No Medicine Here. Only Murder.

It’s time for alarm bells. It’s time to warn the world: “The UN tyrants and dictators are coming!” They’re coming first for unvaxxinated people, who are throwing a monkey wrench into their plans for mass genocide..

This is 1938 again. You are a Jew. Your freedom, property, equality of life, your humanity are all being stripped away. Why? Not because there is some dangerous infectious disease. The disease is only the common flu.

Everything happening today to the American people, to the U.S. Constitution, to freedom and particularly to unvaxxinated Americans is reminiscent  of 1938. This is only the beginning. It gets much worse from here.

First, “the papers.” Vaxxine mandates and vaxxine passports are just like 1938, when the Gestapo demanded papers from every German.

Now this exact same Gestapo demands American citizens, not illegal aliens, not criminals, but patriots born in this country, military veterans to produce their papers 24/7. We’ll need papers to enter restaurants, bars, nightclubs, concerts, casinos, conventions and hotels and to board a train, plane or bus. We’ll need papers to enter a supermarket, or we’ll starve to death. All for the crime of being unvaccinated against … wait for it …

The common flu.

All for the crime of being unwilling to inject an untested, rushed to production, experimental, “for emergency use only”, graphene oxide shot into our bodies in the face of 50,000 fatalities and millions of adverse effects in the US alone.

I remember liberals marching to the banner:: “My body, my choice”? It only applies to murdering babies, but it doesn’t seem apply those individuals who are aware of the lethal danger of these “not vaccines”, but serums comprised of graphene oxide industrial poison that initiates to a delayed process of death.

8 Weren’t Jews injected with experimental drugs by the depraved Nazi government? Wasn’t that a key part of the Nuremberg trials? That no government could ever again inject experimental serums into the bodies of unwilling citizens? Isn’t that a basic human right? Aren’t these the exact same Nazis doing the exact same things, again?

By the way, this isn’t about vaxxines. If you want the vaxxine, go ahead and take it. I propose not limit your freedom, your choice. This is about vaxxine mandates – forcibly injecting the sovereign bodies of Americans who don’t want it. That’s 1938.

But there’s much more in common with 1938. Mask mandates. Again, If you’re scared, wear them. Your choice.  I’m not fearful. I reject them.  They serve no medical or practical purpose. Masks are ineffective in preventing the passage of virus, in or out of your body.   Mandates are about submission, obedience, forcing individuals to cede their freedom, choice, individuality and human rights. That’s 1938.

Lockdowns are equivalent with the Warsaw Ghetto. Jews were locked down. Jews couldn’t work. Jews couldn’t travel. Jewish businesses were labeled “nonessential.”

If government can force us to close our businesses, to kill our jobs, to decide who is nonessential, then this is 1938.

Stars on clothing. It’s coming. The vaccinated get into restaurants, bars, concerts, supermarkets, planes and trains. They keep their jobs. The rest of us are marked as “subhuman” for life. That’s the star. That’s 1938.

Media and social media as the public-relations wing of the government. That’s called propaganda. Remind you of 1938? Back then, the Jews’ books were burned. Today, it’s those of conservatives, patriots and specifically the unvaccinated. We are silenced. Our facts are labeled “misleading.” Only the facts that agree with big government’s agenda count. That’s 1938.

Door-to-door intimidation and making lists of those who disagree with “government knows best.” Trust me, that army of door-to-door vaccine brainwashers will soon be turned into a Gestapo of gun-grabbers. 1938 was the year Nazis banned Jews from owning guns. They took them door to door. That’s 1938.

Only days ago, a former Department of Homeland Security official said the unvaccinated should be on the federal no-fly list. That’s exactly how Nazis attacked the Jews and others who disagreed with their agenda. It was always lists. Lists of people to be disappeared in the middle of the night; lists of those to be sent to reeducation camps; lists of those to be sent to concentration camps; lists of ‘enemies of the state’. It’s happening again. Maybe this time you’ll not only  lose your job or free speech, but your precious life as well. This is, again, 1938.

It must be obvious to many, that you, in common sense, do not give, or take, a highly dangerous vaxxine to prevent the common flu, which everyone knows is not very dangerous. With the fake PCR tester now in the trash, all of the corona virus disease statistics go into the trash along with it. And this worthless vaxx is admitted to not provide any immunity, prevention or cure. Please reread this if it is not obvious to you.

It’s all disgusting, disgraceful and subhuman. But I’m warning you, this is just the start. It’s all going downhill from here – fast. This is the end of America. This is 1938.

In this world, I AM my body.  Injecting industrial poison into my body by force is murder.  I have every right to defend myself against murder by any and all means at my disposal, including the use of deadly force against the perpetrators..

First, they came for the unvaxx;d. Trust me: Next, they’re coming for you..  Because this has nothing to do with medicine or disease.  This is simply genocide.  For all you proud vaxx’d, you are the walking dead.  You will be ashes again soon.  Better to depart the world on an honest footing, because there’s more to come.

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