Virus Abound with Zero Mortality

“Man stands face to face with the irrational. He feels within him his longing for happiness and for reason. The absurd is born of this confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world.”…Albert Camus (2012). “The Myth of Sisyphus: And Other Essays”, p.28, Vintage, (1942 philosophical essay by Albert Camus)

When absurdity becomes the accepted basis of thought of the masses, when the indoctrination of the herd is universal in nature, and when the state narrative of the ruling class is taken as fact, then the circle of power is completed.

 The negative power created in this circumstance is so consuming that it has overtaken any resistance by the thinking few. This virus epidemic is a depopulation plan, and the survivors are going to view the dead as the lucky ones. As it stands today, this macabre scenario has not only consumed the US, but also the components of its empire, the “western world” (Canada, W. Europe, Britain, Australia, NZ.). 

Only the global forces at work here can bring off something of this magnitude and scope. Humans have been set up for this manufactured ‘pandemic’. What is so telling about the state of mankind is how easily they pulled off something so obviously fake. Only overwhelming fear due to ignorance, forced societal peer pressure, and coercive force could have allowed for this attitude by the herd to become so overwhelmingly prevalent.

Klaus Schwab thinks the virus is a great opportunity to bring about the NWO RESET

Do you think the pandemic is a naturally originating disaster that just happened along to achieve the purposes of the NWO? Or, could it be possible that the NWO’ers fabricated this whole virus scare to serve their predetermined purposes? The answer to this question is a ‘no-brainer’. How about the ‘bought and paid for ‘race riots’, sanctioned by the minions of the elite who hold their police dogs while watching the destruction and death. Do you think this is organic, or is it a creation to instill more fear, loss and hardship on the public?

Nothing can change the prospect of a total technocratic takeover by the ruling forces that staged this coup from the beginning. While this plot has been in the making, and incrementally introduced to the public over a long period of time, it has been aggressively implemented in 2020 in just a matter of a few months of heavy propaganda. Something this large and ominous would never have been possible in the recent past, but today it seems to have been an easy task to fool the majority of people into accepting lies, submission, and in turn, following orders to an extent so huge that the entirety of the US’ core, as well as most others, has been dominated with fear over a transparent lie.

The fraudulent nature of this conspiracy is so obvious as to be in stark contrast to reality, but so many cannot see, or more accurately, do not want to accept this truth. The frustration this brings to thinking individuals is brutal, because even though the state narrative has been proven over and over again to be full of holes and lies, it is as if total blindness has overtaken society at large. This apathetic response is being embraced due to a fear of the truth, but the consequences of this attitude will be fatal to most, and perilous to all but the intended survivors who escape the vaccines and guillotines. People find excuses by saying ” Won’t they become victims of the virus too, so why would they perpetrate this on themselves?”. Because they know full well that this is a total hoax and they are in no danger. You are the one cowering in fear over nothing, not them.

This so-called new COVID19 virus is a lie and has never been discovered to even exist. But, somehow, the Queen of England holds a patent on it since 2012, implying this virus is thus not naturally occurring, because naturally occurring things are not eligible to be patented. Only human inventions are eligible. Viruses have never been more than a nuisance to the world’s populations as they can only affect those who live in a state of poor health and poor health is a choice.  But the State’s response is so inappropriate and disproportionate that it can only be a cover-screen for the 200 year RESET 2020.

The intent is to stampede the entire herd into the vaccine coral for their final disposition. This response is so extreme that it will eliminate all freedom for people around the world. But most significantly, it is a simple means for killing billions of people in the western empire. Even now, today, I talk to people who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to receive this vaccine. I can only scratch my head and wonder how this level of ignorance is even possible.

Here we are, six months into the most recent attempt to pull this fake pandemic off, and I still do not know anyone, or of anyone, who has had even a mild flu.  And I do not know anyone who knows of anyone who has a corona virus flu. If this is a pandemic, this could not be the case.  Any idiot can see that there is nothing to this but an alternate agenda. 

All people seek a level of freedom because it is a necessity for a happy and fulfilled life, but this takeover, if not stopped, will destroy us all, leaving only a controlled wasteland devoid of love, caring, community, and joy. It will destroy the human spirit, and therefore will destroy humanity. This is the future as it stands today, unless an awakening of enormous proportion is forthcoming. Will the people of this world accept this terrible fate, or will they find the courage to resist?  After all, the martial power comes from their children in the military services. Their children and those of our fellow humanity everywhere on the planet.

In the long term, the steps being taken around the world, the tyranny and oppression seen in individual countries, will eventually consume all countries. At this time, China and Asia are going to have their turn at hegemony, but elsewhere, the United States and its empire are being ‘RESET’, meaning depopulated and de-hegemonized. This is a recurring plan, not accidental, like all of the totalitarian measures being forced on the people around the world. They are tests to judge compliance, and if successfully implemented in one country, will be transferred to all. Just consider the beginning of this fiasco, and the acceptance by western societies of the massive Chinese lockdowns that were claimed successful, and therefore were said to be important to use everywhere. This is the NWO,, who itself had established these measures in Asia many years prior.

Meanwhile, the mass lockdowns, quarantines, isolation, surveillance, tracking, tracing, deadly mask-wearing, economic destruction at all but the ruling levels, and much more are upon us, based on lies. All those things are in place around the world, including in the U.S. There was a time, people in this country scoffed at such tyranny, but very quickly it has taken over. All it took was fear of the flu in order to bring Chinese-style lockdowns to the U.S. It should be apparent by now that all world powers are working hand in hand to force their populations into accepting their own slavery, and relinquishing their freedoms due to unfounded fear.

The Prime Minister of Australia , Scott Morrison, yesterday stated that  “Australia should make any coronavirus vaccine compulsory for its 25 million citizens.”  This comes with the knowledge that the overstated total deaths in Australia have reached only 400 out of 25 million citizens. That is a death rate of .000016%. Does anyone not see the unbelievable and ludicrous nature of such a idiotic statement? It was obviously a tactic meant to instill great fear in the minds of the people so that total unquestioning control can be achieved. This is a political mandate to test the waters of dissent, and once that dissent is squelched, the mandate becomes effective. Any vaccine at this stage would be untested and very dangerous, and in addition, would infect an entire population based on nothing other than gaining control over that population. NZ and Australia are the test and rehearsal grounds prefacing what is coming next to the rest of the US western empire.

As fall approaches, this plandemic plot will be ramped up beyond what we have seen yet. With cowering populations, here and around the world, flu deaths will be falsely hyped even more than now, but these deaths will never be attributed to the fact that the state’s response to this hoax has caused the destruction of immune systems just in time for the flu season. This will allow for the biggest propaganda blitz ever seen on earth. At the height of this flu season, vaccinating the world with an RNA death-control vaccine, based on new trick technology, will be the top agenda of the monsters controlling this virus insanity.

Nothing will be left off the table, as massive draconian orders will be handed down from on high. With a much more frightened public that has been inundated with second wave pandemic doom. All stops will be removed, as the state attempts to take over all of humanity, killing off most of the western empire in the process. What is left of the human spirit in the survivors will be drowned by the NWO. This is very negative, I know, but the time for waking up is rapidly elapssing.

People have become a little bored with the lockdown as of late, but this plot is so much bigger than can be conceived by a now fearful and weak population. It can be rekindled easily. More awareness, knowledge and dissent is desperately needed, and massive non-compliance to government tyranny is all that can prevent an apocalypse of epic proportions. Destruction of all aspects of liberty that have ever been granted within the context of the Matrix reality system will disappear under the NWO.

Maybe you are waiting for the CIA-created ‘boy wonder’, Bill Gates, to solve your problem. Bill Gates IS your problem, along with his gang of uneducated, unqualified talking heads plying the party line on TV and internet 24/7. I know, you think you elected Trump, so he is more powerful and won’t let Bill stick you with his vaccine. Or, maybe you think Bill is saving all the children in Africa and India, like you saw on TV. What a great guy. He will save us all. Have you ever seen pictures of the cows lined up at the slaughter house, when they discover what is happening to their fellows a couple steps ahead, the one getting his head bashed in with a sledge? That is the expression you are going to be wearing when you turn is up. And you thought it was just a tour bus trip to the next party.

“Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed.“Discourse on Voluntary Servitude.” Book by Étienne de La Boétie, 1576

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