VAX Suicide Cult Mass Hypnosis

The global vaccine suicide cult is not a joke. It’s a product of mass hypnosis, deep-seated fear, combined with a widespread desire for self-annihilation.

Driven to the point of insanity by crazed culture, TV hero worship and the psychological terrorism of the mainstream media, many people are now either consciously or unconsciously seeking to end their own lives — global suicides have skyrocketed since the covid lockdowns began — and now they’ve stumbled upon their final solution: The covid vaxxine.

Heaven’s Gate was a California cult that ended in the 1990s when nearly all its members committed suicide after having faith that their leader — a man named Applewhite — would bring them to salvation.

In much the same way that Heaven’s Gate cult members thought they could achieve ascension and rise above humanity by consuming poison that they believed would teleport them to an “alien mothership” waiting for them on the far side of Haley’s Comet, today’s vaccine suicide cultists believe they can achieve ascension by injecting themselves with a deadly biological weapon that will transform them into a “free” human being and give them VIP status in society (thanks to their vaccine passports).

In exactly the same way that Heaven’s Gate cultists committed suicide in search of ascension to a false god, today’s vaccine worshipers are killing themselves as they pay homage to the false god of “scientism and Fauciism”. And the outcome will be the same: Mass death and shattered delusions. Except in the present case, the suicide will not be quick and clean.  It will take two years of genetic zombification to achieve.

When people no longer recognize their own self-worth

Sadly, many people no longer have any sense of self-worth or even self-identity.  Why is body piercing, tattoos and ridiculous hairdos and colors so popular and prevalent?  People are desperately seeking identity. Why is idol or celebrity worship almost universal, not just in immaturity, but at all ages.  Many instead, worship technocracy, scientism, fame, fortune and power. Why has psychopathy risen among the ranks of humans, from a small percentage to a huge percentage? How about envy, greed and narcissism? These people have lost all touch with reality, thus they have nothing to live for other than more credit and stuff they do not need. Drug use, both recreational and other are out of control.   When those aren’t fulfilling enough, they seek self-annihilation, not realizing that every human being is a miracle of the divine.  Most no longer even know their own gender.

To inject yourself with a deadly biological weapon that was engineered to terminate human lives is an affront on what makes us human, and an act of spiritual and physical annihilation and desperation. Most people taking the injection, at some level, know it is potentially deadly, but they welcome the chance at self-annihilation because that’s far better than the alternative, which is being socially ostracized and rejected by their peers. Most people would rather die than be rejected, and so the vaccine propagandists are paying off social media “influencers,” celebrities and false authority figures to attempt to equate vaxxine obedience with social acceptance.  The arms of young school student are being defaced with permanent markers, “vaxx’d or unvaxx’d.  You cannot do any worse to a school aged child than to permanently mark them as outcasts.  Peer pressure is one of the greatest and most powerful manipulators known to man.

This preys upon the weak-willed who define their own self-worth by the way others view them (or accept them). To reject the vaxxine today, amid all the propaganda and coercion, takes an act of real self-actualization, courage and faith in themselves. Relatively few people possess that capacity today because they have rejected the very conscious maturity that makes humans potentially superior to creatures of lower consciousness.

Thus, those taking the vaccine are literally participating in a grand, global suicide cult that’s being carried out with mass hypnosis, brainwashing and social engineering. Just like Heaven’s Gate cultists, these people are more than happy to take the poison and end their own lives as long as it means they were “accepted” by their peers in the process.

It is essential to understand the twisted psychology of these cultists in order to survive their mass suicide, which will impact even those of us who avoid the lethal injections. As mass death sweeps across economies and nations, it will wreak horrifying consequences upon the functioning of society, including collapsing supply lines and other essential aspects of social and physical life.

Large oil businesses are already planning “replacement” strategies for their own executives who have been vaccinated. “Succession planning” is what it’s called, and according to this woman, oil executives expect that most, if not all of those who took the vaccine will die before 2025, but will become dysfunctional much sooner.

VAX survivors, if any, will be elements of the Internet of Things (IOT).  They will be logged in to their computers as entities, like any other cyber elements of the network.  They will be functioning peripherals that will perform according to their firmware, obeying commands without need for conscious thought-direction. 

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