Vaccine Mandate is Not Based on Science

Covid vaxxine mandates are not backed by science and good public-health practice.

They demonstrate that these mandates provide no overall health benefit to the community and are seriously harmful and deadly.

Accepting the vaxxine should be a decision made by individuals according to their own assessment of risk/reward factors in consultation with informed medical professionals, not in the employ of the government.

More than half of physicians and clinicians disagree with Covid vaxxine mandates, including the Federal government’s Covid vaxxine policy for employers, according to a recent survey conducted by Adaptive Medical Partners.

Recently, in a powerful speech against vaxxine mandates, European Union parliament member Christine Anderson said, “I will not be reduced to a mere guinea pig vaxxinated with an experimental serum.”

Meanwhile, a small but significant victory was achieved when the French Senate rejected a socialist senator’s proposal to make the COVID experimental vaxxine mandatory for all citizens living in France.

Public health officials are grappling with the reality of an increasing number of fully-vaxxinated victims coming down with covid-vaxx disease infections, getting hospitalized, and even dying of covid-vaxx disease.  It is apparent that the covid-vaxx disease develops from every inoculation, starts out slowly, then matures into a lethal organ failure in a few months, up to two years.

While the Center for Disease Control (CDC) insists vaxxination is still the best course, many are asking if they have better immunity after they’re infected with the virus and recover, than if they’re vaccinated.  Indications are that the vaxx destroys the body’s immune system, leaving the victim auto-immune, ie. It is fighting itself.

Scientific studies expose how vaxxine mandate is not based on Science

“Found no significant difference in cycle threshold values between vaccinated and unvaccinated, asymptomatic and symptomatic groups infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta.” Cycle Threshold Values are associated with the RT-PCR tester, which has been officially declared as worthless almost one year ago.

Vaxxinated and unvaxxinated individuals have similar viral loads in all communities.

In fact, all persons have the same viral load.  Each individual carries about 400 trillion viruses within their body.  The Eukaryotic cells of the body, and all eukaryotic-celled plants and animals, produce viruses as a byproduct of mitosis, which is a constant process involving the 30 trillion cells comprising one human body.  These so-named mRNA molecules that carry the protein sequences used to replicate the new DNA, are discarded at the completion of the mitosis process.  They are non-living proteins, securely wrapped in a proteinaceous vesicle for expulsion from the newly created cell, called an exosome.  All viruses are non-living, thus can not mutate to form variants.

“No difference exists in viral loads when comparing unvaxxinated individuals to those who have so-called vaxxine “breakthrough” infections. The term “breakthrough infections” has no meaning, but is construed to refer to a recurrence of covid19.  This is a feeble attempt to keep the covid19 ‘in-play’ in the aftermath of vaxxination.  What it really refers to is the new disease injected into the victim when inoculated with the vaxx…the covid-vaxx disease.

Viral loads are the same for everyone.  The condition being called “breakthrough infections” is a misleading misnomer.  The real infection is caused by the vaxx serum injection into the body.  It is not viral and has nothing to do with the non-existent SARS or cpvid19 so-called viral infections, which are only common cold or flu.  The covid-vaxx disease is a form of poisoning injected into everyone who receives such an injection.  The poisoning, from graphene oxide, is a slowly evolving blood clot condition, that usually starts with the heart, but also effects all vital bodily organs.  It can be lethal immediately, but is supposed to take up to two years to bring about complete organ failure and death.

“Natural immunity confers life-long strong protection against cold/flu infections, which have never been a serious health threat to humanity.  A small number of deaths occur among the weak and/or elderly, but death is normal attrition in these cases.  Death from attrition equal births in a society that is static in numbers.

While the vaccine provides no protection against infection, the graphene oxide is a simple poison.  Once injected into your body, you are poisoned.

A second, third, or fourth dose simply ups the titer, the concentration of the poison, so it can do its damage much faster.

It is still a mystery as to how case studies claiming all sorts of quantitative details are a mystery.  They are all based on the untrusty old PCR tester, which is fully acknowledged, even by its inventor, to be fully not capable of detecting any virus, let alone specific imaginary viruses.

The disease, other than the cold/flu, is strictly a poison by injection.  There is no transmission or contagion.  There is no virus disease.  Virus are simply non-living molecules that have been used to serve their purpose, wrapped securely and discharged from the cell.  They are incapable of mutation, infection or causing any harm.

Even if the medical genius, Joe Biden, could get his way with 100% vaxx coverage, he would only succeed in poisoning all of the humans, who would all be dead in about two years.  Drawing from this fact, there is only one possible reason he would want to do this.  That is a total extermination of all humanity from this planet.

All of the various bullshit that is being published is just subterfuge and deceit to attempt to keep you confused and compliant.

“Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaxxination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States.”  This statement is nothing but a lie.  The only thing scientifically genius in the whole scam is the use of the graphene oxide, which mostly does not manifest for a period of time.  And the CDC has cooked up a set of rules that keeps most disease and death out of the records and statistics until well after the fact.  Nothing is attributed to the vaxx until after the period of months when the final dose is administered, and then another two weeks more.  CDC says the person is not vaxxinated until this point, and any deaths or adverse effects are not considered as being attributable to the vaxx.  The data is considered irrelevant and just drops into a vacuum.

Patients who were admitted to a Yale New Haven Health System hospital with a confirmed positive PCR test for SARS-CoV-2… “Observed a higher number of patients with severe or critical illness in those who received the BNT162b2 vaccine than in those who received mRNA-1273 or Ad.26.COV2.S.” This nonsense is all based off of the PCR tester, which everyone should know by now, is officially incapable of producing any accurate test results.  They like to use a code with a lot of meaningless numbers and letters to make it look valid and official.  It is not in any way valid or official.

The above is a misinterpretation of what is really happening.  The vaxx provides zero immunity or protection.  It is only a unique poison that causes blood clots to form in your vital organs.  The uniqueness stems from the nature of how the graphene oxide begins slowly to form micro-clots.  Most of the time, these blood clots produce a slight initial effect which gradually worsens.  The intent was for a delay before manifesting symptoms after 3 to 6 months.  This to disassociate this illness from the date of inoculation, providing a pretense to deny correlation between the vaxx and the disease.

So, the noticeable effect is not the vaxx losing effectiveness.  It is the graphene gaining effectiveness in destroying your heart, lungs, brain or  revealing the real purpose of the vaxxine mandates…the covid-vaxx disease that continues and becomes stronger.  Death can take as long as two years, or possibly even more.  This will usually take the form of heart disease, but should another vital organ have susceptibility, it can become the site of the lethality.

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