To Know What is Coming Watch the World Around You

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality”.
~ Dante Alighieri

Mankind is a fickle insecure creature at best, and is normally content to not ‘rock the boat’. This is the collective philosophy held by the many, as it is mistakenly thought to be the easiest way to avoid any danger and strife.

Reality is another matter, as weakness is forever present in the minds of men, and therefore tyranny and control are easily accomplished by psychopaths who understand that the common masses will always obey the dominant Ruling class at the expense of their own liberty, so long as they are promised safety in return. This grotesque phenomenon will be the undoing of humanity.

All that is happening today is based on this premise, and the ruling ‘authority’ has taken control of the entire population of the planet by simply introducing the idea that a great crisis, that does not even exist, is present, and is an imminent and ongoing menace to society.

In doing so, they claim to be a prophet, false of course, promising to defend the people, when just the opposite is intended. Instead of reacting in some sort of logical or sane manner, the general population en-masse has acquiesced to the controlling power, and in doing so has taken the neutral position explained so well by Alighieri, all at the great expense of their own lives and freedom. This attitude is one of not only great harm, but exposes the worst side of humanity, as most hide and wallow in unnecessary fear while in ignorance of the fact that their very existence is threatened. Other than the children, those that take this position deserve no empathy.

By hiding from the truth, the herd does not seek to understand what is actually happening around them, but concentrates only on their local, immediate, and present circumstances, while ignoring all the signs of impending doom that are brutally obvious to any thinking individual. In doing so, the specter of tyranny grows ever faster, and without enough resistance to stop the premeditated onslaught against the common people.

The people of this country falsely called the “united states” has one great advantage over most others on earth, but fails to see their favored position due to ignorance and brainwashing over time. That advantage is that the people of this country still have many guns to defend themselves against the terror that is the ‘State;’ that ‘State’ that is continuously at war against its own people. It is not the active use of guns and bullets that is so important, but the threat, capability, and willingness to do so is certainly enough to halt the advancing totalitarian policies of the ruling class.

They are all cowards after all. They are the few, while the people are the many, and being armed is the best protection against tyrannical behavior on the part of evil and corrupt governments. The people in most countries around the world have been forcibly (or more likely, voluntarily) disarmed, and are at much greater risk than Americans today. That is why the most restrictive, regulated, and heinous policies are being advanced faster in other parts of the world, but it will all be here very soon if this society allows it.

If U.S. citizens did not have guns, it would be no different now here than in Canada, Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and many other places around the globe. This is why it is imperative for Americans to understand that everything going on in these captured societies is coming here soon, so watching the world around you is of great importance. It is also necessary to listen to the controlling political class in this country that is constantly attempting to capture and control arms and ammunition, with the future aim of eliminating all gun ownership here just as has already happened across the globe. The only reason we are not already living in a total dictatorial society is because we have the armed capability to stop this government’s attempts to create a totalitarian master/slave nation with a total population of 79 million citizens in a world of less than one billion.

The more restrictive and brutal activity that is levied against the people in the countries mentioned above, among others, the more likely it will be accepted by the drones of this country. If that occurs, the takeover of America will be successful in short order. That would be the end of this country, as a new system of technocratic dictatorship would be put into place. The illegitimate poisonous gene-altering injections called ‘vaxxines’ are meant to be a key mechanism in changing the mental and physical makeup of the masses, accelerating submissive behavior, and allowing for total control in order to create a compliant populace that will accept their slave status as dependent wards of the state.

Much of Australia is locked down, and travel for Australian citizens and tourists is virtually impossible in much of that country. Restrictions and mandates are ever increasing, including ‘vaxxine passports.

The evil Macron in France has “announced that from next month anyone wanting to go out to eat or drink, take a long-distance train or visit a shopping center will need to show either proof of vaxxination or a negative test. The so-called “health pass” will also be needed to attend a festival, a theatre show or a cinema screening as part of the government’s strategy to tackle the surging number of new cases linked to Graphene Oxide poisoning. You will have understood that vaxxination is not technically obligatory straight away, but we are going to extend the health pass to its maximum to encourage as many of you as possible to get yourselves vaxxnated,” Macron said.

In Canada, besides all the massive tyranny that has already occurred, now in Vancouver, all arrivals into that country are separated into vaccinated/unvaccinated lines, not unlike the heinous racial segregation in the not so distant past.

Contact tracing, forced ‘Covid’ testing, mandated ‘vaxxination’ in order to survive and gain necessities of life, draconian travel restrictions, forced colored arm bands to distinguish  those injected and not, immunity passports, college admission requirements to take the jab in order to attend, job loss without ‘vaxxination, mandated food restrictions, extreme government marketing campaigns for poisonous ‘vaxxination, more lockdowns and quarantine, more mask mandates, and much more tyrannical authoritarian orders are coming. This is happening all around the world, including the U.S., as the depopulation agenda demanded by the UN Agenda 2025 is gaining much ground as this plot to harm and destabilize this population continues without end.

Everything happening concerning this non-existent ‘virus pandemic’ in every part of the world will also happen here soon, if in fact, it is not already happening or in-process. Do not ignore the signs right in front of you, and do not trust any claims coming from this government, the controlled mainstream media, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, tax-free foundations, or any government partner or NGO whatsoever. Understand that the people still have the power to stop this by banding together against the state. Disobey, do not comply, dissent, take no orders, and let these psychopaths know that you have the power to stop them.  They are pretty sure that they hold all the aces in this poker game and that you are a cowering ignorant slave who obeys automatically.  You are more obedient than their robots.

There is really no on-going need for humans anymore in the emerging New World Order of the Technocratic State.  This is just a part of the evolving state of exploitation of this planet.  They needed slave labor 135,000 years ago when they created humans using their own DNA and the eggs of a female homo erectus in the south African jungles.  They needed initially mine workers to extract the gold from ground.  Then they needed more slave labor to accommodate the now freed alien mine workers who wanted to build cities, grow crops and marry or rape the daughters of men. Humans were clearly subservient slaves of that time and were treated no different than we now treat our own useful slave animals for labor and food.

I know, you think that humans are and always have been the ultimate in evolved beings in the universe.  That is an erroneous opinion that could only come from a human ego.  It is a wishful thought originating from the human ego that is full of erroneous opinions.  Allowing the human ego to drive the car is going to get you to all kinds of places you would do better to avoid. But that is not the point of the immediate extinction idea.  There are simply better ways now to get the job done, without the trouble, complications and messes.  As the Queen has ordered…”Get rid of all those useless eaters”, is not a joke or idle threat.  It is hard to think objectively about this subject, but if you can find a way to reach objectivity, you will eventually reach this same conclusion. In the ‘West’. Humans contribute nothing but sure do make a mess of it.

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