The Unthinkable: Culling the Population to Balance the Books

by Bill Sardi

While the public is told the preconceived COVID-19 pandemic is a calamity of unfolding huge proportion, that emanates from a deadly mutated virus that appears to have been “invented” in a laboratory and targets octogenarians in particular, and the proposed antidote is a mandated vaccination that may have far more heinous consequences than the virus itself, there is another faction that sees this catastrophe differently.  Those who know what this pandemic is really all about – insurance actuaries.

It’s about balancing the accounting books.  It is why progressive globalists tell us we need a ‘reset’ – a financial and a physical reset.  It’s really all about private bankers and life insurance companies and public pension planners having to balance their accounting books.  They have to clear their ledgers of people.  Americans are living too long.  The pools of insurance money are exhausted.  The pandemic serves as a distraction.  The virus will take the blame for the planned deaths. The presumed recipients of this vast amount of monetary benefits are far to great in numbers for the pittance that is available from the new investors…the bane of all Ponzi Schemes.

The money is already gone and there is no possible way that sufficient new money will become available henceforth.

There is a thought in the back of many skeptical Americans’ minds that our imperial overlords are attempting to cull the population.  The US Debt Clock lists unfunded liabilities of $21+ trillion for Social Security and another $32+ trillion of unfunded liabilities for Medicare and there is a lot more unfunded liabilities.  The entire US economy (gross domestic product) in a year could not even begin balance these accounts.

A manufactured pandemic

If you don’t believe the pandemic has been manufactured, examine the chart below.  It reveals wide differences in the frequency of tests, variance in percent of positive tests (rigging the PCR nasal swab test) to come up with lots of cases (many which they said were asymptomatic!), to produce contrived case-to-fatality rates (people were dying, but not of COVID).  The pandemic seems to worsen along political lines in the US.

Are we expected to believe from 1% to 28% of COVID-19 PCR tests were positive; cases per 100,000 varied by 48-fold and deaths by almost 14-fold? (see chart below)

Balancing the accounting books

To deal with impending insolvency, social planners and government overlords discuss alternatives: (a) cut back on services (ration delivery of healthcare and trim pension checks); (b) increase taxes and insurance premiums; (c) delay enrollment in these programs; (d) or the unthinkable, the unmentionable, via neglect or by intention, increase the premature die-off rate of retirees to save these programs from insolvency. If you have a lot more claims than you have funds, then reducing the quantity of claims is one way to go.

The idea of culling human populations is not new

Don’t think the idea of covert euthanasia to solve shortfalls in public funding is far-fetched.  In 2013, Great Britain could not afford to care for all of its retirees and simply resorted to dehydrating its institutionalized retirees (murder without fingerprints) to remove them from the financial burden. 

The biggest Ponzi scheme of all

Medicare and Social Security turn out to be Ponzi schemes – the first ones in get all the rewards as the later comers pay for those who enrolled early into the program.  Upon his retirement as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in 2004, Alan Greenspan asked “When are we going to tell the public we can’t afford Medicare and Social Security?”    

Die on time

One rationale for engineering lifespan so people die on time is that 13-25% of healthcare costs occur in the last six months of life.  Eliminate these fragile, aged, infirm, vulnerable, feeble-minded people and you have fixed your accounting books.  Most of the people (99.74%) dying of COVID-19 in the U.S. were institutionalized.  The influenza covid targeted the frail elderly in nursing homes.

Lost years of life = Social Security & Medicare savings

As of October 2020 researchers estimate 2.5 million years of life may have been lost due to influenza COVID in the United States.  (For reference, as of January, 2021 the years of life lost worldwide (81 countries) was estimated at 20.5 million years globally.  Source: Scientific Reports Feb 18, 2021)

While that 2.5 million lost years of life number may be in dispute because of bogus PCR tests that are used to confirm cause of death, that figure can be calculated as life insurance actuaries do to come up with a guesstimation. 

The average monthly Social Security today is $1543/month. These premature deaths would save $46,290,000,000 ($46.29 billion) if all of the deaths were among retirees who receive pension checks ($1543 x 12 X 2,500,000 = $46.9 billion)

The Trustees of the Old Age Survivors & Disability Insurance (OASDI or Social Security) Trust Fund “now project the OASDI annual cost will exceed total income beginning in 2021.”  Only partial payments 73-79% would be possible looking forward.  (Source: Bipartisan Policy Center Oct. 2020)

From an insurance actuary’s viewpoint

Here is how Social Security actuaries view the problem.  The pandemic is likely to increase unemployment and reduce payroll deductions which serve as revenue to the Social Security OASDI Trust Fund.  Under one scenario, insurance actuaries plotted that 362,000 older Americans would prematurely succumb to the COVID influenza  That is out of an estimated 1.4 million aged Americans that reside in nursing homes

The actuaries refer to this population of institutionalized Americans as “older people who would have died from other causes over the next several years.”  In other words, they were going to die soon anyway.  These premature deaths, induced by the virus (or maybe even the vaccines) would represent ~25% of the nursing home population in the US.

“However, unlike in most economic recessions, the potential effects from increased Social Security benefit applications will be partially offset by increased deaths among our beneficiaries due to the pandemic.”

—Social Security Administration Chief Actuary Stephen Goss told Congress today. Source: FORBES MAGAZINE 2020

Weaponized fear saves money

Another unmeasurable but powerful factor is fear.  Governments weaponized fear.  The fearmongering by the news media suggests collaboration in a covert agenda to cull the population.  To do that, deaths are needed to spread fear.  Fear spreads faster than any infectious disease. 

By coding many normal deaths as COVID-19 via the notorious PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, with false positives of 40% to 97% (hospitals having financial incentive to do so), mortality figures ran artificially high. 

As fear of a mortal infectious disease spread that no one had immunity against, the masses feared going to the hospital, believing healthcare workers would transmit the infection to them.  

By Spring of 2020 Medicare claims for outpatient Medicare fee-for-service claims dropped by 51%.  However, the pandemic brought increased unemployment and reduced payroll deductions for future Medicare.  So simultaneously there were increased savings and reduced revenues.

The public wasn’t being told that the Medicare Trust Fund was projected to be exhausted by 2024.  As originally drafted in 1965, insurance actuaries had predicted Medicare would be insolvent by 1999, but legislation prolonged its death. 

Now the gas tank is empty.  Modern societies are unable to live up to their social contract to provide pensions and healthcare to their burgeoning population of retirees. 

Longevity risk

Almost 25% of American adults now live to age 90 and beyond.  This has given rise to a phenomenon called LONGEVITY RISK, the chance that survival rates will exceed pricing assumptions, in other words, that Americans will outlive their Social Security. Longevity risk is the danger that you will outlive your money. Americans are living 20+ years beyond their traditional age of retirement – 65 years.   

Social Security Financing is basically “pay-as-you-go” which means that younger workers are paying for retirees. Current workers provide for current beneficiaries.

With so many Americans unemployed (official unemployed is 9 million; unofficial 16 million unemployed; actual is ~40 million).  Others are given incentive not to go to work via provision of unemployment/stimulus checks, thus accelerating the depletion of pension funds because no FICA deductions are taken from the stimulus checks.

How Government Looks At Events Like COVID-19

Insurance actuaries from 27 different life insurance companies churned their data on 2.5 million death claims occurring in the first half of 2020 and compared them to prior years in regard to excess deaths.  Regardless of any argument over the validity of cause of death, 6.7% of death claims were due to COVID-19.  There was no significant rise in death claims in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The average age at death was 79.5 for COVID-19 deaths and 78.9 for non-COVID-19 deaths.

The results of an actuarial insurance claim survey (shown below) reveals there was only a modest rise in death claims in 2020. 

Another survey reveals death insurance claims for COVID-19 did not comprise more than ~5.0% of all death claims.

The COVID-19 crisis cost 16 global multiline insurers about $8 billion in 2020 although they still reported $36 billion of net profit.  Source: Insurance Journal May 28, 2021.  The many reported deaths may have been a result of common influenza and lockdown measures rather than the virus. 

Lack Of Revenues Is The Primary Problem

A revelation is that depletion of the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Tax (Social Security) trust fund is driven almost entirely by lower revenues, not excessive numbers of enrollees or deaths (see chart).

The Social Security Trust Fund needs to put reserves in investments that produce profits.  Because of inflation, these funds cannot lie stagnant over the years, waiting for Americans to enter retirement and tap into their Social Security.  So, these SS funds are loaned out and replaced by prioritized Federal Reserve Notes (IOUs).  Then Social Security, if you can imagine, draws interest on these IOUs. 

How can anybody take an IOU (called a government security) and draw interest on it when it is nothing more than a figment of imagination in the federal government’s mind?  Essentially the OASDI Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds hold nothing more than pieces of paper and rely on freshly collected FICA payroll deductions to stay afloat. 

The Federal Reserve bank has kept loan interest rates low to maintain economic growth (largely the real estate industry).  But that same low interest rate is the yield for bonds (IOUs) held by the Social Security Trust Fund, which reduces interest income. 

From May through August 2020 withholding tax receipts plunged 8.4% below the prior year’s levels.  Also 2.5 million fewer Americans age 55 or older had jobs in September than in February of 2020.  The employment rates of Americans age 62 or older plummeted as well, resulting in more Americans seeking early retirement and Social Security benefits.  Disability claims also rose.

The endpoint

The public is largely oblivious to this ruse.  Trillion-dollar bailout and stimulus legislation are reported by the news media, but not the precarious state of financial affairs overall.  Flooding an economy with money generally ends up raising prices.  Gasoline is above $4/gallon.  Lumber is egregiously expensive.  Shortages of meat and computer components are already being rigged.  The objective is to drive the country into insolvency to the point where paper money is nearly worthless and the masses beg for digital currency. 

Then government will issue a guaranteed basic income in exchange for freedoms.  The reset will be complete.  Most Americans haven’t a clue that their private enterprise, free market, private property, Constitutionally-protected right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, will only be in the past tense.  In the name of equity, Americans will all be poor. 

It was Winston Churchill who said:

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.

Five years from now

Five years from now fearful Americans will still be wearing face masks when riding in cars.  According to the agenda laid out by the World Economic Forum that is driving these social, political and financial changes, no one will own anything.  Vehicles will be rented on a trip basis.  No one will own cars or homes or businesses.  There will be no wealth, only stipends for survival.  The new automobile lots are already empty, said to be due to a shortage of computer chips as new vehicle production winds down.  It will be the end of America as we know it unless the mindless and naïve public comes to its senses and fights for freedom and liberty.  The US will no longer be the greatest country in the world.  And, to hell with any idea of an anti-aging pill.  You had still better die on time. 

The 2019-2020 Budget For Social Security.

Now, that you have thought about Social Security, Medicare and Federal Retirement funds as Ponzi schemes, think about the entire monetary scheme of the US, and, really the entire global scenario, as nothing more than even larger Ponzi Schemes, which is exactly all they are.  So long as the global population was productive and growing very rapidly, the mandatory Ponzi scheme was able to stay one step ahead of the devil.  This is no longer the situation in most parts of the world.

Most notably, the ‘Western Empire’ has gone negative on both growth and productivity for quite a few decades now.  Do you really think the Imperial Rulers are just going to allow the fowl belly of the beast to become exposed for its ugliness and stench.  I think not.  They are at the point where they can lay the blame for their own part in this Ponzi scheme off on some non-existent medical pandemic, that will result in almost total death of the populations of the ‘West’. Not by virtue of the fake pandemic, but by virtue of the supposed solution to this pandemic, the covid vaxxine.   This is only stage one, however.  Some countries on the globe are still productive and the day of reckoning can be postponed a while longer.  Phase one will involve around two billion deaths and a full on collapse of the ‘Western’ populations, economies and cultures.  This is scheduled to be completed by 2025.

The big push at this moment is to reach a point of vaxxine coverage of 70%, or more.  The Vaxx’d will all be deade before 2025. Once the excess population is turned into fertilizer, and the lands are put back to rest, a second phase will commence, probably involving Latin America, which will be depopulated by 70% also and follow the same path as phase one.

This strategy will relieve the need to admit to a whole host of hidden lies about human reality that primarily demand a severe depopulation to occur at the present time. Ultimately, UN Agenda 21 demands the entire population of humans on the planet total out to less than 500 million during this century.  Furthermore, the new existential reality will find humans in a totally different status.  Or, humans will be replaced in total on this planet, to be replaced by another means of exploitation of the natural resources of the planet.

The Planet Earth does not exist for the amusement of humans.  The status of humans was changed, engineered to meet the needs of the Anunnaki for manual slave labor.  This engineered genetic advance was specific in terms of its design specifications.  Those specifications were not designed to yield anything more than a creature minimally able to perform the essential labors of mining gold and other metals.  Although Enki did do further experiments to enhance the homo sapiens, in the end, it was determined that humans are ill equipped to provide their own governance.  A significantly more advanced species was created for the purpose of governing and directing the energies of humans along a path of productivity.  But, always the decree was levied to maintain the population at a level of 500 million.

In 500-600 years from now, the Planet of the Anunnaki will be at its nearest proximity to Planet Earth, and travel between the planets will be possible for a short period of time.  The homo capensis are well aware of this, and you can be sure they will do whatever it takes to return their domain to good order, so they will be seen as having complied with their prime directive from their own superiors 3,000 years ago. The disclosure of alien space visitors is in the news at the present time. The existence of superior beings is not in doubt. They exist primarily in higher dimensions, which are not subject to human awareness in this dimension of matter. What is to befall the race of homo sapiens sapiens cannot be told with absolute accuracy. But the mess that the homo capensis have made here on Earth during the past three thousand years is very real and painfully obvious. There can be no doubt that the size of the human population is in the process of returning to the level of 500 million. This is going to be accomplished by outright murder of almost 7 billion humans. The homo capensis were left to rule and manage humans, and certainly view the present carnage as within their perogative, but murder is murder. This population modification should be handled by slowing or halting reproduction, not by murder . While Yahweh might agree with this approach, certainly Enki would not.

Trying to Claim it was All a Big Mistake

‘We Made a Big Mistake  COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Travels from the Injection Site, Can Cause Organ Damage’’…Dr. Byram Bridle

People in the medical mafia are now trying to claim that they “made a big mistake” by not realizing that the vaxxine serum would travel from the injection site to other parts of the body…

“Research obtained by a group of scientismists shows the COVID vaccine spike protein can travel from the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries.”

By Megan Redshaw
Children’s Health Defense June 5, 2021

COVID vaccine researchers had previously assumed mRNA COVID vaccines would behave like traditional vaccines. The vaccine’s spike protein — responsible for infection and its most severe symptoms — would remain mostly in the injection site at the shoulder muscle or local lymph nodes. This statement is utter hooey. No injection of a liquid has ever stayed in the injection site. If this were the case, going back to your youth, you would have nothing but a big node near your should or on your butt.

But new research obtained by a group of scientists contradicts that theory, a Canadian cancer vaccine researcher said last week.

“We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario. “We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So, by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.”

Bridle, who was awarded a $230,000 grant by the Canadian government last year for research on COVID vaccine development, said he and a group of international scientists filed a request for information from the Japanese regulatory agency to get access to Pfizer’s “biodistribution study.” More bullshit.

Biodistribution studies are used to determine where an injected compound travels in the body, and which tissues or organs it accumulates in.

“It’s the first time ever scientists have been privy to seeing where these messenger RNA [mRNA] vaccines go after vaccination,” Bridle said in an interview with Alex Pierson where he first disclosed the data. “Is it a safe assumption that it stays in the shoulder muscle? The short answer is: absolutely not. It’s very disconcerting.” And this idiot is one of the experts working on vaxxine serums. There has never before now, been an mRNA vaxxine.

WHAT?  “We didn’t know.  Don’t blame us!

The real question is – do you know anything?

The Sars-CoV-2 virus has a spike protein on its surface. That being the case, is proof positive that this is a product of a bioweapons lab experiment. That spike protein is what allows it to infect our bodies, Bridle explained. “That is why we have been using the spike protein in our vaccines,” Bridle said. “The vaccines we’re using get the cells in our bodies to manufacture that protein. If we can mount an immune response against that protein, in theory we could prevent this virus from infecting the body. That is the theory behind the vaccine.”

The real truth is – if we could get all the idiots and amateurs out of these cushy high paid government jobs, we would never have need of these vaxxines in the first place, because there is no virus of nature that brings disease to any living entity. It is only these idiots that bring all the ills on the world.

“However, when studying the severe COVID-19 blood and  heart problems, lots of problems with the cardiovascular system, bleeding and clotting, are all associated with COVID-19,”  he added. “In doing that research, what has been discovered by the scientific community, the spike protein on its own is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system, if it gets into circulation.” ”So. let’s get everyone in the world injected with these spike protein generators as fast as possible.”

When the purified spike protein is injected into the blood of research animals, they experience damage to the cardiovascular system and the protein can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause damage to the brain, Bridle explained. Good explanation there, Bridle….how does the serum injected into the test animal get into circulation to reach the brain? You claimed that you thought the serum would not leave the injection site? This is all illogical.

The biodistribution study obtained by Bridle shows the COVID spike protein gets into the blood where it circulates for several days post-vaccination and then accumulates in organs and tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries.

“We have known for a long time that the spike protein is a pathogenic protein, Bridle said. “It is a toxin. It can cause damage in our body if it gets into circulation.”

A large number of studies have shown the most severe effects of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID, such as blood clotting and bleeding, are due to the effects of the spike protein of the virus itself. If that does not do the job, then we will inject a lot more spike proteins into the victim to save them from the spike proteins on the virus’ shell. Make any sense to you??

A recent study in Clinical and Infectious Diseases led by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard Medical School measured longitudinal plasma samples collected from 13 recipients of the Moderna vaccine 1 and 29 days after the first dose and 1-28 days after the second dose.

Out of these individuals, 11 had detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2 protein in blood plasma as early as one day after the first vaccine dose, including three who had detectable levels of spike protein. A “subunit” protein called S1, part of the spike protein, was also detected.

Spike protein was detected an average of 15 days after the first injection, and one patient had spike protein detectable on day 29 — one day after a second vaccine dose — which disappeared two days later. Oh, maybe this person has a working immune system that can kill this foreign protein, just like it is supposed to.

The results showed S1 antigen production after the initial vaccination can be detected by day one and is present beyond the injection site and the associated regional lymph nodes.

Assuming an average adult blood volume of approximately 5 liters, this corresponds to peak levels of approximately 0.3 micrograms of circulating free antigen for a vaccine designed only to express membrane-anchored antigen.

In a study published in Nature Neuroscience, lab animals injected with purified spike protein into their bloodstream developed cardiovascular problems. The spike protein also crossed the blood-brain barrier and caused damage to the brain.

”It was a grave mistake to believe the spike protein would not escape into the blood circulation, according to Bridle. “Now, we have clear-cut evidence that the vaccines that make the cells in our deltoid muscles manufacture this protein — that the vaccine itself, plus the protein — gets into blood circulation,” he said”.

Bridle said the scientific community has discovered the spike protein, on its own, is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system, if it gets into circulation. Please explain how a liquid serum injected into the interior of the body to fail to go into circulation, given that the cardiovascular system circulates everything throughout the body, as this is its purpose.

Once in circulation, the spike protein can attach to specific ACE2 receptors that are on blood platelets and the cells that line blood vessels, Bridle said. “When that happens it can do one of two things. It can either cause platelets to clump, and that can lead to clotting — that’s exactly why we’ve been seeing clotting disorders associated with these vaccines. It can also lead to bleeding,” he added.

Both clotting and bleeding are associated with vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT). Bridle also said the spike protein in circulation would explain recently reported heart problems in vaccinated teens.

Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said it is now clear vaccine content is being delivered to the spleen and the glands, including the ovaries and the adrenal glands, and is being shed into the medium and then eventually reaches the bloodstream causing systemic damage.

“ACE2 receptors are common in the heart and brain,” she added. “And this is how the spike protein causes cardiovascular and cognitive problems.”

Dr. J. Patrick Whelan, a pediatric rheumatologist, warned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December, 2020 mRNA vaccines could cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways not assessed in safety trials. What safety trials?

In a public submission, Whelan sought to alert the FDA to the potential for vaccines designed to create immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to instead cause injuries.

Whelan was concerned the mRNA vaccine technology utilized by Pfizer and Moderna had “the potential to cause microvascular injury (inflammation and small blood clots called microthrombi) to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways that were not assessed in the safety trials.


What has actually happened here is that the criminal medical mafia, under the direction of criminals far higher up the chain than Anthony Fauci, are now realizing that their vaccine-scheme is being seen and recognized for the deliberate fraud that it really is.

They are trying to reset the stage so that they can claim “we did not know” what any untrained idiot would easily understand and know…if you poke a needle through your skin barrier and squirt a liquid into your body, it will be circulated within the body, which is 75-80% fluids.  If they can get anyone to believe this, then they will throw Fauci under the bus and hope that no one looks further, like at them.

This is a simple point that I am not going to belabor further, because you either get this simple point, or you don’t.  If you don’t, you should go get in line.

FDA Exposed – When Scientism Is Controlled by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex

May 18, 2021

For the past four decades, patients have suffered from a largely hidden epidemic of side effects from drugs that usually have few offsetting benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the practice of medicine through its influence over what drugs are developed, how they are tested, and how medical knowledge is created. This is what happens when Science is controlled by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.

As of this week, over 194 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in the US. Consequently, a growing majority of Americans are delighted that life may return to normal because most believe they are now protected from infection. Clearly that is not the case.

Bill Maher tested positive for Covid last week and had to cancel his television show for his first time since 1993. This was despite Maher having been fully vaccinated. Moreover the vaccines’ serious adverse effects are being downplayed by health officials and the media.

Who will experience an adverse effect appears to be arbitrary; therefore, it is a game of Russian Roulette as to whether a person will be critically injured or be protected from the virus. One of the world’s most accomplished rock guitar musicians Eric Clapton received both doses of AstraZeneca’s (CoviShield) Covid vaccine and had such severe reactions he feared he might never play the guitar again.  Clapton posted a message:

“About six weeks later [after receiving the first shot] I was offered and took the second AZ shot, but with a little more knowledge of the dangers. Needless to say the reactions were disastrous, my hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks, I feared I would never play again, (I suffer with peripheral neuropathy and should never have gone near the needle.) But the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone.”

Bottom of Form

However, it is not simply a miniscule few who are suffering undesirable Covid-vaccine events such as blood clots and other cardiovascular complications, anaphylaxis, severe allergic reactions, various neuropathies, abnormal menstrual bleeding and suspected miscarriages, extreme muscle weakness, fatigue, etc.

If this were the case, an argument could be made for siding with benefits over risks. Covid vaccines have only been administered for less than six months, and it is becoming increasingly clear that the risks may outweigh the benefits.

Suspected numbers of miscarriages following Covid vaccines is especially worrisome. A government study published in the New England Journal of Medicine attempted to analyze and downplay the risk. Yet at the same time, the study observed a trend of 11.6% of spontaneous abortions occurring less than 13 weeks after the mRNA vaccination.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that these vaccines’ safety profiles are far less than Anthony Fauci, the FDA and the CDC are touting

More younger adults are experiencing adverse vaccine symptoms than from the risks due to acquiring a wild coronavirus. Worldwide reported adverse effects and deaths are escalating dramatically.  Young people are hardly affected by covid, if just left alone so their bodies can take care of them.

In the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), reported Covid-19 vaccine deaths have now reached 4.434 as of May 13th 2021 which is more vaccine-related deaths from conventional vaccines recorded in VAERS during the past 21 years.

Since VAERS is a passive reporting system, the actual serious adverse effect rate may be as high as 1 in 10 shots. No other vaccine on the CDC’s vaccination schedule has such a poor record of safety.

As with Bill Maher, fully vaccinated people are still being infected and testing positive. Younger healthy adults, who earlier had an insignificant chance of becoming sick or dying from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, are now being injured and in some cases dying from the vaccines. 

A recent study published in JAMA observed delayed hypersensitivity vaccine reactions well after injections. The University of Pennsylvania estimates that between 5 to 10 percent of recipients of the mRNA vaccines have “severe adverse reactions” – an inordinately high percent compared to every other non-Covid vaccine.

And a group of medical institutions including the University of Greifswald School of Medicine, and the Medical University of Vienna are proposing a new medical condition, “vaccine-induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia,” now be associated with the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

A recent paper warns about the dangers of vaccine-induced prion disease. The list of adverse effects continues to mount.

A Pfizer document refers to the possibility of Covid vaccine shedding to the unvaccinated. Doctors are coming forward and accusing the CDC of scrubbing the statistics of actual vaccine-related deaths.

The risks were quite obvious in the vaccine makers’ own clinical trial documents before the FDA awarded Covid vaccines with emergency use approval to launch a nation-wide vaccination program. Whether or not health officials at the CDC or FDA thoroughly deliberated on the many warnings or simply ignored them is open to debate. But the evidence strongly leans towards the latter.

Earlier, we presented the historical evidence of widespread corruption at the CDC; however, the FDA is far more influential because it is the final watchdog that determines a drug’s efficacy and safety profile.

In the most perverse scenario, the FDA relies upon outside experts to sit on its advisory committees to review a drug’s or a vaccine’s safety. Many of these experts have a gross conflict of interests with the pharmaceutical industry. This institutional dilemma is steeped into the FDA’s very DNA.

As far back as 2006, Public Citizen discovered that 1 out of 3 of outside consultants and advisory members to the FDA had financial conflicts. The situation has only worsened over the years.

A Pogo investigation in October last year, uncovered several advisers on the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee who had direct ties with the Covid-vaccine companies, including direct payments for consulting fees.

Dr. Archana Chatterjee, for example, has received over $200,000 from agreements with these companies. The same is true for the Committee’s chairman, University of Michigan Dr. Arnold Monto who received fees from the largest vaccine firms including  Pfizer, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. The previous chair, Dr. Hana El Sahly from Baylor University, had to recuse herself due to her role in supervising Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials.

Earlier, Monto was the principal investigator for Sanofi’s influenza vaccine. Another is the president of Meharry Medical College where coronavirus clinical trials were conducted. Three other Committee members likewise held close conflict-of-interest relationships with vaccine makers.

Shortly before issuing emergency use approval, a second Pogo analysis concluded that the FDA Committee whitewashed the warnings indicated by the Covid-19 vaccine trials. The meeting was adjourned by the FDA director for the Office of Vaccines Research and Review in favor of green-lighting the vaccines before Committee members suspicious of the clinical results could weigh-in.

Prof. Carl Elliott, a medical ethicist at the University of Minnesota, summarized the problem of corporate bias now plaguing the FDA. “You do something positive for a company that you feel confident is going to pay you back for it later on,” Elliot stated. “And they do.”

The FDA‘s current rules regarding conflict of interest is strictly limited to the honor system. In Europe, on the other hand, the European Medicines Agency strictly prohibits experts with ties to private industry from sitting on its advisory committees. 

Even with FDA efforts to crack down on conflicts of interests due to Congressional pressure, the industry has found other means to get their representatives onto advisory panels. And the heads of the agency willingly turn a blind eye.

A Science exposé reported on the growing strategy of “pay after” conflicts of interests. Outside advisors will declare no conflicts but then rule in favor of a drug or vaccine only to be reimbursed afterwards. The journal’s review of compensation records uncovered “pay after” schemes for the approval of 28 psychopharmacologic, arthritis, cardiac and renal drugs.” The investigation also uncovered:

“Of the more than $24 million in personal payments or research support from industry to the 16 top-earning advisers—who received more than $300,000 each—93% came from the makers of drugs those advisers previously reviewed or from competitors.”

Probing still deeper, the Pacific Legal Foundation released an analytical review of 2,952 rules issued by the Department of Health and Human Services over a 17-year period. The Foundation determined that 75 percent of these rules were unconstitutional and “issued by low-level officials and employees with no authority to issue rules.” With respect to the FDA dozens had no democratic controls and involved tens of millions of dollars ruled over by career bureaucrats.  

Every American who is prescribed a drug by a physician has the belief that the pill has undergone rigorous trials to scrutinize its safety and will be effective. And when there are known potential adverse effects, we blindly assume the attending physician knows these dangers. However, this is a myth perpetuated not only by drug makers but also by our own federal health agencies.

As we have reported on many occasions, iatrogenic deaths, deaths caused by medical error and prescribed medications is now the third leading cause of mortality in the US.

The Institute of Medicine has warned about “the nation’s epidemic of medical errors.” A large percent of these errors are related to adverse drug events (ADEs). The FDA states, “ADRs are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in healthcare.”

Dr. Curt Furburg published an article in the Archives of Internal Medicine proposing sweeping changes throughout the FDA. Furburg and his colleagues wrote, “We see eight major problems with the current system of assessment and assurance of drug safety at the FDA.”

A fundamental problem is the FDA’s initial review for drug approval that often fails to detect serious ADRs: “A study by the US General Accountability Office (GAO) concluded that 51% of all approved drugs had at least one serious ADR that was not recognized during the approval process.”

A 2003 investigation published in The Independent in the UK reported “under pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA routinely conceals information it considers commercially sensitive, leaving medical specialists unable to assess the true risks [of approved drugs].”

One case involved a very popular over-the-counter drug, the painkiller ibuprofen. The investigators’ search uncovered concealed data showing that ibuprofen increased heart attack risks by 25 percent. Even Freedom of Information (FOI) filings to the FDA do not produce all the information being requested.

For example, a group of Swiss investigators filed an FOI to procure trial data about the musculoskeletal pain drug Celecoxib and received back only 16 of the 27 trials conducted on it. A separate FOI concerning a similar drug, Valdecoxib, had pages and paragraphs deleted because sections of the document were marked as “trade secrets.”

An even worse case involving a leaked report concerning internal memos and secret FDA reports provided detailed evidence that the FDA approved 9 different antidepressants, representing a total of 22 studies enrolling 4,250 children, while knowing full well that the risk of “suicide-related events” was twice as high as children taking a placebo.

These are just several examples among numerous others, which may best be summarized by a Forbes article entitled “The FDA is Basically Approving Everything.”

Isn’t it time for real truth telling? The FDA, which was budgeted for $5.9 billion in FY 2019, is ruled and governed by a small group of political scientists who have abdicated their ethical responsibilities as physicians and medical professionals.

With all the controversy and debate over the efficacy and safety of new mRNA vaccines and the aggressive emergency approval of the ineffective anti-Covid drug remdesivir, we may consider a Harvard University article published in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics entitled “Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs.” For the past four decades, the paper states, 

“patients have suffered from a largely hidden epidemic of side effects from drugs that usually have few offsetting benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the practice of medicine through its influence over what drugs are developed, how they are tested, and how medical knowledge is created.

Since 1906, heavy commercial influence has compromised Congressional legislation to protect the public from unsafe drugs. The authorization of user fees in 1992 has turned drug companies into the FDA’s prime clients, deepening the regulatory and cultural capture of the agency.”  

We are witnessing the pharmaceutical industry increasing its demands for shorter than average times for the FDA to review new drug submissions; alternatively they have an option to pay the FDA costly fees to have these drugs fast-tracked under its Accelerated Approval Program, thereby jumping over many regulatory hurdles to bring their products to market more quickly.

According to a 2019 review of the Program, conducted by the University of Nebraska’s Institute for Operations Research, “from 1992 to 2008, 36% of post-market studies had not been completed, and 50% of the uncompleted studies took on average of 5 years to even begin.”

Yet throughout the duration of years, these drugs continued to be prescribed and reap enormous profits for the companies benefiting from the FDA’s loopholes. 

As a consequence, the FDA’s entire regulatory protocol has consistently deteriorated with each passing year. From a system originally mandated to function as a guardian to protect patients from dubious industry commercial interests, it has been transformed into an anti-preventative pipeline favoring drug companies’ bottom line and their shareholders. 

In 2013, the Union of Concerned Scientists released its investigative report, four years after the Obama administration launched a process to increase transparency in the federal sciences agencies — another well-meaning Obama initiative that failed to make any fundamental change. The Union concluded that the  FDA had created a culture lacking scientific integrity, including no formal procedures for investigating scientific misconduct. 

The FDA’s serious failures to carry out its duties to monitor and regulate drug companies are well exemplified in the case of the North Carolina outsourcing firm Cetero. After several years of gross negligence to thoroughly review pharmaceutical drugs, mostly generic knock-offs submitted for licensure, the agency finally uncovered Cetero’s five-year history of faking documents and data or early clinical trials and bioanalytics.

While we expect contractors who carry out clinical trials for large drug companies to be busy at work conducting research on the recorded trial data, on over 1,900 occasions there were no personnel in the Cetero facilities.

Approximately 1,400 trials for roughly 100 drugs were faked. Whereas the FDA did little to conduct a thorough investigation, the European Medicines Agency on the other hand discovered that Cetero and its Big Pharm partners, including Roche and Genentech, failed to submit 80,000 reports on American approved drugs that killed over 15,000 Europeans.

We need to consider that the Mayo Clinic is on record stating that the last ten years of cancer research are utterly useless due to systemic fraud. 

To understand the systemic rot eating away the FDA, we may take note of the research of Dr. Charles Seife and his students at New York University. Seife and his team undertook the task to investigate and analyze the extent to which the FDA covers up evidence of fraud and corruption in medical drug trials.

They reviewed FDA documents for about 600 clinical trials. One of Seife’s primary questions was the frequency that FDA officials discover flagrant and intentional misconduct and subsequently decide to bury the evidence and prevent it from becoming public to the medical community. He discovered such actions to be an official pattern within the agency.

Given the high rate of content deleted or blacked out from the documents the FDA provided, the investigators could only determine which pharmaceutical company or drug was involved in 1 of 6 of the reviewed trials. For one trial alone, where FDA inspectors found significant fraud and misconduct, 78 different medical publications printed articles based upon that single study. In an article for Slate, Seife writes

“Nobody ever finds out which data is bogus, which experiments are tainted, and which drugs might be on the market under false pretenses. The FDA has repeatedly hidden evidence of scientific fraud not just from the public, but also from its most trusted scientific advisers, even as they were deciding whether or not a new drug should be allowed on the market. Even a congressional panel investigating a case of fraud regarding a dangerous drug couldn’t get forthright answers.”

In one case, a new anti-blood clotting drug, rivaroxaban, involved four large trials recruiting thousands of patients in clinical sites in over a dozen countries. According to Seife, one of the trials “was a fiasco.”

In half of the sixteen clinical sites, the FDA discovered “misconduct, fraud, fishy behavior or other practices so objectionable that the data had to be thrown out.” One Colorado site falsified data. At the Mexican site, there was “systematic discarding of medical records.”

Despite these overwhelming problems, the drug trial was published favorably in the prestigious British journal The Lancet. The FDA found similar problems in the three other trials; in one the data was ruled “worthless.” The FDA advisory committee of “expert” reviewers were only informed that inspectors discovered only “significant issues” at two sites in one of the trials. Rivaroxaban was nevertheless approved in 2011. Since then lawsuits for wrongful death from the drug continue to increase. 

One of the deeper flaws within the FDA’s mode of operations is that it solely relies on the studies and clinical trials conducted by drug makers without conducting any studies of its own. Consequently these private firms have complete control over the clinical data and can provide such data or not at their own discretion.

For example, if a company conducts 20 clinical trials on a potential new drug and 15 trials conclude it is absolutely useless or results in serious reactions and deaths, the company is only required to submit documentation for the 5 trials that are favorable. 

Over the years, Congressional subcommittees have voiced warnings to FDA officials to clean up their act. A House Government Reform Committee reported that both the CDC’s and FDA’s advisory committees for vaccines were thoroughly compromised with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest.  

One of the most glaring examples of FDA misconduct, deceit and cover-up to protect pharmaceutical interests in the agency’s history was the federal case against Merck and its anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx.

Dr. David Graham, a former Associate Director for Science and Medicine in the FDA’s Office of Drug Safety, testified before the US Senate. Dr. Graham has impeccable credentials qualifying him as an expert on the failures of pharmaceutical drugs. He graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and trained in Internal Medicine at Yale and in adult Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Dr. Graham told the Senate:

“During my career, I believe I have made a real difference for the cause of patient safety. My research and efforts within the FDA led to the withdrawal from the US market of Omniflox, an antibiotic that caused hemolytic anemia; Rezulin, a diabetes drug that caused acute liver failure; Fen-Phen and Redux, weight loss drugs that caused heart valve injury; and PPA (phenylpropanolamine), an over- the-counter decongestant and weight loss product that caused hemorrhagic stroke in young women.

“My research also led to the withdrawal from outpatient use of Trovan, an antibiotic that caused acute liver failure and death. I also contributed to the team effort that led to the withdrawal of Lotronex, a drug for irritable bowel syndrome that causes ischemic colitis; Baycol, a cholesterol-lowering drug that caused severe muscle injury, kidney failure and death; Seldane, an antihistamine that caused heart arrhythmias and death; and Propulsid, a drug for night-time heartburn that caused heart arrhythmias and death. . . .

“I have done extensive work concerning the issue of pregnancy exposure to Accutane, a drug that is used to treat acne but can cause birth defects in some children who are exposed in utero if their mothers take the drug during the first trimester. During my career, I have recommended the market withdrawal of twelve drugs. Only two of these remain on the market today—Accutane and Arava, a drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis that I and a co-worker believe causes an unacceptably high risk of acute liver failure and death.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that witnesses told the Senate panel that Merck and the FDA knowingly had data well before the approval and licensure of Merck’s Vioxx painkiller that proved the drug’s serious cardiovascular health risks. Nevertheless, the FDA granted it approval without resolving the risks, and Vioxx was aggressively marketed.

Testifying about Merck’s Vioxx, Dr. Graham states:

Today . . . you, we, are faced with what may be the single greatest drug safety catastrophe in the history of this country or the history of the world. We are talking about a catastrophe that I strongly believe could have, should have been largely or completely avoided. But it wasn’t, and over 100,000 Americans have paid dearly for this failure. In my opinion, the FDA has let the American people down, and sadly, betrayed a public trust. 

According to Dr. Graham. “Not only did the FDA ignore known risks from Vioxx and related drugs but . . . it tried to prevent Graham and others from publicizing their own research that proved the extent of these risks.”

Members of Congress have echoed Graham’s concerns. Charles Grassley (R–Iowa) said he was concerned that the FDA “has a relationship with drug companies that is too cozy.”  Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D–New Mexico) said the problem was within the FDA’s own culture.“ This culture is one whereby the pharmaceutical industry, which the FDA is mandated to regulate, is the FDA’s most favored and lucrative client.

Sixteen years have passed since Dr. Graham’s public statements exposing the life-threatening policies and corruption that infest the FDA. It’s difficult to comprehend why the agency has been unable to clean up its act. Instead the FDA’s culture of deceit has only worsened.

Nevertheless, the evidence clearly shows that our government health officials would rather support pharmaceutical profiteering than the health and safety and American citizens. In fact, 45 percent or $2.7 billion of its budget derives from private pharmaceutical “user fees.”

The disturbing data suggest that the FDA’s evaluation of pharmaceuticals for safety and efficacy may be so flawed that only 4% of all trial results are identified as such. As a result, FDA scientists and officials responsible for approving drugs to the market are kept largely uninformed about the egregious scientific misconduct involved in obtaining study data.

Further, these erroneous and fraudulent studies are published in peer-reviewed scientific literature and accepted as valid science. The American public is ‘virtually defenseless’ if another medication proves to be unsafe after it is approved.

But it gets worse. The agency has been warning against highly effective off-patent drugs to treat early SARS-CoV-2 infections such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin.

Shortly after the pandemic was formally announced, and with no promising treatment in sight, the FDA recommended HCQ but then reversed its decision in June after Anthony Fauci publicly announced the coming arrival of Gilead’s novel drug remdesivir.

The FDA’s approval of remdesivir baffled many scientists, according to the journal Science, who were keeping a close watch on the drug’s clinical reports, which showed a “disproportionally high number of reports of liver and kidney problems” Nor did remdesivir lessen hospital stays or lower mortality rates.

Two months ago the agency issued a warning statement against the use of ivermectin. “The very next day,” reported the Alliance for Natural Health, “Merck announced positive results from a clinical trial on a new drug called molnupiravir in eliminating the virus in infected patients.”

Again, the FDA had been working in concert with the pharmaceutical industry to advance expensive experimental drugs rather than cheaper and proven drugs with decades of research to back their safety records. 

In addition, the FDA has waged a war against alternative medical systems for many decades, including natural supplements. Last September, the agency attempted to ban N-acetylcysteine (NAC) after it showed promise to reduce cytokine storms associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection. The supplement had already been shown to improve lung problems due to respiratory infections such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress symptom.

Three years ago, an FDA advisory committee met to consider banning five supplements made by specialized compounding pharmacies: alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, creatine monohydrate and quercetin dehydrate. Earlier the FDA had banned curcumin, boswellia and aloe vera from pharmacologic compounding.

One of the key executors of the agency’s revitalized assault against supplements and the natural health industry was Trump’s appointment of Scott Gottlieb as FDA Commissioner. Following his two years at the FDA’s helm, Gottlieb quit and joined Pfizer’s Board of Directors.

The FDA’s argument is rather straightforward, albeit dubious; since supplements, including Vitamin C and D, Omega-3 fatty acids, and even minerals such as magnesium and zinc have not been formally submitted to the FDA for evaluation to be registered as “approved drugs,” it is against the law to make any health claims about their health benefits. This is despite the thousands of peer-reviewed studies in the National Library of Medicine to support their efficacy.

The average median cost to conduct clinical trials to meet FDA standards for approval, according to a Johns Hopkins University evaluation, is $19 million and upwards to $2-3 billion. In other words, to get Vitamin D officially recommended as a viable preventative defense against Covid-19 would require a minimum of $19 million in addition to numerous fees and other legal costs prior to and after submission.

And that doesn’t even address the problem of ownership since Vitamin D is a natural substance and excluded from patenting. In the meantime, supplement manufacturers are prohibited from stating the vitamin’s benefit to the public thereby contributing to a gross disservice. 

“Clearly these are the actions of an agency looking to restrict the supplement market,” according to the Alliance for Natural Health, “and remove as many products as possible in as many ways as possible.”

One reason is that if a vitamin or supplement were to go through the FDA licensure treadmill, the agency could potentially require a supplement’s access by prescription only. It would no longer be available over the counter. And this in turn would be another boon for the drug industry, which is already developing synthetic supplemental knock-offs that are patentable. 

Much of the blame lies on the shoulders of politicians on both sides of the aisle and the mainstream media who have enabled the FDA and CDC to run amok and then propagate the pharmaceutical industry’s nonsense. A recent Harvard University and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey reported that public trust in America’s health care system has rapidly fallen during the pandemic to 34 percent. Only 37 percent stated they had much trust in the FDA. 

This trend may very likely continue as a growing number of physicians and medical experts are sounding alarms over the flagrant incompetence of our federal officials leading the national efforts against Covid-19 and the approval vaccines with highly questionable safety records and expensive novel drugs that fail to warrant use.

Worldwide, tens of thousands of otherwise orthodox medical professionals are charging Anthony Fauci, the CDC, FDA and the World Health Organization with gross mishandling of the pandemic. Lawsuits are underway against national health ministries around the world for deceiving their populations with fraudulent PCR testing, fake mortality rates and unwarranted public health policies that have produced extreme harm and suffering. As the situation deteriorates more suits will be anticipated. 

Sadl,y there is no reason to expect the FDA to undergo a structural change. For decades Congressional committees have warned the agency about its ignoring the public health of Americans and its revolving door policies with drug makers. Yet matters continue to worsen.

A complete overhaul by adopting policies similar to the European Medicines Agency such as independent leadership divorced from the pharmaceutical complex and full public funding, would be a decent start. Another solution could be the creation of separate and independent National Drug Safety Board without ties to private industry or overlapping conflicts of interest with the existing health agencies in dire need of reform. However, that tipping point has not been reached to expect any of our politicians to switch sides and for once serve the public’s health interests

Two Months After Biden Blasted Neanderthal Thinking Texas Reports Zero COVID Deaths

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott elicited criticism from Dr. Fauci and a host of Democrats when he decided to drop all COVID-19-linked restrictions in the Lone Star State back in March. Now, as states across the country are falling in line with President Biden’s aggressive new mask guidance (clearly intended to encourage more holdouts to accept the vaccine) Texas is reporting a milestone that many of these critics once believed unthinkable: On Sunday, the state’s Department of State Health Services reported its first day without a single COVID-19 deaths since March 21, 2020.

Texas unmaked

Confronted in an interview last month, Dr. Fauci finally acknowledged that he couldn’t explain Texas’ success. And President Biden memorably slammed Republicans in Texas (and in other southern states like Mississippi that followed Texas’ lead) as “Neaderthal-thinking” Republicans.

That good news was quickly overshadowed when state officials reported 23 new deaths on Monday, the highest daily count in two months.

Still, as the Houston Chronicle admits, it’s clear Texas has “turned a corner” and that the takeaway from the zero-death day is that the state has done remarkably well in combating COVID.

Texas Gov. Abbott halts masks and lockdowns

And in a social media post, Gov. Abbott recently rattled off a host of stats illustrating just how successful the state has been.

Adding to this, the state reported a record low seven-day positivity rate of 3.9% last week, and cases and hospitalizations have fallen to their lowest marks since last summer.

Funeral homes in the area rejoiced at finally seeing business return to a more normal pace.

Bradshaw-Carter Funeral Home owner Tripp Carter said they haven’t had a COVID-related service since early March, which she credited in part to Houstonians abiding by precautionary measures.

“We are right in the heart of the city, and so it’s just great that we haven’t seen any more cases,” Carter said. “Houstonians, or at least certainly in the inner loop, were very conscious about following CDC guidelines.”

Texas counted only 624 new confirmed infections on Wednesday according to state data, with a seven-day average of 2,072 new cases per day.

TX Gov. Abbott uses common sense while being called a ‘Neanderthal’ by Biden

Source: State of Texas

To put this all into context, Texas was reporting nearly 30,000 new cases per day and upward of 400 deaths a day earlier this year. It once was home to the worst outbreak in the country, and last summer became the first state to top 1 million confirmed cases.

Deaths finally began to slow in March, as vaccine eligibility was gradually expanded. To date, 41% of Texans have received at least one vaccine dose, and nearly one in three are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, which lags the rate in many other states.

Now, the state can focus its attention on the new crisis of 2021: the fester crisis at the southern border caused by a surge in migrants responding to Biden’s pledge to welcome immigrants.

At least now, with the COVID numbers down, maybe Biden will deem it safe enough to hold more photo-ops at the border where he lectures the GOP on immigration policy.

Which one is the idiot?

Don’t Trust the Science

The new religion is not sacrosanct

The pandemic has become, well…boring. What an odd state of affairs.  But the pandemic, false as it is, is made possible by an irrational attribution to ‘scientism’.  All the talking heads need do is preach “follow the science” and everything they say becomes ‘fact’ in the minds of the ever increasingly ‘ignorant’ masses.

Let’s discuss Science TM. It isn’t an “institution” per se, but it is clear that it has become invoked as a semi-divine figure: “Trust the SCIENCE!!!” So. what is this “SCIENCE”, truly, and how does it interact with us?

Science as Granter of Legitimacy

Perhaps the single most important aspect of the cult of scientism is that the stamp of Science confers legitimacy. It says “this belief has been verified by ‘experts’ by a method that is held by society to be as close to ‘objective’ as possible.” It goes beyond our subjective opinions and establishes objective fact…Or so it is claimed. 

The ability to claim that one’s beliefs go beyond one’s own subjective feelings and instead reflect objective reality is a powerful weapon. It requires no education or knowledge. And, so you see, a variety of political debates devolve into a pair of utter dorks trying to see who can post the most shiny graphs, supposedly supporting their preferred version of scientism.  Graphs produced by their new AI computer software they got last week.  Suddenly, their tool has become more intelligent than they.

Science therefore is presented as being either non-political or somehow “extra-political”: beyond external debates over what is “good”/”bad” or “right”/wrong. Of course, it cannot grant legitimacy if it is embedded in politics: that is the realm of subjective values of course! The fatal flaw is that Science IS political in every imaginable way.  Where do the scientismists get their funds?  From politicians, of course.

Science IS Political

“Why is the ‘S’ in ‘Science’ capitalized?” Well…

It is critical to understand the difference between various scientific methodologies and Science. The scientific method presents a way for us to engage systematically with the world around us, testing hypotheses and attempting to better understand the world we exist in. The method may be flawed or incomplete/insufficient to understand the world, but that isn’t the same as being political.

Except for the fact that the funds grantors are politicians who already have the answer or conclusion in their pocket.  They just need a little expert jingo to substantiate it. 

Science, on the other hand, is invoked. “What does the Science say” is not a meaningful commentary on the scientific method but rather an attempt to invoke a supposedly unassailable objective authority to justify one’s political agenda or beliefs. 

Science is an institution in the sense that we can understand the journals, universities, research institutions, etc. as having various interests beyond “discovering objective facts about the World.” No funds grantors have any real interest in ‘discovering objective facts about the World’. In that sense, its interests are political.

The scientific method may exist as a pure idea, but every single practitioner of the arcane arts of science has an agenda embedded in the Political. They are part of society, incapable of escaping it. They have their own needs to consider, publishing books and papers that may carve out a place for them in posterity.

Of course what this means is that every single scientist has a Map of the World, shaped not by purely “rational” attempts to empirically understand the world, but also by their own greed, ambitions, values, identity and agenda:

I already have my Truth before I encounter a new event. I may not be consciously aware of this, but there is information that can be assimilated and information that must be rejected. If I fail to properly curate my experience to fit my preexisting map, I will fall into existential crisis. I may lose my grant money.

And let us not pretend that aggregating a bunch of scientists into an institution like an journal or university will somehow make them “non-political.” Publication bias alone is sufficient to demonstrate that journals are just as political as any individual scientist. And this applies, of course, to both “mainstream” or “prestigious” journals as well as “heterodox” journals where supposedly “off-limits” ideas are discussed. Sometimes those ideas are off-limits because they are not compatible with the Maps of the dominant institutions; but sometimes those ideas are off-limits because they’re stupid pets of the reputed higher authority. You must be careful to distinguish between them. Institutions are seekers of endowments and prior “experts” are jealous of their credits, reputations and legacies.

Herdalization and the Dominant Maps

Herdalization acts in two ways when it comes to this topic:

  1. Individuals throughout society are taught to see Science as the objective fact-revealer, as described earlier.  The whole herd subscribes to the same scientism dogma fact sheet, which is sacrosanct.
  2. The problem of science being constrained by our Maps is amplified when large segments of the population (including scientists) have very similar Maps. This narrows and subjectifies the spectrum of possibilities.

The Problem of “Consensus”

One of the funniest and most piercing ‘takes’ on why consensus should not be considered sacrosanct, comes from, of all places, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”:

There is a litany of historical examples of when consensus not only ignored correct findings, but actively fought against them for a variety of reasons, some political, some greed, or both.

Nihil Est Verum  “Nothing is true”

Ignaz Semmelweis, who first suggested that doctors should wash their hands, was fired, harassed, forced to move, had his career destroyed, and died in a mental  institution

The problem with consensus reflects the problems with democracy, and in particular the same problems that underlie preferences in economics: we don’t make our decisions in a vacuum.

Our decisions are impacted by our observations of the decisions of others. Is it any surprise that reproducibility crises proliferate throughout the sciences? What happens when an entire field of “hard science” follows one expertonly to find out the expert was wrong? What, you thought reproducibility crises only hit the “soft sciences”/the fields pretending to be “scientific” (like economics)?

Why do People F*cking Love Science?

The appeal of Science sits, at its core, in its promise to be the chief means to make the world a better place. In other words, for the extremely naïve, Science provides a toolkit that allows for reducing suffering in the world and increasing the freedom of millions, perhaps billions, of people to authentically express themselves and enjoy autonomy. This was the Matrix of the past 200 years that has now imploded and is headed for the dumpster.

You may, or may not agree with this vision. I am not saying it is correct. But this is how I would characterize the “I F*cking Love Science” crowd. Yes, part of it is that it’s “cool”: shiny rockets and colorful animals catch our eye. But there is a deeper sentiment there. 

Science is invoked so fervently because it is a promise. Science presents a covenant to the people: “practice my methods and I will give you a better world.” If that sounds like a statement of religious faith to you, that’s because it is. Science did not eliminate dogma, it replaced an old dogma with its own new one.

This isn’t a call to abandon the scientific method; rather, it is a call to be skeptical of the “goods” of innovation, and to be humble when we claim “knowledge” about the world. To open our minds to the greater aspects of scientific exploration, to go beyond the realm of physical matter. To no longer invoke Science as an idol, but rather to understand it properly as a single important, albeit insufficient, set of methods to understand the world and provide information and means to establish a society that is good, however we define it.

The “I fucking love science” sentiment is not coming from the idealistic promise of a better world. If they actually “fucking loved science”, they would be scientists. The sentiment is a cheap attempt to mine personal legitimacy for their views. The same reason the “critical theory” departments want a building on campus right alongside Physics and Engineering.

The same phenomenon no doubt existed in the middle ages with ideological zealots in the court, only they would have “fucking loved the Catholic Church” at the time.