Vaxx Death Results from Nano Blood Clotting Throughout the Body

As I have been writing about incessantly, the VAXX serum is 99% nano-graphene oxide.  There is nothing scientific about it.  It is not a technical, scientific or biological achievement, like all the doctors and so-called experts are trying to take credit for.  It is just as scientific as Fauci taking a very sharp knife to the interior your blood vessels and vital organs, making countless lacerations.  The first failure, since this is a blood-borne system of trillions of nano-lacerating cutting-edged graphene particles, is the heart and the blood vessels themselves.  This is no disease, in the classical sense, any more than getting carved up by a fine extremely sharp knife is a disease. These clowns from both sides of the political spectrum, are making incessant, non-stop assertions about genetic alterations, spike-protein coated virus particles and myocarditis.  The lethal mechanism is simply a trillion sharp nano cutting edges that simply make trillions of nano-sized lacerations to the interior vital surfaces of the vital components of your body.

Graphene is a well-known industrial chemical that has a unique geometrical property.  Dimensionally, its thickness is only one atom, making it the sharpest cutting edge known to man. When nano-ized and suspended in slightly viscous liquid carrier, then injected into your blood stream, it is going to immediately begin the process of killing you.  It appears that the original intention was to place a sufficient amount such that the timing of death would be about two years.  But, as with any process of killing by a trillion lacerations, the time factor can be changed by the concentration, or titer, of the cutting edges in the cardio-system.  Thus, multiple injections will speed up the process of killing.  So will the constitutional state of the body’s health.  If you are weak, the trauma will take your life more rapidly. But logically, the perpetrators would desire that death not be a relatively instantaneous consequence, as it is the lethal aspect of the vaxx that potential victims are noticing and fearing, making them reluctant to willingly accept their own death by vaxx.

Doctors and researchers are now confirming that nearly all the negative side effects and deaths stemming from covid vaxxines are the result of blood clots. But all of those clots are submicroscopic and require scanning electron microscopy to detected. Standard medical imaging equipment of little value. These clots, called “nano blood clots,” can inflict countless lacerations, which occur in countless numbers that are accumulative.   Each new accumulative laceration expands the injuries to the entire system.  This is the reason that you see so many deaths following the second injection.  With even more injections, the concentration of nano graphene cutters increase and each nano particle will accelerate the process toward lethality.

The resulting die-off of local cells can be expressed in the body as a tingling sensation, numbness, loss of sensory acuity, organ failure, loss of cognitive function and even notable personality changes as people lose higher brain function.

“Nano blood clots are the cause of billions of health impacts and deaths, not from any COVID viral infection as they allege, but from the COVID vaxxines.

This coagulation causes the red blood cell platelets to stick together as in stroke and heart attacks. A small number of autopsies have been performed, revealing micro blood clots in the heart, lungs and other vital organs. Lung failure is not due to a virus but is due to the clotting. When people can’t breathe, the problem is nano-blood clotting in the lungs caused by the vaxx.

Dr. Charles Hoffe, went public with his findings on COVID vaxxinated patients. Using the d-dimer test of blood, he found that the majority of his vaxxinated patients had growing numbers of clots. He said that the use of graphene injections would “kill most people through heart failure.”

And another quote cites a published study from Loma Linda University:

Loma Linda University Health researchers found that severely ill vaxx victims are likely to die as the result of nano clots formed in the lungs that spread to cause deadly damage to other organs throughout the body. The current view being pushed by the suit-and-tie so-called doctors is that the COVID-19 virus travels to the body’s organs and damages blood vessel linings in those organs. This is more desperate nonsense to try to continue to involve virus in the vaxx-pandemic.  The doctors who like to sit in front of the TV cameras are all playing at being scientists, trying to develop fame and fortune for themselves.  They are not scientists, do not deserve any credit for doing anything except trying to maintain the lies, confusion and errors surrounding the false idea of virus being involved in this scam.

According to this research, once the VAXX process begins, the body now becomes overwhelmed in trying furtively and futilely to fight against the graphene lacerations occurring everywhere in the cardiovascular system, which services all of the body’s vital organs.

There is no protection from the countless lacerations produced by the graphene vaxx serum to the internal components of the victim’s body.  This is not a biological development.  It is simply death by a trillion knives.  These knives do not find their way out of the body, but continue to accumulate as more vaxx’s are administered by the heinous fiends who are perpetrating this scam on the public citizens of the world.  Don’t worry, the perpetrators have taken nothing more than placebos to trick you into thinking they are receiving the same death sentence as you.

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