Most Trusted Scientismist in America Found to be Total Fraud

Fauci is a murderer, liar and a many more dirty things, but he is far from the top of this totem pole.  He is a likely ‘fall guy’ in this mess, as it unravels inevitably further. 

But he is just that…the ‘fall guy’.  Accountability for this heinous crime needs to be directed up to the top of the totem pole in order to achieve anything meaningful.  Not to say that Fauci should be let off lightly.  He should be tried and executed no doubt, but stopping there will mean the head of this monster is unscathed, along with however many more heads are in the middle.  If this were to stop with taking Fauci down, it would be playing into the hands of those higher level and top level players who will forget about Fauci and carry on with this massive murder campaign and the UN Agenda 21, of which this is a part.

Even though the UN and its band of merry men have observed the population status and found there to be too many people in the World, whether this is right or wrong, it is a subjective decision as to what is the correct method to deal with this.  The UN would like to just take the matter into their own hands and start killing billions of humans immediately.  This is called ‘murder’, no matter how you look at it.  They can claim that the victims accepted a lethal injection of their own free will, so they are unassailable for any the mass murder charges. 

Anyone with any semblance of intelligence would violently disagree with them.  These merrymen invented a scam that was used to propagandize the entire World population into believing in the existence of a medical threat which does not really exist at all, other than in the minds of those people who are easily propagandized into believing in nonsense.  To get people to believe in this ridiculous threat, they hired gangsters and liars from various places, such as Fauci, and coached them into telling stories of a little green virus that is ‘alive’ and scheming to get you.  He denied all versions of accounts that this little green spiked living virus was the product of a weapons laboratory, that is, a bioweapon.  He denied this repeatedly, emphatically and as recent as a few days ago, all the while documenting his dealings with the bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China by means of his email.

Never put anything in an email that you do not want the entire world to see.  Unfortunately, Dr. Tony Fauci is learning that lesson the hard way.  Throughout the course of this pandemic, the mainstream media has been heralding Fauci as a voice of reason that we should trust without hesitation.  He came to be regarded as the ultimate authority on all questions related to COVID, and social media companies banned countless users that dared to suggest that he might be wrong about certain things.  Well, now everything is going to change.  Thanks to thousands of Fauci emails that have been obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request, we have discovered that Fauci was lying to all of us over and over again.  During his opening monologue on Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson actually used the phrase “utter fraudulence” to describe Fauci and his lies…

So repeatedly claiming that a covid injection is the only way for people to save their own lives from this bioweapon, while knowing that the injection is lethal constitutes first degree murder.  You can get you own way in the matter of eliminating people by tricking them into accepting lethal injections and get off with no consequences. Murder is murder.  Murder by deception on the part of leaders who are in positions of trust and authority is Murder in the first degree.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ripped “the utter fraudulence of Tony Fauci” Wednesday night, after BuzzFeed and the Washington Post obtained thousands of pages of emails through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, revealing that the nation’s top virologist was telling the public one thing, while furiously working on damage control and narrative-shaping as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded.

At the height of the pandemic, the mainstream media had dubbed Fauci America’s “most trusted voice”, and the big news networks treated him as the pinnacle of scientific knowledge and integrity.

But it turns out that he was flat out lying from the very start.  His emails show that he knew exactly what was going on at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and that is because he was funding the research

Fauci’s emails collectively show that “from the beginning, Tony Fauci was worried that the public might conclude COVID had originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

“Why would he be concerned that Americans would conclude that?” Tucker asked. “Possibly because Tony Fauci knew that he had funded gain-of-function experiments at that very same laboratory.

And when people started putting the pieces together very early in the pandemic, Fauci was instrumental in covering up the truth.

This is the latest bombshell in a long string of incidents which have caused an increasing number of Americans to lose faith in our system.

Everywhere you turn these days, prominent voices are lying.  Virtually everyone has an agenda to push, virtually everyone has ulterior motives, and virtually everyone will do whatever it takes to cover their rear ends at all costs.

“CYA” has become a way of life for most of our government officials, and Tony Fauci has been exposed as just another rear-covering government bureaucrat.

We live at a time when our society is starting to come apart at the seams all around us, and when things really hit the fan the government is not going to be there to save you.

Instead, there will be hordes of faceless bureaucrats that will be working very hard to cover their own rears and that will be looking out for their own interests.

For years, I have been encouraging people to get prepared in advance for what is coming, because it is extremely unlikely that someone else is doing that for you.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, millions of Americans have been relocating.  We have seen a mass exodus from the major cities, and this is something that I have applauded, because I have been an advocate for moving away from large population centers for a very long time.

Unfortunately, we have now gotten to a point where prices for housing in many desirable rural and suburban locations have been pushed to absurd levels.

In one particularly desirable rural location, landlords are now asking for as much as $3,500 a month to rent a unit that has one bedroom and one bath.  And for those looking to buy, inventory is extremely limited, and anything that is listed for less than half a million dollars is likely to be a complete dump.

For many Americans that bring home average incomes, it is already too late to relocate to some of the most desirable rural and suburban areas of the country because they have already been priced out of the market.

Meanwhile, many people that had put off stocking up for the hard times that are approaching are discovering that there are widespread shortages of many of the products that they want to stock up on.

At this point, even the Federal Reserve is starting to panic about how widespread the shortages have become…

With the economy overheating, it will hardly come as a surprise that the latest Fed Beige Book – which found that the economy expanded at what the Fed absurdly called a “moderate pace” from early April to late May, at least clarifying that this was a “somewhat faster” rate than the prior reporting period – one of the top concerns was soaring costs, but nothing spooked the various Fed districts quite as much as what appears to be a shortage of everything, with district after district complaining about broken supply chains, a lack of workers, and critical commodities that just can’t be procured, all resulting in sharply higher prices, slower delivery times and all around chaos.

For certain items, it is now too late to do much stockpiling because availability is so limited.

But the good news is that there is still plenty of food in the stores and there are still sufficient supplies of many basic essentials.

So use this window of opportunity to grab what you can before prices start really going through the roof.

Those that were promising you that everything would turn out just fine if you followed their instructions (such as Dr. Fauci) were not being straight with you.

Everything is not going to be okay.  The truth is that we are headed into the biggest meltdown in American history, and it is going to be exceedingly painful.

Just look at what is happening in the western third of the nation.  My readers knew in advance that Dust Bowl conditions would eventually return, but the vast majority of the population is still absolutely clueless about what is happening.

This is the season of “the perfect storm”.  This is the time when it will seem like everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

And as events spiral out of control, Dr. Fauci and our other leaders in Washington will just keep telling lie after lie as they carefully try to cover their own rear ends, while stepping in shit the whole way.

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