Life on Earth is Alien

This DNA is not endemic to earth

At various times in the past, the planet earth was devoid of life. It is not a single event, the creation of life, which placed humans here ever since and happily everafter. Life has been eradicated on earth numerous times and reestablished. It will be eradicated many times in the future, no doubt. We are offered two choices of how life comes into existence: creation or evolution. This is a dialectic which our controllers like to use to keep us arguing over these types of issues. As usual, neither option is the truth.

Planet earth was not created and put here as a place for humans. In fact, it would be infinitely better off if it had never seen a single human. Humans are incredibly privileged to have accidently ended up on this planet. Most think that we are ‘so special’ that this planet was made just for us. You could not get farther from the truth. The more likely certainty is that the planet will remain to heal itself from the human bane for a few million years while humans have been totally removed from its face. In fact, the only way the planet can survive is to totally remove humans with no prospect of returning.

Earth is not your home planet by any right of Nature or stretch of imagination. It does not belong to you or anyone else. You should get down on your knees every morning and express gratitude for your good fortune to be here and design your plan for the day to include giving something back to the earth and Nature.

Different amoebas on abstract background.

The greater diversity of life on this planet is microorganisms—bacteria, protozoa, algae, archaea. The microorganisms do express their gratitude everyday to the earth by performing an infinitely greater volume of daily good than humans have ever done in their collective 135,000 year history on earth. There are around 100 millions types of animals and 100 thousand types of plants.  The micro-organisms and plants came first, to establish an atmosphere needed to support animal life.  Humans are, of course, a late-arriving part of the animal kingdom.

We definitely live in a bacterial world, and not just in the sense that there are lots of them. If you look at the ecological circuitry of this planet, the ways in which materials like carbon, sulfur, phosphorous or nitrogen get cycled, the ways that make them available for our biology, the organisms that do the heavy lifting are bacteria. For every cycle of a biologically important element, bacteria are necessary.  Organisms like humans are optional, beneficiaries of the good work done by bacteria. In fact, 95% of the cells in your body are bacteria.

In the early days of the planet, the terraformers came, bringing lifeforms from time to time, as the environment evolved to support more sophisticated and complex biology. Just as easy as terraforming a planet, extinction events occurred that took it all away. When the time was right, the terraformers reappeared. This is the pattern that has been going on for billions of years. Humans appeared, almost by accident, 135,000 years ago and have already pretty much totally destroyed the entire place.

Definition of life?

Advanced extraterrestrial beings possessing highly evolved DNA are our creators and gods.

A cellular structure of proteins and nucleic acids is the basic unit of life.  Single celled organisms like amoeba and protozoa are the most basic lifeforms.  The DNA molecule is the key to consciousness or sentience, as well as replication.  The coding capacity of DNA determines the level or degree of consciousness by means of intercommunication ability with the quantum dimensional Source Field via Chi energy carrier waves.  More coding capacity means more information processed per unit of time. This is illustrated in the history of personal computers, starting with 8-bit processors, then 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit, each capable of processing more information per unit of time.

Simple organisms have simple coding structures which limit their capacity for consciousness.  Obviously, they do not have brains.  That is because they do not have a complex nervous system requiring a junction box.  The brain is not the location for consciousness, memory, intelligence or any other of the esoteric aspects of life.  These functions are not physical.  They are quantum multi- dimensional, existing in a plane higher than the physical five-sense plane.  The brain does accommodate the subconscious which is an acquired set of automatic stimulus/response algorithms that can be useful or detrimental, as the case may be, in survival.

Darwin’s theory of evolution fails to provide any viable answers.

More complex animals are agglomerations of many cells that join together and specialize their function for the overall viability and survivability of the organism.  The agglomerations can become very extensive, as with humans, consisting of hundreds of trillions of cells.  Organisms can agglomerate and specialize, but they do not evolve by random chance molecular mutations, as proposed by Darwin.  Much credit is attributed to Darwin’s ideas, but he is basically totally off-base.  He observed an organized process of seemingly related advancements in animal species, but he had no idea that evolution occurs by means of a conscious process of enhancing DNA coding capacity to process more information per unit time via a quantum dimensional process that does not fit in with scientism’s physical/mechanistic paradigm.

The bearded old man ‘god’ symbol of ‘religions’ is a child’s fairy tale that accounts for no answers in the real world. You may notice a distinct similarity between the modern religion ‘god’ image and the depictions of the Aniqiti creator gods. The basis of all the organized religions is the Aniqiti creator gods who have since departed the earth, leaving the homo capensis blue bloods to rule in their stead.

Of course, neither did some bearded old man, as the ‘god’ is often depicted, arrive one day and start creating things out of nothing, including humans.  That is a children’s fairytale made up by beings who thought you were too intellectually immature to grasp a more complex reality of your origin. Or, that many would simply buy into this and question no further, no matter how ridiculous or superstitious.

As usual, with all Hegelian dialectics, neither Darwinism nor creationism is the truth.  The truth is much more simple, logical and rational.

The Beginning

It is always assumed that life began in some ultra-simple form and worked its way up to more complex forms.    Of course, we do not know the answers as we are at the beginning of our journey to ever greater consciousness and must deduce the nature of the planes of density beyond our current level.  That is what we are doing now.  Learning about our reality and finding our way to the more advanced aspects of it. The truth is knowable but not obvious.

At this point in the journey, we, like all other sentient life, are fractal aspects of the Source Creator, our true higher selves, existing in a low density form of coalesced energy that we call ‘matter’, in a bag of chemicals called a body, under control of a psychopath called the ego, affording almost total blindness to the greater reality around us.  Our five senses can only perceive less than 0.05% of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum, the energy that comprises our means of detecting our surrounding environment.  We are far from reaching a level of awareness of the grand scheme.

Even in our state of almost total blindness, we can see that we are a small part of something vast.

We must deduce most of the aspects of our reality that are beyond this 0.05% perception band of the physical environment by taking into account the evidence that we can perceive.  We know that we can see physical matter in the range of 400 – 700 nanometers wavelength and combining this with our sense of smell, touch, taste and hearing, we discern a physical world that one could mistake as the complete sum of reality.  But, no matter how hard we try to believe this is ‘it’, there is too much indication that this is not’ it’, even to the almost blind.  

Evidence of great permanence left to attest to the existence of our progenitors.

If we are humble and objective, when we look around, we see that we are only a tiny part of a vast cosmos.  If we look inward, we can see that there is much more to us than the physical body.  It is not even possible for us to be alive based solely on the physical, let alone to possess creativity, imagination, intelligence, and even sentience. 

We can observe in our present world the evidence of our progenitor’s advanced civilization far beyond our current technical capability.  But this is just simple observation that the current discussion does not hinge upon. We see the existence of life, including ourselves, but we do not know how we came to be here except by means of the evidence and information they have left for us to discover, read, and study.

The prime components of our being are not physical at all and exist in a higher quantum dimensional plane that we are constantly in intense interaction with at every fractal moment. We do have the ability to be aware and to interact with this aspect of our being, either totally autonomically or by conscious process.

Our Progenitors

It is safe to say we can dismiss any biblical accounts of our origins as children’s stories.  We can dismiss any accounts stemming from Darwinism as a nonviable theory stemming from a nonviable scientific paradigm.  These are the dialectics our controllers would insist that we choose from.

Many of the artifacts of our progenitors are buried underground. Over the tens and hundreds of thousands of years, after floods, volcanic eruptions, tectonic plate shifts, comet and asteroid collisions, dust accretion, liquefaction and other natural effects, old things are now under the ground. That is where we must look for our valid historical antiquity.

Archeological dig in Mesopotamia. More than one-million written tablets have been recovered.

Fortunately, there is a source of evidence that is viable, logical and rational, requiring no superstition or dogma. In fact, this is the only viable evidence that is available to us, still in its original unaltered form, known to the world at the present time. This information has been discovered by archeologists who have been exploring the underground ruins in Mesopotamia.  They have been carefully unearthing ancient sites for over 200 years.

Mesopotamian excavations of ancient cities built by the creator gods.

During this period, a vast amount of totally amazing and revealing architecture, art, technology and written histories have been found and brought to light.  The originators of this material were obviously possessed of technology far beyond our present civilization. For purposes of this discussion, numerous fired clay tablets have been unearthed from these explorations.  So far, over one-million such tablets have been unearthed and carefully cleaned and, in many cases, repaired as close to original condition as possible.

Clay tablets relate the creation of the Adamu using the genes of the Advanced Creator Beings.

These tablets, combined with depictions carved in stone or statuary, and megalithic structures are the real heritage of mankind.  The inscriptions on these tablets are in a language called cuneiform.  For most of the period of time since these tablets have been discovered, they were unreadable, as there were no linguists who could interpret the meaning of the characters of this language.  These tablets complete the evidence of our heritage when combined with well-known megalithic architectural structures found in every part of the world, visible and undeniable. 

This represents a compendium of evidence that ties together an obvious grand picture depicting the history of our past origins, far surpassing any other evidence that has been fabricated at later times to present a fake history by beings who are set upon keeping humans in subjugation and ignorance of their real history.

Sumerian King’s List

There is a tablet, for example, that identifies all the kings of humanity for almost the entire period of 135,000 years of human history, called the ‘King’s List’. Our masters tell us today, that the first part of the list is comprised of real historical individuals, but at an arbitrary point going back in time, starts those kings who are mythological and not real. Does this make any sense to you? In spite of monumental efforts on the part of Matrix controllers to destroy and hide the evidence of human origin and heritage, it still remains the greatest body of rational evidence ever to exist to support any historical contention. In light of this massive evidence, would you still wish to base your understanding of this totally important subject on superstition and pseudoscientism?

Fired clay tablets inscribed in cuneiform tell the entire history of earth back more than 450,000 years ago.

Why, you may rightly ask, would anyone want to do that?  Who would want to keep the general population in ignorance of their past?  What reason could they possibly have?  The answer is quite simple.  ‘They’, who we might think are long past, dead and gone, are actually our true hidden rulers, our controllers of the world today.  Almost everyone knows that the world today is ruled by an invisible cadre of powerful beings who pull all the strings in all the countries existing in today’s world. 

People today think they are under one form of apparent governance, or another.  The ones who think they are the most fortunate are those who believe they live under a system where they have freedom and control over their leaders by means of democracy and free elections.  Others know they are under the control of monarchs, tyrants or such, or power blocs.  No matter what the appearance of ones government indicates, they are all paper tigers, powerless and controlled totally by the elite cadre that rules the planet with an iron fist, whose names and faces you have never seen.

Ancient stone carving of the gods

The truth is a little harder to accept for those who maintain the illusion of freedom, but it is not too hard to figure out the truth of the matter if you want to open the blind eye, which, of course, many do not.  In any case, the fact of the matter is, there is no freedom for humans and there never has been.  Your fragile illusion of freedom would quickly burst if you were faced by the unobstructed truth.  Those who have carefully crafted this illusion hope you will not look “too hard” at this reality, because it is by means of their craft that you willingly engage in the labors of their agenda and accept their worthless paper in exchange for producing assets of real value for their coffers. You live in a feudal system, as it has always been. You have been given the illusion of freedom and democracy so that you will think you are working for your own benefit, thus applying your efforts much more diligently.

This is a much more efficient means of slavery than any brute methods can ever deliver.  When you think you are working for your own benefit, you work willingly and with greater effort.  Those with the greatest illusion of freedom are the most willing to send their sons and daughters off to the controller’s war to maintain their own privileged status. Realize that this gimmick has only been in existence for a very brief time, since technocracy has enabled synthesis of a much more sophisticated system of virtual reality.  It has only less than 200 years behind it in the current reset period.  A paltry amount of time in the overall scheme of things.

Stone carving of god and human

This topic could be discussed at much greater length, but it is not the main theme of this discussion.  It is only a necessary element to be realized to further the understanding of the topic at hand, your origins, and why they are being hidden from you with such a great desperation. 

The binary star system, the Sun and Nibiru, have an orbital period of 3600 years.

At a time, 450 thousand years ago, there were no humans on earth.  On another planet located in the solar system of our sun’s binary companion star, there exists a civilization of beings significantly more advanced than modern humans.  That civilization is comprised of several castes of beings that include royalty and worker castes, maybe among others.  The planet was undergoing a familiar problem of atmospheric deterioration.  The ozone layer was depleted and cosmic radiation was increasing at the surface to a degree that survival of life on that planet was being threatened. 

The civilization already had the ability to leave their planet and travel astronautically to other planets, at least to those within some limited proximity.  It was decided that an exploratory expedition would be sent to survey the planets of the binary companion star, our sun, in search of sufficient quantities of gold.  The gold, it had been determined, would provide a solution to the ozone depletion problem.  Gold can be converted to a monatomic state where it becomes a white powder with the quality to remain mixed with the atmospheric gases for an indefinite period of time. The monatomic gold will reflect the cosmic radiation, just like the ozone.

The mission was under the leadership of the chief scientist, a being named Ea.  When their planet was in the closest proximity to the solar system of the Sun, it was to take a small crew on a small space vessel with instruments to remotely scan planets for minerals, specifically gold.  If gold was found, the craft would orbit and dispatch a smaller vessel to take beings to the surface to explore further as to the feasibility of colonizing and setting up mining operations.

More than one million gold mines have been discovered in SE Africa, an area that we are told was sparsely populated.

As it turned out, the astronauts found the presence of gold on planet earth, where they explored the surface in an area in the middle east.  They landed in a large sea and initially searched the sea bottom, then the lands.  They eventually determined that there was a great amount of gold in an area of SE Africa, near modern-day Zimbabwe.  This information was sent to the home planet and it was decided to dispatch a larger vessel that could carry about 800 workers and additional staff, under the leadership of the half-brother of Ea, named Enlil. 

Evidence of over one million gold mines has been discovered in this area of Africa.  You can refer to the work of Michael Tellinger, who has studied, photographed, published and spoken extensively on this.

Enlil landed his contingent in the same area of Mesopotamia as Ea had landed.  He was to establish refining, processing, packing and storage operations for transshipments to the home planet periodically as it came into proximity each 3600 earth-years.  Enlil was the bureaucrat and Ea was the engineer and they jointly were in-charge of the operations.  They are half-brothers, sons of the leader of the civilization of the people of Anu, the king.

Michael Tellinger has spent a lifetime studying the ancient gold mines around Zimbabwe. These mines have cymatic sound resonance properties that were used to levitate the metal from underground.

Some are now thinking that this is all too tidy.  These guys should need space suits and containers for a different mixture of gases to breath and what not, as seen in the movies.  This just demonstrates how movies are designed to skew your thinking in the wrong direction.  How do I know this information?  I have read the tablets, which clearly relate this information.  In the past 50 years, private scholars have translated the cuneiform language and written extensively, in many languages, the translations of many of the tablets.  Some say “how do you know someone didn’t just plant these tablets to mislead you to get a wrong idea?”  Most of the over one million found so far are civil records of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, property purchases and sales, loans and repayments, laws, edicts, etc.  Would someone up to a scam also produce one million civil records in fired clay and bury them over 10,000 years ago?  I think not. The humans who have been deceived by this are those who worship the bibles, derivatives of these tablets that have been modified by the jews to achieve a specific agenda of casting them in the capacity of god’s chosen children, to be the sole inheritors of the earth.

Sumerian tablet depicting Enki and humans.

Well, how do you know the translations are correct?  A scholar named Zecharia Sitchin acquired numerous tablets, those containing historical accounts and set about to learn how to translate the language.  He was one of the pioneers, but he was not alone in his efforts.  He discovered that some of the cuneiform tablets are word-for-word page-for-page identical to some Sanskrit writings found in India.  Sanskrit was a known ancient language and this made a great break-through for the cuneiform scholars.  Since that time, numerous scholars have contributed to the effort and there is not a matter of much argument anymore about translation.  Sitchin, himself, wrote 12 books which are all best sellers and available on Amazon as well as most other book sources.

Sitchin holding one of his ancient tablets left by the creator gods

Well, if this is all true, wouldn’t it be headlines everywhere?  One would certainly think so, but this matter is a total expose of the Matrix controllers, who do not want you to know this information, and, also, by the way, own all the newspapers, TV, radio, and Hollywood studios.  Do not wait for the controllers to inform you.  You will be long dead and buried before that happens.

Ancient cymatic gold mine near Zimbabwe. Cymatics were used to levitate the gold from deep underground to the surface.

A reading of the accounts in these tablets will trigger something for those who have familiarity with the bibles.  It is abundantly obvious that the bibles are direct derivations of the accounts in these tablets.  Except…..other than historical background, there is an intentional deviation from these historical accounts, that pre-date the bibles by many tens of thousands of years.  How could this be accounted for?  Very easily.  The bibles are collections of letters and stories written by men with plagiarized accounts from the tablets intermixed and totally altered to serve an obvious agenda.  Who could possibly have done this and why? All authors know that good fiction requires a liberal dose of non-fiction.

Flavius Josephus, the jewish turncoat who joined the Flavians in the Roman invasion of Jerusalem. Author of the new testament bible at the behest of Titus Flavius, Roman emperor.

Both bibles were written by the priests of the followers of Enlil (Yahweh/Jehovah) .  These followers of Enlil were the nomadic arab tribes of Yemen and surrounding areas that travelled as a lifestyle.    Jehovah is a paranoid, schizophrenic, psychopathic god who also proclaimed himself to be a very jealous god.  He particularly demanded that his people were not allowed to put any of his fellow gods before him.  Doing so was a ‘sin’. He also happened to have a son named Sin.  In spite of claims to greater antiquity, the bibles were written in recent history.  The old testament around 200 BCE and the new testament, assembled by Josephus Flavius, around 300 CE. 

Sumerian tablet

The Roman conquerors of Judea, the seat of Judaism, were not on good terms with the jews, although Josephus, a jew, was a turncoat who joined the family of the Flavians and provided them with his services.  In an effort to unite the Roman empire with a single mandated religion, not jewish, Titus Flavius, emperor of the Roman Empire, tasked Josephus to originate the new testament and create the Jesus story.  He was not about to unite the empire under the religion of his enemies, the jews. 

These same players are the ancestors of your modern day ‘controllers’.  Hopefully you can put the picture together to reveal the obvious.  The controllers desperately do not want you to see and understand the tablets. They want you to see and believe the bibles and their fake accounts of history.  The Vatican is the seat of the priests of Enlil, who have the same interests.  One of the very first things done during the early invasion of Iraq by the US, was to find and collect over one million’ one-of-a-kind’ artifacts that were then either systematically destroyed or sent to the basement of the vatican, never to be seen in public again. Are you able to now see why?

The adamu is a genetically engineered version of the homo erectus using the genes of Enki.

With this background, I return to the story of your origin.  The ‘worker class’ gods, known as the Igiggi, mined the gold in Zimbabwe for over 300,000 years.  They reached a point where, in despair, they revolted against their endless toils.  They approached Anu to do something to give them relief.  Anu was sympathetic.  On the next proximal approach to earth, he visited earth and called for a council meeting to discuss the problem.  It was at this meeting that a decision was made: “let us create man in our own image and likeness” to take over the burden in the gold mines.  This was as a result of a revelation from Ea, now called Enki (King of the Seas), who disclosed his experiments with genetic alteration of creatures in southern Africa (the Absu).  He proposed that a creature, now known as homo erectus, a primitive hominid endemic to the area, could be genetically advanced using his own DNA and the ova from a homo erectus female. 

Anu, king of the anaqiti

The prime dissenter to this idea was Enlil.  He feared the possibility that the humans could become too plentiful to control and, if given too much intelligence, could rival the capabilities of the gods.  The council decided to go forward under the condition that Enki could engineer the adamus to be capable of doing the mundane tasks but nothing beyond those essential to the mining operations.  He was to produce only males so no procreation was possible.  He was to limit the lifespan of the Adamu to 150 earth-years.  Upon this decision, Enki, back in the Absu, started his experiments.  He, after many unsuccessful tries, came up with a suitable array of genes to produce the desired traits in the Adamus.  The next problem, though, was procreation, for using the 14 available female gods as surrogate wombs was too slow to produce the quantity required in any reasonable time span.

Much to the trepidation of Enlil, Enki’s request to produce female Adamus was granted on the condition that the females would be penned separately and procreation be strictly limited and controlled. This is the origin of humans.  There is no “missing link” as the followers of Darwin continue searching.  This advance, in a single step, from primitive hominid to human occurred artificially in one single step.  There is no “missing link”.  There are a lot of accounts of strange creatures, part animal and part human.

Nephilim were mostly giants who killed human males indiscriminately as rivals to their own desire to take the human women for themselves.

As the Adamus became plentiful, the Igiggi were released from their tasks in the mines and many travelled north to the cities of Enlil in the Mesopotamia, where they idled or worked in the refining, processing, packaging and shipping of the gold sent north from the Absu.  Not long after, the request came for Adamus to be produced and sent north to the cities to serve the gods there.  They were used for construction of homes, roads, civil and commercial buildings, agriculture, metallurgy, tool making and soon weapons making, etc. 

As the Adamus arrived and started to integrate into the communities, they were more difficult to control, both in terms of procreation as well as captivity.  Sons and daughters were born to humans and some fled into the wilderness to live on their own terms in Nature.  Now, as “daughters were born to the humans, the gods looked upon them and found them to be fair.  They took from among them all that they chose, to bear them children and make of them wives”.  The children born to the gods and the human women were known by the biblical term, Nephilim.  The Nephilim are hybrids that can come in many shapes and sizes, but mostly they came in the form of giants.  In biblical terms again “they are the mighty men of old” who killed human males indiscriminately. Biblically, the gods who partook of the mating with human females were described by Enlil as the ‘fallen angels’.  He disproved of this interbreeding practice although never actually making it a violation of ethical code.

Igiggi taking human females for bearing of children, the Nephilim.

Nor did Enki stop his genetic experiments once the Adamu was created.  This more or less just got him started.  Like most engineers, once on a discovery of new ground, they can’t be stopped.  They are born to go on with the experiment and the new discoveries.  The Adamu was first created 135 thousand years ago.  Enki had ample time to make many more versions of Adamus, which he most certainly did.  His interest was in creation, not in his brother Enlil’s fears. 

Enki, over the thousands of years, continually advanced the human in many ways, to bring the avatar closer to that of the gods.  At a point in time when Enlil had arrived in the Absu to inspect the mining operations and the human labor program, he visited the E.din, the place where the Adamu children lived and grew up to the age at which they would leave and go to the mines for the rest of their lives. 

As he inspected the E.din, to his horror, he discovered Adamu couples engaged in sex.  This was not supposed to be allowed and was his greatest fear.  He also noticed that the Adamus were noticeably more advanced and god-like.  He demanded that his brother, Enki come to the garden where he chastised his brother for allowing the Adamus to have partaken of the fruit of the tree of good and evil, of knowledge of sex and procreation.  This is the ‘original sin’ that supposedly taints all humans just for being born as normal beings who instinctively wish to progenate their species.  Enlil demanded that the E.din be no more and that the humans must live apart, males and females separated from one another.  This ignited a life-long feud between the brothers that is the ultimate source of the idea of good and evil.  Of course, Enlil considered himself to be the good one, and ultimately went on to be ordained Yahweh, god-the-father by the jewish biblical authors and Enki went down as the evil one, Lucifer, the serpent.

In all continents of the world, skeletal remains of the nephilim giants have been, and are being, discovered. The Smithsonian has destroyed thousands of these skeletons.

Inevitably, both Enlil and Enki could not resist the temptation to partake of sex with the human female.  Both produced offspring with human females, which were very special ‘Nephilim’, as the royal gods made a great distinction between themselves and the lower caste Igiggi, giant worker gods.  The union of Enki with a human female produced Ziasudra, the biblical Noah.  As the ice-age waned, the families of the gods went abroad into the world establishing advanced civilizations on every continent.  As the human population grew, Enlil took to various tactics of reducing the population using methods such as wars where the humans were the sheep to be slaughtered prior to the age of procreation.  He used plagues and demanded human sacrifice, both as first born children as well as nubile young virgins. 

World population chart

A study of human population over time reveals that human numbers have been steady at 500 million or less for all of history until the most recent 100 years, where it has been allowed to climb into the billions.  Around 10,800 BCE, the gods noticed that the warming of the planet was creating instability in the polar ice caps.  They concluded that a cosmic event, the return of the periodic comet, was going to trigger a cataclysm on earth sufficient to bring about an extinction event, erradicating human life.  They again met in council where it was agreed that humans and nephilim would be allowed to be destroyed by the resulting tsunami.  All were sworn to secrecy.

Enki was very torn by this situation as, while being sworn to secrecy, he was unable to allow his son, Noah, whom he loved greatly, to be destroyed without warning.  He decided to discuss the impending disaster with his wife while Noah was within earshot.  By his logic, he had not directly disclosed the secret, but had inadvertently made his son, Noah, aware of the impending situation.  Later, when Noah asked his father about what he had overheard, Enki acknowledged the fact and gave Noah instructions to survive the world-wide flood.  As it turned out, there were survivors of the flood, so the gods determined to remain on earth for two more of their years, 7,200 earth-years.  During this period, they would re-establish civilization and give the humans a legacy of knowledge, of all they would need to continue thriving on the planet.

Homo capensis remains disclose the enlarged craniums which typify this species in its earliest form. Ultimately, interhuman breeding again compromised the genetic integrity of this specie.

After this was accomplished and the time for the departure of the gods was near, they authorized Enki to engineer a final version of a special hybrid, known as homo capensis, to assume the roles of leadership that were to be abandoned by the gods, themselves.  The homo capensis were a major step up the evolution ladder, having a larger component of god-genes.  They had physical differences, such as the elongated skulls and the copper oxide in their blood, as opposed to the iron oxide of humans.  It was made known to all that the homo capensis, the blue-bloods, were assigned by the gods the “divine right to rule” over humans on earth in perpetuity.

Now, at this point in time, there existed a broad array of variations of human-like beings in addition to the gods, who would soon be departed.  From the earliest versions of Adamus in the Absu, called ‘lulus’, to the numerous more advanced versions produced by Enki outside of Enlil’s knowledge, to the nephilim, the versions from mating of royal gods with human females, to the special situations, like Cain, who was a product of Eve, being half god, and Enki, being full god, yielding two-thirds god genetically, to the Adamus in the wild (Neanderthals), to the homo capensis.  The idea that all men are born equal is patently absurd.  The truth is, all men are born different.  The only ones who have maintained their bloodlines somewhat intact are the homo capensis, but they too have strayed many times.  Therefore, all men are some variation of all the many hybrid versions. 

Humans have several different blood types.  Some small number have  negative type, while the majority have positive.  This refers to the rhesus monkey gene that stems from the original hominid, the homo erectus.  Those with negative type do not stem from the rhesus monkey. 

There is also a negative consequence from Enki’s genetic upgrade of the homo erectus. On the surface, one might think that humans received a great benefit from such a tremendous upgrade to their DNA in a single step. After all, would we not still be grunting knuckle draggers otherwise? One does not have to be a genius to see that there is a serious problem with the behavior of the human race. Comparing humans to other animals in the family, humans are the only species that demonstrates highly irrational destructive tendencies with no regard to the consequences. Humans do not hesitate for even a moment to indiscriminately kill and destroy, both other animals and plants, but also other humans. They have no regard for the preservation of their habitat. They have no respect for Nature, which has been successful in taking care of the earth for a long time prior. Humans are akin to large powerful creatures which are totally lacking in wisdom, maturity, common sense and respect. Humans possess an unwarranted arrogance that makes them immediately confident that there could be no other beings in the cosmos equivalent to their own superior status.

The earth cannot withstand too many more years of human abuse nor can its ecosystem. Humans are like giant toddlers who can destroy but not understand why or what the consequences will be. Humans resemble mentally retarded two-year-olds who have discovered how to ignite a match in a room full of dynamite.

Under natural condition of conscious evolution of DNA over time, the being would be gradually gaining wisdom and maturity from its life experiences that would be commensurate with the advances in its capabilities at a given point in time. The being would be able to utilize the gradual advancements for its benefit and recognize how the benefits would extend to all in its environment. Humans have gained a billion years of physical and mental evolution but without any increase in wisdom and intellectual capacity that is required to use its capabilities properly. We are going to light the match that will ignite the room full of dynamite at any moment that our controllers tell us to, without a second thought.

Jacob Rothschild, cemtral banker extraordinaire. Produces all of the worthless fiat money for all the countries of the world except for two, Syria and Iran. Are these the same two nations that the US is desperately trying to find a way to invade?

To Summarize:

  1. Darwin’s evolution is nonsense and incapable of explaining anything about human origins. 
  2. Religion is a construct of the Matrix, like money, for the purpose of controlling humans.  The bibles are, at once, fairy tales and fabricated accounts of history for the purpose of designating jews as the ‘chosen people’ to inherit the earth, at the expense of all other inferior peoples (goys).
  3. The only truth we have available is enormous and totally comprehensive.  It is excavated from archeological digs in Mesopotamia that are beyond ancient, are unaltered by the dirty hands of humans, and are the originals from which the bibles were derived, plagiarized and altered to serve an agenda of evil. They enslave humans to a totally false concept of god, of humanity and our purpose for existence.
  4. The history you are taught in public or religious education is false and contrived to create a fake inaccurate concept of the human past.
  5. The scientism you have been taught to believe in is blind nonsense, which looks only at the physical, of which we can perceive a miniscule portion and is based on a false paradigm of reality. It can only blow things up and produce ‘throw-away” gadgets.
  6. The governments of the world, no matter the type, especially those claiming freedom and public elections, are the exact opposite of what you believe.  You are and always have been a slave, being exploited today by a more sophisticated feudal system called Matrix.
  7. The allopathic health care system of today’s world is a total fraud, designed to maximize and maintain sickness while maximizing cost for absurd treatments of totally no value, while actually having toxic and harmful side-effects. It is draining your of wellness on the path to premature death.
  8. You are laboring and incurring debt in exchange for worthless paper currency which can be produced at no cost in infinite quantity.
  9. You buy into wars as if they are essential to your security and life-style.  There is not a single case of any war in known history that is anything more than a contrivance of the demi-gods to kill-off surplus humans while profiting handsomely from the destruction.
  10.  Obsession with gold originates from the very reason you were created by the demi-gods to work in the gold mines.  There is no apparent value in gold of any kind, yet you obsessively worship it, only because you have a subconscious memory from the past about your gods placing value upon it.
  11.  The gods worshipped by every religion of today are those you vaguely remember from ancient past memory as parental figures who created you.  These gods are not divine, nor even good and moral beings.  Original sin, of which all persons are supposedly born into, is the totally normal instinctive practice of progenation.
  12.  Around 1000 BCE, the gods got into their spacecraft and went home, leaving the homo capensis to rule over man in their stead.  The homo capensis call themselves the bloodline of the ‘holy grail’.  While it is true that they were created and designated to be in-charge of humans, it does not bestow any true right nor any aspect of morality or virtue upon them.  They continue to rule man in secrecy because they have the advantage to keep humans enslaved to serve their agenda of extraction of the earth’s real assets and resources.  They rule us in total immorality with no benevolence of any kind. Humans owe them nothing more than a bringing to justice.
  13.  The gods are semi-immortal, meaning they do not suffer cellular aging or disease.  They could suffer death through mortal trauma.  Their genes are free of the telomeres they gave us. They, in creating the Adamu, set our life-spans at 150 years.  How many people do you know who are living anywhere near this long?  There is a reason.  The homo capensis need to kill us at about half our life-expectancy because there is a limit to their span of control and a great surplus of humans.  They can do this because we buy into their Matrix virtual reality that fools us into believing they are beneficient towards  humans and dying at 75 years is normal and to be expected.  This is another reason they need to be dealt with using extreme prejudice.
  14.  Every single word emanating from the jews and romans regarding religion is total and intentional fabrication designed to confuse, intimidate, frighten, manipulate, control and enslave humans.  This delusion is a key aspect of the Matrix virtual reality control system.  It prevents you from using your life for its intended purpose of expanding your intellect and awareness to evolve your DNA and achieve advancement within the hierarchical structure leading to cosmic consciousness.  You are inundated with lies and fabrications to the point you are incapable of even understanding that you have a purpose in this life.  You think you are here to be entertained.
  15.  Ironically, the family of Enki and most specifically his youngest son, Nigishzida have been devoted to the freedom and enlightenment of humans, but have been cast by the psychopath, Yahweh, as the devil and evil personified.  Nigishzida is also known as Hermes, Thoth, and Kristos.  In this case, Kristos is not the fabricated story told by Josephus in the new testament.  In this case, the story is told in the writings of the ‘Emerald Tablets’, the most enlightening document ever given to humans, of which you have never heard of, let alone studied and practiced.
  16.  Human DNA is not endemic to earth.  All life on earth carries the genetic code of our non-terrestrial progenitors . 
Why do all humans in the world worship gold?

A ‘mystery’ is either lack of information or acceptance of a lie.

I hope this within the scope of your comprehension and you are able to open your mind sufficiently to grasp the great significance for yourself, your family and all beings on earth.  In order to move in any manner in the positive direction, it is absolutely imperative to understand the true facts of your origins.  It is always common knowledge that you can never know where you are going if you do not know where you are coming from.  Hopefully you at least know that you should be trying to go somewhere in this life, beyond the TV or movie screen. It is said:             

The lost mind is awaiting its next bit of entertainment

 The superior mind is awaiting its next learning experience


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