh includes areas of the nation that are essentially uninhabitable. Urban areas of the nation are almost incomprehensibly more densely packed.

Dhaka, the nation’s capital, has a population density of 36,941 residents per square kilometer. That is 95,677 people per square mile.

The poor live in vast, unbelievably dense slums. That’s at least 40% of the population and keep in mind that ‘poor by Dhaka standards’ is so far below U.S. poverty levels as to be virtually incomprehensible to the average American. Dhaka is regularly named one of the world’s least livable cities behind just behind war-torn disaster zones in the Middle East.

Living conditions in Bangladesh are unsanitary, squalid, and dangerous. Bangladesh is a desperately poor country. Any academic talk of social distancing or disinfection of work areas or schools is an indulgence in fantasy. People hang on by their fingernails. They survive. They have no time or money or resources for games. If anything, we are being told by the lords of the lockdown is true, Bangladesh ought to be a killing field. This is the virus’s fantasy come true. The entire nation is a petri dish.

COVID should be tearing through the slums of Dhaka like wildfire, and the bodies should be stacked like cordwood in the narrow, filthy alleys that separate the shacks jammed with people and the gutters running with filth. If the virus was truly contagious, as claimed, a single cough would infect dozens of people already weakened by other diseases, malnourished, and unable to afford medical care.

It is not the case. The contagion is not present.  We have been lied to. If it was ever there, COVID is vanishing from Bangladesh. The simple fact of the matter is, the covid is not the disease.  It is the vaxx that is the disease.  When you have high vaxx rates, you have high deaths and disease rates leading to death.  The covid19 is imaginary, does not exist.  What exists is the common respiratory flu.  These are the symptoms manifested and the normal flu statistics have just been shifted over to call them covid. 

The symptoms of the vaxx disease are entirely different and unrelated.  These symptoms are mostly blood and major organs related.  Myocarditis is the most prevalent.  They would like to confuse you by continuing to call the vaxx disease covid19, but it is not covid.  Covid is only imaginary.  The myocarditis and thrombosis are the result of the actual composition of the vaxx serum, which is graphene hydroxide, processed into a nano compound suspended in a liquid carrier.   This compound causes death by a million cuts, which causes massive blood clotting. This is exactly what is manifesting from the vaxx.

And yet, in Europe and the United States, the high priests of COVID continue to ignore reality because they believe the people are too ignorant to figure this out or even understand it when it is explained for them. The men and women who claim to speak for science, data, and objectivity push ahead with an agenda designed to depopulate the Western Powers according to the UN Agenda 2025.  This will leave the US a crippled and defunct empire that will be picked up by China, the new hegemon for the new world order.

Now returned to a full national lockdown. All Austrians have been directed to work from home and all non-essential businesses are closed. This comes on the heels of a recent announcement that as of February anyone not vaccinated against COVID in Austria will be effectively on house arrest.

Germany’s perpetually angry Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is making noises about the same kinds of measures in her stalag. Germany and Austria and most of Europe have already embraced every tenet of the gospel of lockdowns, masking, and vaxxination, and the deaths and disease in Europe are nowhere near defeated. This is counter to the expert’s claims of what should be happening.  But the claims are unfounded.  Deaths and disease comes from the vaxx’s, and will never be defeated until the required number of people are dead, to fulfil the UN’s Agenda.

Some 79% of Germans are “fully” vaxxinated.  Deaths and disease numbers are soaring. And, so, of course, the prescription must be more of the same.  The goal is depopulation.  They are al lot more desperate to depopulate the Western Empire of the US, than Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, all across Europe average people are rising up and demanding an end to the madness. They are marching. They are refusing to comply. They can see with their own eyes what the so-called experts are putting over on them. All of the lockdowns and social distancing measures and vaxxinations have ‘failed’, but succeeded masterfully

The “pandemic” will end when sufficient numbers of the people in each nation have awakened to the truth.  When the problem is the vaxx,  we cannot vaxxinate our way out of this situation. We cannot end the vaxx disease except by discontinuing the vaxx.. 

Bangladesh is perhaps the ultimate proof of the complete bankruptcy of every idea that has been trotted out by the bureaucrats and autocrats of the planet since this entire crisis beganIt exposes the complete lack of any factual basis for the belief that we must continue to force vaxxinations on the population and punish those who fail to comply.  Thankfully, those who refuse the killer-vaxx provide a control group that clearly shows the truth of what deceptions are going on.

Perhaps more than anything it highlights the real agendas at work here. People must get vaxxinated, because they must be made to comply to achieve the goals of UN Agenda 2025. A solution to this manufactured crisis, which will kill a minimum of 70% of the population of the West, is to wake up, take a real look at what is in the vaxx serum and realize that we’ve been had.  Only the Nuremburg Protocols can put an end to this mass murder.

If anything we are being told by the “experts” were true, Dhaka would be a ghost town. It is not. It is moving ahead and out of the pandemic. The West is not so lucky.

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