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Up until the early 1900’s, most diseases were caused by pathogenic contamination such as: the black plague, TB, small pox, diphtheria, typhus, Bubo, Syphilis,  etc. The cause was identified easily because it was overt and because it attacked quickly..  It spread rapidly due to poor hygiene and a lack of understanding of nutrition, sanitation and deliberate wide-spread contamination and lack of public education.

Eggs, the perfect food

Today most diseases are chronic conditions: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity, arthritis, allergies, Celiac Disease, ADD, MS, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, body dysmorphia, self-mutilation and so on.  These diseases are not recognized as plagues because they usually develop over the course of many years and are caused by non-spontaneous induction due to toxified fake-foods. chemically contaminated soils, oceans, air, drinking water, household products, beauty products, radiation, GMOs, drugs, pills, vaccines, and deliberate miseducation. This is the ‘slow-kill’ agenda to bleed everyone of their savings prior to their premature death. Your government is legally entitled to lie to you about all of this.

As they introduced processed foods, nutrients were sacrificed for shelf life, appearance and convenience.  This gave birth to maladies, as those mentioned above, unknown to earlier generations.  This, coupled with the new government-sponsored fear of fats, led to low-fat diets and foods depleted of vitamins and minerals causing a nutrient deficient yet obese population. According to them, fat is the culprit underlying diseases. This, of course, is 180 degrees wrong, like most of what you are told.

It is not commonly talked about or part of public education, but poor nutrition causes almost all diseases. Deliberate toxification and stress cause the rest. You are a targeted individual for chronic diseases leading to premature death because that is the system you live in.

We require saturated fats called Omega Oils to be healthy.

Do not take this statement as carte blanche. Many saturated fats are found in unhealthy forms, like fast foods. Do not eat fast foods. Avoid meats, except cold water fish and free-range chicken. Never eat sausage meats. Discrimination in the selection of foods is always required.

The essential fatty acids are required by your body to make cholesterol, which is a vital component of the body.  There is no such thing as high cholesterol, or ‘good’ cholesterol or ‘bad’ cholesterol. There is no such thing as too much cholesterol.   There is just cholesterol, a good and vital component of the body. The only issue with cholesterol is the ratio between omega-3 HDL and omega 6 and 9, the LDLs. The HDL oil is the solvent for the LDL oils allowing for transport through out the body. Excess cholesterol will then just be eliminated naturally. Otherwise, minus the HDL, the LDLs will clog up your body, no matter how many statin pills you take.

There are three primary fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. They are all essential oils.  The only problem here is that they must be balanced.  Our food has been engineered to remove Omega-3 oils.  Omega-6 and 9 are plentiful.  This does not work well for our body.  So we call the one they have removed the ‘good’ one and the ones they have not removed the ‘bad’ ones. This is typical nonsense from our scienctism and health departments.

People will never understand this until they understand that our government, the real one, is not the one we think we have control over by the electoral process.  The real government is a world government, that has always been in control since the inception of humankind.  The people have no control over the real government.  The real government has no allegiance to the people.  The people are its property and assets, as in corporate law.  The people have a biological lifespan and a ‘useful’ lifespan.  The real government would ideally like to have them be equal.  But humans are just a commodity which is in plentiful supply with small value accordingly.  The real government does not place high value on humans.  They are concerned about how to exploit humans without their being aware of it.  They want the real assets of human production for their own plunder.  In exchange, they give humans a worthless fiat paper money system that hides the fact of their slavery.  Humans generally are good with this.

One of the many ways humans are controlled is healthcare and diseases.  Your diseases are mainly engineered to maintain your willingness to be controlled and to try to achieve the goal of equalizing your biological lifespan with your useful lifespan.  When you are diseased, you are malleable and willing to seek their very costly non-solutions.  The topic of this essay is just one of the very many of these non-solutions.

Junk food trans fats are killers

Don’t you find this confusing? It’s not what all the TV news, press releases and propaganda are saying. For years we’ve been told the problem is these blood fats and we should ALL be taking statins, even children; stop eating eggs, use polyunsaturates instead of saturated fats. Or, better yet, FAT FREE.

A litany that sold a lot of drugs, killed a lot of people and still holds center stage in the minds of most clinicians. Hardly ever was there a stronger case of ‘ignorance kills’.

National Lipid Assoc.

As a result, the National Lipid Association has had to do a complete about-face (2013):

“For four decades it has been recognized that elevated serum levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD)”.

Eat Lard and butter to Help Your Heart

Once, it was the great cooking fat of the world, from Shetland to Gibraltar and east beyond the Caucasus, in China, Mexico, in India it’s ghee, and South America. You probably remember your mother cooking with lard.

In Ukraine they have a festival devoted to lard. Polish immigrants caused a UK shortage in 2004. Most of our ancestors ate it and not many of them died of obesity. For thousands of years there has been lard wherever there were pigs.

It’s a supremely versatile fat. Because it smokes so little when it’s hot it’s perfect for bringing a batter to a golden chip or a fritter – only dripping (beef fat) does a better job. It’s higher in the monosaturated fats. It’s one of nature’s best sources of vitamin D. Unlike shortening, it contains no trans fats, probably the most dangerous fats of all.

Trans fats are deadly

We have all witnessed the entry of the fake fats which are mainly plastics.  Oleo margarines, canola oils, all hydrogenated oils are pure worthless poisons that cause a huge array of diseases of the body which were never seen anywhere, historically, before the present day food fraud.  Plastic fake fats are highly estrogenic, in both men and women, and have a host of their own associated chronic diseases.

Our bodies are miraculously and wonderfully created, and are quite resilient, able to maintain health under all but the worst conditions.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s), aka Vitamin F, are needed by every cell and component of the body.  It is often underestimated how much of these oils our bodies need.  The dry weight of our brain alone is made up of 60 -70% fatty acids.

Like the B vitamins, there are several members of the Vitamin F family: the Omega oils, 3, 6 and 9.   They are given their number because of their pairing of Carbons.  Fatty acid molecules form in a chain of carbons “C” to which is attached  Hydrogen “H” and Oxygen “O” in various configurations.  

Saturated fats have no missing hydrogen and no double bonds.  These fats are straight and unbendable. These fully saturated fats should be avoided.

Unsaturated fats, either mono (one) or poly (many) can contort to different shapes.  Omega 3 oil (aka linolenic acid) is named because the first carbon lacking a hydrogen is the 3rd carbon.  Since there is only one pair of hydrogens (MONO) missing it is categorized as a Mono Saturated fat.  In other words, it’s saturated with hydrogen except for one pair.

Omega-3 Linolenic acid molecule

Since the carbons missing do not have a hydrogen to attach to, they double bond with each other. 

Unlike the oils where no carbons are lacking a hydrogen (making it saturated and solid or semi solid at room temperature) …. Mono saturated fats are typically liquid at room temperature.  Omega 6 oil (aka linoleic acid) is called a poly unsaturated fat because the first missing hydrogen is at the 6th carbon and it is lacking at least one other pair, missing farther down the chain.

Omega-6 saturated fatty acid (linoleic acid, LA), molecular model. Atoms are represented as spheres with conventional color coding: hydrogen (white), carbon (grey), oxygen (red)

Likewise, the Omega 9 (aka oleic acid) oil, the first carbon lacking a pair of hydrogen is the 9th carbon

Omega-9 oleic acid molecule

Forced Hydrogenated oils, such as shortening or margarine, are fully saturated fats.  Since they are unable to alter shape, the cell they attach to becomes rigid.  This hardening of cellular structures causes havoc inside the body.  Their natural counterparts, omega oils, being flexible, keep the cells they attach to supple.

If the fully saturated oil attaches to the cell membrane, it becomes rigid and the cell has a harder time transferring foods and wastes through the cell wall.  Supple cell membranes can freely exchange both.  Likewise, when a bad fat attaches to a cell, it inhibits good fat from adhering to that cell.  So, not only is taking in good fats important, but avoiding the bad fats are equally important.

What does this mean in our bodies? 

  • At least 70% of the dry weight of your brain is made of fatty acids
  •  70% of the dry weight of your myelin sheath is made up of cholesterol and fatty acids
  •  Low fat diets and fear of cholesterol can compound thin myelin problems
  •  Low levels of available Essential Fatty Acids, EFA’s, prohibit the healing of the myelin sheathing during time of stress
  • The thickness of the myelin is proportionate to its ability to release neurotransmitters
  • A lack of these transmitters have been linked to: ADD, Dyslexia, OCD, Bi-polarity, Trichotillomania, Parkinson’s disease, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Anorexia, Bulimia,  Body Dysmorphia, Self Injury or Self Cutting, Panic Attacks, Social Phobia, Tourette’s, and other neurological disorders
  • When switching to a low-fat diet ,  many people also report a negative mood swing.
  • Transfatty acids, such as margarine and shortening destroy the essential nutritional character of the oils and block the use of normal essential fatty acids necessary for healthy cell function.  
Brain matter is mostly omega oil fat.

​Evidence proves that deficiencies in Omega 3s do:

  • Alter the serotonin and dopamine levels, two very important neurotransmitters
  • Compromise the blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain from unwanted invaders
  • Decrease normal blood flow to the brain, and cause up to a 35% reduction in brain phosphatidylserine (PS) levels (antidepressant activity)

As previously stated, omega-6 and -9 are plentiful.  Omega-3 are lacking.

Olestra is poisonous fake fat.

Whenever a person eats a plant source of omega oils, such as flaxseeds, their body has to extract and convert the oils into EPA and DHA so they can be used.  When eating omega oils from fish, the fish’s body has already done the extraction and is therefore more bio-available.

The reason for this is that fats are oils, insoluble in water, and the blood is water-based. To understand the significance of this, think about trying to wash oil off of a pan. The water can’t transport the oil. Soap is needed to emulsify (make the oil particles smaller), so that the water can wash away the oil.

Eating  Nuts, Seeds, Legumes/ Beans, and Eggs facilitate conversion.

The Great Cholesterol Myth

As a vital part of the body’s chemistry, cholesterol is used to produce the steroid hormones required for normal development and function. These include the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men. These hormones trigger development of the physical traits characteristic of adult women and men as well as playing a role in reproduction.

HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL Liquid and Solid Crisco. Unsaturated fats may be converted to saturated fats like the Crisco product by adding hydrogen atoms (hydrogenation). This process creates saturated fats called trans fatty acids which are plastics, poisonous to the body.

Other steroid hormones produced from cholesterol include cortisol, which is involved in regulating blood-sugar levels and defending the body against infection, and aldosterone, which is important for retaining salt and water in the body. The body can even use cholesterol to make a significant amount of vitamin D, the vitamin responsible for strong bones and teeth, when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Cholesterol is also used to make bile, a greenish fluid that is produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. The body needs bile to digest foods that contain fat. Bile acts as an emulsifier — it breaks down large globules of fat into smaller particles so they can mix better with the enzymes that digest fat.

Once the fat is digested, bile helps the body to absorb it. The presence of bile in the intestines is required before cholesterol can be absorbed from foods. The body also needs bile in order to absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K, called fat-soluble vitamins, from food.

Fat=free foods that seem to have fats contain fake fats

Your body can also eliminate some excess cholesterol through bile. Whenever bile is released into the intestine, a portion of it is absorbed back into the body to be used again. The remaining bile is excreted in the feces. To help maintain the cholesterol balance, the body can dissolve excess cholesterol in the bile and can also convert more cholesterol into bile acids so that the cholesterol will be excreted with the feces.

Eskimo whalers live almost exclusively on whale blubber, a fat, but have no problems with cholesterol or heart disease.

A group of Eskimos in Greenland have shown for the first time that omega oil can play a essential role in controlling cholesterol and preventing coronary heart disease. Although these Eskimos have a fatty diet, their blood cholesterol levels are low and heart disease is rare.

A close look at the Eskimos’ diet reveals that fish are the source of most of the fat. However, the fat of these fish is different from that of other animals, and it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids, known as omega 3s, are found in marine phytoplankton. Fish feed on phytoplankton to obtain these fatty acids, which are then stored in their own body fat.

Here is The Modern Theory of Cholesterol – totally Wrong

If you eat too much cholesterol, or saturated fat, your blood cholesterol will rise to dangerous levels. Excess cholesterol will then seep through your artery walls causing thickenings (plaques), which will eventually block blood flow in vital arteries, resulting in heart attacks and strokes. -WRONG!

Scientific hypotheses don’t get much simpler than this: the cholesterol, or diet-heart, hypothesis, has broken free from the ivory towers of academia to impact with massive force on society.

It has driven a widespread change in the type of food we are told to eat, and consequently the food that lines the supermarket shelves. Many people view bacon and eggs as a dangerous killer, butter is shunned, and a multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up providing so-called ‘healthy’ low-fat alternatives.

Statin drugs are highly profitable for the pharma industry. They are totally useless and dangerous.

At the same time, millions of people are prescribed statins to lower cholesterol levels, and each new set of guidelines suggests that ever-more lowering of cholesterol is needed. When it comes to explaining what causes heart disease, the cholesterol hypothesis reigns supreme.

But as the US editor and critic H.L. Mencken puts it, “For every complicated problem there is a solution that is simple, direct, understandable and wrong.” This is how we might view the diet-heart hypothesis: just because it is dominant does not mean it is right, and just because it looks simple does not mean that it actually is.

Applying glyphosate antibiotics to plants, in full protective garb.

Although direct contradictions to the cholesterol hypothesis repeatedly appear, nobody dares to say ‘okay, this isn’t working, back to square one”. That decision has become just too painful, especially now that massive industries, Nobel prizes, and glittering scientific careers, have grown on the back of the false cholesterol hypothesis. The statin market alone is worth more than US$14 billion each year.

In reality, cracks in the hypothesis appeared right from the very start. The first of these is the stark observation by Prof. Ancel Keys that cholesterol in the diet has no effect on cholesterol levels in the bloodstream: “There’s no connection whatsoever between cholesterol in food and cholesterol in blood. This has been known all along.

Making millions selling low fat diets and recipes to fad followers.

This should have been fatal to the theory, to find that dietary cholesterol has no effect on blood cholesterol levels. However, as everyone was by then fully convinced that something rich and ‘fatty’ in the diet was the primary cause of heart disease, nobody was willing to let go.  So the hypothesis quietly altered, from cholesterol in the diet to saturated fat in the diet – or a bit of both.

     Cholesterol Levels and Overall Mortality

Before looking at the connection between blood cholesterol levels and heart disease, it is worth highlighting a critically important – remarkably unheralded – fact:  After the age of 50, the lower your cholesterol level is, the lower your life expectancy is.

Perhaps even more important than this is the fact that a falling cholesterol level sharply increases the risk of dying of any cause, including heart disease.

It seems almost unbelievable that warnings about the dangers of a high cholesterol level rain down every day, when the reality is that a low cholesterol level is much more dangerous than a high level.  Given this, why would anyone want to lower their cholesterol level?

     The Cholesterol Hypothesis is Pure BS

Even at the very start, people should have known that cholesterol in the diet was never capable of appearing, unchanged, in the bloodstream. Cholesterol is not soluble in water (thus blood) which means that after absorption, cells lining the gut pack cholesterol into a small protein/lipid sphere, known as a lipoprotein, before releasing it into the bloodstream. Lipoproteins in the blood are also claimed to be bad….WRONG!

Thus, you do not have any cholesterol floating about in the blood – it is all contained within lipoproteins. You do not actually have a cholesterol level. Instead, you have a level of different lipoproteins, with the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or ‘bad’ cholesterol being the so-called dangerous one.

Next question: what raises the LDL level? Eating too much fat, or cholesterol? The first problem here is that the cells lining the gut do not make, or release, LDL – they make other forms of lipoprotein. So, no matter what you eat, it can have no direct effect on LDL levels.

In truth, the current ideas on plaque formation used to keep the cholesterol hypothesis afloat are complex nonsense. But the entire area is now protected by a ring-fence of scientific jargon that frightens off all but the most dedicated truth seeker.

Dr. George Mann pronounced it dead in an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1977, referring to it as the “Greatest scam in the history of medicine.” Yet this hypothesis has never had more followers than today.

The only certain thing about current medical cholesterol theory is that it is totally wrong.

So then…..what is right?

Since this whole problem seems to have originated in the 1940s, it may make sense to look at this from another perspective.  A lot of things changed after WW2, which ushered in a new era of both mass production of manufactured goods, but also of farming and agriculture.  The necessities of war for more quantity and efficiency of production made it unlikely to return to the older methods of farming in favor of newer methods that introduced compromises in many aspects of quality.  Now, it was just how to get more yield per acre, faster growing seeds, crops, and reduced costs.  Factory large-scale farming started to take over small family farms and genetic modification of seeds made it possible to increase production at the expense of nutritional content.

Whale washes ashore

New methods of food processing, preserving and packaging emerged, again at the expense of nutritional content. Companies, like Monsanto, brought in pesticides that were more powerful, never mind if they were toxic.  Glyphosate came into use everywhere.  Glyphosate was engineered into the very genes of seeds.

Everything is a compromise.  To get more of one thing, you may have to settle for less of another thing.  The thing that was grossly compromised in this new process was Omega 3 essential oil which is the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) fat that is vital to the body’s ability to metabolize and transport the LDLs.  As usual, the scientismists got it all wrong, with their studies and theories and public deceitss.  The pharmaceutical cartels wanted to capitalize on the cardio-vascular disease problems with new patent drugs.  As usual, the root cause of the problem was not lack of statin drugs, but this could never be admitted.

Humpback whales are dying in large numbers.

The Eskimos in Alaska, who lived on whale blubber, pure fat, but had no issues with cholesterol or cardio vascular disease, offered the all natural simple solution, but there was no fortunes to be made with this approach.  The controllers had not had any way to upset the natural balance of nature for the whales and Eskimos yet, so they just ignored the obvious, correctly assuming that no one would notice.  The Eskimo diet was rich in the Omega 3 HDL oil that was now lacking in the diets of most other people in the world.  Today, they have blown up the Fukushima nuclear reactors and filled the Pacific oceans with radiation and plastic bags, sheets, bottles and particulates.  The whales are washing ashore, dead.  After having been over-harvested by whalers for years, their extinction is near.

Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant detonated to release radioactive toxins to contaminate the entire Pacific Ocean.

The problem is very simple, but the solution is more difficult, by design.  Your body is mostly water, but requires essential oils and vitamins that are not water soluble.  These cannot be directly transported by the water in your arteries and veins.  A simple analogy can be made between this case and paint.  Most are familiar with paint that is called water-based and another kind of paint called oil-based.  When you clean your paint brush, you can use plain water for the water-based, but you need turpentine or thinner to clean the oil-based.  If you should attempt to clean your oil-based paint brush in water, you would see it become a kind of ‘gunk’ that is now a problem that ruins the brush.  Kind of like the plague in your arteries that ruins your circulation.

Fukushima reactor almost 6 years later is releasing more contaminants than ever, with no apparent plans to contain or clean up the radioactive wastes.

The Omega-3 fatty acid is the ‘turpentine’ your body needs to make the oil-based essential nutrients into a form that can be transported via your blood, your circulatory system, throughout your body and also be eliminated when appropriate.  The reason the matter is simple, yet difficult is that they have engineered your foods to be devoid of Omega-3 fatty acids.  What was normal and easy prior to the post-WW2 1940s is no longer easy and requires special attention on your part.  Especially the meats you may be eating are from animals that have never eaten a normal diet.  They have been fed the GMO corn that was never supposed to be a part of their diet.  Cows are supposed to graze on grasses.  These grasses are supposed to contain high-density fatty acids, among other things.  Vegetables are also supposed to contain high density fatty acids, but, in many cases, they no longer do.

You do not need to eat animal flesh to obtain cholesterol directly and, if you do, you will be eating Low density fatty acids almost exclusively.  Today’s animals are sick and are not able to obtain viable foods for their development.  They must be kept on steroids, hormones and antibiotics by injection, just to grow enough to make it to abattoir alive.

Literally millions of sea creatures are dying and most likely becoming extinct due to radiation and plastic poisoning. The same is true for the plankton in the ocean, the basic element of the entire food chain.

You cannot solve this problem by taking supplemental tocopherols that are chemicals from a laboratory somewhere that have similarities to Omega-3 fatty acids but do not serve the function.  The same is true for all supplements that are laboratory produced imitations of real natural nutrients.  You can’t fool Mother Nature with mirror-image molecules that are easy and cheap to make.  Your body requires the real nutrient as produced in Nature, integral, with nothing missing.  Every single micronutrient is essential, as a package.  The idiots that think they are very smart and can take things apart and use this for that and that for this are nothing more than idiots.  If you fall for this, then you fit right into this class of idiots.

This is not an extreme position on this subject.  It is just the common sense truth about nutrients that are essential to your health.  I never take the position that you must eat only this and never that.  Take the position of balance.  But don’t take the path offered by those who are intent upon depriving you nutritionally with artificial chemicals.  You are trusting but they have a motive, an agenda that is to your detriment.  If it was just to rob you of your money, then that would be one thing.  But it is nothing to do with money, as they can make all the worthless fake money they want.  They want your health and longevity compromised so you fit neatly into their plan for how the world should work. You should be available to fill their needs during your productive life, then quickly go away.

Make the extra effort to eat foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids. That is all you need to do to correct any cholesterol problems.


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