The Nasal Swab to Acquire the Tissue Sample

I recently came across this piece of informational material derived from the Hindu text called the ‘Drag Ana’. A lot of light bulbs lit up as I compared this information and companion artwork with another blog that I posted on this site on August 15, 2020.

That blog was about the danger of damage being done during covid19 testing.  Testers utilize a very long swab to probe very deep into the nasal canal to allegedly acquire certain cellular matter from this area for the PCR test.

Why would it be necessary to obtain tissue from this specific area?  I can see no reason for this.  The only reason for this procedure can be to rupture the Hematoencephalitic gland, the cribriform plate, the thinnest barrier into the brain cavity.

This procedure stems from an Egyptian form of punishment of disobedient slaves.  The procedure is painful but will not likely induce death at that moment.  It will ultimately compromise this barrier and result in contraction of encephalitis, a potentially fatal condition and certain cause of debilitation.

Why are COVID tests being performed on people who are not sick? Of course, we all know the reason has nothing to do with illness or disease. It has only to do with false statistics, because virtually every test yields a positive when, in fact, every one is actually a negative. But false positives build fake casedemics, which are absolutely meaningless, in reality. But who cares about reality when you have a scam to maintain. Why is the government giving tens of billions of dollars to the airlines? It’s a payoff to buy new rules requiring tests and vaccines which is more profitable than selling tickets.

Below is an excerpt from my blog of 08/15/2020:

It should be common knowledge that all humans are carrying hundreds of trillions of virus inside their bodies at all times, while living in a virtual sea of viruses. The human body is a source generator of viruses along with all other eukaryotic life forms. Everyone is full of every kind of virus, all the time. That is a simple “known” factor that requires no test. It also has always been the case and corona viruses have been around since before humans came to exist on the planet, more than 135,000 years ago. Viruses are just a part of the normal life cycle of plants and animals that are eukaryotic. They are dead waste matter from the process of mitosis of eukaryotic cell reproduction. Has everyone forgotten that they have had a cold sometime in the past? As little as a year ago, people remembered that when you have a cold, you rest up, drink a lot of fluids and let your body take care of the rest. There is no medicine or shot for a cold. There is no immunity from the cold. Do you REMEMBER? Then why are you waiting for a vaccine?

It has always been so….you are being ‘played’.

The COVID PCR tests are administered with a 6 inch (15cm) long cotton swab through the nose, which goes to the very back of your throat. Why?

The swab touches the sensitive cribriform plate with direct access to your brain. Is there an ulterior design to these tests? Just this week, a woman undergoing this exact same test had her brain membrane punctured and brain fluid passed out of her body via her nose. Is it worth sustaining such a brain injury for a worthless, needless virus test?

The Q-tip is extended 3-4 inches in length

Are the COVID tests with 6-inch (15cm) nasal swabs a way to surreptitiously infect or implant people with direct access to the brain? Are real pathogens being inserted into vulnerable parts of the body, so as to create statistics of sickness? or death? It’s possible, but rupturing the cribriform plate is just as effective.

The COVID tests

being rolled out around the world, roughly in line with 1-3-20 plan of the Rockefeller Foundation, are the main focus of this current phase of Operation Coronavirus. The more people tested, the more positive cases recorded, which fuels the official scare narrative and keeps the fear alive to justify yet more tyranny. However, there may be something else going on too. We need to ask ourselves whether these COVID tests are, in fact, a clever way to gain secret access to the inside of our bodies, especially our brains. The nasal swabs being used (called nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal) are incredibly long (around 6 inches or 15 cm) which means they reach to the very back of our throats. Is there any medical reason why the swabs must be this length? These particular COVID tests are PCR tests; I have covered, in other articles, how flawed and unsuitable PCR tests are. Could these COVID tests be used to surreptitiously infect people (with some pathogen), deliver the vaccine (which they claim they are still developing) or even implant people (with nanotechnology such as microchips)?

COVID Tests: Targeting or Accessing the Cribriform Plate?

In human anatomy, the cribriform plate is a midline bone important as part both of the cranium and of the nose which transmits the olfactory nerves that carry the sense of smell. It is a very delicate and fragile part of the body. Why on earth do the COVID tests contain a swab (a padded stick) which can poke and prod this delicate bone? Could it be because the cribriform plate allows access to the brain? Jim Stone recently alluded to this in a post: 

“They are claiming the virus wrecks the nervous systems of a large percentage of people, leaving lasting neurological problems and brain damage. But I’d like to ask – is it really a virus doing that, or are the tests doing that? Folks, the coronavirus tests themselves, in many cases, (there are probably different types) but in many cases they are obviously what is causing the brain damage. Easily explained:

Many of the tests, (all of them that use the incredibly long “swab”) take their samples from the cribriform plate, which is a millimeter thick bone at the top of the nasal cavity that is perforated with many holes that go directly into the brain cavity. These holes are what your olfactory nerves pass through, and there are many (the bone is similar to a coarse screen). If you wanted to sabotage someone by planting a clandestine brain virus, nanotech, or plant a chip in someone, this would be the place to do it because perhaps a doctor could get a chip out but individuals certainly never could without perforating that very thin bone (that is not really even bone, it is about half nerves) and anyone attempting to do an extraction from there would likely end up killing themselves. Any chemicals, viruses, nanotech or whatever else they wanted to put there will have immediate access to the brain and you can forget about getting that out, once it’s in, it is in. It would be literally right on the brain when placed, and go right in.

People complain about the tests being excruciatingly painful with the pain lasting for days. For what reason would the tests need to touch the most brain accessible part of the human body? Are the ones that do really tests at all? DNA tests are done with a simple mouth swab, and it’s ridiculous to think any virus test – when you supposedly can spread it by coughing, – would not be the same. Something is screwy with these tests. They have GOT TO be fake, (or at least the ones that literally swab the brain are). No wonder why they hurt for days and GEE, getting your olfactory nerves nailed by whatever is on that swab is probably what is causing people to permanently lose their sense of smell.

COMMON SENSE. I bet you did not know how nasty that test really is. Avoid the test at all costs.

I could not fathom the possibility that these monsters were using their barbaric “PCR test” methods as a means of DAMAGING our brains….. Ethics aside, I could not see even these foul creatures stooping to such a horrible low…. But again we are dealing with monsters with no human conscience here, right?”

Here is another quote from Jim Stone:

“… they conducted the “tests” by inserting a gawd damn 6 INCH long (15cm) swab right up EACH nostril until it reached way into the back of their nasal passages. Then the testers proceeded to twist the swabs for about 10-15 seconds in each nostril…. Then they removed the swabs and inserted them into the test tubes to be sent off to the laboratories for ‘analysis’…. I honestly had to stop and think for the moment.. WHY in the hell would they need to insert such a long swab all the way to the back of the nasal passage ways in the first place? And then to twist the swabs on that palate in the rear of the nasal passage against the soft tissue seems very barbaric to me as well! Would that motion alone cause damage to that palate and possibly create a much WORSE scenario than what this ‘virus’ would do?

And all of the people that I did talk to told me the same story that they had ‘headaches” and in some cases a feeling of nausea and severe sinus pain that followed…. As I have always been a sinus headache sufferer and have had such pain in the back of my own nasal cavities for years, I know what they are going through…… And all this just to get a ‘sample’ of this supposed virus’ RNA to verify that someone is positive? Again it seems pretty barbaric, and to me there would be much simpler means of getting tissue samples rather than possibly damage the back of our nasal cavities!”

There is something highly suspicious about these COVID tests. At the very least, we need to remember that batches of the COVID tests have been proven to be contaminated, sometimes with coronavirus itself (e.g. in the US and the UK) – although fact checkers claim the ‘virus’ could not spread or infect people, just make test results ineffective. Given the NWO (New World Order) objective of a completely microchipped population, I would not put it past the NWO conspirators to conduct such a horrific and clandestine method of implanting people without their knowledge under the guise of helping them.

Rupturing the Cribriform Plate

If you compare the visuals from my earlier blog with those presented here, you will certainly see what these monsters are doing to healthy unsuspecting individuals under the guise of a medical procedure to save them from COVID, a non-pathogenic virus. 

Everyone has the COVID virus in their bodies, along with hundreds of trillions of other virus.  This is normal because your trillions of cells comprising your body are replicating themselves constantly, creating viruses in the process.  Does it make any sense to you that a byproduct of cell replication in your body is producing deadly pathogens in the process?  Does this explain for you the reason that the PCR test yields 100% ‘positives’ for the presence of viruses?  The inventor of the PCR test, himself, says the process was never intended for public testing of individuals to detect COVID specific viruses and that the test will definitely not work for this type of application. It is a tool for laboratory use only.

What more do you need to know to see the scam that is being used to ‘game’ you into fear and panic, in the attempt to lead you to accepting the fake non-vaccine inoculation they desperately want everyone to line up for?

Face the facts here…this is genocide and genetic restructuring that you are volunteering for. There is absolutely no threat of death or illness from a virus.

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