National Security Alert

Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and Combat Troops Dishonorably Discharged as Total Force ‘Vaxxination’ Decimates Military Readiness

We are experiencing the most devastating attack on the U.S. military in history!

An estimated 350,000 of our military service members are being dishonorably discharged for refusing to take a completely unnecessary and experimental mRNA nanotech injection, which is now proven to degrade immune systems and cause many serious side effects, including death.

Committing Total Force to these reckless injections, which do not protect troops from getting COVID, and, in fact, increase the threat of the spread and result in many provable side effects, is the greatest failure of military leadership in our history, at best. At worst, it is a deliberate treasonous attack against the U.S. military by the top of the Chain of Command.

To make matters even worse, an estimated 450,000 service members have recently been injected with the non-FDA approved Pfizer shot, even though many were falsely led to believe that they were getting the FDA-approved version, which is not even available in the U.S.


The outright lies, confusion and shocking lack of knowledge and incompetence demonstrated over the past week throughout the Chain of Command is a low point in U.S. military history.

As you are reading this, many of these coerced troops are now beginning to experience side effects and the ‘NOT-COVID’ infection rates are increasing throughout the force. The ‘NOT COVID’ disease is actually the vaxx-disease, which has been hospitalizing almost all civilians who take the vaxx. Many pilots are now grounded because of high risks of blood clots and heart failure while flying.

An estimated 400,000 military service members did not want the nanotech lethal injections but submitted to taking them because they couldn’t afford to live without pay, benefits and the devastating scarlet letter of a dishonorable discharge. This the height of coercion that the Ubermeisters have resorted to.

A dishonorable discharge has severe ramifications when it comes to being employed throughout the civilian workforce. It is essentially sentencing many of our troops to a life of low-wage work and poverty in the draconian mandate economy, which also now demands injections for many jobs, with all the severe economic sanctions under the guise of “public health” that they will now face in civilian life. Still, they made the right choice to refuse the vaxxine, which would definitely kill them in the near future, had they succumbed to the treachery

Based on our assessments, it is now clear the Global Private Military Complex has captured the top of the U.S. military Chain of Command and is systematically degrading the U.S. military as part of a worldwide strategy to weaken national civilian militaries.

Our military is their greatest adversary and primary target.

Make no mistake, to dishonorably discharge thousands of our most elite fighting forces is a blatant Act of War against the American people.

The all-out systemic attacks against the American people are Acts of War.

There are so many outrageously corrupt activities and systemic abuses presently happening under the guise of “public health” throughout the government that it is now very obvious that the American people do not have any effective representation on the federal or any other level. Not that they had any previously.

The dishonorable discharge policy also makes it likely that many of our most elite fighting forces will now be inclined to take jobs as mercenaries in the Global Private Military Complex to support their young families – how convenient.

The American people are now up against the same imperial playbook of policies that have been strategically deployed to destabilize the Middle East, Latin America and many other nations worldwide.  Now, the globalist “War on Terror” is targeting first world populations. This “mandate” attack against our military, police, doctors, nurses and other critical sectors is tactical destabilization 101.

Bottom line, there are significant numbers of people throughout the Intelligence Community, military, and Special Forces in particular, who know Rome has fallen.

The “New World Order” terrorists attacking humanity have become absurdly arrogant.  We are experiencing the imperial overreach that occurs when an endangered oligarchy’s power structure collapses.

The compromised Biden Administration has also launched an attack against all U.S. veterans who do not submit to nanotech injections. As of November 1, all non-injected veterans will be denied V.A. healthcare – another Act of War to add to the long list of abuses.

There is also a new “Red Flag” gun law that targets veterans and newly discharged troops. If anyone reports them for vague and minor suspicions, they will have their guns taken away from them.

The Biden Administration is even trying to call in the United Nations’ Blue Helmet troops to be , to enforce international gun control and undermine our 2nd Amendment rights. More than one million UN troops have been stationed within the physical borders of the US for over five years already.  They have full gear and armament at hand.  Obama has already signed an agreement that the UN forces are automatically boosted to ‘in-charge’ in any jurisdiction where martial law of any form is declared.

Everything that has happened over the past week is all coming right after a “deliberately botched” Afghanistan withdrawal, which was strategically designed to destroy troop morale and create division throughout the ranks.

In fact, Lt. Col. Stuart Sheller, who has been fighting this war for 17 years and is the highest ranking Marine to publicly speak out — after 13 of his fellow troops were unnecessarily killed — and demanded accountability from the top of the Chain of Command, is now a political prisoner in pre-trial brig solitary for an indefinite period of time, while no charges have even been filed against him.

Why does the DOD and the Biden not care a hoot about mass destruction of the ranks of the US Military?  It is due to the fact that the US is not going to have a military in the immediate future.  So killing off the military is actually easier than killing off the civilians, who still thank they have some rightful place in the world order. 

The US Has Soldiers Deployed in Almost Every Country on Earth

Crimes Against Humanity

All of this is happening as more than 7,800 doctors and scientists have signed a “Physicians  Declaration” condemning policymakers for “authoritarian” strategies that have resulted in “needless illness and death,” which amount to “Crimes Against Humanity.”

Official COVID policies have led to over 500,000 unnecessary civilian deaths throughout the United States.  The systemic shutdown of well-proven life-saving, safe and effective treatments, in favor of now well-proven harmful deadly treatments, is blatant systemic medical malpractice


Based on our assessments, it is clear that COVID is a bio-weapon that has been strategically released, and the spike protein and other ingredients in the mRNA nanotech injections are weaponized.

We also know that lockdowns have done significantly more harm than good, and now, with all these new mandates, our doctors, nurses and millions of essential workers throughout every sector of the economy are losing their jobs.

We are witnessing the deliberate incremental systemic dismantling and destruction of our country. The Global Private Military Complex is tactically turning America into a train wreck from which very little will survive. Effectively, The US has no functional military and as the vaxx’d die off, it will get only worse.

The amount of military movement throughout and around the continental U.S. is highly alarming. The designation and building of “internment facilities” under the guise of “public health,” and the fortification of Walmart’s across the country, is also concerning.  I am sure that by now, everyone knows that Walmart is one of the fascist companies that is owned by the government, just like GE, GM, Ford, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Tesla Motors, Facebook, Apple, and many more.

The shocking complete opening of our entire Southern border by the Biden Administration is another new major National Security threat. We have credible intelligence that terrorists, drug cartels and global intel-backed mercenaries have entered the country and are being strategically deployed throughout the United States.  To entertain the now irrational thought that the US has a National Security apparatus at all is a fool’s game.

They are primarily targeting critical infrastructure and essential services, supply lines and states that are not enforcing “injection” mandates.  They intend a clean victory where little or no physical damage will take place.  The citizens will just be ‘disappeared’.

The cargo ships are now overwhelming all of our ports in both oceans.  Our supply lines of essential goods are being strategically disrupted and these ships and their unknown cargo represent an urgent critical National Security threat. The strategy is obviously to strangle the delivery systems so that retail shelves are empty of foods and goods.

Weapons systems, missiles and drones are suspected to be in some of these cargo ships.  The nonexistent military is unable to inspect and process every container on hundreds of container vessels.  No security will be possible for this situation.


We have a wide-open Southern border and we are surrounded by hundreds of cargo ships. In totality, it is a complete shit show of systemic engineered breakdown, corruption, incompetence and arrogance, and all this is happening right after the botched Afghanistan exit, which killed 13 troops and left behind $85 billion in weapons – and now we are dishonorably discharging 350,000 troops while 400,000 are now injected with a weaponized “vaxxine” that is known to cause adverse events leading to death.

Clearly, Rome has fallen and rogue forces have compromised the Chain of Command.

The American people are under attack.

The Constitution is under attack and total disregard.

Therefore, we are now forced to attempt the engagement of tactical operations to save our nation and our families. We want to maintain peace while being surgical in detaining the terrorists.

Detain The Terrorists: Fauci, Gates, Schwab & Fink

The two most publicly known terrorists responsible for these systemic Crimes Against Humanity and Acts of War against the American people, and humanity in general, are Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, acting in their capacities as agents of the CIA. 

In addition, Klaus Schwab and Larry Fink have been key strategic driving forces behind overall systemic attacks against us.

The Markets are in the process of imploding and then into nothingness.

Fake illusory Democracies are no longer viable and politicians are just expelling hot air and waving their arms.

“China has done a magnificent job of engineering their economy.”

The Shadow King of Wall Street, Larry Fink, Black Rock CEO, Czar of the Lockdown Economy

It appears that Larry Fink is not too worried about the situation.  He is one of the kingpins who believes his place is among the survivors

The Intelligence Community and the top of the military Chain of the Command believe they all have a place among the survivors.  This remains to be seen, but seems unlikely.  There are no visible jobs open for these job codes.

Many people want a lot of rectification, but few will survive to see this day. In the West, all authority will be imposed, not elected or chosen.

We know that the Global Private Military is strategically attacking and systematically dismantling the United States and trying to incite division, desperation, confusion and chaos throughout the small remaining civilian population.

Total disarmament will take place possibly before the end of 2021, or at the latest very early 2022.  The forces of the UN will be the disarmers and they will do it fast and thorough.  Resisters will be killed on the spot with no discussion.

The Global Private Military is going to launch terror attacks throughout the U.S. as they increase their asymmetric unconventional warfare against people.

Violent outbreaks and resistance will be quelled summarily with great prejudice..

The Global Private Military has the purpose to cause chaos and violence to erupt throughout our country – that’s why they have been proactively systemically undermining our ability to obtain basic necessities and dismantling critical infrastructure and dismissing hundreds of thousands of police, military, healthcare and essential workforces via non-scientific and non-sensical mandates.

They are deploying the same divide and conquer tactics that they have used to destabilize the Middle East; to get us to fight amongst each other and provoke a civil war. They are using their mainstream media companies to exacerbate confusion and division.

Whether it is inciting the vaxxinated versus the unvaxxinated or identity politics, it is driven by psychological operations (PSYOP) strategies. Identity politics are strategically designed to silo civilian populations off into the smallest possible demographics so they fight amongst each other while imperial forces take over.

Therefore, we need to unite, keep the peace and be surgical in our unlikely counter-offensives.

Let it be known to all who perpetrate attacks against the American people that the overwhelming majority of our Special Operations Forces, combat troops and a standing decentralized militia of over 40 million U.S. veterans and well-armed combat-ready civilians are now prepared to defend this country.

The unconventional warfare tactics deployed against us through COVID vaxx policies must be ended by a “what ever it takes” policy.

Know Your Primary Enemies

The World Economic Forum, Business Roundtable, Black Rock, Vanguard and the most powerful global corporations have used and abused China and its people as a vassal state for low-wage sweatshop labor for decades.  What they have done to the Chinese is no longer of value.  Why? Because there are not going to be consumers.  Those still alive will have no viable currency with which to buy anything.  There will be no means of commerce. 

The people of China, Russia, Africa, and South America are not going to be terminated in this round, but they are going to be terminated in future rounds of armageddon. The non-human imperial interests have accepted a mission to terminate all homo sapiens sapiens.  Now they are just trying to get us exterminated so they can get onestablish a fascist New World Order among the targets for future extermination.

It is absolutely critical to understand that the war against freedom and humanity is not a battle between nation states.  The Ubermeisters have a Global Private Military that has no loyalty to any nation state – the worldwide release of a “vaxxine” (bio-weapon?) and systemic oppression of all nations via draconian fear tactics, lockdown policies and mandates should now make that clear to everyone.

In many ways, COVID is the newest front in the 100-year-old imperial final-solution for the huge error made in the Matrix, the most recent virtual reality created to control the human population.  The Global imperial powers have brutally dominated the third and developing world for many decades to decrease the scope of the problem..  With the totally fabricated COVID, the fascist imperial seed has now blossomed, and they are now targeting the first world populations.

Any hope for survival of this RESET will require counter measures to be surgical and laser-focused on the heads of the snake.

The immediate detainment of Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Larry Fink would be a first step in delaying the current progress of the Agenda.  However, these criminals are just the visible front-men, not the real perpetrators.

The Constitution of the United States is a hollow document.

Let it be clearly understood, the Constitution is only a compromise agreement between The US leaders and King George to end the conflict in a manner suitable to King George.  The Pilgrims did not defeat the British forces in a war of Independence.  This compromise just offered the prime figures a way to have a temporary win-win compromise that would facilitate the working relationship between the parties during the period of the RESET 1812.  RESET 2020 has now officially occurred and the US is just another failed empire taking its place among a long list of failed empires that began with Rome.

America, as a nation-state, is finished.  The only power that was keeping the house-of-cards together was the American military.  Today, the American military is nothing but a gaggle of confused geese, with 350,000 dishonorable discharges and 400,000 lethal injections.  The last pillar of empire has been razed.

Where Does this End?

For the US and allies, “the West”, this will be ended soon.  Once the vast majority of the people are vaxx’d, the die is cast.  The Ubermeisters see that the house of cards is going to fall very soon.  They are desperate to get to the critical point where the mortality is sealed by virtue of the injections. Then it is only a matter of speeding up the biological process that is developing in your body to kill you.  That is the reason for the third, fourth, or fifth injection followed by however many boosters it takes to finish you off. This is the end for the segment called the “West”.

This Agenda 2025 will be over and more Agendas are already set to follow.  The path into the future for the populations of the nation continents of the rest-of-the-world is similar to that of the ‘Western world”.  Right up to Agenda 2050, or maybe there a more, the population of the Planet will be systematically removed from this Planet, Earth.  This is the Master Plan, for which sixth-dimensional beings are here in this third-dimensional habitat, fulfilling an agreement that they made, an assignment they were offered and accepted long ago.

It has not even been one-year for the ‘creator-gods’ since they departed this planet 3,000 years ago..  One-shar, one of their annual periods is equal to 3,600 Earth-years.  These sixth-dimensional beings are members of the ‘House of Lucifer’, who have come here to serve their purpose of disposal of the souls habituated here in this place in the multi-dimensional omniverse. The name Lucifer has connotations from the past.  Lucifer is Enki, of the real bible, left for posterity by the gods who created homo sapiens.  The souls left here by these beings are, in part, their very own souls, of Enki and his wife Ninghursag. Their very own DNA was used in the genetic process of upgrading the ‘homo erectus’ to become homo sapiens.

That is why Enki was chosen to carry out this particular mission.  This event, that is currently in-process, is not the purging of the existence of homo sapiens.  This is a matriculation demanded by the completion of the Great Cycle of what is called the Mayan Calendar, which is really the Nigishzida-calendar.  Ningishzida, the youngest son of Enki, is the creator of the great civilizations of both North and South Americas. He is the one who gave to the people who populated this part of the Earth, their technology needed to establish the great population centers of this part of the Earth, and all of the great ancient constructions found here.  The Incans, Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs, Toltecs, Hopis, etc., who somehow had the technology for these amazing structures and civilizations. 

This is a very long story, that will not be told here at this time.  But the amazing ‘gods’ of the historic places and times, Kukulcan, Quetzacotl and others are all the same person.  Ningishzida, youngest son of Enki, who is also Toth, when he ruled ancient Egypt and wrote the Emerald Tablets of Toth, the greatest advocate for homo sapiens ever to exist.

Volumes can be written to cover even a tiny portion of this history.  You will find essays on this subject in the archives of this web site.

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