What is Selfishness

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies” Groucho Marx

“Those who would trade safety for freedom deserve neither” Thomas Jefferson

The chorus of vilification intensifies by the day, blaring out from mainstream media, disapproving family and friends, corporate myrmidons of the public health narrative: This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, the unvaccinated are putting everyone at risk and preventing us from going back to our former freedoms, they are selfish and reckless, etc.

The clarion call for vaccine mandates and passports ramps up by the day, even in the face of troubling evidence puncturing holes in the repeated assertion that the vaccines are safe, free and effective. VAERs incidents of death, serious injuries and adverse events following the Covid shots continue their hockey stick ascent, with deaths already eclipsing the total cumulative deaths of all vaccines over the last 20 years. And, by the government’s own admission, these events are likely materially underreported by a huge margin. 

The mainstream media supinely parrots the public health agencies’ assertion that it is the unvaxxed accounting for the overwhelming percentage of US hospitalizations and deaths.  This flies in the face of contrary evidence from heavily, if not almost completely vaccinated, countries like the US, UK, Israel, Iceland and Gibraltar, to name a few. Moreover, the CDC tabulation of cases is rife with many statistical sleights of hands, as pointed out recently by Alex Berenson and others. 

 Pfizer and Moderna stock prices go parabolic with positive earnings announcements tied to increases in vaccine pricing and volumes. Only a nitwit could seriously believe the shots are free; that you may not be directly charged does not mean that you are not paying a hidden and escalating price for these death shots while cheaper, off-patent, repurposed drugs are showing promising potential in reducing adverse outcomes.

The charge of selfishness for exercising medical freedom and withholding consent to accept an experimental injection galls the most. Health is devolving from a personal, individualized decision based on one’s unique circumstances to a collective responsibility defined by self-anointed public health experts. Consideration of alternative pharmaceutical or nutraceutical therapies is censored or suppressed. Medical and religious exemptions are cast aside. Those with natural immunity from having had and survived Covid now must cast aside their natural immunity and take a shot that for them is all risk and no reward for the privilege of keeping their job or attending a school. My body, my choice, the rallying cry of the Left, rings hollow and is replaced by a jab in every arm, come hell or high water. We appear on a war footing with eerie echoes to the Wilsonian era with its reliance on collective duties, national planning by boards of experts and suppression or criminalization of dissent. No wonder Drs. Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya, professors of medicine at Harvard and Stanford, have rued our Covid policies of lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations as the end of scientific enlightenment.

Of course, these nonsensical charges are all too trite and bloviated to be sincere, but the deceivers believe they can stir up the ignorant to burn some heretics at the stake, They will go to any depth to get full vaxx subscription in warp time. Why are they so desperate? There is a reason. Time is of the essence because even ignorant people are waking up to the scam that they have underway, and the public hysteria may be waning against their favor.

Before we recast individual autonomy and health freedom as selfish, I have a few questions for the vaccinated on the question of the selfishness.:

  1. What if the blind rush to vaccinate everyone is ultimately responsible for the emergence of the real medical threat, which is simple injected graphene oxide, an industrial poison.
  2. What if Antibody Dependent Enhancement is an outcome of these poisonous injections and the vaxxed end up being a huge and avoidable health disaster, killing billions
  3. What if vaxxinating those who already had the common Covid flu impairs their otherwise strong natural immunity and/or causes a disproportionate percentage of adverse vaccine injuries among this group? Is it not selfish to prescribe a drug that may be of no medical necessity but a lethal threat to your survival?
  4. What if vaxxinating pregnant women, the latest pronouncement of the CDC, leads to a higher rate of miscarriages, birth defects, and infertility.
  5. Where does the slippery slope end if one’s body and health become a collective responsibility subject to the fiat of bureaucratic “experts”? Will forced sterilization and euthanasia be the logical outcome of the maniacal rush to cleanse society of the “unclean” and “impure”? Will vaccine passports pave the way for containment centers of the unvaccinated? These questions are no longer in the realm of the imaginable as stories emerge of forcible detention of dissenters from the shot in every arm narrative.
  6. What if mandatory vaccines and passports have a disproportionate impact on minorities? The CDC’s own data shows that vaccination has been far less prevalent among Blacks and Hispanics. Will they now be displaced from attending restaurants, gyms and places of entertainment unless they produce their papers? The Tuskegee syphilis experiments on blacks should engender mistrust of the federal health agencies. Many blacks already have natural immunity, as do other ethnicities.   Will small businesses in Harlem go under once the Mayor’s edict goes into effect as customers may no longer be allowed to enter.
  7. Statistics from the very governments trying to genocide everyone, clearly show that what is being called covid19 is nothing more than the common flu, which has mysteriously disappeared from the statistics as covid19 has taken its place, with the exact same symptoms and mortality.  Can you put this together to see that covid19 disease is exactly the common flu you have endured your whole life.  And it hasn’t killed you so far.
  8. Therefore, although the RT-PCR gadget which rings up false ‘positives’ all day long is the sole cause of the ‘casedemic’ upon all of the scamdemic hysteria is based on, it is plain and simple to see that there is no novel covid virus disease at all in existence anywhere in the world.
  9. Which is further confirmed by the fact that no scientismic highly funded government authority has been able to come up with a single covid virus specimen to firstly demonstrate even the existence of such a pathogen from which a scamdemic disease could spring from, and secondly, from which any information at all about this new disease would necessarily be derived.
  10. The published mortality data from the CDC shows a survival rate of 99.7 percent.  Can you somehow make this into a deadly threat that requires ‘warp-speed’ development of an untested vaxxine that must be administered to every person in the world by this time yesterday?  Why was it never a priority in the past, for the exact same medical threat?
  11. When there is no threat of death or serious injury, you cannot make a case from taking a known lethal injection and forcing it on everyone in existence in the world.  You can’t even make a case3 for forcing a single dose on anyone in the world.
  12. And, only to find out that this is, admittedly, not even a vaccine of any kind.  It is a lethal dangerous poison that is killing and maiming everyone who receives it.  The reason for the great push to get you injected is obvious.  In a short time, you will have undeniable data that shows the injection is extremely harmful and ultimately fatal.  We can’t wait around for that to happen, now can we?
  13. So, the RT-PCR toy test has lost its emergency use only (EUO) status and has been officially trashed.  But not before all the damage it could produce has already been produced.  How would this work with the equally worthless and dangerous vaxx, when they are forced to revoke its EUO status and take it down with the PCR tester.  Will they be able to withdraw the poison from your body and erase the thrombosis?  Maybe not.
  14. This explains the emergency nature of this fiasco.  Once you are injected, there is no return.  You are on a progression that goes only one way.  The only alteration is to make that lethal reaction occur faster or sooner, by increasing the amount of the graphene oxide in your body.  They can say that only one injection just is not going to do the job.  You need a double injection.  But wait, maybe you need a triple injection.  Or, maybe monthly injections.  You just can’t get enough of this stuff.
  15. You might ask, “why is the same pandemic happening all over the world.  Well, first of all, it’s not.  Sweden have stopped the vaxx’s and lockdowns.  Their mortality and incidence has gone to zero.  Why does Bill Gates show up in Costa Rica with a bag full of money and a list of covid related tasks to be accomplished?  Because, they need confirmation from other places, just like the catholics.  The truth is non-existent or ultra-flimsy, and if a few places are found to be exceptions to their lies, suspicions will arise.
  16. What motive could the government possibly have for creating a fake scamdemic and injecting us with emergency use only vaxx’?.  After all, its our government that we elected to protect and take care of us.  If you believe that your government is a singular power in this world, you are ignorant beyond ignorant.  The real true governing power in this world lets you think you have a freely-elected benevolent government that only acts in your best interests.  That, sadly, is nonsense.  The absolute government dictates what really happens in this world, and we are at the point of a RESET, which is a recurring incident about every 200 years.  When the hegemon of the reigning empire is about to be replaced, creating a global restructuring of power, the change requires a population adjustment.  At present, we see the empire of the “WEST”, with the US as the hegemon, being replaced by a new empire of the “EAST”. With China being the new hegemon.
  17. Why do we still have so many new cases of covid, with sickness and hospitalization?  The simple answer is, we do not have any new cases of covid, nor are there any ‘variants’ of covid to worry about.  You can’t have variants of something the does not exist.  What about ‘break-through cases’ where people get covid disease again, although they are fully vaxx’d?  The answer, there are no ‘breakthrough cases.
  18. What we have now, is the real fatal disease.  The fake covid disease was just for the sole purpose of frightening you into taking the vaxx’s, which are poison, which are the real disease, that they keep trying to confuse with covid.  Forget about covid.  It does not exist, nor has it ever existed, not will it ever exist.  It is a product from the evil mind of the flim-flam man, also known as Fauci.
  19. These highly technical vaxx’s developed with great dedication by these scientismists to save your ass, are nothing more than industrial poison, graphene oxide.  The contents of the serum vials of all eight brands of the vaxx were analyzed by a university in Spain that has the scanning electron microscopy equipment necessary to perform such an analysis.  The found that the eight vaxx’s are identical in composition.  All eight are over 99 percent graphene oxide, a common, cheap, readily available industrial poison that is known to cause the symptoms of thrombosis being seen in all cases of vaxx recipients.
  20. While these are only a few of the questions gnawing at me about the baseless charge of selfishness, as a freedom lover, I applaud the right of anyone to make their own decisions about their own body and health. If you think five booster shots and triple masking are the key to your health, be my guest. Just leave me alone to make my own informed decision about my own health. Science and medicine have never been a one size fits all solution. If the vaxxines are such great products, you should have no need to offer carrots or sticks to have us take them.  Relying on them is an insult to our basic intelligence and humanity. It’s not a bad idea to get up-to-speed before rushing to judgement.  If you are already one of the ignorant who rashly rushed to judgement, then you should feel fully protected, immune, disease-free and under no threat from me at all.  I am not a selfish person.  I have education and intelligence and I work hard to provide valuable information to you.  You will note that my site has no commercial aspects at all.  I am not selling anything except knowledge, and I do it on the basis of free-choice and free-will.  This who subscribe to my site have found it by searching for information they feel is valuable to them.  If you should take the opposite position, just move on to another site.  I don’t count ‘hits’.  I would rather have only one reader who “gets it” and has a chance to save his own life, and maybe that of his family and friends.

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