Nibiru Facts, Not B.S.

Nibiru is a planet of the binary solar system companion to our own solar system and is the home of our progenitors

Probably you have read about or viewed videos predicting the presence or imminent arrival of Nibiru within the inner solar system, threatening potential catastrophic consequences.  You probably already know of Nibiru as the home planet of the Anunnaki, the progenitors of homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens and homo capensis.  You will recall that Nibiru has a very elliptical orbit that takes it far from Sol on its aphelion and relatively close proximity to the sun at its perihelion.  Its orbital plane is tilted with respect to the ecliptic of the nine planets of Sol, therefore it crosses the orbital plane at a slight angle and is thus sometimes referred to as Planet X  or the crossing planet.  Its orbital period, call a Shar, is 3,600 Earth years.

Nibiru. Binary companion to the sun, has its own 7 planet solar system.

 Some self-styled experts predict disaster each time Nibiru enters the inner solar system.  This is possible but not immanent.  Like many comets with elliptical orbits and tilted orbital planes, it can pass through the inner solar system without incident or cataclysm.  However, Nibiru has the potential to cause severe disruption within the inner planetary system and has done so in past times, as have many comets.  In fact, the Earth, itself, in its current planetary configuration is a result of such a past encounter, as is the configuration of several of the other planets and moons in our current solar system structure. The passage of Nibiru precipitated the Great Flood of 11,600 BCE that almost obliterated life on earth.  A cometary collision brought on the ice age known as the Younger Dryas.

The Bible, which is a derivative story from what are known as the Sumerian tablets, tells a false story of the Great Flood.   This distorted story is conveniently supportive of the current paradigm of control and exploitation of the human race.  The existence of Nibiru is obviously a key factor in substantiating the truth in this matter.  Fortunately, there exists a great deal more solid evidence for the truth than the fairy tale story currently popular in the virtual ‘modern’ society.  The flood most certainly happened, but it was not due to the powers of the Lord Yahweh-Enlil in his intention to punish the humans whom he considered to sinful to continue living.

You will find so-called debunkers of the efficacy of the information of the tablets on Google and You Tube.  The main contention of these debunkers is based on the lack of incidence of the words Nibiru and Anunnaki in the translations as well as a supposed mistranslation by Zecharia Sitchin of words such as ‘Nephilim’, as found in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Allow me to explain these matters before we progress further.  The terms Anunnaki and Nibiru (or other terms like Globulus, Nemesis or Destroyer) are modern day descriptors for the people of Anu and their home planet.  There are dozens of instances of the word Anu found in the translations.  The word Nephilim, Elohim and many other jewish words  coined by authors of the Old Testament, which was written 8,000 years later than the tablets, were never words in the cuneiform of the Anunnaki.  These terms are intentionally nebulous in meaning but do, in fact, describe the Anunnaki (the Elohim) in terms of history of interaction with Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens is also not a word found in the tablets. They called humans lulus or adamus, as found in the tablets. The Nephilim are the hybrid off-spring of the Elohim who ‘found the human females to be fair (meaning attractive) and raped them, as described in the bible and the tablets.  These elohim are also referred to as “fallen angels” representing the opinion of the pure Anunnaki gods who disapproved of this practice, even though they all succumbed to the temptation eventually, including Enki and Enlil. 

I have read many books by many different authors on the topic of the Sumerian tablets.  Mainstream scientists, who receive their pay from the government, directly or indirectly, confirm the translations of this information, but insist it is totally mythological.  Unbiased scholars are able to discern the  truth as the obvious source of the derivative content of the Old Testament. Nobody seems to have a problem with the bibles, written by humans to serve their own agendas, but just can’t believe that the original source documents, the tablets, dug out of the ancient ruins could be genuine.  Even though they number more than 1 million so far. Does this seem at all backward to you? With the information now available, one must consider why it makes no sense to accept the obviously contrived bible versions, created thousands of years later by Hebrew priests who wished to tell a different story in the light of the actual source documents.  The Hebrew story converts the top-dog god, Enlil, into a mono-theistic single god, Lord Enlil-Yahweh, who brought them out of slavery to the land of milk and honey, to become the sole inheritors of the Earth and the masters of the goyim.  It is fact that the semite followers of Enlil were led around under his supervision.  There is only one little problem with this….Enlil-Yahweh is not GOD.  He is a very deficient and highly flawed mortal, even if he seemed immortal to short-lived humans.

Why should you believe the tablets over the bible?  One reason is because of ‘cui bono’….who gains from the deceit?  Because the Anunnaki were fastidious record keepers who had nothing to gain by lying.  Most of the tablets contain information on births, deaths, deeds, fiats, liens, marriages, divorces, bank accounts, common laws and other common records.  The Anunnaki gods did not need to write an altered version of history because they were already the “top dogs”.  They had no need to plagiarize and alter their documents to surreptitiously gain some advantage over humans.  They already had total control and dominance over the humans who worshiped them as though they were gods.  These documents are the source which far pre-date those plagiarized from them by the Hindus, Hebrews and Romans, who wrote the vedas, old testament and new testament respectively thousands of years later to advance their own specific agendas.

If you can open your mind, you will find there are many different themes that will ring with truth in support of the information in the tablets.  Over time, I am going to write on each one of them, but in this particular blog, I am going to focus on Nibiru.  Zecharia Sitchin, archeologist/author, has written a book entitled The 12th Planet.  He is counting the sun and the moon of Earth in this total, but the main point is the planet Marduk of Nibiru, being related to our solar system in a binary system.  Many contend that if this was true, it would have been discovered by astronomers by now.  This is not necessarily correct thinking.  The existence of such a planet was predicted by astronomers at least 100 years before Sitchin ever wrote a word about it.  This was based on numerous anomalies that were observed in the orbits of the outer planets of the solar system that indicated the presence of gravitational forces causing orbital perturbations.  In fact, this was how Pluto was discovered.  However, Pluto is way too small to account for the massive gravitational effects observed, so it is not the body being sought. 

Planets of the system of Sol

Most, if not all, stars exist in binary systems within the observable cosmos.  Not all of these twin stars are actively emitting visible light, being among various stages of their life-cycle, such as brown dwarfs.  Nibiru is described in the tablets as faintly glowing body, about four times the size of the Earth.  Since so-called modern observational astronomy is only a couple hundred years old, no one among present day astronomers has actually been alive during a period when Nibiru was in close proximity to Earth.

 Observing a dark body in the realms of space where Nibiru would be located during this period of time is extremely difficult, because it is not highly visible, but is an emitter at infra-red (IF) frequencies. Most new discoveries are made by amateur astronomers.  NASA, as a scientific organization, is a total fraud which spends trillions of dollars on fake programs and obfuscation of truth.  It is one of the many havens for the Fourth Reich.

NASA has probably sent feather-weight probes out of Earth’s gravitational field, but certainly no Mars rovers or men to the moon. They have spent $trillions on staging fake space missions to carry on the façade that gigantic-government is essential to the future of
mankind and they are the source of technology that we all must heed.

A sky survey in 1983, known as IRAS, using an infra-red sensing telescope, did identify a ‘Dark Star’ about the size of Jupiter at about 500 AU from the sun, about the correct distance.   This object was located in Orion, also the correct location.  After the announcement and initial excitement, NASA quickly removed any data referencing this object from the database and has not released anything further on it over all of these subsequent years.  This has become typical of NASA’ modus operandi, as almost daily, amateur astronomers see objects in sky photos of the current day, taken by the satellite telescopes, appear, then disappear by photo-shopped retouching the next day.  There is obviously a lot going on in the cosmos that NASA is hoping to keep from the public eye.  No doubt there is significance to this, or the effort would not be so ceaseless and all encompassing.

In 1986, William Corliss, a researcher who was cataloging anomalies from IRAS, as well as other sky surveys, published his book entitled “The Sun and Solar System Debris – a Catalog of Astronomical Anomalies”.  In his book, he made note of an object captured by the IRAS survey which has similarities to the “NASA-disappeared” object found in Orion described above.  This one is located in the zodiacal constellation of Sagittarius.  Oops, already in a book, too late for NASA to squelch the data.  Well, don’t worry, scientism is just as effective as NASA at squelching published data by disparaging it, then refusing to acknowledge anything further about it.  Now, 28 years later, this remarkable data has again come of interest to researchers independent of the government.  There is a dark star in our solar system located in Sagittarius with a mass several times that of Jupiter and a temperature of 270 degrees Kelvin.  Why are NASA and their minions so anxious to shelve important data of this nature?  Data supportive of Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian tablets describing the home planet of the Anunnaki cannot be revealed to the public. This would reveal the ‘hidden hand’ of the Matrix controllers, the homo capensis, who are your true rulers in this world, left in-charge when the Anunnaki went home in 800 BCE..

The infrared sensing telescope used to conduct the IRAS survey.

  Sitchin describes the path of Niburu as entering the inner solar system from Orion and departing through Sagittarius, in the plane of the ecliptic, the orbital plane of the inner planets.  This would imply that Nibiru’s path is not as inclined to the ecliptic as some predict, but all else is supported by the tablets in terms of the passage through the already known and defined constellations.  In fact, this part of the sky is very special to the ancient Egyptians, who called it “Duat”, denoting the point of visibility of Nibiru, which is no longer in that area today, but very far away in the opposite portion of the sky, in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is a summer constellation that sits very low in the Southern sky, not readily visible to observers in the Northern hemisphere, in the heart of the galactic plane.  This makes observation of Nibiru particularly difficult at this time due to the vast number of objects along this plane, both galactic and solar system.

The next question might be….”when is Nibiru going to be within observable distance?” where NASA can’t prevent awareness of its presence?  The answer to this question is around 2,800 CE.  Nibiru is visible from Earth for a period of about 65 years during each passage.  The last passage of Nibiru though the inner solar system was 800 BCE at perihelion.  This puts Nibiru at aphelion around 1,000 CE.  Since it is now 2019, only about 781 years remain before this event occurs, relatively short in terms of cosmic time spans.  On the 800 BCE passage, no serious consequences were felt on Earth.  However, on the passage of 11,600 BCE, the Anunnaki were aware well in advance that Nibiru would be disastrously close to Earth, such that gravitational forces would cause serious tsunamis in all the oceans of the globe as the polar ice caps collapsed due to the ending ice age.

 Enlil convened a council which made the decision to allow the resultant flood to totally annihilate the homo sapiens and the nephilim on Earth, thus eliminating what was considered a serious problem and a prior mistake.  The homo capensis and homo sapiens sapiens had not yet been created. Were it not for the subtle disobedience of Enki in informing his son, Ziusudra (Noah), of this impending disaster, we would not be here today, in all likelihood.  In the Anunnaki council where this decision was made, Enki was sworn to secrecy and to abide by the majority decision.  He conveyed this knowledge of the impending disaster to Ziasudra in a subtle fashion by describing the situation out loud within ear-shot, allowing for plausible deniability.  He also designed the craft that was to be built to withstand the conditions of the tsunami, as well as collecting DNA samples from the plant and animal species that would be saved and then be reconstituted subsequent to the flood. This history of the flood exists in every culture throughout the planet with remarkable synchronicity and timing of events.

At the passage of Nibiru in 8000 BCE,  Anu and other dignitaries of Nibiru visited Earth to make decisions about the on-going culture of the growing and spreading race of homo sapiens.  For example, it was decided that demi-gods, who were at minimum one-half Anunnaki genetically, would be the Kings to rule over Egypt, the beginning of the pharaoh dynastys, and other emerging civilizations developing elsewhere on the face of Earth.  On the passage of around 4400 BCE, another entourage of Anu visited Earth.  For this occasion, a new city, Uruk (Erech) was constructed with a new spectacular abode (temple) for Inanna (Ishtar), Anu’s beloved granddaughter, who remained on Earth after the departure of Anu’s delegation.

There have been numerous versions of the Epic of Creation, recreated from the Sumerian version over the thousands of years, substituting the names of the various Anunnaki gods currently in local power in the given region where the reclamation was underway, going all the way, three thousand years later, to the bible version.  The Sumerian version is as close to the original Anunnaki version as we are likely to ever find available due to the destruction of the Flood, and is the only one that is accurate.  They all share the title Enuma Elish and, other than the naming substitutions, all are scientifically accurate in terms of sequence of creation.  Enuma translates as when and Elish as high.  The common practice of that time was, in the naming of celestial bodies, to attribute the name of the gods (Anunnaki) who were the ostensible sources of the cosmic knowledge taught to men.

The Enuma Elish is found in seven cuneifrom tablets unearthed in Mesopotamia. It describes not only the characteristics of our solar system, but also the creation and reformation over the eons. This ancient information is only now being rediscovered by our science, who claim to have discovered it for the first time ever.

 Of course, by 600 BCE, the Hebrew writers of the old testament do not want multiple gods appearing in their story.  As a foot note, the old testament is claimed to be written by Abraham and Moses.  This has been proven to be false by literary experts through analysis of style and language usage. The timeline does not work at all.  The old testament was written at the much later date of 600 BCE by a host of different authors, at the time of captivity in Babylon, where versions of the Enuma Elish were readily accessible. The Babylonian version, by the way, substitutes Marduk (first son of Enki), the principal god at that time, for Lord Enlil-Yahweh. This is because Marduk is an even bigger megalomaniac than Enlil.

The Enuma Elish is written in seven clay tablets.  It begins with a description of a heaven and earth under the primeval Apsu (Sun) who begat them.  So far, nothing had been given names.  The earth in this case is Tiamat, the larger planet then orbiting in the path of the current asteroid belt, which is a water planet with no dry land yet appearing.  At that time, only Mummu (Mercury, Chaos)  had been formed or captured by the sun.  Next, Lahmu (Mars) and Lahamu (Venus) were formed or captured (theory holds that Venus was a captured comet).  The orbit of Venus may have been more comet-like, similar to Nibiru.  Much later, according to Immanuel Velikovsky, Venus was involved in a close encounter with Earth around 600 BC, during the flight of the Hebrews from an unknown location, not Egypt, which accounted for some of the phenomenon experienced on Earth at that time, attributed as miracles performed by Moses.

The aftermath has Venus being captured into its present orbit.  From this point in the creation of the solar system, “ages increased”, meaning much time passed.  Next in the creation agenda comes the formation of Kishar (Jupiter), Anshar (Saturn) and Gaga (Pluto).  Maybe you thought Pluto was a recent discovery (1939).  Finally, after the passage of much more time, comes Anu (Uranus) and Ea (Neptune), completing the ensemble of the inner solar system. 

Before continuing with the creation of the solar system, I want to tell you some interesting things that are related, coming from modern day astrophysics and astronomy.  Author, Andy Lloyd, in his book The Dark Star, has done a credible job of consolidating the research over the recent past related to existence of the star system called Marduk/Nibiru.  He makes a point early in the book, to the affect that man has a psychological craving to be the center of his universe.  As such, new information and discoveries have been resisted with great vigor, urged on by religions wanting to maintain their position of control and superiority as exclusive intercessors between the flock and the god.  This has been achieved, historically, by keeping information of cosmology exclusively in the hands of the priesthood, who could use it strategically to ‘shore up the faith of the flock’ by display of knowledge and prediction of cosmic events, especially solar and lunar eclipses. Each discovery that exposes our ordinariness in the eyes of the Cosmos reduces our concept of self-importance and is rejected off-hand for that reason alone. 

Astronomers now know that a planet beyond the orbit of Pluto need not be cold and uninhabitable.  Study of brown dwarf stars has shown they produce sufficient heat and light to provide their planets with habitable environments.  There is also a great deal of evidence that one of these dwarf stars exists as a binary companion to the sun.  Besides the planets, the bulk of the solar system is comprised of comets, asteroids. the Asteroid Belt, the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud that make up the bulk of the mass of the system. 

Stone carvings of astronauts unearthed from ancient sites.

 As is typical within scientism today, the mainstream scientists choose to adopt the position that it is all ‘settled science’ which is orthodox and no longer subject to new information or discoveries.  The burden is thus carried by the fewer but braver true scientists, often amateurs, who have open-minds and quest for truth.  All new important discoveries of the so-called modern age of science have resulted from the efforts of these few true scientists, most of whom were persecuted and disparaged in their day, until their efforts later proved true and were immediately accepted by the professional pseudo-scientists as their own. 

It is actually more difficult to observe such a binary dwarf companion star of our sun than it is to study more remote star systems.  Since other star systems are much further distant, this may seem contradictory, but it is the old adage….”you can’t see the forest for the trees” when you are standing in the middle of the forest.  Observing similar binary star systems is done using different observational methods which are not possible within our own system.  Suffice to say, the cosmos is rife with examples of such systems, with at least three-quarters of all star systems known to be binary.  One thing that we do know about our own sun is that its movement is eccentric, caused by gravitational influences. 

About 3.9 billion years ago, 500 million years after the birth of the solar system, the Earth and its moon were devastated by some massive body or bodies, the evidence of which is still clearly visible on the surface characteristics of both.  It is quite clear to at least speculate that another large cosmic body invaded the inner solar system at that time.  Other planets and moons of the inner solar system also display similar evidence of this cataclysmic encounter.  This event re-arranged the solar system as a consequence of impacts between the invading body and the existing planets and moons.  This is not the last time such cataclysmic interactions have occurred.  Not by a long shot.

In The Dark Star, Andy Lloyd uses an analogy for astronomy.  He describes it as looking through a garden hose at night.  You might be able to see the lights from you neighbor’s window, but your own back yard will be totally invisible.  The sun’s gravitational influence extends to 50,000 AU’s  (one AU is the distance between the Earth and the sun, 93,000,000 miles), but our knowledge of the solar system extends out only 50 AU’s.  In terms of area, we have knowledge of a miniscule portion of the realm of the sun.  In this analogy, if our back yard extends out 100 meters, then we see only the first 10 centimeters of our back stoop.  Yet, for some reason, we assume an excellent knowledge of the solar system beyond Neptune, which is blatantly untrue.

Dr. John Murray of the Open University of England studied trajectories of long-period comets thought to originate from the Oort Cloud, which has a random, but spherical distribution around the sun, like the skin of an orange.  Thus comets dislodged from this cloud should be randomly distributed.  His study showed this not to be so, rather that there is a clustering which indicates the effect of a large body, a ‘disturber’, within the Oort Cloud that is causing a patterned distribution of comets being kicked out of the cloud.  From this, Dr. Murray predicted the location and orbit of the ‘perturber’ to be almost exactly that described by Zecharia Sitchin for Nibiru.  It was inclined to the orbital plane by 30 degrees, also as described by Sitchin.

Kuiper belt

Back to the Enuma Elish, there was no planet between Venus and Mars in the solar system at this early time.  Earth, in its present zone was absent and Pluto was a moon of Saturn.  There was a watery monster planet called Tiamat (translates: “maiden who gave her life”) orbiting between Mars and Jupiter which had a large moon called Kingu.  “Then, along came a wandering planet that was not a part of the inner solar system, which collided with Tiamat.  This planet is Nibiru, and his dominance is clear”.  To quote: “Nibiru is the star which in the skies is brilliant.  Truly he holds the central position, they shall bow down to him, saying: “He who the midst of the Sea restlessly crosses, let ‘Crossing’ be his name, who controls its midst……”  As a result of the collision between one of Marduk’s eight planets/moons and Tiamat, Tiamat is split in two, resulting in the Earth, which moves to its present orbit (the habitation zone) along with and retaining the moon, and the remainder fractures into pieces forming the Asteroid Belt, in the former orbit of Tiamat.

 Continuing the quote:  “Marduk, as Anu, his father, called him from his birth; Who provides grazing and drinking places, enriches their stalls,  Who with the flood-storm, his weapon, vanquished the detractors, And who the gods, his fathers, rescued from distress.  Truly the Son of the Sun, most radiant of gods is he, In his brilliant light may they walk forever!”  (Tablet VI, lines 124 – 129).  The designation “Son of the Sun” is indicative of a binary star system where the Sun is the father and Marduk is the son, at a past time when, as a smaller star, it produced more light.  Over the vast time, it has become a brown dwarf today, as will our Sun in the future. 

Modern day astronomers maintain that the Enuma Elish should only be considered a mythical story and not be interpreted as referring to real stellar bodies.  However, in spite of metaphor, the actual information contained is not only accurate but more advanced than modern astronomy, a great threat to the establishment who claims to be discovering science for the first time, although, in truth, they are just rediscovering a bit knowledge from the distant past.

  The versions of the tablets from which this information comes relay ancient oral and written tradition from the Anunnaki gods, who obviously had knowledge surpassing current science.  In the 25,980 year Cycle of Consciousness, we are making our way through the Kali Yuga, the lowest state of consciousness.   Only a few from among the billions are awakening from this state of unconsciousness to re-learn the vast knowledge that has been lost during the descending cycle.  We need all the help we can derive from the shreds of antiquity discovered in the ruins of the great civilizations of the by-gone enlightened age.

Binary system, a second sun, companion to Sol. This companion solar system has 7 planets. One is the home planet of the Anunnaki. This system is exerting an attractive force on the solar system.

In the translations of the Sumerian tablets, it is told that the Anunnaki came to Earth from a planet with an elliptical orbit with a long orbital cycle.  A lone planet, far from the sun would seem to be unable to support life, based on current theory.  But the tablets also describe this body as glowing, with red wings.  This suggests a star progressing to the brown dwarf stage.  The tablets also describe this object as having a number of ‘attendants’.  This would indicate a planetary system of planets and moons.

 Another paper, published in 1985, written by astronomer Jack Hill, in referencing John Murray’s publications, added that the orbit of the Perturber through the Oort Cloud would be subject to the effects of the galactic tide over periods of hundreds of millions of years, thus would not have the stability of the orbits of the inner planets but would be constantly changing slightly in its path, causing it to drift towards the sun on some periodic basis.  This is likely what occurred 3.9 billion years ago when the planet Nibiru came into the inner solar system  and reaked havoc, as described in the Enuma Elish.  If a smaller brown dwarf binary companion star periodically entered the Kuiper Belt in a close passage to the sun, then it would leave evidence of its passage on the minor planetary bodies comprising the Kuiper Belt.  In fact, over the past few years of scientific study of what is called the ‘Kuiper Gap’, a zone in the Kuiper Belt has been swept clean of these small planetary bodies.  It is theorized that this sweeper may the binary companion star.

The Oort Cloud is the haven and source of the comets that break free from the cloud and travel through the solar system in a trajectory determined by the sun. Comets can be kicked out of the cloud by the passing forces of Marduk/Nibiru.

We usually denote bodies that revolve around a star as planets and bodies that revolve around  planets as  moons.  However, when the moons of the giant planets of the outer solar system are considered, they are more similar to the Earth itself, than to the Earth’s moon, in size and other characteristics such as possessing atmospheres. 

For example, Titan, moon of Jupiter, has a thick atmosphere, weather systems, oceans and land masses making it much more Earth-like than the planet Pluto.  The point is, things are not nearly so neat and tidy as modern scientism would like to have us believe.  Scientism also likes to have us think that everything is neat and orderly in terms of celestial orbits that have clock-like precision, but this is far from fact. Things may seem this way in the inner solar system viewed over what is time spans amounting to the blink of a cosmic eye, but over relatively short time spans in cosmic terms, at greater distances from the sun, there is great chaos. 

For objects like Marduk/Nibiru, which travel far from the Sun with a long duration cycle, it is to be expected that path and periodicity will be influenced by many factors over time and each cycle will possibly differ.  Because of this, by studying the after-effects of the passage of Marduk through the Kuiper Belt or the Oort Cloud, it can appear as two different bodies when it is really just the same one.  It can cause different researchers to find different data sets from different time frames creating the picture not quite in agreement with the idea of a precision orbit and period, but which is really the same phenomenon. 

Brown dwarfs are a relatively new type of object that have not been observed and studied until very recently.  They are  stars that have insufficient mass to create enough gravity to develop or maintain the normal fusion processes, thus they have varying degrees of lesser chemical and electrical activity to produce Infra-red (IR) heat and light.  They would definitely be uninhabitable, but they do have moons or planets that would potentially be habitable. 

Illustration of the “Iron Belt” also known as the asteroid belt. This was the orbital position of Tiamat prior to collision with Kingu, sending half of its material to form the planet, Earth and leaving the fragments of the other half to form the asteroid belt.

Therefore, it is possible that life may be present on those objects in the habitation zone.  Is it also not feasible that the brown dwarf, itself, would make a passage as close to the Sun as that described for Nibiru.  However, it is possible that on its closest proximity to the Sun, one or more of its planets could cross through the solar system and, under some circumstances cause interference.  Brown dwarfs emitting only in the IR band would produce lesser amounts of harmful UV cosmic radiation.  Brown dwarfs have now been found to be equally plentiful to normal stars in the Milky Way galaxy. “Normal” to us is defined based on our own extremely limited set of senses and is not necessarily “normal” for other entities. Normal is an ingrained tendency for us to see our solar system as having always been the way we now see it. 

Pluto and its relatively huge moon, Charon, are more of a binary pair, definitely not a normal evolutionary development.  The Enuma Elish has Pluto as originally a moon of Saturn, which was ripped away by the passage of Nibiru 3.9 billion years ago, and then named Gaga.   Titan, Saturn’s closest moon, which has an elliptical orbit, is also an anomaly, as it should have a circular orbit due to the tidal friction of Saturn, over the time spans involved.  Only if it had a totally smooth surface could this non-circular orbit exist.

NASA deep space probe Voyager 1

 However, the Cassini spacecraft proved that Titan’s surface is not smooth.  Something has to account for the disturbance to Titan’s orbit, which is again likely to be the passage of Nibiru of 3.9 billion years ago.  Looking at planet Earth, somehow a small wobble was induced into its axial rotation which produces what is called the Precession of the Equinoxes over a period of 25,980 years, the Cycle of Consciousness.  Precession cannot be accounted for by interaction of the Earth with the Sun.  Robert Cunningham, an expert in cyclostratigraphy, the study of rock layers, argues that the precession shows a historical record in rocks.  They demonstrate a harmonic period, the difference between the regeneration of each effect in the rock layers, of 3600 years, the exact periodicity of Nibiru, one shar.  Other researchers have also attributed the Precession of the Equinoxes directly to the binary companion star in the solar system.

NASA scientist, Maurice Chatelain, has found parallels to the work of Robert Cunningham in a 15 digit number found in one of the Assyrian clay tablets from the library of Assyrian King Assurbanipal.  This number is 195,955,200,000,000 from the sexigesimal equivalent found in the tablet.  Chatelain demonstrated that this figure represents the multiple of all the periods and orbital cycles of the planets of the solar system when expressed in seconds to within 4 decimal places.

 The  Sumerians, Mesopotamians and Assyrians had acquired astounding data about the solar system that could not even be interpreted until the present day.  He called this the “Nineveh Constant” which reveals a cosmic resonance throughout the solar system, a physical relationship between the energies of the planetary orbits.  In other words, this number is a constant because any change on the part of one planet results in the alteration of the orbital parameters of the others so that resonance is maintained.  The angular momentum’s of the planets add up to a constant so that any ‘Perturber’ within the system that affects even a single planet affects all the planets.

In the Enuma Elish, an encounter is told to have occurred between Nibiru and Uranus (Anu) that included an exchange of moons.  Unlike all the other planets in the solar system, Uranus is tilted on its side with respect to the orbital plane around the Sun.  Its original moon also orbits in this tilted plane.  Astrophysicists conclude that Uranus was knocked over on its side by an encounter with another planet at some time in the distant past.  In addition, Uranus has a pair of acquired moons discovered in 1997, which have highly eccentric orbits and rotate in the opposite direction of Uranus and its native moons.  This supports the information in the Enuma Elish of the encounter 3.9 billion years ago of a near-miss between Nibiru and Uranus.

Nibiru, Jupiter, Earth comparison.

The Earth’s moon is one of the most unlikely of all natural scenarios in the solar system.  Most planets the size of Earth do not have moons, or may have only asteroid-sized satellites, like Phobos and Deimos of Mars.  The moon is simply too large to have been a natural formation.  Earth is also too small to simply have captured a body the size of the moon in some natural manner.  Analysis of substance and dating indicate that the moon was formed of the same material at the same time as Earth.  Thus, it is most likely that the moon was actually part of the Earth at one time in the distant past and only became a satellite following a cosmic collision.  As you have read previously, the Earth and moon were originally part of Tiamat until Kingu, the moon of Nibiru collided with it 3.9 million years ago.

Astronomers are still stumped by the problem of how giant planets the size of Uranus and Neptune were able to form in their present orbits in the outer zone of the solar system.  There simply has not been enough time and should not have been enough material for the accretion process to account for them.  It should be that the larger planets would form closer to the Sun and ever smaller planets farther away from the Sun.  There is a principle known as Bode’s Law that dictates order and position for planetary formation.  While the Earth, in its present position, complies nicely with Bode’s Law, there should also be a planet between Mars and Jupiter in the location of the Asteroid Belt.  As you have read previously, Tiamat was in the orbital position of the Asteroid Belt at the time it was impacted by Kingu, resulting in the Earth and its moon moving to the predicted orbital position it now occupies.  At the 30th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, TX in 1999, NASA announced that “Analysis of data from the Lunar Prospector spacecraft has confirmed that the moon has a small core, supporting the idea that the moon was ripped away from the Earth itself when an object the size of Mars collided with the Earth”.  The date of impact was estimated to be 4.45 billion years ago, but more recent discoveries have brought this date closer to 3.9 billion years.  The Asteroid Belt was clearly formed from some early destructive event.  The Mars-sized body cited in this analysis is the moon Kingu, as you have read from the Enuma Elish.

Schoemaker-Levi cometary fragments striking Jupiter.

When comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter in 1994, it allowed astronomers to collect a great deal of data about the inner atmosphere of Jupiter, previously inaccessible.  An unexpected finding was large amounts of water.  Recall that Tiamat was a watery giant planet and large amounts of water were expelled into the solar system.  This also accounts for the large amount of water present on Earth at this early stage.  At the same time as the comet collision with Jupiter, the spacecraft Galileo was in position to capture the collision on camera, as well as release its atmospheric entry probe into Jupiter’s atmosphere on 7 December, 1995.  Although the probe was destroyed about one hour after release, it sent data confirming a massive amount of water in the atmosphere.

 In its present orbit, Earth is relatively close to the Sun, and water, being volatile, would have been expelled before the Earth was fully formed, had it formed in its present orbit.  Scientists tried to claim that the water is a result of comets colliding with Earth, depositing their water into the oceans.  However, the electric universe studies have shown that comets are not the ice balls once thought.  Furthermore, the isotopic properties of terrestrial water and cometary ice are quite different, with comets carrying large amounts of deuterium which is relatively rare on Earth.  Then they tried to prop up the failing theory by advancing the idea of water from asteroid collisions.  Another non-starter, as the chemical compositions are also a mismatch.  The conclusion is that Earth brought its volatiles with it from the start because Tiamat formed much further from the Sun (4 AU).

NASA Mariner 9 space probe

Unlike the Oort Cloud, which is like the skin of an orange encompassing the solar system, the Kuiper Belt lies mainly in the orbital plane of the ecliptic.  Further, within the Kuiper Belt there is an immense gap of essentially nothing.  Kuiper objects should be highly subject to the influences of Neptune and Pluto, but they seem to be de-coupled from this influence.  This indicates the existence of one or more large objects beyond the inner plane that are the predominant gravitational influencers of Kuiper objects. 

At this time, telescopes are not able to explore objects in the farther plane beyond the gap due to the problem mentioned earlier about the ‘garden hose in the dark’ analogy.  Astronomer Michael Brown of Cal Tech says…”It’s now only a matter of time before something is going to be discovered out there that will change our entire view of the outer solar system”.  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are recently discovered planets that have only been visible to more advanced telescopes, thus it is not a surprise that a large object beyond the Kuiper gap has not been observed telescopically.  However, it may be the only explanation for the Kuiper Gap. The prestigious publication New Scientist, in its article entitled 13 Unsolved Mysteries of Science, included the Kuiper Cliff as number 10.” The Kuiper Cliff is where the density of space rocks in the Kuiper Belt drops off dramatically.  There seems to be no explanation except for the presence of a hidden terrestrial-sized planet exerting its influence by sweeping this area clean.”

Depiction of the orbit of Nibiru as it approaches perihelion.

So, what is the bottom line here with the research of modern astrophysics and how does this relate to the written history of a very old, but highly sophisticated civilization of the Golden Age? The actual translation for Nibiru is “Planet of the Crossing”, which has been thought to refer to the crossing of the orbits of the inner planets.  Another interpretation of this could be in reference to a cosmic “ferry” such as provides the means to cross from one point to another in space.  Let’s look again at what the Enuma Elish actually says:

“NIBIRU:  The Crossroads of Heaven and Earth he shall occupy.  Above and below, they shall not go across; They must await him.

NIBIRU:  Planet which is brilliant in the heavens.  He holds the central position; to him they must pay homage.

NIBIRU:  It is he who without tiring, the midst of Tiamat keeps crossing, let ‘CROSSING’ be his name – the one who occupies the midst”

What if Marduk is the brown dwarf star, the binary companion of the Sun, which has seven planets, the most distant being Nibiru, the only planet of the Marduk system which actually enters the Sun’s inner solar system.  Another of the seven planets is located in the “habitation zone” of the Marduk system, which never passes close enough to enter the inner solar system itself. 

Nibiru, when within the inner solar system is located in the closest proximity to Earth and Mars of any body of the binary twin’s system.  Therefore, Nibiru is the “ferry” which can be reached most rapidly and conveniently from Earth and/or Mars to transport gold or passengers from the Sun system to the Marduk system at this close passage each 3600 years.  Read the above quotation again, in light of this interpretation, and you will see what I mean.   I would seem that the interplanetary travel is only possible between Earth and Nibiru when they are in close proximity.

One of the factors that has caused astronomers to take exception with Sitchin is that Nibiru is said to enter the solar system traveling backwards, or retrograde, through the heavens.  This casts doubt on Nibiru being one of the original members of the Sun’s planetary system, which should have all planets moving in the same direction, regardless of the size of the orbit.  In this interpretation, Marduk has an orbit with respect to the Sun that complies with that of all of the other planets, just at a much greater distance from the Sun.  The sun is dominant in the binary relationship.

Depiction of the Nibiru orbit relative to the inner planets

 All of Marduk’s planets orbit in the same pro-grade manner as the Sun’s planets do with respect to the Sun.  However, if you are able to visualize these two systems from the standpoint of an observer on Earth, a member of the planetary system orbiting the Sun, you will easily see how a planet of Marduk can appear to the Earth-bound observer as traveling in retro-grade.  If this type of system seems to be not credible, then you have not been keeping up with recent discoveries in astronomy.  A recently observed system consisting of a brown dwarf star with its own solar system, designated ‘1207’ is being studied at this present time.

I have intentionally not presented all of the modern day scientific research that supports the Marduk/Nibiru existence, but, in the interest of brevity, tried to give you the most compelling information.  There is a great deal of additional information that the more inquisitive reader can find to further enhance the credibility of the Enuma Elish and the translations of the tablets as historical fact. 

The Enuma Elish was the most hallowed text of the Babylonians, the direct cultural descendants of Sumer.  It is a copy of much more ancient knowledge that goes back hundreds of thousands of years.  But even these tablets, the copies unearthed so far, are ancient compared to the Old Testament of the bible, which is obviously copied from them.  The first 6 tablets are devoted to the explanation of the creation of the solar system, the seventh is devoted to exultation of Marduk, the Lord.  Get it?  Six days of creation and one day of exultation, the seven tablets are the seven days.

Religions and scientists intensely need to have well established beginnings in order to legitimatize their subjects.  If we can’t establish a scholarly tradition with a glorious past, we kind of lose our sense of destiny.  Well here we have discovered a new scholarly tradition with a glorious past that differs from the one the establishment has adopted and bet all their marbles on.  Yet their paradigm is clearly a derivative of this newly found tradition which has numerous embarrassing alterations and omissions that have been contrived to establish a false paradigm which is being used to control and exploit the entire civilization of the world.   

Reporting truthfully and accurately on these newly found facts thus necessitates the questioning of the established authority and their rules, customs, tenets, creeds, belief systems, right-to-rule, laws and traditions of their outdated paradigm.  One must expect to be disparaged by the establishment who sees their very on-going existence threatened.  While they wield the power, they are going to lash out in every way they can to squelch these new truths, as they have been doing for centuries as new truths have emerged in a host of fields. Not all readers will be ready to adopt new truths, but it is vitally important to stubbornly follow the path of truth in order to lead a successful and fulfilled life.  My commitment is to present my readers with the truth, wherever it leads, without fear of the so-called definitions as sanctioned by law or custom, rights of heredity, or conformance with established mandates, rules, standards or principles in the interest of providing an accurate understanding of one’s heritage. Having a false understanding of your heritage can only lead to a fake life devoid of meaning and ultimate fulfillment.

Students of science and religion will have noticed that whatever is not readily explainable is granted a theory which gradually becomes dogmatic. In this density at this stage of conscious evolution, not everything is available or knowable.   The Big Bang Theory is one such of these.  Explosions are very popular among modern exponents of science and religion.  While a modern day cosmologist will try to tell you that I am crazy, he will then try to tell you that we all originate from an infinitely small point (meaning nothing) that is exploding, and meanwhile forming all of the objects in the cosmos. 

OK then, that really explains it for me….how about you?  Is that really any more rational or satisfying than believing the cosmos was brought into existence by a higher dimensional consciousness meditating on the cosmic “OM”?  String theory postulates that the background energy of the cosmic vacuum begins vibrating and “superstrings” form from it.  These strings are twenty orders of magnitude smaller than atoms, where space and time do not exist.  This background energy, called the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) or Zero Point Field (ZPF) is hyperdimensional and is the subject of other blogs on this site, which you can find in the archives.

ZPE pervades every aspect of our cosmos and, being quantum, is beyond the laws of classical physics in space/time, a special case of a greater reality.  The energy density of ZPE is infinitely greater that nuclear energy or any other form of 3D energy.  ZPE is quantum electromagnetic but beyond our 3D space/time.  It arises from an orthogonal (90 degree angle) electric flux from a fifth (or higher) dimension.  This energy can become coherent in 3D and form matter which has properties derived from continuous information from the higher dimension transported via the ZPE (Chi).  Quantum physicists call this the implosion (or collapse) of the energy vortex into a fractal platonic solid, which forms all of the elements in the periodic table. Interestingly enough, what brings about this implosion is consciousness itself.  So long as modern scientists deny consciousness, they will never get beyond blowing things up in great explosions of chemicals.  You won’t find this in any peer-reviewed publications where other misguided scientists review the work of their fellow misguided author to allow the misguided information to be fed to public dissemination…..sort of like incest.

To keep things at the ultra-simple level, let’s just agree that the cosmos was formed by the first “sound” in what may be just another round of the many previous cycles of the illusion of space/time, about 15 billion years ago.  Then, 10 billion years later, the topic of our current conversation comes up….the formation of our Solar System.  Is this yet another theory?  Not necessarily.  There is powerful evidence that the final or current configuration of our solar system was borne witness to by intelligent beings who were in an eye witness position.  These witnesses were also sticklers for detail and preservation of historical events in a medium destined to survive for the benefit of posterity.  We no longer have to make guesses about this matter nor believe in fairy tale versions obviously contrived to serve the ends of greedy psychopaths.  Thanks to archaeologists and scholars, the written history has been located in the ruins of ancient advanced civilizations and the cuneiform language in which they were written has been translated with perfection.  Of course, modern terminology for objects of our time were not in existence at the time of the original writings, but these highly advanced people were also astute enough to leave drawings and diagrams that are more than sufficient to span the terminology gap. The texts of the clay tablets unearthed to date were published circa 3,000 to 10,000 BC. They contain notations that tell the reader that they are copies of much older texts.  The facts told in these texts are amazingly accurate, as has been, and is even to this day, proven by the discoveries of our modern scientific instruments and space probes.  Yet, this information was written tens or even hundreds of thousands of years before these so-called modern “discoveries”.  Ponder that for a moment.

Sitchin holding one of his ancient tablets left by the creator gods

After the Earth entered its present orbital position, it was not spherical, but highly irregular as the major chunk of Tiamat, post collision with Kingu.  At this time, the watery monster, as Tiamat was referred to, sent water into the solar system where it was captured by the outer planets accounting for the strange presence of water, recently discovered by space probes as described earlier.  Earth retained a portion of Tiamat’s water, but due to not being spherical, initially all of the water was on one side of the  spinning planet (Pacific) while the other side was solid land.  Prior to learning this from the Anunnaki, modern science had confirmed this initial state and even developed a theory that the land masses regularly gather together on a 450 million year cycle  (see Scientific American Apr. 1992 and Jan. 1995).  The last anniversary of this reunion occurred 300 million years ago and lasted until the landmass breakup of 180 million years ago.  The last gathering has America floating across the ocean and colliding with Europe and Asia creating Pangaea, the named given by Alfred L. Wegener in 1912 meaning “all lands”.  This is why the outlines of the east side of the Americas matches so closely with the west side of Europe, Africa and Asia.  Wegener also proposed the theory of continental drift.  When Wegener proposed all of his theories, he was ridiculed and disparaged.  Fifty years later, modern science realized there was something to this and devised the theory of plate tectonics, finally catching up with the realities of history provided by the Anunnaki countless thousands of years earlier.

The Voyager 2 spacecraft surveyed the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) discovering that their theories about these planets were not even remotely close to reality.  For example, in 1986, during its encounter with Uranus, Voyager 2 discovered not a planet of frozen gases, but a planet covered in a virtual ocean of water.  A gaseous atmosphere enshrouds the planet but below it was found a 6000 mile thick layer of super-heated water with temperatures as high as 8000 degrees F.  Furthermore, Uranus lies over on its side from an apparent collision with another large space object.  Its winds blow in a retrograde direction, counter to what is regarded as normal in the solar system.

 These findings, all counter the prevailing theories of planetary formation and behavior but exactly conform to the information described by the Anunnaki texts.  The temperature of the side of Uranus that is perpetually away from the Sun is actually the same as the side exposed to the Sun.  This is less a surprise than the fact that the geothermal energy generated by the planet itself far exceeds that provided by the Sun.  The moons of Uranus orbit its equator with the same tilt as the planet and would thus seem to be the result of matter thrown off from the planet by the collision.  Uranus also has rings similar to Saturn from smaller dust and debris that was spewed out at the time of the collision.  This information left scientists scratching their heads in disbelief as they calculated that the celestial object of the collision would have to be the size of the Earth traveling at 40,000 mph.

In 1987, Voyager 2 came in range of Neptune, another one of those cold gas giants with no core.  Ohoh!  This can’t be right…..Neptune is another blue-green planet with an atmosphere of gases, swept by winds over a heat-emanating solid core.  The tablets call Uranus Kakkab Shanamma, “planet which is the double” of Neptune.  Neptune also has rings, an inclined magnetic field, numerous satellites and even the same surface temperature, although a billion miles more distant from the Sun.  The heat generating capacity of these planets demonstrates a phenomenon previously unknown, even unsuspected, that could create a habitation zone for some of the moons located in the right orbit zones. 

Jupiter and Saturn have moons and rings that are also in large part water-ice, with the possibility of liquid water. Triton, the largest moon of Neptune, is larger than the planet Mercury and is up to 85% water, including a layer 100 miles thick of bubbling hot water.  Jupiter’s largest moon, Europa contains a sea of frozen ice with a layer of mushy water below and the possibility of liquid water oceans of 30 miles depth. 

It is interesting that the firmament and the heavens are divided at the asteroid belt, the former location of the orbit of Tiamat.  Modern astronomers were not even aware of the asteroid belt until the 19th century.  We can’t really hold that against them as the Sumerian texts were not actually translated until the mid 20th century.  Of course, none of them read it (the translation).

Looking at the moon, we see a problem that modern astronomers are well aware of.  Mercury and Venus have no moons.  Mars has two asteroid-sized captured moons.  The outer larger planets have numerous relatively smaller moons that appear to have been spewed off from their surfaces by collisions.  The Earth should, technically speaking, have no moon.  At the very least, it should only have an asteroid-sized captured moon.  The composition and the age of the moon indicate that it has the same origins and was formed at the same distance from the Sun, 4 AU, as the Earth itself, thus was not a captured body.  This can only be accounted for by the event (or one similar) told in the Enuma Elish of the Earth and moon being knocked from the mother planet, Tiamat, to their current orbital positions.

This is a lot of information about Nibiru, but, with all of the articles, blogs and You Tube videos screaming doom and destruction imminent by virtue of Nibiru, hopefully it is timely.  Most importantly, it is sound, factual scientific information that is derived from the Anunnaki historical records going back hundreds of thousands of years.  Look at this information in light of the state of mankind only a few hundred years ago, when the argument revolved around the Earth being flat or round and it is a real eye-opener that totally destroys the common story of evolution of the current civilization, not to mention scientism and theology.  Of course, the shills have us arguing once again about the flat versus round dialectic.

The belief system of most of mankind is ensconced in the bible, koran, talmud, vedas and numerous other stories that are of much more recent origin, of human design and obviously derived from the much more ancient tablets.  Is mankind going to face up to these obvious issues or are we so indoctrinated that we simply cannot receive new information with an open mind?  That is the real question that will likely determine the outcome of the current struggle between the bulk of common man and its tiny cadre of elite psychopathic masters who maintain total control and domination by means of their Matrix in the light of your ignorance and gullibility.


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