Study Finds Most Highly Educated Americans Are Also the Most Vaccine Hesitant

A new report by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh has found that the most highly educated Americans are also the most vaxxine skeptical.

The researchers canvassed no fewer than 5 million Americans who responded to surveys on whether they were “probably” or “definitely not planning on getting a COVID vaxxine.

The results will shock many.

“More surprising is the breakdown in vaccine hesitancy by level of education,” reports ‘UnHerd’. “It finds that the association between hesitancy and education level follows a U-shaped curve with the highest hesitancy among those least and most educated. People having a high-school degree had the least hesitancy, and the highest hesitancy was among those holding a PhD.”

In addition, while the lowest educated saw the largest drop in vaccine hesitancy for the first five months of 2021, those with PhD’s were the most likely to not change their minds about what they know to be the truth..

There is, of course, a good reason why this is the case.  This scam is designed so the majority of the people will be gullible to the narrative lies of the scam.  These gullible persons are going to be seeking to get things back to “normal” and get security from the virus.  They will buy into almost anything that they hear on TV that says “this is your way to security”

Educated persons are going to understand the details of the scam and see through to the truth very rapidly.  The truth is:  there is no covid19 virus disease in existence.  They have a totally different agenda underlying this scam.  This is a regularly occurring Reset that has happened many times in the past.  It requires a total erasure of the virtual reality known as the ‘Matrix’.  To achieve this, the adult populations of the world must be eradicated.

It is not their intention to destroy the planet, but to simply depopulate the planet back to a level that can be controlled in an orderly system consisting of a total population more like around one-billion humans.  They intend to do this in an orderly manner based on an alleged medical pandemic, the illusion of which is achieved by first of all, changing all cases of regular flu to a newly coined disease they call covid19.

They will manufacture a lot of fear by claiming this is a deadly new novel disease caused by a new virus from Wuhan, China…arch enemy of the US.  This flu was created using a little toy tester that knowingly yielded’ false positives’ by the billions.  They called these ‘cases’ and the whole fake operation was called a ‘case-demic’. None of it was the truth as has been recently admitted by the CDC.

The people supposedly demanded a vaccine, as they have been propagandized to do during their entire lives.  So, at ‘warp speed’, the vaxx was slipped through safety protocols and administered to the waiting people by the billions.  Only now, since the vaxx, has the real disease appeared.  They call it a “breakthrough disease”, still referring back to the non-existent covid19 scam disease.

But this is not a ‘breakthrough disease’.  It is now the single real killer disease.  I call it vaxx-disease.  It is because the hastily rushed through vaxx is nothing but an industrial poison, graphene oxide.  They present, all kinds of diverse propaganda about experimental genetic-altering mRNA vaxxines.  These are a diversion, for the purpose of keeping the ignorant confused about the issue. 

There is nothing confusing about this, however.  What do you not understand about receiving repetitive injections of industrial poison into your body?  Graphene oxide is a common, known industrial chemical with known properties.  It is fatal to humans, the time from injection to death being determined by the concentration (titer) in the subject’s body.  Have you noticed any scheme to require additional doses?  I have.  Quickly, it became required to receive a double-dose, then, recently a triple-dose.  I am hearing talk of an immanent change in protocol to monthly boosters.

The more the graphene oxide accumulates in your body, the faster you are going to die from it.  They want to try to keep the death event isolated from the injection event.  In their safety trials, they have imposed limits like ‘within 4 days of the injection’ as a parameter for accepting the vaxx as the cause of death.  This is because they know the poison has been carefully selected to act more slowly, like a matter of months or years.  Their deadline is 2025.  By then, they will deny all liability because “everyone knows this is far too long from the day of injection”.

I am trying to keep this report as simple as possible, so the ignorant can grasp it.  If you don’t get it, please comment and I will simplify further.  This is information you must take in and understand, as you are dealing with your life, or death, here.

The study also reveals that the most common concern for those who are hesitant to take the vaccine is potential side-effects, leading to death, and a lack of trust in government,

The results of the investigation completely debunk the notion, amplified by media narratives, that only “dumb” people are vaccine hesitant. As facts show, only dumb people take the vaxx.

It also demolishes NYT White House correspondent Annie Karni’s characterization of elitists who attended Obama’s 60th birthday party, as “sophisticated, vaxxnated.”

How many of them haven’t taken the vaccine?

Meanwhile, the meme has been proven correct…

Ignorance is a choice. Ignorance and intelligence are two separate things. We are all born ignorant, no matter our IQ. Overcoming ignorance is our major life challenge. The arch enemy of overcoming of ignorance is the TV. TV is programming. The greater the extent of programming, the greater the extent of ignorance. If you have a TV, the best move you could ever make is to trash it. If you can’t quite get to that point, then, at least, restrict it. People who are victims of public education and TV addiction will probably never overcome it. They will go along in their programmed state and never even look sideways. There are lots of these in the US. They have never acquired any logic skills and will probably never be able to understand the obvious scam they live and believe in.

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