Ukraine Invasion Consequences

#1 Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, any hope for peace between the United States and Russia is gone forever.  This is, in fact, the game plan.  For the past 4-5 years, efforts have been underway to get the US to undertake some version of a ‘hot fight’ which would be justification for declaration of Martial Law.  When The Biden shows up to confront Putin, it will be for the purpose of agitating for war because the plan calls for The Biden to defend Ukraine, just like he is compelled to stand with Taiwan against China, which will be going hot very soon.  With the US on a war footing with both Russia and China, justification for Martial Law will be a simple matter.  Martial Law is the key, because it automatically puts the US under control of the UN, by Obama’s prior agreement between the US and the UN, the KIGALI Principle. Of course, the US is already largely under the control of the UN. It’s just going to now be overtly obvious.

Did you know that the US had 17 bioweapons labs in the Ukraine?

#2 This is a conflict between the US and two powerful foes, two nations that will continue until they have achieved total defeat of the US.  This will be, at least partly, a ground conflict on US soil.  There will be many civilian casualties and total disarmament of US citizens by the UN, who will have zero compunction about killing resistors. 

#3 All three nations are supposedly armed with nuclear weapons, which will possibly be deployed – if they exist.  There is a lot of doubt about the viability and veracity of nuclear weapons stockpiles in general.  Radio-active components have half-life deterioration.  Neither the Hiroshima nor the Nagasaki bombs of WW2 were atomic bombs.  They were powerful conventional bombs with a lot of radioactive materials thrown in to produce some form of radiation effects on the populace, but the aggregate effects were totally insufficient to have resulted from a real nuclear explosion.  It is also unlikely that the conquers will want the long-term effects on the land masses, to be rendered uninhabitable.  They really do not need nuclear weapons to defeat the US. The strategic deployment of troops and weapons is already adequate.

#4 As he launched the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin actually warned other countries that he could use nuclear weapons against them if they attempted to intervene. This is an empty treat that may serve its intended purpose of deference through fear of a bogey man.

#5 The Biden administration, the Ukrainians and the Russians all lied to the public, over and over again. They will continue to lie until the real plot is obvious, but it is too late.

#6 We should all recognize that Vladimir Putin is just playing his part in pursuit of the real goal of taking out the US.  He completely destroyed the last hope that the world had for peace when he launched a full invasion of the Ukraine.  “If he would have kept his forces in just Donetsk and Luhansk there still would have been the possibility of a diplomatic solution”. Of course, no diplomatic solution is either sought or desired.  This is the global reset where the US is taken out of its position as world hegemon and the world sees that China is the new hegemon.

#7 Joe Biden says that he is considering hitting Russia with the biggest cyberattack in history.  That would be an act of war.  Unthinking people might support it, but it’s a fool’s plan.

#8 If we launch a cyberattack against Russia, they will retaliate with a cyberattack of their own, and we are extremely far more vulnerable.

#9 The Russians have more than 1,000 different ways of making us feel pain, and they are not afraid to play dirty.  The US is in a bad position with a leader who is an empty suit and a military that is weakened by the vaxx, with many having chosen to opt out of the services to avoid the vaxx, and with many now vaxxed and on a path of sickness and death already.  The US military has become an even bigger total mess than ever before.

#10  Volodymyr Zelensky is also just playing his role-part in this theater performance.

#11 Zelensky pushed all of his chips into the middle of the table when the Russians knew full well that he wasn’t holding any cards, just as he was told to do.

#12 It appears that Zelensky actually believed that the United States and other western powers would come to his aid if the Russians invaded, just like the script called for.

#13 Biden and his minions had a plan for what they wanted to accomplish in Ukraine, and that plan failed dramatically. Pretty much just like everything else Biden has tried. Biden is also just playing his part, of a leader that has his head way under water.

#14  Biden knows the game plan, and expects no other nations to come to the rescue. Russia is very self-sufficient when it comes to food, energy and other essentials, and Putin has also signed very extensive trade agreements with China and India. Western Europe and UK are parts of the “Western Empire”, as such, and are targeted for the same fate as the US.

#15  Putin would not have made this move if he didn’t already have an understanding with China behind the scenes.  The Chinese are allowing the Russians to invade Ukraine, but in return there is an agreement for the Russians to support China when they invade Taiwan.

#16 Putin is going to win the battle for Ukraine. His relations with other Western Nations are already forfeit. The energy pipeline is already shut down. The other Western Nations are going to take the same hit as the US. Their economies are going to be trifles compared to the present.

#17 The global energy crisis is going to get a whole lot better.   Russia exports a tremendous amount of energy, and European nations gobble it up like dope addicts.  This conflict will put the “wheel-spinning” ‘West’ back to the stone age.  All of the useless over-consumption of the ‘West’ will disappear.  Planetary natural resource exploitation is going to be relieved of the totally unnecessary pressures of the idle over-consumers. With all this, demand for literally everything is going to be a tiny fraction of the present.

#18  The mysterious disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan was all a part of the overall plan. 

#19 The U.S. military is in the worst condition that I have ever seen in my entire lifetime.  At this point, the U.S. military is not at all prepared to fight the Russians or anyone else for that matter.

#20  Throughout history, those that have chosen to pick a fight with Russia have ended up regretting it.  The Russians will do whatever it takes to win, and they are absolutely ruthless. In this case, all the cards are stacked against the US and allies by the global power elite, who has taken the reigns of history.  The 200 years of US hegemony are over and the reset begins a whole new era.  This era is going to see a great reduction in human population, taking the dynamics back 200 years.  The human population will end up at 500 million when this is all over.

Many people in the West are asking about the significance of this invasion.  It is the real start of the reset activity.  As of the present time, it is said that 3.2 billion humans have taken the vaxx.  The vaxx has nothing whatever to do with covid, HIV, Ebola, or any other ‘fake disease’ of Rockefeller Allopathic Medicine.  The vaxx is just one of the numerous killing mechanisms at-play to bring about the depopulation in such a way that foolish ‘depopulatees’ will not realize until it is too late.  There are many more mechanisms already in-play, such as shortages of food, water and essential goods, monetary crises that will put most people in a bind due to lack of purchasing power, fuel depletion and dirth of re-supply for transportation, home heating/cooling/cooking, etc. There is much more going on, so just stop and think about it for a minute.

You can see the shifting of priority to the children and youth population sector.  They realize that the quantity of ignorant fools is about tapped out for the adult vaxx program. On the other hand, the children are under the control and actual possession of the government, which is going to massively vaxx everyone of them.  All who have taken the vaxx are already doomed.  It is just a matter of time.  The nanographene lacerating particles, once in the circulatory system, just keep on cutting, and the greater the titer, the more the lacerations, and the more the nano-blood clots, until heart or other vital organ failure occurs.

The children are the ‘future’.  It is blatantly obvious that children are not planned to exist in the near future.  Every pregnant woman who gets vaxxed also gets aborted and sterilized.  The life-styles of the lgbtetc. are not capable of conceiving babies.  This is why they are so preferred and nurtured by the ‘woke’ culture. For humans, no children means no future.

If you do not understand all or any of this, you need to plant yourself in a comfortable thinking position and try to open and rationalize your consciousness.  This is going to be a massive change, but not every single human will be destroyed.  You should give thought to whether, or not, you wish to survive into this future.  If you do want to survive, you must take actions immediately to live without needing to purchase food or other supplies for a year, or more.  You must have an inconspicuous place to reside and hide out.  You will be walking everywhere you need to go.  No utilities will be available to you, including internet.  If you are a crypto-currency user, you will not be able to access your coins.  Paper currency will not be viable. Banks will not be available. Precious metals may have some utility, but they are not easily subdivided.  Once you take a piece of gold from a known measure, it is no longer a known and accepted measure.

If you prepare by thinking of everything essential to survival and acquiring it, there are no guarantees.  But you are either a fighter or a folder and inevitable circumstances are going to prove which. 

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