The official government Irrational narrative that the U.S. is facing a new ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’

As the corporate media, the White House, and state governors all continued to blame the “unvaccinated” for rising cases of COVID-19 and the “delta” variant.

By now, everyone knows that there is not, and never was any form of virus involved in this scam.  All the flim-flam fearporn is pure fabrication and lies.

Of course, the mythical “delta variant” is simply a computer model used to label people through fraudulent diagnostic testing, just exactly the same as the now defunct PCR test, which is admitted by the CDC as being incapable of detecting any virus.  How can you have a variant of a non-existent thing?

So, what is this mysterious ‘disease’ that so closely resembles the flu, that is annoying people these days, that has a prevalence just about exactly like the flu, has symptoms just about exactly like the flu, goes away in a week or two, just like the flu and has a survival rate of 97.6%?

Most people are now realizing that the real danger from sickness is spread by the vaxx.  Forget about covid, smovid and sars.  They are imaginary agents of fear.

Now it is becoming obvious and impossible to deny that the vaxx is the real source of death and illness.  Now, after the vaxx, some are dying and having serious adverse effects in short order.  What is in store for vaxx’d people in the future, is also known, but not discussed. 

What is surely now known is the real contents of the vaxx serum vial.  This vial is filled with 99% Graphene Oxide (GO), a cheap, common industrial chemical that is certainly not intended for the inside of your body.  Its know properties include thrombosis, micro blood clotting, lung, heart and other diseases of the organs and quite a few more serious ailments, leading to death in 1-2 years.  The time to death is a function of titer, how much has been accumulated in your body’s systems.  It will definitely make your immune system non-functional.

Why do we hear about multiple injections and boosters at frequent intervals in the future.  It’s to build the titer in your bodies fluids to make it kill faster.  The symptoms of all the new diseased victims are nothing like the obscurely described covid symptoms.  This is a new disease that develops after the vaxx, from the well known poisonous graphene oxide.  This is the explanation for the magneto properties that the body acquires after the vaxx. 

How these mental midgets leading the parade of medical fraud and murder could come up with the unvaxxed as the source of vaxx-disease is a true wonder.  How anyone could believe it is an even greater wonder.  If you are among the believers, then I presume you are also among the vaxx’d.  You should go to get more booster injections to save yourself from vaxx-disease, even though there is no way out.

Steve Watson of Summit News reports:

Unvaccinated Americans were the talking point of the day on Monday with a slew of figures slamming those who have chosen not to take the coronavirus jabs, assigning blame to them for America ‘going backwards’, likening them to murderers, and suggesting that they are to blame for more deadly variants of the virus emerging. This is typical fear mongering and inciting the masses who see ‘heretics’ who refuse to give them the relief of ‘confirmation’.

First up, the White House with Press Secretary Jen Psaki claiming that America is in reverse because “there are still a large population of people in this country who are unvaccinated – and we have the most transmissible variant that we’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic that more people are getting sick with Covid.”

So, the foremost medical expert in the White House, Jen Psaki, armed with the latest scripted tirade of lies, is laying it on thick, intent to incite the mob to murder. Whatever miniscule knowledge Jen possesses, I would be surprised if it includes transmissibility or if she has any knowledge of virus, infectious disease or consequences of any of it at all.

Next up was Fauci, who appeared on his favorite softball network, MSNBC, to announce that unvaccinated Americans will be to blame for the next deadly variant.

CNN’s Lemon Don declared that the unvaccinated should be prevented from having normal lives.

“Don’t get the vaccine. You can’t go to the supermarket. Don’t have the vaccine, can’t go to the ball game. Don’t have a vaccine, can’t go to work. You don’t have a vaccine, can’t come here. No shirt, no shoes, no service. I think that’s where we should be because we can’t to waste our breath on people that are just not going to change,” Lemon decreed, with Chris Cuomo (imagine my shock) wholeheartedly agreeing. Sounds like playground-level illogical mentality.

Refusing the known deadly vaxx for the known non-emergency threat of a non-existent pathogenic virus is an argument without a wit of logic or substance, typical of the lynch mob instigators employed by the government, whose asses or on the line.  They must get to 70% coverage by some deadline date or they are going to get the jabs in their own asses for failure.

Meanwhile in New York, Cuomo’s brother proclaimed “we have to get in those communities, and we have to knock on those doors, and we have to convince people, and put them in a car and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm. That is the mission.”

Grabbing people by force and putting them in cars and driving them away is the mentality of the leadership of the US as this time, direct out of the nazi playbook.  The US is in the final swirl of the toilet vortex, about to plunge into the sewer. Desperation and fear are in the air, and on the faces of those functionaries who fail to make their numbers.

Finally, on the other side of the country, California governor Gavin Newsom likened unvaccinated Americans to murderous drunk drivers.”

So, where is the evidence of all these “unvaccinated” patients that are all of a sudden filling the nation’s hospitals? We keep hearing and reading that “90% of new hospital admissions are among the unvaccinated.”

I went searching for all these “unvaccinated” people filling up the hospitals, and here is an example of what I found.

WCBD out of Charleston, South Carolina, ran this story today: COVID-19: Local hospitalizations are on the rise among unvaccinated.

Here are some excerpts from their report:

‘Lowcountry hospitals are seeing a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations, especially among those who are not vaccinated’.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control last week said more than 90% of COVID-19 infections and deaths in June were among those who are unvaccinated.

Officials with Trident Health said they currently have 26 patients who are being hospitalized for the virus. Of those, 24 were not vaccinated or they were partially vaccinated.

At the Medical University of South Carolina, there are currently 13 inpatients at its downtown Charleston facility who are being treated for COVID-19.

Of those 13, five are in MUSC’s COVID-19 intensive care and two are currently receiving ventilator care for disease progression. All thirteen were unvaccinated.

Since this is not the kind of story that Big Tech and the corporate media will “fact check,” let me please provide that service to the public and “fact check” these claims.

The Medical University of South Carolina is a “1,600 bed” facility. I don’t know what their average occupancy rate is, but based on death statistics from the CDC we know that deaths from all causes and deaths “due to COVID” have been steadily declining all summer, as is the normal trend in the summer months.

So, let’s give a conservative figure that right now the Medical University of South Carolina only has a 50% occupancy of its beds (it is probably much higher than that).

That means that according to this report, 13 out of 800 people hospitalized are unvaccinated. That’s a far cry from 90%, isn’t it?

We can only assume that they are only counting people hospitalized AND testing positive for COVID-19 with the ultra-reliable PCR tester, as what they are allegedly reporting as comprising this “90%.”

But if that is the case, then they are basically admitting that very few hospital cases are being admitted due to COVID-19 “cases,” whether vaccinated or not.

The other hospital mentioned in this article is Trident Medical Center, a 321-bed “major medical center.”

Again, let’s give a conservative estimate that only half of the beds at Trident are currently occupied. That would mean that out of 160 people currently admitted in their hospital, 24 of those are unvaccinated. This is clearly not 90% of their patients hospitalized.

These corporate media sources, politicians, and government health officials are clearly LYING to you.

How do we know?

Well besides the fact that we just spot fact checked their claims and the numbers do not even come close to adding up to what they are claiming, they themselves are reporting large amounts of people being hospitalized and dying as “breakthrough” cases FULLY VACCINATED!

Some examples: 80 fully vaccinated Mass. residents have died from COVID-19 as breakthrough cases surpass 5,000


Eighty fully vaccinated Massachusetts residents have died from COVID-19 and the number of breakthrough cases reported across the state has surpassed 5,000, new public health data shows.

As of July 17, 716 more fully vaccinated residents had tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the number of breakthrough cases statewide to 5,166, numbers released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health indicate. There were 4,450 breakthrough cases reported last week.

Fifty-seven fully vaccinated residents were hospitalized and later died from the virus, while 23 others who were vaccinated died without going to the hospital.

A total of 272 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized after becoming infected. (Source.)

27 fully vaccinated people have died in Tennessee, health department says


The Tennessee Department of Health reports 27 fully vaccinated people have died from COVID-19.

These are among the state’s more than 1,000 “breakthrough” cases. These are cases in which fully vaccinated people have contracted the vax-disease, that is graphene oxide poisoning.

Data is sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). TDH Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey said Friday more than two dozen deaths since May 1 and 195 hospitalizations are among breakthrough cases. Including dates before May 1, there have been more than 1,000 breakthrough COVID-19 cases, the state reports.

Fully Vaccinated New Orleans Woman Dies of COVID Aged 33

(Can we really believe these cases are “rare”??)


A 33-year-old woman who was fully vaccinated against COVID-19 has died from the virus in a rare “breakthrough” case.

Angelle Mosley, from New Orleans, Louisiana, passed away on Sunday after falling ill on Thursday.

She had been convinced that she didn’t have COVID-19, according to her mother, because she had been fully vaccinated and wasn’t experiencing some of the key symptoms of the virus, such as loss of taste and smell.

“She said ‘I know I do not have COVID. I still can smell and taste. And I am vaccinated.’ But when she got to the hospital, [it] turns out she had it,” Tara Mosley told WDSU News.

In California, a doctor reported to Katy Grimes of the California Globe that hospitals are being instructed to NOT test those who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 when they are admitted, which would obviously skew the numbers. What other reason could there be for not testing them?

A physician contacted the Globe and said testing protocol from Scripps is indicating that they aren’t testing the vaccinated in the hospitals – they are only testing the unvaccinated for COVID (see below), despite the many COVID breakthrough cases reported.

The physician asked, “I wonder if this is the new testing protocol state wide?”

The physician contacted another hospital and reported to the Globe:

“They HAVE NOT been testing the vaccinated for COVID routinely like they have the unvaccinated, but they JUST changed their policy to begin doing this.” Unbelievable! So, all this BS in the newspapers has been spewing about the vaccinated NOT having COVID BECAUSE THEY DON’T TEST FOR IT!”

The “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is a complete lie. If there is any “pandemic” today, it is among the hundreds of thousands of people who took one of the COVID-19 shots and are now dead or suffering terrible injuries, primarily from blood clots. Those not yet dead are one a one-way journey.

This is the sad condition of the United States today where truth is discarded and deceitful propaganda is funded by the billionaire corporate Globalists to be distributed to the corrupt media and politicians with the sole purpose of getting as many U.S. citizens injected with their COVID-19 shots as possible, trying to reach 70% of the population as “fully vaccinated.”

They will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals, including writing narratives that are full of lies and manipulating diagnostic tests and statistics,  and all other data.

Those resisting their lies and their efforts to achieve these goals are the unvaccinated, who are on-to their schemes, and stand in their way.

And that is exactly where we need to remain.


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