Evolve Your DNA Coding Capacity

Nothing is Static in the Cosmos, especially your own state of consciousness

Everything is Infinite Consciousness

When you go outside on a clear starry night, you witness a truly awe-inspiring sight.  In every direction, as far as the eye can see, there are lights.  Some say there are billions or trillions of these lights, but, for our purpose, we can say there are an infinite number.  Each of these tiny lights is a solar system or a collection of solar systems.  Most, likely all are binary suns with an array of planets and moons, similar to the system we are a part of.  The solar systems are all venues for hosting conscious life.  They are not static systems that maintain their environment in a steady-state forever.  They are dynamically changing over long periods of cosmic time, as the suns, the life-givers, proceed to live out their own lives, from novas to brown dwarfs to black objects.  During this cycle, various planets at different distances from their sun may temporarily attain the conditions to host various forms of life, which will come and go as the changes continue to occur. In other words, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your comfortable little planet, earth, is going to be here forever in its current form, or even at all.  

A phylogenetic tree of all living things, based on rRNA gene data, showing the separation of the three domains bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes.

Organization of Conscious Life

Life forms vary, from the simplest bacteria to archaea to eukaryota.   Whether mammalian, reptilian, or insectoid, eukaryota of the Animal  kingdom  can have biological forms from chipmunks to homo sapiens, or from praying mantis to insectoid beings, or from lizards to reptilian beings.  Obviously, homo sapiens, man, is not the pinnacle of mammalian development in the grand scheme.  Man likes to think of himself as the pinnacle based on the present stage of existence, at this particular time, in this particular venue. This is arrogant and grandiose thinking which is also false.  There are earthly sea creatures that possess higher degrees of intelligence then humans. There are other much more advanced beings that exist in this venue that choose not to reveal themselves to humans on a regular basis.

In terms of the infinite cosmos, humans are far down the totem pole.  Humans have only a brief history of 135,000 years, a mere blink of an eye in terms of cosmic time.  Life-venues can enter states which can support human-level existence and just as quickly be subjected to forces that render them uninhabitable, eradicating the human-like life forms totally.  Millions of years can pass before a given planet is capable of supporting human-type life again, or before another sister planet can assume the role by means of environmental evolution.  Within solar systems, cataclysmic changes can be wrought by planets changing orbits, magnetic pole shifts or by other cosmic entities entering the system and causing collisions or plasmodic phenomena disrupting magnetic fields or causing tectonic instability.

Many other types of cataclysms can and do occur such as meteor or comet strikes.  There is strong evidence that the human chain of existence is fraught with ‘resets’, which have occurred as frequently as every 200 – 300 years.  There probably was a reset as recently as 1812.  This one was not an eradication, but simply a gross reduction of the adult population, while preserving the children with which to start anew.  In our current domain, out history is occluded such that only a vague glimpse of real history is commonly remains, as the controllers re-write the history after each reset.

The Structure of Biological Entities

Cataclysms are Not Rare

Not all cataclysms result in total eradication of life.  Some are  disasters that allow for survivors, who start over with redevelopment of civilization.  In some cases, galactic beings, who may have colonized the planet in the past, who consider themselves the possessors or owners, may undertake a process of terraforming the planet again to facilitate future exploitation, such as mining of minerals.  They may plan for a future time when food and labor can become available again, to reestablish a colonial presence and restart mining operations  for off-world trans-shipment.  They may have mining operations on-going in many other venues to maintain supplies while a given venue is in a state of recovery.

Worlds in Collision

If this seems far-fetched to you, think simply in terms of European conquistadors invading the Americas a few hundred years ago.  In spite of huge populations of indigenous inhabitants who had lived there for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, they did not hesitate to claim all the lands and all the valuable assets, including the indigenous people themselves as their possessions.  There is not much of a difference here.

More Advanced Beings are capable of travel in the realm of space/time

Beings from neighboring planets have been visiting, residing and exploiting the earth for billions of years.  All they required was transportation, same as the conquistadors needed ships.  Once a king or queen built some ships for them, they could easily come to conquer and exploit the unassuming native populations, ridiculously claiming credit as discoverers.  Once the Advanced Beings have the means of transportation, they can come just as easily to conquer and exploit. The means of inter-venue transport is via dimensional space/time manipulation, providing relatively rapid transit over seemingly vast distances . The biological structure of some Advanced Beings (ABs) is the same as beings pre-existing on this planet because they are the source of life, all life, on this planet.  They are aggregations of cells containing DNA, just like all life, to the best of our knowledge. Their life-force ‘information’ comes from the same Higher-dimensional Source Field as all other life forms via the universal Chi energy.  The degree of their development is established by virtue of their geometric DNA structure that has a more complex coding capacity by virtue of 12 DNA strands as compared to the 2 DNA strands of humans, for example.

Conquistadora Enlil commands Earth colony

In the same manner that farmers alter DNA of plants and animals, the ABs, needing to avail themselves of local labor, used their own DNA to make a major upgrade to the existing homo erectus, yielding a mammalian creature with more advanced abilities to follow instructions, perform work and provide food.  The ABs have the same carbon-based chemistry as the homo erectus.

The ABs have many faculties that they chose not to endow upon humans.  When you perform genetic advances, you would never bring the subservient entity into par with your own conscious capabilities.  You would always endow the slaves with no more abilities than are essential to perform the tasks required.  Controlling the slaves would be your primary concern.  You could control them by force until a point where the population was too extensive and too many had escaped the pens into the wild. Then you would have to implement more advanced methods, like the Matrix.

Consciousness is the essence of everything

Consciousness is the cosmos in all its forms

 There is absolutely nothing restricting consciousness to a single planet, like to earth, in exclusion of others of the infinite number in existence.  The make-up and structure of the cosmos is no different for earth than for all the rest.  There is a distinct and definite commonality throughout the cosmos.  The cosmos is comprised of electromagnetic plasma.  The energies involved account for all characteristics of everything.  We can observe around us, a hierarchy of consciousness, based on the coding capacity of cellular DNA.  This suggests a hierarchy of conscious evolution.  This has nothing to do with Darwinian evolution by means of random cell mutations, even though the term is the same.  We are talking about expanding conscious awareness thereby deriving the benefits of greater faculties.

Information is the Basic Unit of the cosmos

In this cosmos, the basic unit of value is ‘information’.  We can access ‘information’ based on our DNA structure.  Simpler life forms can access a lesser volume of information per unit time.  A successful life form accesses as much information as its bandwidth allows, to facilitate performing  its functions to maximum potential.  Plants will bear fruit according to their access to energy from the sun, water from the rains and nutrients from the soils in which they are planted.  If allowed to function in the environment provided by Nature, in the aggregate, plants will provide food for animals and for their own survival.  Animals will avail themselves of the foods provided by plants, water from the rains and shelter from Nature.  If allowed to function in the environment provided by Nature, they will be successful in fulfilling their roles in the food chain and in survival of their species.  Even humans could totally thrive within the environment provided by Nature if they were not totally under the exploitative control of the Matrix to serve the agenda of other superior beings.

Our Existence is Not for the Purpose of Providing Slave Labor

Obviously, we are not having this experience of a life-time on this planet for the purpose of being enslaved to ABs who are using us to strip the natural resources of our planet and off-ship them to another destination.  Yet, that is exactly what this system we abide in amounts to.   You seem to have no time to fulfill your own purpose in this life because you are solely driven and motivated by the Matrix to service its agenda, by chasing the carrot on the stick dangling in front of you, while thinking you are serving yourself.  Without getting into a long discussion about production-oriented economies and service-oriented economies, let’s just look at the simplified version of it all.

Production versus Service

The gold belongs to the gods

 At one point in time, when the West was a producing society, a man who worked in the gold mine all week came out on Friday with his bag of gold ore from his labors, gave the bag to the ‘man’ in exchange for a piece of paper that the ‘man’ created out of nothing, at no cost, in almost zero time and which he could create any amount he wanted, whenever he wanted, instantly for free.  You attribute value to this piece of paper because you can use it to pay your bills and means of existence.  Yes, the ‘man’ wants you to continue to exist during the period of your life when you are useful.  He wants you to come back on Monday and go in his gold mine and do it all over again, every week.

In this paradigm, humans come to the belief that the piece of paper is the ‘life-goal’.  The religion promises you a reward at the end, or a punishment.  If you are good, and follow the rules and commandments, you will get to go to a nice place of enjoyment for eternity.  If you are not good, you will be sent to a place of torture to endure for all eternity.  It is very tidy and simple.  To give you a better illusion within which to endure your time on earth, you may be one of the lucky ones who live in a ‘democracy’, where you can vote for your leader and have power to ‘vote him out’ if he does not meet your expectations.  Only one problem here.  You may have noticed that no matter who you vote in or out, nothing of significance ever changes.  You may have even noticed that the elected guys seem to be engaged in something that resembles a reality TV program.  All the news is just about social drama or the latest crisis created by the government.  There is some other force that is setting the course.  Where do the giant, multi-thousand page bills that show up at the door steps of congress really come from.  The speaker of the house says we must all pass this bill so we can read it and find out what it says.  I don’t know about you, but this has the appearance of being ass backwards.

5G radiation – GMO corn. They both serve the same purpose.

Lately, the USA has become content with having become a service-sector economy.  This is the way things go in the system.  You are a production-based economy for a while, until the goods have been strip-mined into total depletion.  Then the ‘outsourcing’ starts and the trade deficits mount and become the norm.  When the technology has been outsourced to the next theater of exploitation, the problem starts to emerge.  You see, a service sector, like government and an army are all overhead expenses that must be supported by real production and profitable trade.  Without profits from real enterprise, there is no means to pay for overhead expenses, except borrowing.  We see a lot of borrowing these days. Borrowing is not a sustainable business model. 

When Borrowing Money Becomes the Only Resort

Once the service-sector becomes everything, and there is nothing left of the productive-sector, then the high strangeness starts to become apparent to even the most oblivious and apathetic.  When they change the formulas for computing GDP to eliminate anything to do with production and only measure round-robin spending of the existing supply of funny-money, then real viability is not happening.  Other gimmicks have to come into play.  Now, the growth industry in the USA is healthcare.  Is this good news?  I think not.  Rapidly increasing health care spending may provide lucrative incomes for doctors and hospitals, but the money is coming from the population that must have ever-increasing sickness and disease for growth in spending to occur.  Healthcare in the USA is reported as about 24% of GDP and projected to increase to 40% in the near future.

Your Purpose for Existence is Discoverable

Homo Capensis ‘blue-blood’ ruler of humans

In any case, your purpose for this existence is a higher one than collecting paper funny money, which is inherently worthless.  All things of no value eventually seek their true state…..zero.  Even the real assets which mankind has extracted and given to the Controllers is just physical matter, an illusion of this current dimension.  We are living in a multi-dimensional cosmos. Everything is in a constant state of change.  Nothing is standing still or staying the same.  Everything is offering opportunity for evolving awareness of reality.  Awareness, enlightenment, knowledge, truth, and conscious evolution are the goals worth pursuing in this venue.  What makes a ‘venue’ advanced or primitive?I’s the state of conscious evolution of its most advanced life forms as demonstrated by their goals and pursuits for the future of their civilization. 

Potential for real evolution is everywhere, but what are the entities who are capable of this potential really doing in their brief life times?  Are they totally immersed in chasing worthless baubles that are only going to have a brief ‘delusion’ of value.  Or, are they going to realize where the true potential of conscious evolution could take them on their long-term journey spanning many such periodic learning experiences?

Conscious Evolutionary Development is Accumulative

I do not believe I have free will any longer

Evolutionary conscious development is accumulative.  It is collected wisdom that contributes to the achievement of the ultimate goal of cosmic consciousness and progression along the path to reunion with the One Source, to enjoy a state of infinite love for all aspects of creation.  Reaching this goal involves a long journey, beginning at the bottom of the hierarchy of consciousness and working through the multidimensional experiences providing opportunities at every level, toward the ultimate goal.  We are exchanging information with the Source Field rapidly and continuously just to be sentient.  On one hand, this is the mechanism for maintaining biological form and function.  On another hand, we are ‘banking’ the wisdom learned from our significant experiences at every level as we progress.

We Exist in the Dimension of Dualities

In the current dimension, information presents itself in the form of dualities.  Be aware that you will often be presented with dualities in the form of dialectics, two premises as the total scope of possibilities.  Dialectics are always a trick to deceive you.  In fact, dialectic is the most effective tool of deception of the Matrix because it syncs with the real polar aspects of everything in this dimension:  good/evil, black/white, male/female, night/day, yin/yang, wet/dry, etc.  Humans seem to have a propensity to accept dialectics as the sum of the valid aspects of every situation.  The dialectic of right/left, conservative/liberal, republican/democrat will suffice to keep humans in endless conflict.  However, like all the proffered dialectics, neither proposition is true.  The truth is always different from the dialectical choices, but few seem to realize this.  Capitalism/communism is enough to start world wars between people who have, in reality, no differences that have not been fabricated by their governments.  This dialectic can quickly result in the death of 60 million people and the destruction of the assets of entire nations.  Yet, no one seems to see too much wrong with this. Once a couple generations pass, we are ready to do it all over again.

classic duality of yin/yang

Duality and dialectic never offer a means to discover the truth of reality.  They can keep simple-minded people occupied indefinitely while the real Controllers just do what they have planned long beforehand.  They can incite and rile humans into doing things totally against their best interests that result in depopulation and immense losses of assets, not to mention great atrocities and injustices.  Imagine the hooked-nose bankers snickering amongst themselves in secret as people send off their sons and daughters to slaughter and maim the sons and daughters of others in places they could not even find on a map, and for no reason they could explain. The extent of the ignorance and stupidity of this is absolutely mind boggling. 

Reality is Not Found at the Extremes of the Duality

Reality can never be found at the extremes of duality or the two choices of the dialectic.  That is rule number one.  One must seek the answers in the gray zone between the extremes of duality and discard totally the dialectic, even if it is shoved down your throat every day on the TV, internet, social media, newspapers, magazines, You tube and human discourse.   Discovery of truth is your only hope, from every aspect of your life.  We know that people can live in slavery within the Matrix, work, have children, buy a lot of things on credit, become diseased and die prematurely.  What was left out of this scenario?  Discovery of truth, discovery of purpose, evolution of consciousness, revelation of truth to offspring, dispelling of universal fear and hate, discovery of universal love?

Ego Establishes Physical Matter as Supreme

Henry Kissinger leading the US to its grave

In the dimension of the present, we experience physical matter as what appears to be the sole reality due to the ego, which is allowed take over the master role of how we perceive reality.  We do not discern that physical matter is only a temporary state of energy because making this discernment IS the challenge.  If it were obvious, then where would be the challenging lesson of this life experience to be learned?  In this age, where scientism has run amok, if there is no monetary profit in something, it is seen as unworthy, even if it were in pursuit of truth.  These days, scientism is found in the colleges, universities and think tanks, where everything is ‘for sale’ on the basis of grant money.  Everything is politicized and grant money buys complex explanations for pre-established answers that politicians have already conjured up to serve the need to further some agenda of deceit.  No one is seeking the truth for truth’s sake.  There is just no money in that. 

If someone finds a cancer cure, or an alternative source of cheap energy, no one wants it.  Cancer is the modern growth industry that is keeping the economy alive.  Gasoline is the obsolete source of energy that is keeping Standard Oil alive.  Nothing is as it seems.  Cocaine and heroin smuggling is what is keeping the CIA alive.  Invented wars are what is keeping the Pentagon/industrial complex alive.  Fake healthcare and pharmaceutical drugs are what is keeping the Rockefellers and the medical industry alive, based on induced states of disease across the population.  The illusion of good high-paying jobs is what is keeping the college student loan program alive.  The drugs being smuggled in by the CIA and distributed by their Cosa Nostra and Kosher Nostra organization is what is keeping the DEA alive. It goes on and on.

Unfortunately, there is very little valid industry in the USA at the present time.  You think this is not true?  For the past 70 years, the US has been running a trade deficit with the rest of the world to the tune of $60 – 80 billion per month.  This imbalance would not have been possible except for a scheme concocted at Bretton Woods in order to force all other countries in the world to buy US dollars as the only accepted currency for purchase of oil from the Saudi/OPEC cartel, thus creating huge artificial demand for dollars. This is another non-sustainable business model whose time is up. The USA can never fulfill its promises and obligations to future payments amounting to many hundreds of trillions of dollars. What do you suppose will be the solution to this enormous shortfall? They must exterminate the vast majority of the claimants, who have become ‘useless eaters’ or unproductive ‘overhead’.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Kissinger’s alter-ego

In July, 1944, Henry Kissinger, knew that destruction of the international gold standard under the Bretton Woods arrangement was causing a decline in the artificial global demand for the U.S. dollar. 

Fearing the US would lose its hegemony on the global economy they devised a scheme. In a series of meetings, Kissinger and the Saudi royal family cut a world- transforming deal, a powerful agreement that kept the dollar as the reserve currency. It would also ratchet the FED’s power up to an even higher level.

Today, we refer to it as the petrodollar system. What exactly does that term mean?


In short, the United States offered military protection to Saudi Arabia’s oil fields. The U.S. also agreed to provide the Saudis with weapons, and perhaps even more importantly, guaranteed protection from aggressive acts by Israel.

In exchange the Saudis agreed to price all of their oil sales in U.S. dollars only. (In other words, the Saudis could only accept the U.S. dollar, as payment for their oil exports.) In addition, and this goes straight back to the FED, the Saudis also agreed to invest their surplus oil proceeds in U.S. debt securities.

In effect, with a bold stroke, the US dollar maintained its reserve status but this time due to oil and geopolitical realities. The world was caught off guard and even US allies were not happy about being snookered. The petrodollar deal effectively trapped the rest of the world into a, de facto, use of the dollar as the global reserve currency.

By 1975, all of the oil-producing nations of OPEC had agreed to price their oil in dollars; and to hold their surplus oil proceeds in U.S. government debt securities, in exchange for deals similar to that offered the Saudis.

From the perspective of American Empire consolidation, this new “dollars for oil” system was much more preferred over the former “dollars for gold” system as its economic requirements were much less stringent. Without the constraints imposed by a rigid gold standard, the U.S. monetary base could be expanded at exponential rates.

The banksters scored the final coup! How was the world put into check and trapped by the petrodollar?

In need of dollars to buy oil many countries opted to develop an export-led strategy with the United States; they did this in order to exchange their goods and services for the U.S. dollars required to purchase oil in the global markets.

See more at http://www.pravdareport.com/business/130176-fed_dollar_gold_petrodollar/

Fabricated Demand for US Dollars Has Enabled Vast Over-Borrowing

This created a false demand for the US dollar that enabled enormous levels of borrowing.  The US acknowledges $22 trillion in debt, but this is based on a cash accounting scheme that neither you, nor anyone else is allowed to use.  Everyone must use accrual accounting to present a proper and accurate balance sheet.  If the US was required to use accrual accounting, the debt would be in the vicinity of $370 trillion.

Meteors have caused cataclysmic disasters

One does not have to be a genius to see that this is an unsustainable course and should have totally collapsed long ago.  When is the inevitable crash coming?  That is the question, because the entire world is taken in on this scam.  The only thing that is for sure is that it cannot possibly be sustained.  The longer it is extended, the deeper the hole is dug.  The hole is no doubt deep enough for the entire US to disappear into and never be seen again.  Is it deep enough for the rest of the Western world to disappear into?…..probably. That is the reason why all technology for ongoing future production has already been out-sourced into the new productive theater in the Eastern world.  That is the reason it really does not matter if most US graduates of higher education cannot read or write, even though they owe $50,000 in student loans.  There just is not going to be any need for them.  Who is going to pay back the student loans?  The answer is…..no one.  

Classical Physics versus Quantum Physics

Physical matter, the coalesced energy state, obeys the laws of classical physics which imposes numerous restrictions limiting the power of energy in this state.  We know that the particle state alone lacks the possibility of supporting life and consciousness.  You live because your body exists in both the particles state and the energy state simultaneously.  Your physical state is the least part of you.  The energy state is governed the laws of quantum physics, which are unmitigated, unlimited and capable of supporting life and consciousness.  You can find a thorough discussion of the topic in the archives, entitled The Essence of Life

The 4d Environment is Not What You Have Been Told

Earth, flat or sphere? Neither!

In this physical dimension, known as 4d, we exist in a controlled environment.  You may have run into arguments about the globe-earth versus the flat-earth.  The sphere paradigm pushed by the Controllers and their side-show guys, the NASA, is a fake.  However, the flat earth argument is also a fake.  Here, again, we have the dialectic.  We are supposed to argue over two possibilities, as though that covers all the possibilities, neither of which is viable.  When humans polarize and argue over two non-viable possibilities, they can argue forever and it is impossible to reach any conclusion.  Both ideas are full of holes so the arguers from both sides can always point to why the other side is offering impossibilities. 

Remember, dialectics are to be discarded in totality.  The answer is always something that is not offered.  We know we exist in a controlled environment which means, to system engineers, a ‘closed’ system.  If we lived in an ‘open’ system, we know that the environment would look a lot different.  Our environment allows us to sit quietly under a tree and enjoy the rain falling around us, without undue disturbance other than that caused by wind, air movement.  If we lived in an ‘open system’ that was hurtling through space at extreme high speeds, while rotating on an axis at high speed as well, forces would not allow for the environment we witness and experience.

Everything that was not tied down, starting with the atmospheric gases and the ocean waters would be flying off the globe at the center of the greatest centrifugal force, just like a wet spinning tennis ball.  Even though it is said we have a force called gravity, which is probably not correct, opposing forces always seek the point where they balance or cancel each other out.  The force named gravity is a weak force.  If this were not so, we, as objects being drawn toward the center of the globe by this force but obstructed by the surface crust, would be crushed against the restricting surface.  If things were open to be affected by the laws of physical forces, we would find that probably all gases and all waters would be long gone.  Since we need both to live, we would also be long gone along with other life forms that need the same.  Lighter objects than humans would also be flying off the surface of the globe.  I have not noticed this happening where I live.  How about you?

Water does not lie.

So, we can safely conclude that we do not live in an ‘open’ system spinning and hurtling through a vacuum.  How about the flat earth?  If it looks like a soup bowl with a dome cover that is hermetically sealed together around the periphery, we would definitely, in this age of air travel, be running into the edges around the entire periphery.  Of course, the Nazi clowns at NASA would not be going into space.  This is likely a true statement, as these fools spend trillions on rigging up fake experiments of moon landings and zero gravity.  However, I do not see any evidence of anyone reaching the finite limits of the edges of the soup bowl.  All the discussions I have read and watched are very unconvincing. 

At this point, I do not claim to have the details of the true nature of earth’s environment.  We know much about what it is not.  We do not see a convincing explanation of what it could be.  The most honest and brilliant among the quantum physicists whose work I have studied believe that we exist within a hologram.  Some suggest the sun is a holographic projector.  A hologram is capable of creating the environment we observe.  Combine this with the revelations of quantum physics and you can get a reasonably convincing picture of what we observe.  Since this is primarily a classroom for our ongoing education, it seems plausible.  We do not have to solve this mystery now.  Now, we only need to see and reject the dialectics offered by our Controllers.  The truth will be revealed to us soon enough. 

Cosmic Magnetic Fields

I am of the opinion that there is only one force in the cosmos, that being electromagnetic energy.  The cosmos is not made of dark energy and dark matter that is purported by scientism to make up for their abject lack of any explanation for reality.  Electromagnetic energy is all that is needed to exchange the information required for our existence in this learning environment and we are not meant to be exposed to the ultimate truths at this point in our education.  There is more to come, but to avail ourselves of the next higher truths, we must first master the truths of our current existence.

Shamaniam  March 3, 2019

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