Let’s Drop the Distractions & Address the Real Problem

I think we can safely drop the viruses, COVIDS, pandemics and PCR tests out of the narrative.  It has become obvious that they have only superficial relevance to the 10,000 pound gorilla in the room.  It is critical that we forget about the totally fabricated non-issues that are just distractions from the enormous problem we are actually facing.

UN Building

The non-issues are causing everyone to take their eyes off the ball, so imposition of the real agenda can take place while we are looking in the wrong direction.  Everything you could ever want or need to know about viruses and PCR tests can be found in the many essays in the archives of this site.  I strongly suggest, if you have already learned enough, to discard all this meaningless tripe so that you can discover the real agenda that is in-play in our world.  Staying confused, frightened and blind is not an option if you have any hope of surviving this, let alone returning to any semblance of normal life.

So, just what is the real gorilla?  It is very simple but also highly complex.  It is the end of the Matrix, as we have known it for the past 200 years.  The Matrix has provided us with a virtual reality screen set wherein we play the part of sovereign people and nation-states that create competing ‘isms’ that vie for superiority and dominance against one another.  This is a war that is carried out in politics, economics, religion, science, philosophy, intelligence, development, production and the battlefields.  The specific position of each player is determined largely by the venue into which he is born, the beliefs of his parents, the influence and belief-shaping factors of all the forces under which he finds his identity and character, by the odds of chance circumstances of his birth. He, in fact, enters the world with no beliefs, a clean slate, and no defense against all the many who want to write for him what they believe he should believe.

Even though the Matrix creates numerous illusions, the odds are that the individual chicken will land not too far from the nest.  The Matrix sets up an apparatus, mainly through the CIA, whereby some individuals are supposedly paradigms of economic success that the system offers across the board for all to follow suit.  Parading as self-made billionaires, the Jobs, Musks, Gates, Bezos, Ericssons, Buffets, etc. are all ‘CIA boys’, who display a faux state of wealth and success that is the holy grail you are supposed to spend your life seeking after.  The same for all the sports and entertainment celebrities, who are alleged to have just found success based on their own merits, not on blood-line or political connections. You are alleged to have freedom, sovereignty and opportunity to select your own leaders by means of the ballot.  You are given a very manicured version of history and general education.  I am not going to go on to exhaustion into all the constructs that have been engineered to make you believe in the virtual reality, because it is all in the process of being scrapped.  I have discussed it all before at length.  I have written essays and put them in the archives of this site, available for your perusal.

We are at the point where the Great Reset-2020 is actively occurring all around us as we are being distracted by fake health threats, keeping us in fear and intently focused on our media and propaganda sources, none of which has the least shred of veracity.  It is the UN that is directing and implementing the real show. This is the 10,000 pound gorilla in the room.

The UN has been preparing and implementing for the past 75 years to literally take over the planet and discard the old system implemented at the last reset of 1812. The UN was created solely and precisely for this specific purpose.  It is going to be the institution of absolute control over global operations for the next 200 years.  I think few persons have seen the UN in this light.  The UN is far more than an independent military or ‘peace keeping’ organization. Its true nature and purpose is not widely known in the ‘west’, although its HQ is in NYC. This is intentional. Since the ‘west’ is its target for removal, revealing this fact prematurely would be an unwise strategy, which would surely warrant resistance removal of financial support from the US. Or, maybe not. It would certainly lose all popular support since its purpose is the destruction of the ‘west’.

Key to the formation and mission of the UN is David Rockefeller.  The Rockefeller’s are an incredibly wealthy family who got that way by monopolizing initially petroleum, then pharmaceuticals, the key element of allopathic medicine, which they also invented and installed as the monopoly health-care system in the ‘west’.  The opportunity for the Rockefeller’s arose with the most recent prior reset in 1812. This reset established the US as the ruling empire of the world for the coming 200 years, the venue of exploitation of world resources, industrialization and production of trade goods.  Like the Tatars of Reset-1619, the US was financed by wealthy and powerful families of the ‘blue blood’ class.  Certain select individuals were chosen for endowment by these blue-blood families, most notably the Rothschilds.

The Rothschilds chose David Rockefeller, among may others, to receive endowments sufficient to capture and monopolize the primary resources of various sectors slated for domination.  In the case of David Rockefeller, this began with petroleum.  It was determined that petroleum was to dominate the energy sector during the Reset-1812 period.  Essentially, Standard Oil was to dominate the energy sector and gas-powered reciprocating engines were to be at the heart of industrialization.  The family Rockefeller thus became the richest enterprise of the period, all based on seeding of capital by the Rothschilds to the Rockefellers.  Of course, many other individuals were similarly endowed by the Rothschilds to dominate other economic sectors, such as the Harrimans, Astors, Carnegies, Morgans, etc., during the 200 year window of opportunity.  None have reached the degree of wealth amassed by the Rockefellers, who dominate to the present time.

Like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds were the primary benefactors of the Reset-1619 period.  Before the Rothschilds, there were other families who were similarly endowed in earlier Reset periods in other venues and times of opportunity.  These are subjects for other essays, as we have a lot to cover and need to stay focused on the present. 

The Rockefellers dominate the changes being implemented with the Reset-2020. The next 200 years will see humans governed by a totally new and different system than the familiar ‘Matrix’.  To pull this off, creating the most efficient transition, a world-wide disaster is being created.  We are living this disaster at the present time.  A massive shift in the nature of development of world resource utilization methods is ready for full spectrum implementation.  This new system has been 75 years in the making.  It is called ‘sustainable development’, and is also now known as UN Agenda 21, meaning the agenda for the world in the 21st century.

UN Secretary Generals

 Secretary-GeneralDate of birthAge at ascension
(first term)
Time in office
Age at retirement
(last term)
Date of deathLongevity
acting Gladwyn Jebb25 April 190045 years, 182 days101 days45 years, 283 days24 October 199696 years, 182 days
1 Trygve Lie16 July 189649 years, 201 days6 years, 282 days56 years, 117 days30 December 196872 years, 167 days
2 Dag Hammarskjöld29 July 190547 years, 255 days8 years, 161 days56 years, 51 days18 September 196156 years, 51 days
3 U Thant22 January 190952 years, 312 days10 years, 31 days62 years, 343 days25 November 197465 years, 307 days
4 Kurt Waldheim21 December 191853 years, 11 days10 years63 years, 10 days14 June 200788 years, 175 days
5 Javier Pérez de Cuéllar19 January 192061 years, 347 days10 years71 years, 346 days4 March 2020100 years, 45 days
6 Boutros Boutros-Ghali14 November 192269 years, 48 days5 years74 years, 47 days16 February 201693 years, 94 days
7 Kofi Annan8 April 193858 years, 268 days10 years68 years, 267 days18 August 201880 years, 132 days
8 Ban Ki-moon13 June 194462 years, 202 days10 years72 years, 201 daysLiving76 years, 126 days (Living)
9 António Guterres30 April 194967 years, 246 days3 years, 290 days (Ongoing)IncumbentLiving71 years, 170 days (Living)
Notably, no appointments from any nation of the Western Empire.

By regional group

UN Regional GroupSecretaries-GeneralTerms
Eastern European Group00
Asia-Pacific Group24
African Group23
No UN leadership from the ‘west’ at any time

The Rockefeller Foundation donated 17 acres of prime real estate in NYC in 1945 and the UN building was constructed in 1949.  The Rockefellers essentially own the UN.  They have carefully directed the culture and philosophy toward the ‘east’, leaving Americans and the ‘west’ largely in the dark as to its real purpose and intentions.  Although the UN is supported most heavily by US tax dollar allocation, it is not staffed or managed by US personnel to any significant degree, especially in planning and development.  This is because the plans for the 21st century are very foreign to persons who were born and raised in the US and the ‘west’.  Important planning meetings are held primarily in foreign venues, like Rio de Janiero, Brazil and Davos, Switzerland.  The Rockefeller’s used obfuscation to deceive the nations of the ‘west’ , especially the US, regarding the long-range plans for global change of control structures.  They are effectively putting the US out-of-business while keeping it a secret.  This is the coup of Reset-2020, aka Agenda 21.

Their dialogue is always of the nature that no one would disagree with…peace, equality, sustainable development, social justice.  Who could disagree? What they never mention is that all the benefits accrue unto themselves, not to the masses.  Their plans can only benefit a small core with a small population, compared to the 7.8 billions of today’s reality. At the time of the Reset-1812, the world population was less than one billion. The Matrix provided the magic with the ability to control a huge population spike.

The utopian nature of ‘sustainable development’ is being embraced by millions of people based on their extremely limited understanding of the subject and its real impact on them.  Technocratic Utopianism is being spoon-fed to the world as the only solution to insurmountable world problems, all of which they have invented as part of the sales job.  Remember, most of the citizens of the world live in a standard of existence far, far below that of the US.  Most populations cannot get credit cards permitting high consumption based on indiscriminate overspending to the aggregate tune of tens of trillions of dollars.  Public debt in the US is approximately on par with government debt. This is obviously unsustainable. A viable enterprise cannot be based on debt alone.

Countries of origin of UN Secretaries General. US entirely left out.

No UN leadership from the ‘west’.  This is conspicuously notable.

People, in their ignorance, think they can gain a life-style like those they envy in the US, on a sustainable basis, and they are easily sucked into the scheme.  This is, of course, not part of any UN plans, no matter to what degree they are misunderstood. It is not a matter of what the masses are hoping for. The imposition of Technocracy is past the planning stage and well into the implementation stage, even as you read this essay.  Another term which is synonymous with Agenda 21 is “the green economy”.    Again, who could be against the green economy?  Another utopian dream.  The UN and the Rockefellers are hoping no one will read the ‘fine print’, endless stacks of plans, proposals and agreements that have already been created and implemented.  Like Nancy Pelosi says, “we have to adopt this bill right away so we can then read it and find out what is says”.  The typical modus operandi of today’s so-called elected politicians. The bills enacted by politicians all come directly from the Trilateral Commission, ready for immediate passage.

Others who are not reading the documents and agreements are the world’s economists.  The UN employs models that generate pie-in-the-sky outcomes from the technocratic systems they intend to employ.  As usual, the disastrous outcomes will be discovered after it is too late.  But the people worship money, especially in the US, so the big money is on the side of the Rockefellers, UN and technocracy.  Who is going to stop this plan from being implemented? 

Agenda 21 and ‘Sustainable Development’

The plan to scrap the Matrix in favor of technocratic Agenda 21 is basically happening now.  It is only a matter of a few billion lethal doses of corona vaccine standing in its way to fruition.

You are probably wondering who can turn off the Matrix and turn on the Technate.  Have you ever heard of the Golden Rule?  There are a couple different versions, but I am talking about the one that goes something like…He who has the gold makes the rules.

If you think about it, you know this is true, so who has enough gold along with enough determination to spend it for the purposes under discussion?  Who has already spent countless amounts of gold to create and establish the organization that can bring this off?  This quickly narrows the field down to a single entity, which is the Rockefeller Foundation that created the United Nations pretty much single-handedly for this exclusive mission.  The Rockefellers are very outspoken of their intent to depopulate the world and to replace the present system of government with a global unelected group of technocrats selected by them.

China would be the closest example, and this is by no means a matter of chance.  Since China is the hegemon in the new Reset-2020 period, they lead the rest of the world by example.  Most Americans have little regard or respect for China and I have no intention of trying to change any opinions on the matter.  I am just telling you what is happening and what is going to happen during the next 200 years.

Agenda 2030 is a segment of Agenda 21, to be implemented by year 2030

America began its existence, rise to world power, and ultimate demise during the last Reset period and is now a broken relic. It began as a constitutional republic, governed under a set of laws based on the capitalistic economic ‘ism’.  In its heyday, America was never interested in efficiencies, but only in abundance for itself and the future be damned.  It has been a warring nation since day one.  Its very existence basically requires an eternal state of war. The Reset-1812 is also noted for the War of 1812.  America has never won a war.  Maybe it was capable, but what was required was a “state of war” that had to be kept kindled like a fire in winter.  Its economy has always been a Ponzi Scheme, requiring, like all Ponzi Schemes, a never-ending growth scheme.  The moment a Ponzi ceases to grow, it is exposed.  In the demise phase, it took every creative and deceitful mechanism that could be dreamed up, to continue the illusion of year to year growth.  This year, 2020, has produced and revealed a massive rupture in the belly of the Ponzi, far too massive to be attributed to a single annual accounting period.  And far too massive to ever be repaired.  This, again, was no accident or surprise to anyone other than the mass of US citizens, many of whom are in its midst and still in denial.

I intend to write a number of essays based on the UN, that will reveal its scope and inner machinations.  In this essay, we need to observe the obvious and the underlying reasons will be explained subsequently.  Technocracy is not based on a system of laws.  It is based on processes called “Sequencing”, that requires no laws.  They just need results, by the most efficient methods possible.  The technocrats have no intention of following laws, or even having laws, for that matter. They are also not interested in over-abundance or over-consumption. Only in the most efficient way of producing what is needed for the entire world society to enjoy a preset standard of living that they determine to be adequate or appropriate.  Every person in the society will essentially be entitled to the same general standard of living.  There can be different ways to achieve this, but all the ways will be essentially equivalent from a cost/value standpoint. 

You can have interests and pursuits like music, art, sports, science, etc., but you will be allocated time, equipment and training in exact equivalence to every other person in the society.  There will be no ownership of private property. There will be no competition per se, between individuals or nations to over-achieve or over-consume, just for the sake of amassing more things. As stated, there will be no private property.  In fact, there will be no nations, but only continents, and each continent will have a body of overseers to make certain of adherence to the master philosophy. There will be no law-makers to rush to solve every problem they create.

Since there will be no representative form of governance, there will be no politicians and associated bureaucracy.  Of course, you will not elect anyone to positions of leadership.  In this system, the engineers and scientists are selected and placed in leadership positions strictly based on technical competence and compliance with rules.  There will be no laws, only rules which can be dynamic, meaning they can change instantly if they yield greater efficiencies and results.

Population Limitations

The ‘Sustainable Development’ program has limits on the size of the population it can support, based on standards of living.  For example, a standard of living commensurate with that of the US will impose an upper limit on the total world population of something less than one billion.  In another example, say the standard equivalent of that for Europeans, would allow a total of around two billion. The ‘standard’ can be determined at any chosen level, with the possibility to support smaller or greater populations, as the case may be.

Child birth is scheduled and restricted.  A married couple will be told to produce one child on the basis of planned population density.  Children would not belong to the parents nor would they be raised in a family environment.  The society would provide for a farm-like environment where children would be cared for by professional ‘child-care providers’, who would deal with the various stages of child development in a prescribed manner.  Parental involvement would be on a ‘social’ basis under established rules.  Each child would be tested and its future pre-determined based on criteria discovered by the ‘care givers’ as well as by societal and developmental needs and plans, as established by the technocratic councils. These records would become a permanent aspect of the person and would be updated with all significant information as it occurs, and be attached to the individual for life.

Education or Training

Programs like ‘No child left behind’ or ‘Common Core’ would be non-existent.  The objective would not be to provide a ‘general education’, but rather a specific training program in preparation for the pre-determined future work function of the child.  This would, for most citizens, be a training program rather than an education program. 

Only those children found to have superior natural abilities of a desired nature would receive a full education, with the intent that they would have a future place in the society as a “Technocrat”.  These would constitute a very small percentage.

The vast majority would be trained similar to that used to train a dog or animal.  Once the trainee has become able to perform certain repetitive functions, which may be of a technical nature, they would receive a Pavlovian type of advanced training where they would learn to reach high levels of efficiency on the basis of a ‘signal and reward’ type system. 

For example, certain machines may have a sequence of colored lights, each meaning a certain action is required by the human, different in the case of each light color.  Everything in the development and production theater will be designed for maximum efficiency and rewards will be available for persons who suggest ways to achieve efficiency improvements.

Social Scores

Within the scope of the general standard of living, there will be opportunities for rewards or punishments.  The standard system, seen currently in China, is the model for this control system.  Everyone will have equal opportunity to earn perks or demerits, based on general attitude, diligence, cooperation, and improvement.  This is a two-way street. 

Scores will be known to all and will relate to an ideal or acceptable norm.  The individual will have the opportunity to earn above-average scores that will be ‘currency’ available for future use. Or, below-average scores meriting reduction of currency from future availability.  A standard ‘social score will provide sufficient currency for the average pre-planned level or standard of living.  Earning incentives can work in both directions to achieve above or below average status in terms of living quarters, meals, appurtenances and privileges.

Sustainable Agendas

Totally opposite to the social currents in the ‘west’, everything will take into consideration the needs of future generations.  No natural resources will be used beyond the level of replenishment.  Oil for example, will not just be bled wholesale from the planet for immediate use, disregarding the depletion rate far exceeding the known replenishment rate.  Some people may argue that it doesn’t matter if the planet runs out of oil or the cost of extraction far exceeds the utility value. 

Sorry, that is just the way it is with technocracy.  Even if oil is going to find reduced demand due to new forms of energy being discovered, it is not OK to “assume things that may happen in the future, so waste and excess consumption can occur now, hoping for the best”.  If certain resources would suffer depletion faster than replenishment can happen, they will simply be consumed based on the currently known rate of replenishment and society will adjust to a commensurate level of consumption.

Because the system is operated under the control of engineers and scientists, development of superior technology will always be the priority.

Health and Health Care

Currently, the status of human health is abysmal. People are seen in public looking like they are one step away from total disability or the grave, when they are still far to young to be in ill-health.  Overall, the US is spending 25% of its GDP on health care when it should be spending almost nothing on it.  This is not due to unavoidable circumstances of human physical deterioration.  It is by design, motivated by gross excess greed, just because the elites can get away with it.

Health status is primarily determined by attitude, diet and life-style.  Everyone knows that, except for the public at large.  In the Agenda 21 technate, these factors will be controlled such that everyone will receive motivating and uplifting stimulus and comfort in the fact that they have nothing to fear, their status is secure, their needs are all met.  They will not have availability of junk food.  Instead, they will receive only extremely nutritious food goods and will have the means to prepare it in a healthy fashion. They will be able to eat in common cafeterias pay with social credits. They will feel healthy and display the durability and strength of healthy specimens, as their bodies will be fully nourished and toxins and junk will be totally omitted. Everyone will lead a life-style of healthy activities, strength training, flexibility and stretching, aerobic and cardio exercises of appropriate duration to keep their bodies well-tuned. 

The availability of toxins, drugs, excess alcohol and harmful substances will be eliminated.

Defectives will not be allowed to reproduce and probably not to survive.  Eugenics will be a key program to maintain the quality of the society.  Thus, genetic based health issues will be minimized.

On this basis, the need for healthcare will be minimal.  The needless waste of time and resources, premature death and disability will be minimal.

Wars and Military Spending

Of course, in a global system, there will be no adversaries with whom to conduct war, nor will there be any necessity for the waste and expense associated with military endeavors. The Military-Industrial complex will not even exist.  In the current society, war spending is second only to healthcare spending.  “Well, we need some way to provide jobs for citizens in a society that produces nothing of value”.

There is no equal to wars for being enormously wasteful, except maybe superstitious religions.  Intelligence operations and spying on enemies and citizens alike is another example of worthless endeavors.  When we look at all the ways we expend resources to engage in worthless or negative activities, it is amazing we can even look ourselves in the eye. None of this is sustainable, not to mention of any value.

Economies and Currencies

Most economies are ‘ism’ competitions.  We must outproduce our competitor’s ‘isms’ to prove we have the best one, even though we do not need all of this ‘throw away’ crap.  We have a ‘Point of Honor’ to make and show those bastards we are superior.  Never mind how much destruction and waste we produce in the process. We have to show those damn Russians and Gooks how superior our system is to theirs’.

No one seems to ever stop and look at the needless waste and unsustainability involved.  We just do it because we can and to relish in our superiority, our egos.

The Technate will be devoid totally of currency in the classical sense of the word.  All currency will be as described above, captured by your ‘social score’ and spent in a controlled manner for the betterment of the society at large.  Thus, those many who are worried about the inevitable demise of the US dollar, and are rushing into bitcoin and precious metals, need to stop and reconsider their strategies.  In the ‘western empire’, physical or electronic currency is obsolete.  It is already obsolete in China.  This is where you must be looking for examples of how the future will be.

Most will not need to worry too much about it, as they will not be survivors of the Reset in any case.

Transportation and Travel

Most travel involves business trips, usually by salesmen or marketers, or vacations and family visits, or tourism and theme park attendance.  From what you have already read above, what do you think is going to become of travel and means of travel?  Do you expect to be visiting your children or siblings in some remote state?  Do you expect to be headed for the airport as a part of your job or for a ‘get-away’?  I think not. 

This entire sector of society is going to be totally changed.  You are going to be an individual or married couple that is a part of a subset of the society that will not have much relationship with others, even those who are part of your blood line.  Your children, who you not know well or enjoy a close relationship with, and your extended family, with whom your relationship will not be close, are not going to represent destinations for travel.  There are going to be no salesmen or marketers in the equation.  There is going to be no advertising.  No billboards.  Most will not have a private car or any private property, for that matter.

The entire transportation industry will barely exist.  Only a few technocrats will be making trips to remote meetings or sites.  All those in the employment of public transportation and airports will not exist as such.

Religions and Theologies

It probably goes without saying, that there will be no competing denominations or extravagant structures of worship.  There will be no religious schools, charities, bingo games or bake sales.  There will be a theology of sorts, but it will not be based on bibles or superstitions apparitions floating on clouds.  It will be mainly a structure and time for unity and gathering inner peace.  Everyone needs meditation and healing time for their conscious element.  We need to have relaxation and collection of thoughts.  This will be respected and time will be allotted for it.


This is not a theoretical discourse or a description of something that could happen if you don’t do something about it.  This has been in process for 75 years and is very advanced in terms of detailed planning and is extensively implemented already.  Those who “make the rules” are behind this and they have all the gold and the means of determination.

Americans, and their components of empire, have the least awareness of it because they are not going to be a large part of the future, and have been intentionally left out of the plan.  This element of the world population has to be dealt with first, in order for the reset to progress.   Only the very young children will remain a part of the future. Children who are still malleable enough to accept indoctrination and training into such a radically different existence will be salvaged from depopulation operations.

The populations of this world are going to be reduced radically but methodically.  My opinion is that the new genetic vaccine will be the method of depopulation.  But, it will not be accomplished on the scale described, in one single step.  The timing can only be guessed at, but it would seem that the fake virus pandemic has all the immediate victims ready to get in line for the vaccine.  Once you take it, you can never go back.

The time is late, you have been kept in the dark intentionally while they have pulled most of this scheme off without you even noticing. They intend to use the vaccine to initially eliminate approximately one billion persons.  To bring the population down to two billion will require more time and some new schemes.  The goal has been stated as 2050 for the rest of the kill off.  The completion date for the phase-one kill off is 2025. 

There is no argument for the status to stay the same as the recent past, thus the ‘return to normal’ can never happen.  Even minus the Agenda 21, things could not go on much longer, a matter of a couple more years at most.  The system of capitalism has gone rotten and the players have gone rotten along with it.  A change was coming no matter what.  Whether this Agenda 21 is the solution is still uncertain and unproven but the heavy-weights are committed and going ahead full steam. 

As, in the past times, most will never wake up and realize what is going down until doom is upon them.  They still won’t believe as they drop dead in their tracks or become walking dead.  Are you one of these?  All you have to do to find out is hang around for a short time longer.  Are you one who has the ability to see the handwriting on the wall.  If you want to make it through, you must make some very good plans and preparations, immediately.  Nothing is ever 100%.  This won’t be 100% either, but if you are going to be among the minority of survivors, you still have a lot more to learn.

I am going to drop all matters pertaining to virus starting now.  I am going to present a lot more information on the UN as fast as I can write it.  You can hopefully learn enough here to make it through. 

The above video has been banned by YT. This is from Bitchute. It gives a time map for Reset implementation in Canada. which can easily be extrapolated to the US.

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