US COVID Deaths In 2021 Have Surpassed 2020’s Total… Despite Vaccines and other meaningless countermeasures

The scamdemic has killed more people in 2021 than 2020.  The vaxx’s were claimed to be capable of mitigating this situation. Why are the vaxx’s killing instead of immunizing, when Fauci and the CDC claim they are so efficacious?

The virus was reported as the underlying cause of death (or a contributing cause of death) for an estimated 377,883 people in 2020, accounting for 11.3% of deaths, according to the CDC. As of Monday, more than 770,000 people have died from the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University data. That means over 15,000 more people have died in 2021 than 2020 from COVID-19 – and there’s still more than a month left.

This has happened despite the fact that last year no Americans were vaccinated (now 59% of all eligible Americans have had the “miracle” jab) and some 17% have received booster shots.  And deaths are rapidly increasing, not decreasing.

The 2021 U.S. death toll caught some doctors by surprise. They had expected vaxxinations and precautionary measures like social distancing and scaled-down public events to curb the spread of infections and minimize severe cases, or so they claim.  But, The Wall Street Journal has its own explanation, suggesting lower-than-expected immunization rates as well as fatigue with precautionary measures like masks allowed the highly contagious Delta variant to spread, largely among the unvaccinated, epidemiologists say. It is safe to say that the WSJ is totally ignorant on the subject, yet anxious to publish its false speculations.  Variants can only exist if there is something from which to vary.  In this case, no covid19 virus has been shown to even exist.  Therefore, no variant can exist.

Among missteps, Dr.Abraar Karan, an infectious-diseases doctor at Stanford University, said, public-health officials failed to effectively communicate that the purpose of vaccines is to protect against severe cases of Covid-19 rather than to prevent the spread of infection entirely, which may have led some to doubt the effectiveness of the shots.  This statement, as I recall, is the exact opposite of the claims made by CDC and vaxx makers at the time.  They all claimed that the vaxx was only going to work for mild cases. No attempt was even being made, at that time, to address the more severe cases.  I think it is safe to say that, with the fake PCR tester, there were, in fact, close to zero cases, and any that existed were just common cold and flu.  Recall the survival rate, even in the face of the manufactured crisis, was officially 99.7% across the spectrum.

CDC has an excuse too, claiming that there was a larger undercount of Covid-19 deaths in 2020, when the disease was newer and a scarcity of tests made confirming some infections difficult.  This is patently ridiculous, as the PCR was yielding 97% false positive cases for hundreds of millions of humans…no symptoms even being necessary.

Deaths remain concentrated in older people (81% of 2020 deaths were among people aged 65 and above, and 69% of the same cohort in 2021).  This, of course, is due to the massive campaign that was mounted against the elderly, who were ‘sitting ducks’, locked away in their elder-care facilities, defenseless and unable to escape or recruit any help.

The disaster here is that the mounting death rates are just the tip of the iceberg.  These deaths stem from the vaxxine itself.  Those receiving the vaxxine are being poisoned outright by squirting large doses of graphene oxide into the blood streams of the victims.  Often, these injections cause relatively immediate adverse reactions and deaths.  Because of arbitrary senseless rules instituted by the CDC, “vaxxination” does not take place until 14 days after the final jab in the multi-jab protocols. Those frequent deaths and adverse reactions are recorded as being among the “unvaxx’d”.  Obviously, this makes the vaxx appear much safer and heaps unwarranted negative statistics on the unvaxx’d.

Cases confirmed by Defective PCR

“The vaxxine is not a panacea,” said Ana Bento, an epidemiologist at Indiana University-Bloomington. More appropriately, the vaxxine is the nightmare.

Well, that’s pretty clear now, The vaxxine itself is the pandemic.  It is the only active pathogen that is killing people in ever increasing numbers.  This trend will become clearer and more undeniable as the time passes, and the deaths exponentially increase.

This is exactly how it was supposed to happen all along.

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