The first seven points in this article are contextual background. These points are a lead up to what is coming next. The globalists know that they cannot fool the people much longer and Corona/variant/vaxxine danger coverup is at hand. The globalists are preparing to go to a whole new level of death and destruction as they enhance their ability to tighten their grip upon all of humanity. The kill shot is coming our way in 2022.
The people are reluctantly growing wise to voter fraud and poison vaxx’s.

  1. The radical Democrats cannot win a legitimate election
  2. Another stolen election will produce widespread rebellion.
    Probably fortunately, the days of fake elections are over by means of the end of fake democracy and a return to feudal government. No more public elections and pretend freedom.
    The globalists are making their move post haste.
    To use a military analogy, D-Day, March 11, 2020 when the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus to be a pandemic threat to the world is complete. The troops, so to speak are ashore and moving inland as they destroy everything in its place. The globalist invasion of our country is meeting with little to no resistance.
    Some people naively believe that this the Coronavirus invasion is almost over and life will return to normal. Nothing could be further from the truth. For America, every institution of importance has been invaded and occupied. This invasion will result in the fulfillment of a 90% population reduction. The kill shot is here and will be revealed at the end of the article.
    The early objectives of this insidious invasion have accomplished the following:
  3. The so-called delusional pandemic, created by China and its American traitors such as Fauci, Milley, Biden, Gates, Soros, etc. led to the most fraudulent elections ever held by any ‘banana republic’, under the guise of preventing the spread of the nonexistent Covid disease. Biden was seated as President by the most completely fraudulent voting system ever witnessed, centering around voting real-time rigged voting machines and ballot box stuffing and massive ballot disappearance.
  4. Our globalist captors have infiltrated every segment of power. The military is ‘woke’ but could not win a war against Mexico. Who will the next war be fought against? Maybe Togo. It does not matter, we will lose. American GI’s are being led to the slaughter by countries who do not even have militaries.
  5. Our civil liberties are gone and the Constitution is dead. We should have all realized this on the first day of Biden’s reign as he broke federal law by exceeding his Constitutional powers by ending the Keystone Pipeline. He did not have the authority to act without Congressional action. This was the first of a series dictatorial moves turning this nation into a Bolshevik state with Nazi-style methods of control. What did Biden gain from this action? Nation destroying inflation, since most all of our products and consumables are imported. We sit on the edge of financial destruction with a ‘service-sector’ economy that is no longer able to produce its own consumable goods like fast French fries.
  6. Corruption of the political leadership, leading to the complete takeover of government at all levels has been achieved with Soros and Communist Chinese bribe money.
  7. No governmental officials are being held accountable for their crimes, as the judges, for the most part, work for the same globalist interest. Our government is one big mafia/Gestapo and resembles a whorehouse more than it does an authoritative body, led by the mentally deficient, Biden.
  8. The DOJ and the FBI are the new Gestapo, replacing elective politics. They break down doors of school board protestors, abuse children, protect pedophiles, classify criminal files against human traffickers, and so on. Welcome to the new SS/KGB/Gestapo all rolled into one. Attorney General Garland defends his family multi-million-dollar ‘Critical Race Theory’ empire (ie. Panorama Education) by declaring parents who are in opposition to be ‘domestic terrorists’ warranting imprisonment.
  9. The medical establishment has been criminalized and weaponized against the people, just like the policing authority. Experimental poisonous vaxxines, with no efficacy even being sought in their so-called research, are being used as justification to de-employ people who are grasping at straws in their attempt to remain viable. I agree with Tom Renz, the attorney for the Frontline Doctors, as they have concluded that the rise in Covid-vaxx disease is happening only among the vaxx’d. Tom Renz will never be allowed to present his discovery in court. By that time, a more deadly phase two will have been unleashed to cover this up. For the record, the Frontline Doctors maintain that we are not witnessing a spike in Covid/variants deaths. The variants are being used to cover the increasing rate of vaccine disease leading to death. But the literal kill shot is loaded and ready for 2022. Fear has trampled human rights, globally speaking, and civil liberties, speaking specifically of Americans and it clearly sets the stage for the ultimate depopulation event and it will be a bioterror event perpetrated by Fauci and friends as the visible front men.
    And to think, I did not even mention immigration and the declining state of American healthcare. The fix is in. Life will never be the same. At the end of the day, the issues we are most focused on are minor compared to what is coming. These 7 items merely provide the context for what is coming.
    “What Is Coming Is No Longer Coming, It Is Already Here”…Steve Quayle
    The Coronavirus “threat” is being replaced by something far more dangerous they call hemorrhagic smallpox. Vials of smallpox “mysteriously” appeared in Philadelphia. This is just too coincidental and this signals the next threat. The previous covid threat destroyed our economy, compromised our military, weaponized the medical industry against the people with unsafe mandates and destroyed any pretense of representative government. However, this was NOT the kill shot.
    The kill shot is coming and it is hemorrhagic smallpox. This is not new information. The plot intensified beginning this past March.
    The CDC, the NIH and Fauci defined the term hemorrhagic to mean ‘Ebola’, the second punch.
    Whether the world realizes it or not, the people of this planet are under attack by a small but very powerful group of Royal non-humans who have ruled humans for 3,000 years. These Ubermensch’s have selected their minions from among various humans such as Fauci and Gates, who have been busy devising the next element of biowarfare against the citizens and are ready to release this upon the planet.
  10. Vials of smallpox found in Philadelphia
  11. Now there is a Hemorrhagic Fever outbreak coming out of China as reported recently.
    It is the belief of many this is the kill shot.

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