Triple Vaxxinated Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January

80% of All New ‘Covid Vaxx-disease Cases’ Are Fully Jabbed. Yes, these are the ones they are still calling covid19 disease.

The plandemic of the “fully vaxxinated” rages on as the latest data shows that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths from the Covid-19 vaxx-disease are occurring in people who took the jabs, especially multiple jabs.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) is reporting that an astounding four out of every five covid hospitalizations and deaths are the jabbed, meaning only 20 percent of hospitalizations and deaths blamed on covid are occurring in the unvaxxinated. This 20% are a small gaggle of people who are inadvertently mixed in with the aggregate that die from normal attrition or another unrelated cause.

According to the figures, cases were down overall in February compared to January. However, the bulk is still comprised of fully vaxxinated individuals, including the triple-vaccinated.
The data shows that the latest “wave” of negative health outcomes is occurring in three-pricked people, a demographic in which the death rate soared by 495 percent in the month of January.

“Overall cases have dropped in the last month in all demographics significantly compared to the number of cases recorded between 11th Dec and 7th Jan 22, but in both months the vaxxinated have accounted for the vast majority of cases,” reported the Daily Exposé.

“The main difference between the two months is that the double vaxxinated accounted for the majority of cases between 11th Dec and 8th Jan 22; recording 145,890 cases, but the triple vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases between 8th Jan and 4th Feb 22; recording 46,951 cases.” This is no doubt due to the fact that the triple vaxx’d population is just coming on line into the fray.
The plandemic would already be over were it not for the “vaxxines”

It turns out that the case rate is dropping substantially among the unvaxxinated while it continues to rise among the fully vaxxinated, and especially among the fully-fully vaxxinated who are more recently getting three shots or more. The vaxx disease is a type of illness that is time-progressive, as the nano-lacerations accumulate as time passes and more graphene is introduced into the blood supply.
Between December 11 and January 7, the un-vaxx’d population accounted for just 15 percent of all new cases of the Fauci Flu. One month later from January 8 through February 4, that percentage dropped to less than 13 percent.
Meanwhile, the vaxxinated population accounted for 85 percent of all new cases between December 11 and January 7, with just 9 percent of those cases occurring in the one-dose vaxxinated. (Related: Cases of covid among the fully vaxxinated in Taiwan are also way, way up.)

Thirty-two percent of all new cases in the vaxxinated category occurred in the triple vaxxinated while 59 percent occurred in the double vaxxinated.
“But fast forward one month and we find that the vaxxinated accounted for 87% of cases, with the one-dose vaxxinated accounting for 4% of those cases, the double vaxxinated accounting for 33% of those cases, and the triple vaxxinated accounting for 63% of those cases,” the Exposé further reported. It is clear to see that the concentration of the nano graphene has a dramatic effect on the rate of ensuing fatalities.

“This means that despite cases falling among all demographics, they actually fell the most among the not-vaxxinated, single vaxxinated, and double vaxxinated, with the lowest drop coming in the triple vaxxinated. This, of course, doesn’t make sense if the Covid-19 vaxxines are effective. Clearly, they are not, at least when it comes to preventing infection.” However, it is totally simple to see that an increase in the nano lacerations due to more “razor blades” in the fixed blood supply must necessarily cause a more rapid progression of the lacerations, thus increasing the blood clots and subsequent mortality.

As for hospitalizations, the unvaxxnated are doing better and better overall while the fully vaxxinated are doing worse and worse overall. It does not require a genius to grasp what this is all about. It is obviously due to more nano-lacerations per unit of time, this accelerating the inevitable deaths.
The PHS data shows that hospitalizations among the unvaxxinated fell by -24 percent in January compared to in December. Hospitalizations among the triple vaxxinated, meanwhile, increased by an astounding 88 percent. This massive effect was highly predictable all along, and is certainly a sledge hammer blow to the head of the unsuspecting vaxx victims, who were expecting to see signs of improvement by now.
“The vaxxinated population accounted for 75% of hospitalizations between 11th Dec and 7th Jan 22, with 7% of those hospitalizations among the one-dose vaxxinated, 46% of those hospitalizations among the triple vaxxinated, and 47% of those hospitalizations among the double vaxxinated,” the Exposé further reported. This simply reflects the dynamics of the process of increasing the jabs, thus the titer of the nanographene lacerating particles in the blood system, making its way to all the organs of your body.

“But fast forward one month and we find that the vaxxinated accounted for 80.5% of hospitalizations, with the one-dose vaxxinated accounting for 6% of those hospitalizations, the double vaxxinated accounting for 26% of those hospitalizations, and the triple vaxxinated accounting for 68% of those hospitalizations.” This can be looked at as taking a foto snap shot of a moment in time in an on-going rapidly deteriorating process that continues to inflict lethal damage to the body’s organs. Death will ensue with greater rapidity.

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