The Vaxx Holocaust May Extinct All Humans from the Earth

There are no indications of an intent to spare any survivors from vaxx induced death.

The vaccine holocaust is now beginning to produce mass casualties around the world, with post-vaccine deaths skyrocketing across America and many other nations. Recent VAERS data reveal 70 deaths per day among vaccinated Americans, and reliable projections of the VAERS reporting require us to multiply this by at least 40 to achieve real-world numbers. This puts the daily deaths from vaccines at 2,800 in the United States alone.

For reasons explained below, the vaxxine death numbers are further extremely under-reported by the way the CDC makes arbitrary rules about when vaxx deaths can be recorded. Most of the vaxx deaths will never show up anywhere in officially recorded data.

The world population currently stands at 7.9 billion people (

Nearly 43% of the world population has received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. (

This means nearly 3.4 billion people have been vaccinated to date. These contaminated people are going to die in this escalating holocaust over the next two years.  This would leave about 4 billion survivors, if the vaxxing could be stopped right now.  It seems that is unlikely and the pressure cooker is being heated to higher and higher temperatures, to ensnare more victims.

However, even ignorant people have eyes, and sooner or later, they are going to bear witness to the truth of this agenda. The CDC is creating rules, arbitrarily, to minimize the reported and recorded deaths by vaxx.  From the date of injection to 14 days later, they do not consider the victim “vaxxinated”, so all deaths and adverse effects during this two-week period immediately following the jab, are not being counted in any reported data.  Victims fall into two categories.  There are some who have adverse responses relatively immediately.  None of these victims would be considered ‘vaxx-related’.  They just get lopped off the records and fall into a mass grave.  Then, after a period of about one month, they have another arbitrary rule that says these deaths are also not vaxx-related.  They are too old.  It’s been too long since the jab.  So, these victims fall into the same disappearing hole and are not recorded or reported.

Many reports of late have asked “where have all the people gone?”.  Apparently there are “millions of lucrative jobs available, just ready and waiting for the presumed millions of workers who are desperate to have jobs to relieve their dire state of existence.”  No one is showing up to take advantage of the millions of jobs, however.  So, they ask “where did all the people go?”.

Beyond merely hypothetical, a steady stream of doctors, nurses and health experts are reporting large numbers of post-vaccine deaths that are primarily taking place in hospitals. Examples:

Hospitals are now being labeled the “killing fields” of the plandemic, with hospital doctors, nurses and administrators openly conspiring to mass murder those who are unvaccinated while covering up the deaths of those who took the jab:

Hospitals are now widely known to be covering up vaxxine deaths in order to hide the number of fatalities for as long as possible. This is taking place alongside publicly admitted hospital efforts to “scare the public” by faking the number of hospitalized people “with covid.”

Despite the best efforts of the criminal hospitals and treasonous Biden regime to cover up the vaccine holocaust now taking place, vaccine deaths are skyrocketing:

And certain types of cancers in women are increasing by 2000% among the vaccinated:

Meanwhile, the nation of Israel — with an 80%+ vaccination rate — is experiencing such high levels of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths that it now stands as a glaring example of vaccine failure.

Similarly, the most vaccinated state in the USA — Vermont, with an 88% vax rate — is seeing a record surge in what they call ‘covid cases, which are not covid but vaxx poisoning cases.  They hope everyone will keep being confused by this distinction between the fake covid and the real vaxx poison.:

Everywhere that vaccine uptake rates are the highest, covid “cases,” hospitalizations and deaths soon follow. It’s abundantly obvious that the vaxxine is the pandemic, and the graphene inserted into the vaccines is what’s causing the injuries and deaths.

How many will die globally before this crime against humanity is halted?

With 3.4 billion people already vaccinated around the world, the obvious question becomes, “How many will die from the long-term effects of the depopulation jabs?”

Remember, these “vaxxines” are designed to achieve global depopulation. They do so through a variety of biological mechanisms:

  • Killing people with blood clots and heart attacks (vascular effects).
  • Killing people with increased rates of cancer and autoimmune disorders.
  • Aborting babies and causing long-term infertility.
  • Attacking the nervous system and causing cognitive impairment.
  • Ultimately causing micro blood clots in all vital organs, which occurs cumulatively and slowly.

Medical ‘experts’ who have studied these effects currently estimate the long-term death rate among those who have taken the vaxxines to be somewhere around 70%.   Many of these so-called experts are behind in their understanding of this graphene poison.  The poison is 100% lethal.  It just has a latency period for the destruction of organs to go from disease to death.

And that’s if the vaccines stop right now. (But they aren’t stopping.)

Currently, nearly 30 million new vaccine doses are administered daily ( Many of these are second doses, so this number doesn’t represent new people receiving their first dose, although that’s part of this number. According to the same data source, roughly about 90% of those who have received at least one vaccine have also received a second vaccine. (In other words, people who take the jabs tend to go with two doses, not just one.)

Widely published medical research — including the vaccine manufacturers’ own data — reveals that vaccine injuries and deaths increase sharply with the second dose of the jab. This is because the graphene latency can be reduced by increasing the titer of the poison in the blood volume in the body. 

Thus, each day about 30 million people are moved up the “risk hierarchy,” with most of them moving from a low-risk (single jabbed) category into a high-risk (double jabbed) category. Now, they want to have four inoculations to be considered fully vaxx;d.  This simply a way to increase the titer of poison in the blood.  Obviously, there is no immunity or protection intended or provided.  It is a simple poison that is more technically on a par with the level of scientism involved.  Even idiots like Fauci can figure out how to poison a mouse, or a person.

The lethal effects of the vaxx are cumulative.  Increased titer is just a factor in shortening the latency, so death occurs more quickly. 

Stated again, it is entirely plausible that right at this very minute, the global vaccine initiative is achieving “two holocausts” per day… although we won’t know the actual numbers until the full extent of the vaccine injuries and deaths play out over time. And this will likely take years to fully develop…

Billions of casualties from the covid vaccine war on humanity?

We’re estimating that the globalist vaxxine push will ultimately manage to inject at least 5-6 billion people with at least one “dose”. All of those injected will die withing a two-year period. This will change the speculative odds so that even the most ignorant will faced by the truth.

Vaccine deaths are separate from deaths caused by economic collapse, engineered famine and war

The other concerning factor in all this is that weaponized vaxxines are not the only vector being used by globalists to wage war against the human race. Other forms being actively pursued include:

  • Terraforming (sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere to collapse global food crops)
  • Engineered famine (food supply weaponization / scarcity)
  • Geoengineered weather to create adverse conditions for farming, further driving small farms out of business.  Purchase of farm lands to be laid fallow.
  • Chemical exposure (pesticides, fluoride, hormone disruptors in food packaging)
  • Ecological collapse (agricultural runoff, over fishing, rainforest destruction for soy farming, GMOs, etc.)
  • Economic collapse (currency collapse, debt bomb implosions, forced lockdowns, punitive taxation, fiat currency printing)
  • Cultural collapse (attacks on the family, reason and the rule of law)
  • Cyber warfare (attacks on the power grid, telecommunications, etc.)

If you put all these together, it becomes obvious that the vaccine war against humanity is just one major part of a much larger depopulation assault which can easily lead to mass starvation, disease, destitution, violence and war.

The total casualties from such events are entirely unknown, but since every living person needs food, water and shelter in order to survive, the weaponization and scarcity of such supplies potentially puts all human life at risk. All 7.9 billion of us.

And by the way, treasonous actor Joe Biden just announced the restriction of monoclonal antibodies to red states, effectively declaring an act of warfare against his political enemies by denying them lifesaving medicine. This is open warfare against conservative America, and it clarifies the fact that humanity-hating globalists (and their puppets like Biden) will indeed pull out all the stops to achieve mass extermination by any means possible.  These traitorous thugs, who think they are to be spared, will then discover that they are not as ‘special’ as they thought and hoped.  Those who are human will be disposed of just as handily as the others.  Only the non-human will survive.

Thus, the only rational conclusion from all this is that all 7.9 billion living human beings are in grave danger of being exterminated through various means: Bioweapons, economic collapse, starvation, geoengineering and weather weaponization, geopolitical war and so on.

Will enough knowledge and know-how survive to rebuild civilization?

It looks to me like the total extermination of human civilization is the goal of the non-human globalists. There is no indications of rebuilding a human civilization.

They are preparing Earth for a post-human future. There is no plan for human beings to exist in any sustainable form whatsoever. This is why they don’t care if they’re risking the credibility of “science” or “medicine” or even government itself. If their own plans are successful, there won’t be anyone left alive to matter.

Stopping them will take more than signing petitions or sharing links.  At this moment, even with half already committed to death, humans still have the vast advantage in numbers.  They are fully aware of this, so they will hope to get more humans vaxx’d before the point of inevitable realization of what is truly the Agenda.

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