The Common Denominator

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If you have been reading the blogs posted on this site, you will no doubt have noticed that there is a thread, a common denominator, that underlies the nature of all disease and all healing.  That common denominator reveals the common source of all disease and the solution to all healing.  It is extremely simple and costs nothing.

Seem too good to be true?

If so, there is one simple reason why you would think so.  You have been indoctrinated into a very subtle but gigantic lie from the moment of your birth.  The liars, in this case, are the purveyors of the Matrix, the virtual reality in which you exist. There is another post on this site that offers a complete description of the Matrix. They have reason to make your life a total lie and scam.  It enables them to accomplish all of their goals with total ease, using your labors, yet unbeknownst to you.

When you have bought in to the fake medical system, you are willing to accept disease as organic and inevitable, you are willing to subscribe to their fake solutions that rob you blind and keep you sick, you live in a state of fear and unwellness that makes you a victim, a slave and a believer that your only option is to play their game.  They seem to have the monopoly on the solution. You just do as you have been programmed.  Pay your outrageous health insurance and go to the allopath for more pills, shots or surgery.

The Matrix has taught you to believe that sickness just can’t be avoided because of germs that are all around that you ‘catch’.   You believe that there are hundreds of diseases, each stemming from a different invisible germ.  Since there are many millions of germs and you can’t see them, you will inevitably fall victim to one or more on some frequent basis, like ‘flu-season’.  You must get vaccines that are touted to make you immune, one for each of the dozens of the most threatening of these germs.  Then, when you have a symptom, you must visit the allopath, get a quick diagnosis and a prescription for some more pills.  Most go on taking these prescription drugs for indefinite periods and have whole collections of pill bottles and even pill organizers.

The lies you have bought into have created a great growth industry that is highly profitable and now essential to the economic system of the nation.  You are now a compliant slave of the Matrix who keeps the medical industry growing and profitable while you are suffering along realizing this really does not work, but see no alternatives. As your body ages, toxins accumulate and you have more symptoms.  The cycle continues until you experience more severe types of disease.  This progression goes on until you die at half your biological life potential in a state of unnecessary diseases. 

You may be thinking, if this were all true, who would do this and why.  The doctors seem nice and caring.  Surely they are not evil.  The doctors may not personally be evil, but the system was not designed by the doctors.  The system was designed by the purveyors of the Matrix, specifically the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s,who are totally evil.  The doctors go through college in a program that was created by the Matrix.  They think they are healers and doing good deeds.  They have learned how to associate symptoms with prescription drugs.  If possible, they would also like to get some higher paying surgery into the mix too.

There is a question as to whether doctors eventually, at least in some cases, come to realize the fraud and nonviable aspects of their profession.  By then, they have practices and bills to pay.  Their licenses are at stake if they deviate from the party line.  There are very coercive government enforcers who deal harshly with deviators from the party line.  They have the status, privilege, respect, high incomes and the approval of authority.  Maybe it is best to just continue to go along with the game.

Some say, “I would not wish to live beyond the ‘average age of death  because who wants to live with a severely degraded quality of life”.  Here, again, you are buying into the lie.  Your life should be high-quality wellness and freedom from diseases for your total potential of 140 – 160 years.  If you could live in a state of energy, health and well being, would you then like to live longer? You can!

So, what is the way out of this disastrous state you have found yourself in?  You must start with awareness.  You must stop, sit down and decide to open your mind to full awareness.  Purge all preconceived notions of reality.  They are all not true.  You have to get rid of the ‘not true’, which may be virtually everything you think you know at the present time.  Everyone is in a certain state of awareness.  Some have little or none.  Others have had a glimpse behind the curtain on some one or more occasions that have given rise to suspicions that all is not what it seems.  No matter.  Your mind must be emptied of the indoctrinated lies you have accepted everyday of your life, starting with your own parents, religion, school, TV, peers, social media, books, school teachers, newspapers, magazines, politics, social media, Hollywood, music, and on.  Until you empty the trash, you may not have the capacity to begin the long process of becoming aware of truth.

At this time, we are addressing the matters of health and wellness.  There are countless more matters of truth to deal with, but we can’t cover them all right here and right now.  The main truth you must come to grips with at this moment is that you do not enjoy wellness and long life due to the primary fact that you are systemically induced into a state of disease which is maintained by means of the System, the Matrix, specifically allopathy.  That is the reason. Simple.

1, Diseases are not the result of germs.  Germs are actually your best friends.  Your own body is mostly made of germs.  Trillions and trillions of germs.  They are essential to your very existence and the greater the variety, the better for health.  These germs are called your ‘gut flora’, your ‘biodrome’ or your ‘third brain’.

2.  Diseases are the result of poor life-style, poor diet, excesses, imbalances, toxins, irradiation, poor sanitation, stresses and worries.  These are things you are doing to yourself or are being done to you by virtue of your participation in the Matrix.  All diseases come from these same causes.

3.  The pills of allopathy can do only things such as constrict or dilate blood vessels, kill all of your invaluable gut flora, sedate you or take you on an opioid trip.  If your gut flora are out of balance, you will suffer symptoms of a various nature while you body is correcting the problem.  If you kill your biodrome, you will relieve the symptom, but destroy your health in the process.  Because you immediately feel relief from the symptom, you will say you are cured.  The symptom is not the disease.

4.  The vaccines of allpathy are based on the same erroneous germ theory.  They have typically increased the incidence of the disease they are said to provide immunity from.  Seventy years ago, people received vaccines that were relatively less toxic.  They did not feel an adverse effect, so they allowed their children to receive the vaccines.  Now, generations later, the vaccines are loaded with toxins and heavy metals and people are allowing their one-hour old babies to receive 30 or more shots. Childhood diseases have sky rocketed and ADHD and autism are epidemic.

5.  The surgeries of allopathy, aside from trauma care, are all totally unnecessary.  Only when disease has been allowed to reach extremes do you need to have your appendix removed to avoid death.  This should never happen and only happens because the system denies you of the knowledge to permit your body to maintain itself.

6.  In spite of the Matrix, you can learn how your body works, how to feed it what it requires to function, how to get pure water, how to breath non-toxic air, how to avoid toxification, how to overcome worry and stress.  Just by discarding the lies and discovering truth, you can achieve a great relief from worry.  When you simply provide your body with what it needs to function, it will do all the rest for you.  Disease is the unnatural state and should be rare to non-existent.

You can read all of the blog posts available on this site. None of them are out-of-date, obsolete or difficult to understand.  The sooner the better, to get out from under the fraud and slavery and on the path to wellness and longevity


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