Resets and Ghost Cities

Civilization Resets and Ghost Cities – It’s that Time Again

Most people have read about the “Ghost Cities” of China.  Few have any concept of what is actually going on with this.  Many take the view that China is just power-crazy and over-optimistic as to the future extent of their civilization growth.  Few have taken any serious interest and explored this matter in-depth.  They assume this is some kind of a novelty and maybe an indication of reckless insanity.

First of all, while China now has hundreds of these ghost cities and sometimes this is picked up by alternate news, what has not been noticed is… it’s not just China, but also all the “stans”, the former SSRs of the USSR, that are sporting impressive new ghost cities, again by the dozenss.  We do not know the details as far as the scope of this phenomena and what is driving it. Or do we?

New Ghost City awaiting residents 2019

These cities are not just tenement slums for herding in farmers from the countryside to perform some sort of slave labor tasks.  These cities are mostly extremely impressive and modern in design, obviously intended for a full spectrum of citizenry, from labor, to middle class, to upper class.  They are replete with facilities to support a complete modern civil structure.  They have everything that one could think of, from extremely high-end housing for well-paid upper class professionals to large apartment complexes which are definitely not slums, but very well appointed and high quality units of a very desirable nature with a comprehensive infrastructure and amenities.  They have wide boulevards with elaborate efficient traffic control for residents who will own many electric automobiles as well as rapid mass transit.  They have restaurants of all  types, cultural centers, sports facilities, libraries, schools, colleges and universities, parks, squares….you get the idea.  These are cities Americans can only dream of, as their own collapsing cities and infrastructure worsens. In fact, many of these cities are gross departures from the architectural style and life-style culture of the culture they are in. Many are distinctively Western or European in appearance. In other words, they don’t seem to be built for the people endemic to the area where they are located.

Brand new white marble, waiting for people. 2019

These new ghost cities are seemingly too plentiful for any readily conceivable scenario, assuming they are mostly ready to be populated by millions of new residents from “somewhere”.  We tend to think in terms of civilizations starting with muddy streets and rustic log buildings with new arrivals living in tents.  Prosperity must then be garnered by clawing out commerce little by little, enabling improvements that occur grudgingly.  We just do not see from our public history lessons any indication that people just arrived to find magnificent new cities already complete with deluxe accommodations and, furnishings with ready to use amenities.  After all, who would it be that funded these $trillion projects and who provided all the labor, design, materiel and craftsmanship? And for what reason would this all be provided ahead of any residents that are not even in evidence anywhere.

Nice neighborhoods, waiting for some inhabitants. 2019

One thing that is notable is this….none of these fabulous brand new cities are popping up anywhere in the “Western World”.  We have the seedy crumbling cities of LA, SF, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Newark, New York, Baltimore, Montreal, New Orleans, etc. that can’t seem to find a dime to clean the shit off the streets.  Is there a message here?  I would suggest so.

2019 brand new. No people.

Can you see a map of the future in all this?  Can you find any parallels in the past that might suggest this is not the first time around this block?  If you look, you will be surprised to find that, once again, you have been deceived and lead down a primrose path to your own demise.  This pattern has been repeated on a regular basis in past history.  Not the history lesson they gave you.  The one you can easily discover if you dispose of your past lessons in public education appropriately by putting it all in the trash bin.  Then start doing your homework.

White marble buildings with no people 2019
How many people know that CA was an island 200 years ago?

You will discover that the magnificent new ghost cities have appeared before, even within the period of history recorded in the era of photography.  These ghost cities are directly related to and associated with the “resets” of world civilization which occur about every 200 years.  The most recent reset occurred in 1812.  By examining old maps and photographs, you will find the evidence when viewed in the correct light.  It is all there, the exact same identical phenomena, just two centuries apart in history. After the reset comes the newly written revision of history. The children receive the new geography and history lessons and it passes from a lie into a virtual reality, no problem.

18th century fine architecture – no people 1819

We find, all over the world, incredible cities, complete in every respect, with unbelievable houses and public buildings, incredible by any standard, with paved broad roadways….just no people.  Cities capable of accommodating hundreds of thousands of residents, or more, just standing there with no people.  Exactly like what we see with the ghost cities of the present. In some photos, there are a small smattering of people, but nothing even close to what you would expect.  No less mysterious in appearance than what we see in the photographs of these new cities in China and the “stans” today.  It is the same.

Impressive city – no people 1819

Now, look at the old maps.  You will see, at this same period in time, drastic changes occurred in the geography and topography of the continents and seas.  It was earthquakes , floods, mudfloods, comets and volcanoes that changed the topography amid worldwide wars that killed millions during a time when the total world population was a great deal smaller.  The essence is, a massive depopulation of adults occurred, while the children were largely spared.  The old cities were destroyed. The geologic disasters were either anticipated or precipitated, as were the wars and consequences.  In the aftermath, complete new ultra-fabulous cities were built and readied to the nth detail for new inhabitants.  These were the orphaned children- survivors, who were delivered by train or boat to all areas of the world where the new civilizations were planned and needed to take existence for the next stage of planetary and civil exploitation of the ‘West’.

No people 1819

Who would it be that planned this and supplied the funding to create this new reality?  If you have been reading my blogs, you already know the answer.  Of course, it is the usual suspects, the homo capensis blue blood Matrix controllers that have been pulling off this same scenario time and time again.  What is money to them?  It is a currency that is no more than a construct to deceive the slaves into exchanging their labors for the same worthless fiat currency they have always worked for.  It is manufactured in any quantity, at any time for no cost, just like today, the present time.  So, the new ghost cities are arising by the multitudes, costing countless $trillions which, to them, is no-cost at all.  Once again, the adult slaves are accepting worthless compensation to construct the new cities for the children from all over the world to occupy while they will be rotting in their graves, if they are even lucky enough to get a grave.

No people 1819

Why do they want to do this?  The reason is simple and obvious.  The reason is always the same.  They are ready to stage their operations for stripping the real resources of the planet in a new theater of operations and depart from the old toxic over-exploited theater whose wealth is now already in their coffers.  Secondarily, the adults are much harder to fool with the fake constructs of their reality in the Matrix than the children.  Awakened slaves are “Trouble” with a capital “T”. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.  The children, who are orphaned and afraid, are very easy to fool and manipulate.  Let’s start fresh in the new endeavor, in the new territory with new young slaves who are trainable, ambitious, young and healthy.  Who would want to start a new enterprise with the 300+ million Americans of today, who are fat, sick TV addicts with no work ethic?

No people 1819

These are the “useless eaters” as the Queen calls them, who must be disposed of.  The cities are built and the mechanisms of disposal are fully in place and implemented.  The geologic natural disasters are now within the capabilities of the full-spectrum dominance of the world-wide controllers of weaponized weather, which is occurring all around us as we read.  You are breathing the shit they are spraying night and day into your air supply.  Are you sneezing? Is your nose running, for no apparent reason?

Where are the people? 1819
Children and foundlings transported all over the world to begin civilization again .

With the technocratic Matrix of the present, there are a lot more adults today in a world with a population at 7.4 billion.  In 1812, it was only 500 million.  Are there proportionately more awakened adults today?  Can they clear the fog from their eyes and do something about what is presently happening?  The royals are betting the homo sapiens cannot do a damn thing about it. When the disasters occur, they will be sitting by their swimming pools in their deluxe underground cities, sipping pina coladas and planning dinner.

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