The Same War Mongers from Our Past Are Still With US

Who have Brought On Every Past War Through-out History

Have the Most Widespread Full Out War of All Times Underway at this Moment

Whether or not you realize it, you are smack dab in the middle of this war.

It is usually the ignorant who are the casualties of war and this will be no different

I see the height of ignorance abounding more so than ever seen in the past. It is from fear and denial.

Usually, the combatants are announced

In this war, there has been no announcement because the war is between the nonhumans against the humans of the world.

We are addressing the intransigent’ wokesters’ and sheeple of our World, who think they are safely on the ‘right side’, on their way back to ‘life as normal’.  ‘Life as Normal’ was an illusion, not a reality.  Now, you are in’ reality’, but just do not understand it.

The Final War.

 It’s unlike prior ‘declared wars’. This is not the ‘War to End All Wars’. This is the ‘Final War’, Because the nonhumans are not ‘declaring’ it to you. The outcome of wars usually relied on secrecy, stealth and deceit. Here you have it.

In all previous wars, they’ve used one nation-state to attack another nation-state. In ‘the final war’, this is not the case.  The nonhumans are using the ‘governments’ as the weapons to attack the residents within their borders.

So, this is a war. We’ve got people all around the planet that are dying. You are blind if you do not understand that this is a war and you’ve been lied to all of your life, particularly now more so than ever before.

You are deluded if you go into denial and don’t research this. You are at risk of being a casualty of this war if you don’t know that war is what is actually going on.

They’re not going to tell you about this war. They don’t have to, because this is the ‘Final War’. They are confident that they can kill enough humans, there will be no remaining significant resistance.  You are wondering “why would they do this?” 

When the creator god, Enki, used his own genes to create you from the homo erectus creature, he was motivated by a very specific and definite objective reason and agenda.  He needed a lot of workers and the homo erectus was the closest indigenous creature possessing the capabilities to what he needed, was not sufficiently capable.  He upgraded the genetic structure of the homo erectus, creating the homo sapiens, who were only marginally more capable than homo erectus, as to be able to do the work in the gold mines. Enlil, against the idea from the beginning, always hated the humans and took sufficient measures to strictly limit the size of their population over the thousands of years.

The statistics provide the facts that show the human population was carefully maintained at 500 million for thousands of years.  Not until one-hundred years ago, was the population allowed to grow beyond this level, to the almost 8 billion of the present.  This was attributable to the ‘Matrix experiment’, where humans were allowed the belief that they had freedom and could own the results of their labor.  They did this by many deceits, but the greatest was the system of politics, whereby humans believed they had the freedom to elect their own leaders.  The Matrix has been phased out now due to growing risks of loss of control. The same old leaders as ever, remain in power, with full kingship rule over the Adamus.

World population chart

The new control structure, which has been formulated by the nonhumans by means of the UN, is a Technocracy of absolute control whereby production using natural resources taken from the planet, is very limited to only the basic needs of caring for and healing the planet itself.  The idea that the reason for production made possible by taking the resources from the planet, is to keep humans alive and enjoying their cocaine parties and what not, is not valid and is being ended post-haste. This necessitates reducing the population to a level providing only the fewest number of humans as required to maintain the planet and restore its health.  To stop the enormous incessant depletion of its health and resources, just to keep more and more humans alive, is not a valid reason and is finished. The human population is being culled to below the 500 million level, and from that point, no humans will have the capacity to reproduce themselves and will gradually die out.  A small number of androids will be taking over the manual labor part of the future ongoing maintenance, while the nonhumans will manage all operations.

“The Final War, from their perspective is to eliminate 13 out of every 14 humans on this planet – and they’re well on their way to doing that.

Millions of people are dying now. Billions are doomed to death over the next two years.  Those who have accepted the injection are already destined to die within two years.  They hope to get more ignorant suckers to accept the injections through coercion and fear tactics.  They know people are becoming aware of their battle plan, and they hope to get the injections to a high enough level so as to be able to hold their control resources in place as the die-off occurs.  It is a tight race.

Children are dying in England at an accelerated of rate 62% over normal, since the introduction of the injections that they call ‘vaccines’ that are not vaccines. They had to change the language to accommodate the poison that they’re injecting into the body’s of the ignorant suckers.

Everyone is dying faster now and the people that are dying faster now are the injected ones.

This is a war. If we believe their numbers, 4 out of 5 people will die over these next two years, because they’re claiming they’ve got 80% injected already. This percentage is dubious, because they try to make you think you are the only hold-out preventing everyone from resuming ‘normal life’.  It is very high in some places, where the population is heavily indoctrinated, because they’re going on their third, fourth, and now they are planning the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth shots, with no end until death is achieved.

In the ‘Green Pass’ in Ireland, in the software, there is ‘pre-designated’ 8 shots, places for 8 boosters, to register that you’ve had 8 shots. One shot is all that is needed to make you a ‘walking dead’, but the more shots you take, the higher the titer, the concentration of poison in your blood stream.  You will die sooner than two years.

This is a depopulation agenda. This is a war in which they’re killing you with these unwitting ‘injectors’, who are themselves, so deluded that many of them have taken the needle and see nothing wrong in shooting up others. The nonhumans are smart. They gave a lot of people that are using the needles saline, so they remain examples of victims who survive the injections.

People are dying both rapidly and slowly. We see the people that are dying rapidly. We get grossly reduced statistics on these.  We don’t see the people that are dying slowly. It appears that the relatively immediate deaths are unintended, due to very poor health.  We see that the old people can be killed very easily and quickly.  Immediate deaths and illness is a deterrent for those making a should or shouldn’t decision.  This would be disadvantageous for the injectors.

Those people that are dying rapidly go to the hospital and they get killed by the hospitals, because the nonhumans have cleverly engineered a protocol to kill off people that show up in the hospital with vaxx-induced respiratory problems, because these fools are walking right back into the murder rooms and begging for more.

They’ve turned all of Planet Earth into a concentration camp and a death camp. Instead of ovens and gas chambers, they’ve got crematoria, hospitals and jab stations everywhere.

The hospitals are the death camps and their whole function now is to funnel you right through the system into the mortuary and from there, you go over to the crematoria and they just burn you right on up and out you go. If they burn you or dissolve you, they keep no records so there is no evidence

Soon, we will see a lot of evidence. They can’t hide the evidence that they’re killing everybody, but for those already jabbed, it does not matter.  They are dead, just waiting for it to happen.  Once everyone has taken the required number of injections for them to perish. It is just a matter of a short time.

If you haven’t taken the shot, this is your prime advantage to survive this war.  Take stock of your situation.  There are no promises of false expectations that make it worth considering certain suicide from the jab.

That risk level increases. If you take the second shot and a booster, you’re stupid. You are roped in because your vaxx passport is always going to be expiring unless you take more. You take more because your mind is going.

If they’re threatening your job – f* it – let them fire you. Don’t quit. Let them fire you and force you off that property. Make them have that emotional angst. Make them go through those cheap tactics, so at least, you’re burning out emotions in them. You don’t have to get angry. You just have to be stubborn. But this is a war and there is no one coming to save your ass.

If your relatives are in that position, you need to counsel them to stand up and fight. And if they don’t know how to fight, go out, ask for help on how to fight. There’s a lot of places on Telegram, where there’s legal assistance. Other groups are forming on collective action against this scheme.

Bear in mind, you are under attack and they want you dead. They want all of these houses emptied. When we get down to a certain number of people, they’ll start having all the people that are left go out in work parties to just destroy every thing. They’re going to roll it all back.

The plan here in North America, is to return  to the point where there’s 500 million buffalo roaming the plains again. They want to return it to natural North America; their vision of a playground for the elite. All of the sh*t has to go; all of the stuff that you own, everything you’ve ever accomplished, dreamed of, lived in, touched – all of the sh*t’s got to go. It’s in their way!

If you don’t grasp that, then you fall into one of three categories. You lead, you follow, you get out of the way. Now, a lot of the people that just try to get out of the way, they die, because they’re not watching out for themselves. They’re just a passive bystander. Passivity gets you killed this kind of a war.

You’re passive, you take the shot, because they say you will lose your job. Take the shot and you die right then or two weeks later.

These people are all about business. If you don’t think that the revelations about Fauci, the puppy torturer, if that doesn’t give you a clue as to the nature of the evil minions that you’re dealing with, then you simply just need to go take the shot and lie down and die and get the f* out of our way, because there’s a war on.

It’s hard to understand. You’re used to the concept that it’s not a war unless the enemy comes on out and tells you it’s a war. But they’re not telling you it’s a war because this is their Final War. War is just a tool to them. They’ve always used it for population control, wealth harvesting, all of this kind of stuff, country vs country. Now, they’ve gotten sophisticated and made it government against the people. And hey, the stupid f*ing government minions, as soon as they’re reasonably successful in what they’re doing, they’re going to get harvested, too! They’re just going to get thrown out, because they know too much about what’s going on and the nonhumans need the rest of the population to be stupid and ignorant and drugged so that they just simply do what they’re told and die on cue.

This war is going to go on for years. You have to understand that when they attacked the Maine in the early 1900s, we had no idea how long that war would last. Same thing with World War II. The nonhumans, because they want to try to get this phase shut down and over. The nonhumans think they know this time how long this war is going to last but they may not be prepared for an awakening on the part of the humans.

There are circumstances that interfered with the nonhumans and their plans for this extermination event. Basically, there were enough awake people to get a bow wave going ahead of the extermination process as the jabs roll out.

This war has many different levels. All these levels may last for years. Political levels may last 4 or 5 There are 3,000 counties in the United States. George Soros has worked to pollute the political structure on a vast number of these 3,000 counties and they moved too quickly, because they were not able to get the District Attorney in all of these counties replaced with Soros’ people. And that’s the last lynch pin in all of those things.

So there are hundreds of thousands of individuals that are working for the nonhumans wittingly and are on their payroll, here in the United States. This will take a number of years to sort out. To clean house. On top of that, it’s got to layer up, we’ve got to address all of these levels, to the small cadre at the top. There are ways to get there faster and there are certain things going on now but this war is going to last for years.

So, if you’re running into it right now, with your relatives trying to deal with their piddly-ass job, tell them, ‘F* the job, stay alive!  Let them fire you, make them fire you, make them go to that effort and then sue them. Find someone to help you sue them. Even if you lose, you’ve cost them tons of money. You’ve cost them aggravation and time. You’ve upped the ante on their actions. You’ve made your action a fighting retreat.

Because you just won’t accept that needle. Fine. But do it effectively, so that you cost them, every step they take, trying this process. This is how you defeat Fascism. All the petty Fascism, all the way up and all the way down. So, you man up. get in the fighting spirit, here. This is what testosterone is for, use it!

Get angry. Don’t get violent. There’s a difference. You can get stubborn and vocal without getting abusive, aggressive or loud. They’ll take it as abusive, aggressive and loud, believe me!

In this war, which is going to go on for more years, we will see a lot of shit happen. It will be unique in our civilization, in our understanding of what our civilization has been through but it is a serious war and people are dying now. You can’t treat it as though it’s not happening and be safe or sane.

You can deny it all you want but you’re going to suffer the consequences of that. And it’s everywhere. Fatal accident rates so far this year are up 18%. Overall road accidents are up over 400% this year. These are ‘vaxxidents’ in my understanding. These are vaxxinated people whose minds are starting to experience micro clots and dysfunction moments. Pilots have died in-flight and many military pilots have been grounded do to failing routine fitness tests.  You see it all over the place and it is getting worse.

When Trump’s social media comes on in February there will be a large enough area of people discussing these things in an adult fashion, that maybe it will overwhelm what’s left of the disintegrating corporate media…

A real validation of success could hit by May, 2022 or later next year. People will be dying in greater numbers and regularity from these injections. There will be horror going on as fact-deniers die, with their families.

By the time we get into that, we’re going to have a lot more horror and a lot less obfuscation, a lot less cover-up. You’ll be able to see it more, you’ll be able to see big holes in your local social order, as the vaxxinated people drop out of it.

In this war, the dead are ‘clean’. They’re accommodating. You don’t have a bomb hit your neighbor’s house raining debris and destruction everywhere and have to go on over there and put your neighbor into a garbage bag and take him out to the street for some kind of a pick up.

You don’t have to collect the body parts of your neighbor’s children, his wife and that sort of thing, just because they were at home, just because they were at home and they were asleep when that bomb hit. You don’t have to worry about that. You don’t have to scrape his blood and the contents of his intestines off the side of your house. It’s not that kind of a war.

In this war, the dead are going to be very accommodating. For the most part, they will either die alone unnoticed, with no real problems or make their way to a hospital and they will be processed out as though they never existed. No memorials will be placed.

It will be nice and clean. Straight to the crematorium. A lot of the infrastructure will be saved. Without the air raids and tanks,  it will be difficult to get it, to grasp this, but you must grasp this

This phase of the war is going to take you through 2025 before it gets finished. You need to pace yourself, grasp your reality to understand it is a war and in a war, you must fight, like it or not

Even the civilians in World War II died. Civilians in any war are the ones who die. In this case, you may think, at this moment, I am a civilian.  That is not the case, so the sooner you realize this, the better your odds of survival. You will need to fight to get food, water, heat, clothing, medical care, so as not to die from the deprivation, from the supply chain voids, mostly, not from bombs, stray bullets or conventional weapon.

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