The Suppressed History of How Pandemics are Created

And the Fake Germs of Rockefeller Allopathic Medicine

When American journalist Celia Farber courageously published, in Harper’s Magazine (March 2006) the article “Out of control—AIDS and the corruption of medical science,” some readers probably attempted to reassure themselves that this “corruption” was an isolated case. This is the abject truth. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Corruption of research is a widespread phenomenon currently found in almost all major, ‘supposedly contagious or transmissive’ health issues.

Scientific research on viruses slipped onto the wrong track following basically the same systemic pathway that leads to superstition. This pathway always includes several key steps: inventing the risk of a disastrous epidemic, incriminating an elusive pathogen, ignoring alternative toxic causes, manipulating epidemiology with non-verifiable numbers to maximize the false perception of an imminent catastrophe, and promising salvation with vaccines. This guarantees large financial returns. But how is it possible to achieve all of this? Simply by relying on the most
powerful activator of the human decision making process, which is FEAR!

We are not witnessing viral epidemics; we are witnessing epidemics of fear. And both the media and the pharmaceutical industry carry most of the responsibility for amplifying fears. Fears that happen, incidentally, to always ignite fantastically profitable business for the drug industry. Research hypotheses covering these areas of ‘virus research’ are practically never scientifically verified with appropriate controls. Instead, they are established by “consensus” from TV hype. There is simply too much money at stake and too much corruption to ever prevent this occurrence.

This is then rapidly reshaped into a dogma, efficiently perpetuated in a quasi-religious manner by the media, including ensuring that research funding is restricted to projects supporting the dogma, excluding research into alternative hypotheses. An important tool to keep dissenting voices out of the debate is censorship at various levels ranging from the popular media to scientific publications.  There is always a charismatic figure who looks good on TV, is totally unscrupulous, and can be attributed with unassailable credentials and credibility.

We haven’t learned well from past experiences. There are still too many unanswered questions on the causes of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, and on the role of viruses in post-WWII polio (DDT neurotoxicity?). These modern epidemics should have opened our minds to more critical analyses.  The 1918 incident conveniently played right into the Rockefeller plans for taking over the entire medical industry with their new ‘Allopathic’ system of pills, drugs, injections and unnecessary surgeries, based on the ‘germ theory’ of the criminal, Louis Pasteur.

Pasteur and Koch had solidly constructed a knowingly fake theory of infection based on bacteria, and fake ‘contagious germ’ diseases. According to the fabricated ‘Germ Theory’, countless numbers of germs are invisible and swarming everywhere. You can ‘catch’ a disease from a toilet seat or a door-knob. Every ‘germ’ is busily out to get you and you must hurry to the allopath to get some more pills to add to your collection. This keeps the cash register ringing for the pharmaceutical industry and the pill-pushers.

But this was before the first ideas for bringing viruses into the growing ‘germ’ family. Transposing the principles of bacterial infections to viruses was, of course, too tempting to pass up, as viruses can be portrayed as countless trillions of new ‘germs’ opening endless possibilities for new drugs.

They had the advantage of being virtually invisible, for all practical purposes, and a whole new segment of the medical industry could be based on these naturally-occurring inert molecules which are NOT capable of causing any harm or sickness. 

We had a very long prior history of getting along without these new fabricated germ threats until Rockefeller medicine came along, unscrupulously looking for more new ‘germs’ to augment the toxicity of allopathy’s own drugs, and to nutritional deficiencies resulting from not only restriction and misinformation, but the corruption of the entire food industry, itself, with the ‘meat, dairy, refined sugar’ public education curriculums that led ignorant people into totally modern real plandemics of cancers and cardiovascular diseases.  But greed does not yield itself readily, to non-existant threats of contagion based on more invisible virus germs was just too good to pass up.

Cancer research offered similar opportunities.

The hypothesis that cancer might be caused by viruses was formulated in 1903, more than one century ago. Even until today, with trillions of dollars thrown at cancer cure research, it has never been demonstrated. Most of the experimental laboratory studies by ‘virus-hunters’ have been based on the use of inbred mice, inbred implying a corrupted genetic background. Were these mice appropriate models for the study of human cancer?

Electron microscopy experiments allowed visibility of the virus, which prove nothing beyond the existence of ‘used and discarded mRNA molecules’ from building the new DNA, which is confined to the cellular nucleus. But are these mRNA molecules associated with any disease?  Viruses are the inert molecules that newly replicating eukaryotic cells use in the performing of mitosis. Then discarded by the newly formed replacement cell as a vesicle called an exosome.  They are scrapped, no longer needed, and no longer available.  Like a blue-print, used to build a new structure, identical to the old cell that has now died and been replaced. This is a routine occurrence that your body performs trillions of times each day.

What is certain is that mRNA particles, similar to those readily recognized in cancerous and leukemic mice, have never been seen nor isolated in human cancers. Just because something is ‘present’ in a cell, that is expected to be present, does not make the presence into some disease or health threat.  This is a normal process in humans.  It’s how the body works to deal with cellular aging.  It is happening trillions of times per day in humans and all eukaryotic animals, plants, spores, fungi, molds, etc.  All life on this planet, in this dimension, has a finite life-span based on how much telomere they, as a specie, are allotted.  Humans are allotted enough telomere material to live to the age of 150 years. This was a part of the agreement between Enki, the creator, and his brother Enlil (Yahweh) for permitting the creation of the Adamu creature, originally the worker in the gold mines who were created to replace the striking alien workers.

Making of the new medical scientismic ‘germ’ out of the perfectly normal inert waste molecules from the process of mitosis

However, by the time this became clear, in the late 1960s, viral oncology had achieved a
dogmatic, quasi-religious status. If viral particles cannot be seen by electron microscopy in human cancers, the problem must be with electron microscopy, not with the dogma of viral oncology! This was the time molecular biology was taking a totally dominant posture in viral research. This was the great new career path for fledgling researchers in the field of medicine, which was exuding money based on the Rockefeller business model for medicine.

Since everyone in the field was in the inventing mode, “Molecular markers” for retroviruses were therefore invented (reverse transcriptase for example) and substituted most conveniently for the absent viral particles, hopefully salvaging the central dogma of viral oncology. This permitted the viral hypothesis to survive for another ten years, until the late 1970s, with the help of increasingly generous support from both government and NGO funding agencies and from pharmaceutical companies.

However, by 1980 the failure of this line of research was becoming embarrassingly evident, and the closing of some viral oncology laboratories would have been inevitable, except that…

Except what? Virus cancer research would have crashed to a halt except that, in 1981, five cases of severe immune deficiencies were described by a Los Angeles physician, all among homosexual men who were also all sniffing amyl nitrite, were all abusing other drugs, abusing antibiotics, and probably suffering from malnutrition and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases common among those practicing anal intercourse).

It would have been logical to hypothesize that these severe cases of immune deficiency had multiple toxic origins. But, this would have amounted to incrimination of these patients’ life-style. Unfortunately, such discrimination was, politically, totally unacceptable. Therefore, another hypothesis had to be found—these patients were suffering from a voluntary and contagious disease caused by a new…HIV retrovirus!  Except, there is no HIV retrovirus.  The cause is simply from the life-styles chosen by the victims.  It is apparently more important for the victims to enjoy their sex/drug lifestyles than to be healthy.  This is verboten in the social climate of victimhood and it solves the big problem of funding knowingly pointless and result less research.

Scientific data in support of this hypothesis was and, amazingly enough, still is totally missing. That did not matter, and instantaneous and passionate interest of cancer virus researchers and institutions erupted immediately. This was salvation for the viral laboratories where AIDS now became, almost overnight, the main focus of research. It generated huge financial support from Big Pharma, more budget for the FDA, CDC and NIH, and nobody had to worry about the life style of the patients who became at once the innocent victims of this horrible heinous virus, soon labeled as HIV.

Twenty-five years later, the HIV/AIDS hypothesis has totally failed to achieve its three major goals in spite of the huge research funding exclusively directed to projects based on it. No AIDS cure has ever been found; no verifiable epidemiological predictions have ever been made; and no HIV vaccine has ever been successfully prepared.

Instead, highly toxic (but not curative) drugs have been most irresponsibly used, with frequent, lethal side effects. Yet not a single HIV particle has ever been observed by electron microscopy in the blood of patients supposedly having a high viral load! So what? All the most important newspapers and magazine have displayed attractive computerized, colorful images of HIV that all originate from laboratory cell cultures, but never from even a single AIDS patient. HIV is not a virus-based illness, not is COVID, or anything else.  Virology is a sacred science-religion that exists form incessant need for more and more money.  The only good jobs left in the US are those who get funded by companies who make vast fortunes off of medical scams.  Can you see a picture forming here?

Despite this stunning omission, the HIV/AIDS dogma is still solidly entrenched. Tens of thousands of researchers, and hundreds of major pharmaceutical companies continue to make huge profits based on the HIV hypothesis. And not one single AIDS patient has ever been cured…

Yes, HIV/AIDS is emblematic of the corruption of virus research that is remarkably and tragically documented in this book. Research programs on Hepatitis C, BSE, SARS, Avian flu and current vaxxination policies all developed along the same logic, that of maximizing financial profits and supporting the hollow economy providing the “good jobs”.  Have you ever heard the term “Ponzi Scheme”?

Whenever we try to understand how some highly questionable therapeutic policies have been recommended at the highest levels of public health authorities (WHO, CDC, RKI etc.), we frequently discover either embarrassing conflicts of interests, or the lack of essential control experiments, and always the strict rejection of any open debate with authoritative scientists presenting dissident views of the pathological processes. Manipulations of statistics, falsifications of clinical trials, dodging of drug toxicity tests have all been repeatedly documented. All have been swiftly covered up, and none have been able to, so far, disturb the cynical logic of today’s virus research business model.

“Virus Mania” is a social disease of our totally fake highly developed society. To cure it will require
conquering fear, fear being the most deadly contagious virus, most efficiently transmitted by the media.

Etienne de Harven, MD, Professor Emeritus of Pathology at the University of Toronto and Member of the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York (1956 – 1981), Member of Thabo Mbeki’s IDS Advisory Panel of South Africa and President of Rethinking AIDS. He died in 2019 at the age of 82. This article was written as a foreword to the book Virus Mania – How the Medical Industry continually invents Epidemics, making billion-dollar profits at our expense.

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