Corona Countermeasures on the Path to RESET 2020

“Only a psychopath would ever think of doing these things, only a psychopath would dream of abusing other people in such a way, only a psychopath would treat people as less than human just for the gain of more power.

~ Arun D. Ellis, Corpalism

Covid-19, as it is called, was invented for many reasons, none of which are more evident than as cover for the coming RESET 2020.  Long before the fake pandemic, that collapse was already imminent, but now it can take place in plain sight, as the eyes of the masses will remain blind to the truth. The planned global RESET is in the works, and in order to accomplish such a massive task as this, the current economic system will have to be eliminated in favor of a digitized system designed for total control over the current monetary order and the people themselves. This dystopian nightmare is well underway, but the American people are not prepared for the destruction of the economy at every level from freedom, money to food and survival. What is coming is a grand nightmare on all levels.

Forgetting for a moment all that is to come this fall and spring, and after, just try concentrating on how devastating this government response to this manufactured pandemic has been so far. That alone should send chills up the spine of anyone paying attention to what is happening and will follow. There is no need to go into the vast complexities of social theory to see the imminent risk we face. Just six months ago, lockdowns and isolation began in earnest. Initially, what were falsely called “non-essential’ businesses were shut down, and all employees were sent home and told that they could not work to sustain themselves. This was a major swath of the American workforce, and as private businesses, mostly small and medium sized businesses were forcibly closed due to the fact that there are few essential businesses left in the ‘service sector’ economy of the West.

In response, the Trump administration decided to give everyone a one-time ‘free’ $1200 check and a period of extra unemployment pay, which should have been an insult to anyone able to think and function normally. Sadly, it was accepted by most, and thought of as some sort of benevolent gesture by government, when in essence, it was nothing more than a pitiful token to temporarily appease public discontent.

It is telling to understand that many large businesses were left alone, including places of large gatherings of people like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, large grocery chain stores, government-owned businesses from the last bailouts, and many others, while normal people were greatly harmed. Most of the large businesses that were shut down were on the receiving end of much largesse coming from the bailout money said to be for the people. That of course was a bad joke, as most all the billions of dollars slated for false restitution for the herd was given to those in-bed with government. This of course was a massive wealth transfer planned long before the actual staged ‘virus plandemic’.

With these draconian policies firmly in place, mass unemployment ensued, and huge numbers of businesses closed, most, if not all, for good. Many more will be forced into bankruptcy in the near term; especially once more lockdowns are imposed over the next few months of hanta virus 2. Americans had been carefully guided and long-groomed into a mindset of consumption by means of debt instead of saving, this due in large part to brainwashing and frivolity based on fake prosperity, but more due to a decade long period of zero interest rates, meant to stoke credit and debt at the expense of the future. With 70% of Americans not having enough money to even last a month without a paycheck, one can only imagine the great harm that has and will continue to decimate the general population. Now, with about 60 million more people out of work, what is on the horizon is poverty, starvation, and total dependence on the state, only increasing the state’s power and control over the people.

The long-term effects of this government response will continue to worsen the situation, causing even more unemployment reach total government dependence on the part of the surviving few, but also will lead to massive psychological problems and record sickness and suicide. This is already evident, and this nightmare is just beginning.

Money printing by the Federal Reserve has gone completely off the charts, and is being done purposely to extend all wealth transfers to the top 1%, while destroying the lives of the rest of society. Not that this really matters, as money printing is free for the money printers.  This can only lead to total disaster for all except the top tier of controlling ‘elites,’ and their political pawns that continue to force policy as the real masterminds of this global RESET have instructed them to do.

There is another aspect of this tragedy that is not understood by the masses. There have been many reports lately concerning the fact that the U.S. government now owns 100% of all U.S. mortgages. What is actually going on with the mortgage market is that government appears to own 1/3 of the mortgage bonds, but these are mortgages that have been packaged by Wall Street and sold as high-grade investments due to the government backing of all mortgages. Government backed mortgages are one thing, but in reality, the government agencies like Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, and Jinnie Mae buy virtually every residential mortgage in the country immediately, so these bonds now being purchased by the government are in essence already government owned, and are merely repurchased in another form that is packaged by the investment banking system. This takes all the risk away from the banks, and places it squarely on the shoulders of the people. So, the government is buying mortgage bonds that are already owned by government. Of course, that means that the citizens appear to be on the hook for all residential mortgages, and by government’s destruction of the economy during this response and reset, based on a fake virus, every default of a mortgage will be the responsibility of the taxpayers, at least on-paper. What a coup? All of you are paying for all the defaults to come that were purposely caused by this response to a so-called flu named Covid-19 that, in all likelihood, does not even exist.

Three years ago, the government held all the credit risk of 60% of total mortgage loans, but that number has increased dramatically since that time, and this year alone, it has increased exponentially to 100%.  So, while the government now owns all mortgage bonds created and profited on by Wall Street, this does not even touch the surface of the real truth of this criminal fraud. Once again, this simply exposes the gargantuan wealth transfer that is taking place today at the expense of the public. We are not talking about wealth in the form of fiat paper currency that is inherently worthless.  When millions of Americans lose their homes due to this plot, the same people selling the government these bonds will own the real assets for pennies on the dollar.

The coming upheaval and increase of tyranny have just been touched on here. Soon, new mandates will surface, more lockdowns will occur, more quarantines and isolation will be enforced, more businesses will be closed, and a deadly vaccine will be said to be the answer to your problems. Be careful what you wish for, as what you are wishing for is exactly what you are being trained to seek. It is not for the well-being of citizens of the Western World, but only to advance the control agendas of the state ‘elite’ globalist ruling class. The rioting, looting, property destruction, and criminal assaults will far exceed what has been seen so far, and will be much more widespread, all planned and fully supported by this corrupt fake elected government façade, who believe that they are chosen to survive this RESET.  They will receive their bad news as soon as their utility is gone.

The risks to liberty and freedom going forward are extreme. This will not end well, regardless of any pushback at this time, but without mass resistance now, we face a dystopian future of living hell.

“Laws are no longer made by a rational process of public discussion; they are made by a process of government-created problems, all demanding solutions from the government by the citizens who think loss of freedoms, blackmail and intimidation are saving them”

~ H.L. Mencken (2012). “Mencken Chrestomathy”, p.260, Vintage

The 200 year regular planned RESET is going to remove the ‘useless eaters’ from the landscape, by order of the Crown Queen and her supporting Royalty.

Now that analysis reveals that this a regular–reccurring event that has been happening for thousands of years, for the purpose of maintaining the power structure and the ultimate purpose and goals of the Royals, we must, necessarily contemplate what this means regarding humans. Unfortunately, it proves that humans are only what has been claimed by many for a very long time…humans are a slave race. The purpose of human creation was to serve the needs of the Anunnaki to extract the natural resources of the planet for off-shipment to their own planet.

It became necessary to create ever increasingly clever systems to keep the slaves motivated and productive. This is ultimately done by making humans believe that the feudalistic system of control under which they exist is just a kind of a myth of a blurry and vague history of dubious relevance. The very recent Matrix system is an innovation that has allowed the human population to grow in huge numbers beyond those of the past, increasing the labor capacity. The Matrix system creates an illusion, from cradle to grave, that convinces humans that they are expending their labors for their own benefit. That they have rights, own property and choose their own leaders.

In this Matrix, humans are motivated, by its illusions, to be self-serving when the reality reveals they are still actually only serving the ultimate goals of their masters in exploitation of the natural resources of the planet. They do this willingly by expending their labors to produce ‘real goods’ which they give to the King in exchange for a totally worthless piece of paper, made at no cost, in infinite quantity, at any time the King chooses. Don’t bother with the argument that the pieces of paper have value. That is a fool’s piece of fabled imagination, a Ponzi scheme that is very near its undoing. The fact is, you produce a real hard asset and exchange for a fake asset of no inherent value. Its value is just illusory and as soon as enough humans realize this, its value will evaporate at the speed of light.


There are some cases of judicial initiatives that are challenging the overreaching measures being imposed on humans on the basis of emergency unconstitutional powers based on medical pandemics. Both the governors of the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania are being sued by private attorneys on behalf of some citizen groups. Watch these cases very carefully, as they will soon reveal whether or not there really is an effective Constitution in the US. There are many ways the Kings can undue these legal potholes, just by raising the stakes with greatly expanded new medical threats like the impending second-wave hanta virus, or something of this nature. You will know soon enough, and I hope that it turns out all the evidence of criminal fraud is is found to exist and punishment is meted out by the judicial system.

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