Vaccinated are Walking Dead

Unvaccinated Hunted for Sport

Remember the movie ‘Hunger Games’?  Remember, the Royal’s code of honor requires warning us in advance of their intent to do us harm.  One vehicle for doing this is via movies.

Globalists have a forked-tongue plan to exterminate humanity: Many who take the vaccine will simply die from the engineered hyperinflammatory reactions that are likely to hit hard in the Fall, while those who refuse to take the vaccine will be hunted down, rounded up and thrown in covid concentration camps for efficient extermination.

This plan will be resisted in conservative states like Florida and Texas, but this is precisely the plan being rolled out in genocidal “blue” states like New York and California. Many other genocidal regions in other nations are also participating in this mass extermination experiment, such as the state of Victoria, Australia.

In New York, the criminal Governor Cuomo is pushing vaccine passports to coerce the population into taking the engineered “death shots” which are already resulting in tens of thousands of deaths worldwide. All such deaths are called “coincidences,” of course, because the medical establishment continues their lies about the causes of death to achieve their desired goals of medical tyranny. In 2020, when a person died months after testing “positive” for covid, that death was called a “covid death.” But in 2021, when a person dies five minutes after taking a covid vaccine, that death is called a “coincidence.”

There is also growing resistance against vaccine passports, with many people (including political leaders like Ron Paul) are claiming such an idea may be the “final straw” or “tipping point” needed for humanity to finally rise up and end the medical tyranny now being unleashed against them by the global terroristic government worldwide. Or, they may be the method to induce some ‘hold outs’ to take the injections just for reasons of practicality to avoid restrictions and inconveniences.

That’s why other global depopulation plans are also being pursued as rapidly as possible, including:

  • Fake president Joe Biden trying to start World War III with Russia via Ukraine.
  • Anti-human demon globalist Bill Gates trying to block the sun and collapse the global food supply to unleash massive
  •  Engineered famine.
  • The rapid deployment of 5G electromagnetic weapon systems in cities around the world, with telecommunications capabilities serving as the cover story.
  • The mass poisoning of the food supply with pesticides, herbicides, rogue genes and heavy metals.
  • Economic assaults on humanity via covid lockdowns, toxic masks, toxic mandatory covid testing, crushing small businesses and local employment opportunities.
  • Guaranteed Income programs, to get people to stay home and alleviate pressures to gain incomes.

The globalists are no longer even pretending to be working to save humanity

The “denial” phase of the globalist agenda is now over, and anti-human globalists are rolling out concentration camps, vaccine passports, FBI ‘con-sting’  terrorism and weaponization of the government against human civilization on all fronts. Remember when we were all wondering what the domestic government agencies needed billions of rounds of armor-piercing ammunition and hundreds of thousands of automatic weapons?  The new Biden “infrastructure” bill even earmarks $20 billion to tear down roads and highways that are deemed “racist.” The total destruction of human civilization is now under way.

Globalist terrorist governments are working on rolling out vaccine passports as a permanent control mechanism to enslave the compliant sheeple who are so stupid as to go along with it.  If no one rises up in resistance against this tyranny, then it will become fact and impossible to change.

Now they are passing laws to utilize the concentration camps built years ago as FEMA disaster camps— something now approved by the New York Senate — for use by the Governor to round up those who resist vaccines by labeling them a “danger to public health.”

The unvaccinated will be labeled the new “terrorists” by the Big Pharma-funded journo-terrorism media and the anti-human criminal government. This is what they will keep repeating over and over again while they hunt down, round up and kill those who resist:

Expect forced-guns confiscations of the populace in the near future to open the path for these final measures.

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