Spanish Researcher First to Reveal Graphene Oxide Vaxx Serum

Biostatistician Dr Ricardo Delgado of the La Quinta Columna, The Truth Freedom research group from Spain, joins Stew Peters to discuss the contents of the vaxxine serum vials.

La Quinta Columna was the first group to report graphene oxide, which Dr Delgado says amplifies 5G signals within the body, from gigahertz to terahertz, which he thinks, in turn, powers their self-assembly into the microchips, which are also found in the vaxine, over time.

Dr Delgado says that vaxxinated people therefore emit lots of radiation and that an aspect of the phenomenon, whereby unvaxxinated people are made ill in the presence of those who are vaxxinated has to do with these high levels of radiation. Other symptoms such as magnetism and ‘bluetooth’ pairing codes should obviously not be present, but they are.

He says that classic COVID symptoms match those described in the scientific literature as symptoms of radiation exposure. He does not believe the virus is real and notes that it has never been isolated from a human body or anything else. No viruses are living. They are dead waste molecules from the process of cell replication called mitosis.

He believes COVID symptoms are largely a result of the new 5G signals that are starting to come online all over the world. And the certainly are the symptoms of colds and flus, which have disappeared from the statistics records beginning the moment you first heard the term. These fields can sicken the unvaxxinated but their effect on the vaxxinated is to make them even sicker by accelerating the process of nano blood clotting.

Stew tells him about his recent bout with what was diagnosed as COVID but is really the common flu,  and how he was treated with ivermectin and other alternative medications, which he says helped him. He asks Dr Delgado if COVID isn’t real, then how could these medications help him if what he was actually suffering from was radiation exposure?

Dr Delgado responds that many of these medications have the effect of bringing oxygen into the cells and they also support the immune system, which has been triggered by the radiation.  Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are used in treating flu cases going back to the methods of pre-allopathic medicine.

When asked if he has found anything like what Dr Carrie Madej and others have reported; of parasites and other biological life in the vials, Dr Delgado replies that he believes that these are synthetic biology, not actual living organisms.

He says his group hasn’t yet identified everything in the vials but they have been able to positively identify some things, such as micro antennae and micro routers, which he believes are what cause some of the vaxxinated to emit MAC addresses.

Way back in mid-2015, I first began reporting on the videos of Level9News, which described plans by proponents of global governance at the World Economic Forum and the Bilderberg Group (both of which are headed by Klaus Schwab), to deploy a vast “neural net” that would turn human bodies into “nodes” on the Internet of Things.

At the time, she explained that this was being controlled and coordinated by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (GEOINT) but she didn’t know that vaxxination would be the means by which this technology would ultimately be deployed.

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