Your Truncated Longevity

How long can we live?

Everyone wants longevity, on the condition that they also enjoy wellness throughout their liefspan. But what is longevity? Just living longer than the average lifespan?  In the US, where everyone seems to think life is the best available, the average life expectancy is 75 years.  This varies a little between males and females and also is a statistical number that includes premature deaths like infant mortality and those that die in accidents or homicides.  We do not necessarily attribute the term to people who live into their 80s, as this is fairly common.  However, it is a benchmark and a strong suggestion from the government as to when you should be ready to ‘checkout’.  If you believe the government, you will likely comply, because we manifest what we believe. Never, ever believe one word from the government on any subject.

Milky way galaxy

There is a biological limit

We have a genetic limitation on longevity.  By this, I do not refer to an inherited genetic trait.  I refer to your telomeres, that limit the number of times cells can replicate themselves.  Each of the trillions of cells in your body contains several feet of genetic material packed into  a microscopic space.  This material, DNA, is the blueprint for replication of an identical copy of the cell.  This DNA material within each cell is organized into two intertwined helical strands interconnected by combinations of four different proteins forming 46 chromosomes.  For the duplicated cell to be  identical to the master, every detail must be perfectly replicated.  At the tip of each chromosome is found a telomere that plays a role in assuring the accuracy of replication and gives up a portion of itself in each recurrent replication.  When the telomere is used up, that cell no longer has the mechanism to accurately replicate itself.  This is the biological  limitation on life span.  Longevity is living to the biological limit, about which most humans are clueless. It is intentional that you are clueless about this fact, as your controllers have taken great pains to maintain your ignorance.

DNA showing telomeres

By virtue of this limitation, man’s longevity is biologically limited to a span of 130 to 160 years.  There are people in this world who are enjoying this kind of longevity, and we will discuss them later in this presentation.  This, however, does not seem to be what is going on with longevity in the Westernized world. 

What is going on with longevity in the Westernized World?

The fact that longevity in the Westernized world is only half of what it should be is just a statistical fact, well documented by the establishment’s own data.  Furthermore, prior to the point of death, Westerners almost invariably endure bouts with serious disease and live in a state of compromised health for a long period of time, typically until their insurance and savings run out.  This has become thought of as ‘normal’ by people who do not know any better.  We are told that we have the greatest health care system and our longevity is the best.

Reports have been published from life-expectancy  studies, since the 2010 census survey, showing a rapid decline occurring in the West, especially among younger members of the population. Interestingly, Bill Gate”s news ran a piece recently claiming that life expectancy has risen from 75 to 77.1 years. This is typical of the lies emanating from the puppets of the illuminati in an attempt to keep the public misinformed during times of rapid deterioration.

These issuances from the establishment are as full of tripe as everything else that issues from these conniving frauds.  There are only a few places in this world where humans live out their biological life span, and these places are all remote and unreached by the Western establishment.  These small isolated civilizations have never been exposed to the establishment’s Matrix programs causing premature death and perpetual, life-long disease.  To their betterment, they have never seen an allopath, a pill, a syringe, a hospital or a health insurance salesman.

Why do we have telomeres ?

To understand the answer to this question, it is necessary to understand the origins of man.  You have been taught that your origin is explained by your choice of a dialectic:  either your were created by ‘god’ or you were evolved from a primitive molecule by the process of Darwinian evolution.  Dialectics are the invention of a man named Hegel, as a fool-proof mechanism for controlling populations.  Give people two choices, like conservative and liberal, and man will accept this as the full set of options and enter into endless dispute with other men, never realizing that neither of these two options is what constitutes his reality.

Homo Erectus

With the origins of man, we have this same phenomena.  The answer to the dialectic is neither.  Intelligent life has existed on Earth for at least 2 billion years, none of it indigenous to Earth.  Therefore, life did not just somehow ’emerge’ here. Life has been eradicated totally, in the past, by both domestic and cosmic cataclysmic events such as volcanic eruptions, massive tectonic plates shifts, plasma events, cometary and planetary collisions and possibly star wars.  After a time, the Earth becomes habitable again and is re-terraformed by galactic caretakers.  Evolution is not a process of random mutations, but a process of awakening to reality that is systemically hidden from you. You have the ability to evolve the information bandwidth of your DNA with your conscious intentions.  About 1.9 million years ago, a bidpedal homonid called Homo Erectus existed on the Earth, primitive and lacking of speech.  You are its direct descendant, but not by virtue of Darwin’s evolution.

What is the Real Origin of Man?

About 450,000 years ago, astronauts, on a mining mission, detected minerals they were seeking on a planet now called Earth.  They explored the suitability of Earth to host long-term colonization to exploit their discovery and found it suitable.  They brought about 800 persons to Earth and another 200 to Mars.  Their home planet, now known as Marduk, had problems with its ozone layer and their mission was to send large quantities of gold back to Marduk, which would be converted into monoatomic gold and dispersed into their atmosphere as a reflectant of cosmic radiation to maintain the habitability of the planet.


The ruler of Marduk is Anu, who sent his eldest son Enki, the scientist and his other son by another wife, Enlil, the bureaucrat to be in charge of the colony.  The royalty of Marduk are an advanced species, the Anunnaki, and there is another class of beings, the Igiggi, who are basically giant ‘workers’.  The Anunnaki royals were the officers, who were allowed to bring their wives and children to the colony.  Enlil, the ranking son, was nominally the mission overseer.


The Anunnaki were essentially immortal, in the sense that they were not susceptible to disease or the cellular aging process. They could die from wounds and trauma, but also possessed very advanced medical technology to avert death or restore life.  They arrived as the Earth was undergoing an ice age and most of its surface was uninhabitable.  They found areas in the middle East and Africa were available to them for habitation.  In south-east Africa, they found abundant lodes of gold underground and used their Igiggi laborers to mine the gold for a long time, using cymatic resonance technology. 

The planet Marduk is a member of the solar system of a brown dwarf star, Nibiru, the binary companion of Ra, the Sun .  The annual orbit of the Sun and the brown dwarf, Nibiru, is 3600 years.  The Anunnaki thus have a different basis for measurement of time than do habitants of the Earth.  There exist today, the remnants of over 1,000,000 ancient gold mines in south-east Africa.  Their existence was discovered by Michael Tellinger, a citizen of Zimbabwe, who has written of and photographed them extensively.  A point was reached where the Igiggi became weary of the task of gold mining and protested to Enlil, and then Anu, of their plight.  They requested relief from this drudgery.  Anu was sympathetic to their request, even if Enlil was not.  Anu visited Earth and convened a council to try to resolve the problem. 


At this council, Enki, who lived and managed the mines in South-east Africa, proposed a solution.  He told of his observations of the indigenous Homo Erectus and his idea to genetically upgrade a strain of them to meet the needs for new laborers.  It was decided by the council that they would genetically evolve the Homo Erectus in ‘their own image and likeness’ using their own sperm and the eggs of the female Homo Erectus, inseminated into the uteri of Anunnaki wives to gestate and birth the new species, which they called Adamu.  Enlil voiced the loudest concerns about this idea and insisted that the Adamu would be denied the ability to procreate and would have a limited life-span of approximately 140 Earth years, by virtue of telomeres.  The young Adamus, after infancy and nursing, would live in a paradaisical garden called the E-din, where they would learn to speak and enjoy a carefree life until they were old enough to go the the gold mines for the remainder of the 140 years.  At this time, the Adamus were also not susceptible to disease or cellular aging effects and worked until their telomeres ran out without any disease.

Home Erectus to Homo Sapiens in one leap.

You may recall that there has always been the conundrum of the ‘missing link’ from the so-called evolutionary evidenciary chain.  It is like one day, the grunting beast became a modern Homo Sapien.  This is not the end of the story.  Enlil established his cities in the areas of the middle East, north of Africa, called Mesopotamia, while Enki went back to South-east Africa, a goodly distance away, where the gold mining operations were located.  Enki and his wife, also a geneticist, found that the Adamus were very endearing and they became very fond of them, as of children.  Meanwhile, Enlil was dissatisfied with the production levels of the mines, as the process of birthing Adamus with only 14 available surrogate mothers was slow.  Enki proposed that another version should be engineered with the ability to procreate.  The males and females would be kept separated and breeding would be carefully controlled, but production of laborers could be accelerated greatly.  Enlil, caught between a rock and a hard place, reluctantly agreed.  Unbeknownst to Enlil, Enki and his wife went on to make more upgrades to the Adamus, adding more intelligence and stature.

At a time when Enlil came to inspect the mining operations, he visited the E-din.  To his intense displeasure, he found sexually mature Adamus copulating in the garden.  Calling for Enki, he proceeded to express his outrage and claimed that the Adamus had partaken of the fruits of the tree of life and the knowledge of good and evil, the original sin.  He blamed not only his half-brother, Enki, the serpent crest, but just as much the Adamus themselves, the sinners.  He wrote of his greatest fear, the day when there would be one million Adamus on Earth, to be controlled by only 800 Anunnaki, a seeming impossibility.

With the Igiggi being released from the mines, many went to the cities in the North territory of Enlil and became citizens of his cities.  Enlil requested that Enki send any excess Adamus north to the cities to serve as laborers in the fields, gardens, streets and homes of the inhabitants of his cities.  And so, as they arrived in the cities, the Igiggi males, without women of their own, ‘looked upon the daughters of men, and found them to be fair.  They then took from among them all that they chose to bear them children and make of them wives’.  Thus were born the Nephilim, the hybrids of the mating between Anunnaki and humans.  They came in all sizes and shapes, but the Anunnaki, being giants compared to humans, produced hybrids typically of giant stature.

Skull of a Nephilim

There is much more to this story, which is written in the cuneiform tablets found in Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Akkadia and other parts of the world.  We will examine a little more of the accounts of our true history written by the Anunnaki in these tablets.  Around 12,000 BC, the ice age was waning and more territory was becoming inhabitable again.  Also the polar ice caps were melting and becoming unstable.  A comet, now call Haley’s , was seen by the astronomically-learned Anunnaki to be approaching into close proximity to the Earth.  This comet is seen every 30 earth-years, and is accompanied by meteor showers attributable to fragments which have broken away from the comet in the past.

Ancient cymatic gold mine near Zimbabwe. One of more than one-million discovered.

The Anunnaki could foresee the consequences.  The polar ice caps would crash into the oceans creating gigantic tsunamis that would again eradicate all life on Earth.  Enlil made the decision to close mining operations and to abandon the surface, taking only Anunnakis.  This solved a huge problem he was wrestling with of what to do with the enormous horde of humans and Nephilim that they had created, who were on a path to overwhelm the capacity of the Earth to cope with their existence.  By this time, a serious rift had developed between Enlil and Enki over how to deal with the humans.  Enki loved the humans and had, himself, bred children with the ‘daughters of man’.  He loved his son, known today as Noah, who was a great leader.  Although sworn not to disclose the coming catastrophe by the council, he could not leave his son and his other human children to be destroyed.  He contrived a way to discuss the coming disaster within earshot of of Noah, so that he could plausibly deny directly informing him, but could help him survive none the less.  He designed a craft that could withstand the tsunamis and helped Noah collect DNA from as many plants and animals as possible to be preserved on-board the craft.

Michael Tellinger has spent a lifetime studying the gold mines around Zimbabwe. These mines have cymatic sound resonance properties that were used to levitate the metal from underground.

When Enlil ordered the space fleet to depart the surface of the Earth, they saw the comet (Halley’s) clearly in view and witnessed fragments splinter from the head and strike the Earth, in the vicinity of Puget Sound, followed by many fragments striking the North American continent along what is now the border between the US and Canada, cross the Atlantic ocean, into Europe and on to the middle East where his cities lay.  This cosmic event precipitated the plunging of the polar ice caps into the oceans, as predicted, and massive tsunamis, miles in height, swept across the entire globe with such force that the surface was swept clean of all evidence of civilization. This event brought on the period known as the Younger Dryas, with a return of a short ice age affecting much of Earth’s surface.  After a long period of time and much rearrangement of the features of the planet, the waters found their new beds, leaving a 500 foot thick layer of silt over all the lands.  First appeared the mountains again and it was on a mountain, Ararat, that Enlil landed his spacecraft, to eventually discover a vessel, an ark, which had also landed in the vicinity.  To his initial dismay, humans were in evidence.  Further investigations also showed that on some of the higher mountains, pockets of humans had also survived.  Fortunately for mankind, the Anunnaki are fatalists and believers in divine destiny.

Enlil convened another council wherein it was decided that the survival of humans on Earth was an act of divine destiny and should be not only allowed, but fostered.  The council agreed unanimously to delay their departure for home, and to remain on Earth for a period of time to rebuild the civilizations and the cities.  Archeological evidence demonstrates that in the period after 11,800 BC, advanced civilization appeared in the middle East in an extremely short time frame, featuring advanced knowledge of agriculture, construction, architecture, science, engineering, metallurgy, education, arts, astronomy, astrology, and literature.  Archeological explorations have found that where cities have been built upon older cities over the thousands of years, and the deeper they dig, the more advanced and sophisticated the cities are.  They have dug through the 500 feet of clay silt and found the most advanced cities with evidence of skilled civil engineering and modern houses and buildings, including libraries, science centers (which are often mistaken as religious temples),  and civic centers.  Often these older cities are still partially accessible though systems of tunnels which run for miles and go very deep into even more subterranean cities.

The Anunnaki built new cities all over the globe, and the sons and daughters of Enki and Enlil went afar to organize the humans into civilized groups and tribes with equivalent technology.  Eventually, the territories of each brother came to be competitors, as valuable ores and minerals were discovered and mined.  Rivalries and wars occurred, using primarily humans as cannon fodder.  The humans began to officially worship the Anunnaki gods as rival deities.  Enlil (YHWH, Yahewh, Jehova), the psychopathic, paranoid schizophrenic, demanded absolute worship and loyalty.  Not trusting humans, he required demonstrations of loyalty by human sacrifice such as Abraham and Isaac.  The royal Anunnakis lived apart in remote mountain retreats and were not seen regularly among humans.  They adapted the use of emissaries or messengers to carry their instructions and demands to the humans, known as angels.

Ningishizida (Thoth, Hermes, Kristos, Kukulcan, Q!uetzacoatl, Virocha)

Enki’s (Lucifer, Ptah) family was benevolent towards the humans, who he regarded as his children.  His descendants were recorded in their histories for their own deeds, some horrific and some of great service to mankind.  Enki’s youngest son, Ningishzida went throughout the world establishing cities, teaching and doing great deeds of service to humans.  Enki was the first ruler of Egypt, where he was called Ptah.  Egypt, like the other ancient civilizations, was a legacy left by the gods, that the humans were ultimately unable to sustain. Later, Ningishzida also ruled Egypt, where he was known as Thoth.  He is the author of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (also known as the Emerald Tablets of Hermes), which is revered as the greatest disclosure of esoteria ever given to man. 

Ningishzida traveled to Central and South America, founding the civilizations of the Olmec, Toltec, Maya, Inca, Hopi and Aztec, where he was known as Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan and Virocha, the great white-skinned, red-haired giant god.  Later, in Greece he was known as Hermes, and later, played the role of a Kristos  He is a great teacher of men and founded the Mystery Schools, as they were known, in Egypt.

Keepers of the Monarchies and Matrix, the ‘Divine Right to Rule’:

Getting back to the point, after all this background, the Anunnaki reached the time for departing the Earth to return home.  They had been the Monarchs of the cities of Earth during their stay here.  Before leaving, they conceived of the solution to what they termed ‘moving the kingship from Heaven to Earth’.   They needed to leave the kingships and priesthoods in the hands of special beings, ‘superior’ to ordinary men.  Enki performed another genetic miracle and produced one last genetic upgrade yielding a master-race known as the homo capensis, ‘Blue-bloods’, who were more Anunnaki-like than were the Adamus.  These ‘Blue-bloods’ were assigned the ‘Divine Right of Rule’ and this was made known throughout all the world.  These blood-lines produced the new rulers, as ordained by the Anunnaki gods upon their departure.  These ‘Blue-bloods’ not only made up the kings and queens, but also the priesthood, whose function was not religious but scientific.  They were the educated ones who knew reading, writing, astronomy, astrology, mathematics and other sciences.  Their facilities came to be called the temples which later also housed the banks.  With their advanced knowledge, they could exploit the uneducated by predicting cosmic events like eclipses and they received payment from the citizens to receive their blessings for good harvests and fertility.

homo capensis

The Homo Capensis Blue Blood Monarchs and Priests Still Rule

What does this have to do with longevity?  It’s a little complicated but will soon be clear.  Those beings, homo capensis, who had a higher percentage of Anunnaki genes, were not limited to the 140 years of the ordinary Adamus.  Noah, for example, was over 600 years of age at the time of the flood, and lived long after. His grandfather, Methuselah died just days prior to the flood, at the age of 969 years. The Anunnaki were careful historians and record keepers.  They had maintained precise and comprehensive histories in the libraries which were destroyed by the great floods.  In the reconstruction, these histories were restored, using clay tablets that were thought to be more durable.  Over a million of these tablets have been unearthed so far in Sumeria, Mesopotamia and other places over the past 200 years.  The writings are in cuneiform, which was not deciphered until about 40 years ago.  These tablets were so plentiful that archeologists placed little value on them, and once each museum had a few on display, many were sold to private individuals.  It was the private collectors/scholars that endeavored and finally succeeded in deciphering the cuneiform code.  They accomplished this, in large part, by discovering the fact that some Hindu texts, written in Sanskrit, were page for page identical.  Among these tablets, there is a ‘Kings List’ identifying those early blue-blood kings and rulers from the thousands of years after the Lowering of the Kingship from Heaven to Earth.  A reading of the King’s list reveals that the earliest kings lived for  thousands years, but as the thousands of years passed and generations followed, the longevity progressively declined to hundreds of years to a hundred plus years.  In other words, as the Anunnaki genes were diluted, the longevity curve converged on the limitation placed on the Adamu. 

Sumerian tablets containing the King’s List

|In spite of this limitation, designed to maintain the population at a controllable number, in recent history, the human population chart has ‘hockey sticked’.  What’s going on?  The ‘Blue-bloods’ have shared the paranoia of Enlil in terms of methods to maintain control of an exponentially increasing population of Adamus.  They have come up with every conceivable way to limit the population, and it worked for a long time.  The kings would war with each other and send huge armies of fertile males off to the slaughter. They would maintain conditions in the cities that were far less than unsanitary and massive plagues and diseases would take their tolls.  They invented religions, based on worshiping Anunnaki gods, that could further wars and pogroms.  They took away food, leaving humans to starve or die from disease related to poor nutrition.  They invented ideologies that could serve to create the basis of war, rivalry and persecutions.  More recently, in the ‘hockey stick’ era, they have evolved technocracy to create a virtual reality called the Matrix to control the lives of humans by means of constructs:

Nethuselah, grandfather of Noah, died at 969 years age.

1.Money-magic, aka the Federal Reserve System, which now exists in 188 countries of the world.  The system prints up worthless ‘funny money’ from paper and uses it to pay citizens for their days work.  The citizens produce assets of real value which are given in exchange.  The system uses debt interest, mandatory insurance, taxation and other devices to take back all but a pittance of the ‘funny money’.

2.Energy-magic, the fossil fuel system.  The blue-bloods are heavily invested in an obsolete system of energy that is inefficient, dirty, destructive and expensive but politically useful.  They thwart any developments that would shift the paradigm, while seeming to pursue alternate renewable energy forms. Fossil fuels pollute the environment with health-destroying organic wastes and recent ‘fracking’ methods waste vast amounts of water and create ecological disaster.

3.Military Industrial Magic, the only remaining productive sector of the economy must be overworked in invading foreign sovereign nations in serial killer fashion, murdering and maiming millions of innocent people who are in no way a threat of any kind.  The pretext is the phony ‘war on terrorism’, in full knowledge that all terrorism in the world stems from the CIA-created bogey men and US government false-flag tricks to incite civilian support. Your sons, in their prime, are going off to be killed or maimed while killing and maiming innocents victims all solely for profit and depopulation.

4. Recreational Drugs flow into the US from all parts of the world under control of the worlds largest smuggling syndicate, the CIA. The CIA works directly with the ‘mob’ to put the drugs into syndication.  Recreational drug use in the US is epidemic.  Ironically, the US simultaneously spends countless billions on its ‘War on Drugs’, which imprisons an excessive percentage of the population for victimless crimes of recreational drug usage.  More than 5% of the US population is currently imprisoned. A high percentage of the free spend much of their time in drug induced stupor.

5. Monopoly Medicine is a racket whereby  allopathic care  is licensed as the only state-authorized medical system.  Allopathic means use of pills and surgeries as the treatment protocol.  The underlying basis of allopathy is the fraudulent germ-theory published by the Rothschild’s minion, Louis Pasteur.  This theory purports that people ‘catch’ illnesses by coming into contact with germs from the air or surfaces like doorknobs.  This makes people use anti-bacterials and pasteurization processes whereby food substances are subjected to very high temperatures for a prolonged time, destroying their nutritional value.  Pastuer plagiarized the work of Dr. Antoine BeChamp, a true scientist who determined the nature of germs, bacteria and viruses and Claude Bernard, who determined that disease is a result of the body’s environment, not the organisms whether internal or external.  Archaea, the general term for these micro-organisms, comprise over 90% of the cells in the human body and perform functions vital to the health of the body.

6. The Vaccine Racket is a direct outgrowth of the fraudulent publications of Pastuer, who, by the way. recanted his theories on his death bed.  Many accept the claims that vaccines were responsible for the eradication of various diseases like anthrax and polio.  The truth is that improved nutrition and sanitation had already set infectious disease on a down course well before the advent of vaccines.  The key factor for the Illuminati was to gain the acceptance of the concept, for the important consequences:

a.  the concept made people the victim of factors beyond their control, thus they abdicated personal responsibility for their health into the hands of the allopaths.

b.  the acceptance of vaccines provided the perfect vehicle for the subtle delivery of a whole host of new diseases and toxins that would not be associated due to delayed manifestation.

Gates, the Vaccinator
  • Poisoning and Rapid Depletion of Water resources is another hard to correlate slow-kill program where by highly toxic industrial wastes are added to the local water supplies under the guise of dental care.  There are no dental benefits associated with Flouride poisoning.  This is one of the deadliest poisons known to man and is toxic at any dose.  Recently, it has come to light that water systems are being deliberately tainted with lead, for which there is not even a phony health benefit to be alleged.  Lake Mead and the Ogalala aquifer are almost depleted, the two largest sources of fresh water in the US. Meanwhile, millions of gallons of water are being used in ‘fracking’, to try to squeeze a little oil out of sand. 
  • The Pharmaceutical Drug racket controls all medical schools, all medical, dental, and nursing degrees, the FDA, the AMA, the CDC and all US government health policies.  It controls all of the dissemination of associated information to the public and even advertises its designer drugs on prime time TV.  They also control all the so-called double-blind studies for effectiveness whereby their patented drugs are compared to ‘placebos’ (sugar pills) for effectiveness and FDA approval.  The fact that the placebo is statistically as effective as the drug, without the side-effects, is never published.  Pills, whether patented or placebo, only work on a temporary psychosomatic basis and never address the root cause of any medical problem.  Thus, the problem goes on to manifest in its many ways, making you think that you have many health issues, causing fear and worry, the real prime cause of most disease.
  • The Geo-Engineering/HAARP full-dominance weaponized weather system uses a host of toxic substances sprayed from high-flying specially equipped aircraft to make everyone on the world inhale and ingest dormant pathogens, radioactive heavy metal particles, self-replicating fibers, sulfur dioxide, methane compounds, and ionizing gases.  This insidious program, which has been going on since the 1940s, is killing people just a surely as a bullet to the heart, but on a delayed basis to hide correlation.  When they shoot you in the head, you drop dead and bleed, a direct correlation.  When they make you breath and ingest fatal poisons, the correlation is more subtle, but just as deadly. The ionizing gases are for the purpose of weather and natural disaster manipulation using the directed electromagnetic energy of the HAARP array.  Essentially, the atmosphere and even the Earth is made into a giant capacitor in the chosen region for the purpose of producing drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, tectonic plate shift, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, shifts in trade wind and ocean current patterns, and many other seemingly natural disasters.
  • Radioactive poisoning of the oceans, land and air by causing directed energy to create  man-made disasters like Fukushima:  Almost 6 years ago, a tsunami was artificially triggered to create the nuclear power plant explosions that have been dumping huge amount of highly radioactive pollution into the Pacific Ocean.  Not only have no containment efforts been implemented to date, but the amount of daily radioactive pollution is increasing.  A large portion of the Pacific Ocean is suffering terminal radioactive toxicity and ocean life is being eradicated.  Prevailing ocean currents carry this radioactive toxic water from Japan to the US and Canada.
  • The Fake Food racket is making sure that they control virtually all food sources to ensure that your nutrition is totally compromised.  If you were taught anything about nutrition in your public education, you can rest assured that it is all inaccurate.  You have lobby groups like the ‘cattlemen’ and the ‘dairy farmers’ who retain prominent positions in the chart of recommended daily foods.  Pasteurized milk is touted as a source of calcium when it is, in fact, a robber of existing calcium from your body.  Meat is less than 1% efficient and carcinogenic.  Processed packaged foods are rendered worthless by deconstructing Natures products and adding toxic chemicals.  Even when you opt for fresh produce, it is mostly Genetically Modified to the point where even the insects in the field will not eat it.  It is full of atrazine and glysophate, as well as countless other chemicals.  The ‘fast food’ industry, where many eat once or more times daily, is serving plastic food.  Without getting real complete living foods, your body has nothing to work with.
  • The Lie that makes your body acidic:  If public education was intended to be of benefit, one of the first things that would be taught is the essential requirement to follow a diet that maintains a state of alkalinity of your bodily fluids.  Your blood must remain alkaline at all times, even if it needs to convert your bones back into calcium to make antacid.  If your blood is acidic, it cannot carry oxygen to your cells, as the acids convert the free oxygen into compounds that bind the oxygen molecules.  The foods that are the most acid forming are animal flesh, dairy, and refined sugars.  When your body is acidic, your mineral solutions are converted back into mineral salts which cause arthritis and inflammation. 
Geoengineering plane

This is not a comprehensive list, by any means, but I am sure you can build on the idea and think of many more ways you are being robbed of your longevity by means of these intentional slow-kill and fear-based program.  Looking again at the graph of human population, it is clear that something significant is in the making.  The greatest fear of the blue-bloods is that humanity will become enlightened, aware in numbers great enough to expose them and deal with them.  Although they control the military machines while the Matrix is functioning, there are only a few thousand of them and over 7 billion of us.  In a state of awareness, the military may not remain subservient. 

To summarize the two key points behind the human origin story:

  1. You have, like all life on earth, telomeres that preprogram your lifespan
  2. You live in the Matrix virtual reality that is designed to impose sickness and premature death, among many other impositions.

Proof of the matter of longevity

In spite of spending more than twice the amount of any other nation, the US allopathic health care system comes in 33th out of the 40 top competitors , according to the World Health Organization.  A quick look at statistics published by the government and sponsored agencies shows the leading cause of death for Americans is allopathic medicine, itself. Heart disease and cancers follow, with an incidence of 1 in every 2 persons.  This can not be explained by chance or bad luck, but only by design.

I conducted a research study as part of my doctorate program wherein the Research Question was basically “Are US citizens being systematically deprived of half of their lives by mandate of the State?”.  This does not only pertain to US citizens, but to humanity at large, as this pervasive evil has been in force for as long as man has been in existence.

Hunzakstan, Pakistan

Is there a way to clearly and undeniably provide an answer to this question?  There are few places in the modern world that have escaped the shroud of the Matrix, but some isolated cultures have managed to ‘live off the reservation’. If we had access to acceptable data that proved the citizens of these isolated cultures enjoyed health and longevity to the full potential of their biological limits, this contrast to the actual state of health and longevity within the Matrix would present an irrefutable case when analyzed in comparison.

What I am saying here is….with no health care system, pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, hospitals, health insurance plans or anything else you may associate with healthcare, these people live completely disease-free to their full biological potential. You, on the other hand, spend a great potion of your income to have all these supposed miracles of healthcare to live half of your potential lifespan while in chronic illness. Isn’t this just the opposite of what they are claiming?

Hunzak centenarian

I chose four cultures for my study of health and longevity comparisons against the Westernized cultures of the Matrix.  I chose these four, not because they are the only existing four, but because studies had been conducted by credible researchers who accumulated data that is scientific, accurate, and published,  thus acceptable for scientific standards.  These four alternative cultures are:

  • Vilcabamba, Ecuador
  • Hunzakstan, Pakistan
  • Abkhasia, Russian Georgia
  • Pre-1980 rural China
Abkashian, SHiroli Mislimov, 163 years of age in 1973

From the first day that Enlil ordered Enki to send Adamus to work in the cities, some decided to escape slavery and flee into the wilderness.  They lived life on their own terms and turned to Nature to feed and shelter them.  To the present day, small numbers of people are still living in isolated communities not reached by the Matrix, relying totally on Nature to provide for their needs.

The Vilcabambans live in a mountain valley in Southeast Ecuador where their life has been the same for untold thousands of years.  A 1940 census revealed some astonishing facts that lead to international interest and study.  A large number of the population was living to ages over 100 and as long as 130 years.  Even more astounding was the fact that a study of 628 of the 100+ year olds revealed that they were all in virtually perfect health, leading normal working lives with no evidence of the effects of aging or disease.

The Hunzakuts live in a mountain valley in northern Pakistan, where they have lived for time immemorial.  They grow their own foods, mainly fruits, vegetables and grains.  They have goats for milk and cheese.  They eat meat sparingly only a few times per year.  As the Hunzaks reach the age of 100, they are slim, erect, and graceful with the appearance of boys.  They were studied extensively by Dr. Alexander Leaf of Harvard, who found no evidence of diseases of any kind noting that they all had 20/20 vision and no evidence of tooth decay.

The Abkhasians live in the Caucasus mountain area between the Black and the Caspian Seas. They have the highest percentage of centenarians in their population of any other culture in the world.  The longest lived Abkhasian known was Shirali Mislimov, who has a Russian postage stamp in commemoration of his age, being 168 years upon his death in 1973.  He left behind a 120 year old widow, to whom he had been married for 102 years.  Their diet is heavily based on Abusta, a cornbread, goat cheese and buttermilk, and locally produced fruits, vegetables and grains.  Goat meat is eaten rarely a few times a year.  The same Dr. Alexander Leaf lived among them for a time and conducted his research studies of long-lived cultures.  In a study of 1700 centenarians, he noted they all had a full set of healthy teeth, luxuriant hair, good eyesight, erect posture and had never known any sickness or disease in their lifetimes. They have no concept of retirement, of reaching some prescribed age where they change from a normal worker to burden on society.  They are totally healthy and able to work normally until their death.  The aged hold positions of great respect in the society for their experience, wisdom, mental acuity and their life-long sense of usefulness and value. 


Dr. Leaf’s study attributes the great longevity of these societies to natural diet, non-toxic environment, moderation, exercise and especially spirituality.  They live their lives in complete harmony with nature, never indoctrinated into false religions, governments, money, education, separateness or victimhood.  Fear and worry were never a part of their life experience.

The China study is the most extensive and comprehensive correlation  study ever conducted.  Making this study even more extraordinary is that it took place at a singular time in history when a transition was occurring between the thousands year old lifestyle of rural China and the Westernized lifestyle of the new cities.  It should be noted that there are diseases of real poverty which took lives that would not otherwise be taken had a sufficient level of affluence existed.  This is a case aside from the point of this study, which was to contrast the health of the normal rural Chinese diet with that of the same family’s off-spring who took to the cities and, in course, the diets typical of Westernized cultures.  The study took place over a period of 10 years, beginning in 1973 and ending in 1984.  Particularly in the 1983 to 1984 period, there was a massive movement of young Chinese from the rural communities into the cities where they quickly fell into the what is known as the ‘typical American diet’ of junk food and meat as a major portion of every meal. 

Trashing the health of young Chinese people

A best selling book entitled The China Study, authored by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD was published in January, 2005.  The study found that the longevity and freedom from modern diseases enjoyed by the rural Chinese was reversed in less than one generation.  The young Chinese who came to the cities and ate Western food had disease statistics just as disastrous as Americans within only a few years.  One of the important conclusions of the study is the animal meat factor and the pasteurized dairy factor which clearly illustrated the impact of meat and Pasteurization on health, as the young Chinese city dwellers were developing heart disease and cancer at an incidence rate of one in every two individuals, with longevity factors even worse than the US. 

T. Colin Powell, PhD

What are the conclusions to be drawn from what we have learned thus far about longevity?

            The Matrix is a program within which you dwell, and it tells you what to do and think.  It says you are going to live to an average age of 75 years.  By about 10 years prior to this point, you should have experienced some serious disease, like cancer or heart problems and some chronic disease like arthritis or Alzheimers.  You should be making wills and planning for death prior to this point in your life.  You have this expectation programmed into your consciousness.

            When the Elohim (the Mighty Ones) genetically upgraded your ancestors from the Homo Erectus into their image and likeness, they set a biological clock that limits your cell replication to a finite number, thus limiting your life span to around 140 years.  This was done specifically to limit the growth in population to a total which could be controlled and managed by them on a long term basis.

Homo Capensis

            In reality, you only make it through to about half of your biological life expectancy because the  Blue Bloods, your masters, find that this single method is inadequate to limit the total population to a manageable number, thus they have devised various means to both directly and indirectly kill off large numbers of humans.  Through wars, plagues, revolutions, famines, droughts, pogroms, inquisitions and a host of more subtle slow-kill methods, they have kept the populations in-check until fairly recent times.  At present, the population is exponentially zooming out of control.

The reason they keep us around at all is because we are their property, have always been their slaves, and they use us to exploit the resources of the Earth for their benefit.  We receive the worthless paper money and they receive the real wealth.  Stripping the Earth of its resources is a systematic process and, over the recent 300 year period, the part known as the ‘West’ has been strip-mined.  The next 400 years is going to be the exploitation of the East.  There is already plenty of labor and the industrial technology has been exported out of the West into the East in a seamless process.  The military/industrial and the drug complexes continue to operate in the West  because they are playing a role in managing the transition process.

The simple fact of the existence of the ‘long-lived’ cultures who are not under the control of the Matrix, that demonstrate the full potential of longevity to the biological limitation, proves my assertions.  These isolated civilizations who have so far escaped the fear, worry, wars, poisons and the allopaths, live without disease or degradation up to 168 years, relying solely on the beneficience of Nature.

History of human population

The population of the World is going to be brought back down to a level that the elites feel comfortable with.  They are going to take the toll from the now expendable populations of the Western world.  The plan for doing this is already designed and well in process.  Ironically, the elites tell us, and have always told us what is in store.  We just have not understood or chosen to believe what we have been shown.  Most people sense that there is something wrong but would rather pretend and hope. A few have stepped out of the path of the bullet. 


We want longevity, but we are trapped in a Matrix that controls our thoughts and actions in such a way that we do all of the things in our lives that bring upon us disease and premature death.  If you want longevity, you will have to discard the thinking that makes you a subject of the elite and start rethinking all that you’ve heard about pretty much everything.  And, to make this simple, you can start by realizing that you can simply take most of what you think you know and do just the opposite.  You won’t be too far off the mark.  To think that you can lead a life of chasing money, eating non-foods, ingesting and breathing poisons, listening to and believing lies and garbage, watching NFL instead of exercising your  body, taking the tithe-ticket to heaven instead of thinking for yourself, or believing that allopathic pills and chemotherapy are going to save you is absurd.  When you get by-pass surgery or an appendectomy, nothing has been healed or corrected.  You are just a banana peel away from the next disaster. 

Health and longevity are the natural gifts we are offered by this world for free, if we are smart enough to just accept it.  There is nothing the least bit complicated or difficult about it. Harmonize and flow with Nature, become aware and synchronize your spirit with your Soul Matrix.  Let it happen.

At Socrates Wellness Institute, we will show you how simple it really is to amend your life-style for total wellness and to sustain it for a longer lifespan.

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