Vaccine hustlers to Curb ‘Hesitancy’

“HESITANCY” is the popular term. The term “hesitancy” would logically apply to the timid, who really ‘know that they should but are just too fearful to do it’.   But there is nothing logical or factual going on today.

The people who aren’t taking the COVID vaccine aren’t ‘hesitant’ at all. They’re determined to reject the injection based on easily researched facts that reflect sound and sane judgement over being stampeded into a deadly mistake due to hysterical fear induced by talking monkeys like Fauci.   They don’t want the COVID vaccine because they want to forego genetic damage, blood clots, paralysis and death in the immediate term, and ‘zombification’ in the longer term. 

They have discovered that the non-existent ‘pandemic’ is based on mass hysteria caused by TV hustlers, who are shills for the psychopaths who are perpetrating the ‘real agenda’, which is obviously depopulation, as in UN Agenda 2030.  By the year 2030, the Guide Stones objective of a total world population of one half billion will be fulfilled.   The ‘hucksters’ say they have to go after the ‘hesitant’ to give them the little push needed to overcome their, well…hesitancy.   According to an old desiccated man who could play a mortician in an Abbott and Costello movie without a minute of rehearsal, who just happens to be the director of the largest medical research facility in the world—the US National Institutes of Health—Dr. Francis Collins…   According to Collins, the prime target of pro-vaccine propaganda is the dastardly evangelical/Trumper crowd.   Last week, Collins spoke with NBC’s Chuck (aging-wonder-boy) Todd, who made his original journalistic bones deftly pointing a wand at maps of voting districts on Election Nights.   Collins intoned, in the manner of a funeral home director expressing condolences to customers over the accident that took the life of their beloved family member, who was driving while drunk and steered his car over a cliff:   “Particularly white evangelicals seem to be ‘hesitant’ to the idea that vaccines are something they want to take advantage of.”   “…certainly Republican men in particular seem to be less likely to be interested in the vaccine.”   But wait. NIH head Collins—playing politics—forgot to mention that, according to a recent Harris poll, 42% of black Americans don’t want the vaccine either.   Oops.   Well, no doubt “systemic racism” must be at the core causing black people to fail to see how glorious the vaccine really is. They’re being kept in ignorance by white people, as usual.   Actually, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. A COVID Collaborative poll discovered black Americans have shockingly low levels of trust in the FDA (29%) and drug companies (19%). I’d say those numbers reveal acute intelligence, not ignorance, on medical issues.   Any group that distrusts the FDA at the rate of 71% is medically astute   On the other hand, white Americans are the victims of systemic “safe and effective” lying by The New York Times, CNN, NBC, etc. without a moment spent on further investigation.   White Republicans are also being lied to by Donald Trump, Mr. Warp Speed, who is pushing the COVID vaccine like a lifeboat salesman on the Titanic.   Trump is fronting for the COVID shot with a fervor matched only by Biden, Fauci and Gates, the trusted illuminaries.   In an April 16 mass email to his followers (no doubt written by an aide), Trump, a major propaganda whore for Pharma, states:   Vaccine resistance is “deranged pseudo-science.”   “The federal pause on the J&J shot makes no sense. Why is the Biden White House letting insanely risk-averse bureaucrats run the show?”   It’s “sheer lunacy” for Biden “to delay millions of vaccinations and feed fears among the vax-resistant.”   I spoke with a born-again Christian the other day. I asked him whether God had told him not to take the vaccine. He laughed. He said, “God told me to trust my research.”   “When did He say that?”   “I like to think it was just before I wrote to Trump telling him to pull his head out of Biden’s ass.”   We’re seeing hustlers on all points of the political spectrum pushing the COVID vaccine—the genetic experiment always banned from use on humans before.  Deliberate genetic modification can only have one objective…to initiate a process whereby the genetic constitution of the victim is compromised over time to a point where the composition is more of the strange foreign genes and less of the original essential DNA structure of the original.   The genetic altering injection has only gained FDA certification for emergency use—a far lower and looser classification than full approval.   These criminal vaccine promoters deploy outrage and sob stories—whatever they think will play well—as they target various demographics.   Thousands of serious adverse effects from the shot are being reported. You can multiply those figures by 10 or 100 to gain a truer estimate of what is really  happening; and there are NO data on long-term effects.   You bet your ass people are “hesitant.” Medical authorities are telling them to accept a genetic injection that causes their cells to manufacture a protein they would never make under normal conditions. Gradually, over one or two years, the foreign cells are going to take over the body, resulting in the ‘walking dead’.   In all the years of NIH’s existence, with a total budget in the hundreds of billions of dollars, show me ONE genetic cure for ANY disease across the board.   Just one.   It turns out that the history of genetics reveals the following: they can ALTER humans with it, but they can’t CURE humans.  This is consistent with allopathic medicine, that band aids over symptoms while leaving disease to remain, resulting chronic pill consumption on a massive scale…the original plan for fake allopathic health care.
From John Rapaport

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