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Health is going to dominate and persist unless you do something to prevent it. You need no doctors, shots or pills. It is totally free of charge. As your cells age and become damaged, they are all replaced by your body automatically. The oldest cell in your body is no more than 15 years at this moment. Your body can replace your cells as needed for a life-span of about 150 years. After this term, your cells cannot accurately reproduce themselves and you will die…..without ever experiencing a disease. This is not a dream… is normal.

You may feel that you are not doing anything to prevent health and wellness. This is where you are no doubt thinking wrong. In Westernized societies, allopathy is the monopoly health care system, dictated by federal law and set up in conjunction with health insurance programs, federal and private, to be the sole recipient of payments.  It is inextricably tied to the pharmaceutical industry and the exclusive prescriber of pharmaceutical drugs.  It is also the only form of medical care taught in mainstream colleges. Have you wondered why this is so? Allopathy was concocted by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds around 100 years ago. Since its invention, health has deteriorated drastically and healthcare has become a multi-trillion dollar industry producing obscene profits for them.

There have been numerous types of healthcare for thousands of years. They are not the medieval blood-letting shown in Hollywood movies. They are, in all cases, far more efficacious than allopathy. Why not let all of the various forms of health care compete on the basis of merit in a free-market system?  The reason to deny this reasonable approach is simple.  The owners and masters of your government require you to be chronically sick in order to continue to pay the 24% of GDP that derives from health care spending.  Since GDP is now nothing related to production and just a total of spending, and since it is a Ponzi scheme, it is necessary for GDP to have continuous growth year-over-year.  Like any Ponzi scheme, at the first sign of negative growth, the ugly belly of the beast is revealed. How is health care one of the few remaining growth industries?  Through programs that induce you to become more and more in need of and totally dependent on health care each and every year.

For purposes of this discussion, let’s separate health care from emergency trauma care.  Health care deals with the thousands of illnesses or diseases that you are said to develop or ‘catch’ somehow from unseen causes like germs, toxins or the aging process.  Emergency trauma care falls into a different category, as it stems from accidents or other directly known causes.

In the current paradigm, allopathy is designed to convince you that health is a hopelessly complex matter.  Doctors are supposedly highly intelligent, trained, and gifted.  Carefully selected from the  masses for their almost ‘godlike’ abilities and high ethics. Highly educated within an elite curriculum, then licensed by the State for the exclusive AMA club of monopoly health care.

  The hospitals are huge and equipped with expensive and complex diagnostic and monitoring machines.  The pharmaceutical drugs they push are patented and expensive.  One would have to conclude that the ordinary person should leave health care totally in the hands of trained experts.  Ordinary people could not possibly have the necessary skills and expertise to maintain their own health.  It is common to become sick and then it is necessary to seek treatment by an allopathic doctor.  By definition, “Allopathy is a system of health care that aims to combat disease through the use of drugs and surgery, provided after-the-fact of the patient becoming diseased”.  You exist in the Matrix virtual reality system, which, by definition, is designed to create disease, maintain disease and induce premature death. This is a system designed to be self-feeding. Do not, for even one second, think this is a system designed to benefit you.

As pervasive as it has become, it is hard to realize that there are still some places in this world where people live a totally natural lifestyle that has yet to be infected by ‘Americanization’, the Matrix.  These people have no health insurance plans, hospitals, allopathic doctors or pharmaceuticals, yet they lead productive and happy lives where they enjoy great longevity and perfect health.  I mention this here solely to make the point that allopathy is a fraud and a detriment to health. It was designed specifically to be so. Were this not so, then these indigenous populations could not possibly outlive Americans by a factor of almost 2:1, experiencing perfect health during their entire lives, even in old age without spending a penny. This is just a fact to be pondered.

Do you seriously think that disease is the normal state of being and arises inevitably and organically to plague only humans?  Unless fed food of humans or are deliberately poisoned, animals do not get sick.  Do you seriously think that disease can be eliminated by a pill, shot, or removing some vital bodily organ (they are all vital)?  Your diseases are all induced to make you feel the urgent need to partake of allopathic care.  You have symptoms, that stem from your own body’s healing processes, that can be quickly subdued by pills that kill all of your vital gut flora indiscriminately, dilate or restrict blood flows, or simply are opiates that, almost instantly, make you think you’re cured. When your arteries are collapsing from bad diet, they can install stents and tell you your are cured. Do you seriously think your are diseased caused by ‘lack of arterial stents’?

These pills or stents are not cures for any health problem.  Vaccines do not make you immune to any disease.  They are the source of health problems.  Surgeries are unnecessary unless you have destroyed some part of your body through chronic bad diet and lifestyle, or through massive and chronic exposure to poisoned air, water and fake foods. When you get a stent installed in your artery, you are not cured of coronary artery disease.  You feel relief, but the cause of the problem has not even been sought let alone rectified.  The source of your problem was not ‘lack of a stent’.

Is the human body a machine-like structure that requires mechanic-like technicians to keep it ‘tuned up’ and replace some worn-out components periodically?  This is the actual concept that underlies allopathic medicine, and I am not making a joke here.  In fact, establishment ‘scientism’ says the entire Universe is like a clockwork, with everything ticking along in perfect unchanging order.  It is all a machine made of inert chemical elements that somehow take on form, function, and properties that would seem to require a great deal of information and intelligence to adopt their sentient properties and faculties.  Surely you have the intelligence to see right through this fraud.

Milky way galaxy

Where did the Universe come from?  According to academia, it all came from ‘nothing’ about 14.5 billion years ago, when a strange phenomena, called the ‘Big Bang’ is said to have occurred.  From an infinitely small point of nothingness, an explosion occurred and all of the elements of matter separated from this infinitely small point of nothing, and dispersed in every direction at the speed of light.  As the matter cooled and aggregated, it started to form the structures, as we now see it all, in its hierarchy of galaxies, stars, planets, moons, comets, and even atoms.  The estimated mass of the Universe is 3 X 10 to the 55th power in grams.  As scientism likes to say, “allow us this one miracle and we will try to explain the rest”.  So far, they have explained very little and, it appears, their explanations are all incorrect.

Where did living entities come from?  The dispersed and now coalescing matter is not exactly what we commonly refer to as ‘life’. It is cold, sterile and inert. Life is intelligent, animated, warm and self-replicating.  According to academia again, somehow, just the right chemicals got combined, along with a spark of electricity (or something), and “look Dr. Frankenstein, your monster is moving”.  Then, according to Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’, over time, random mutations in cell structures occurred and, by survival of the fittest, the single living cell marched along in ever advancing circles to become all forms we commonly call ‘life’, including man.  I hate to rain on Darwin’s parade, but, if you examine the complexity of life in any form, you will see that infinity is not nearly long enough to form even a living blade of grass by this process.  Darwin’s theory is not holding up well today, although it is yet to be discarded by the grudging pundits of ‘scientism’.  Evolution can make small adaptions, but it cannot create anything.

Next, we have the universal dogma of ‘materialism’ to thank them for. They arrogantly claim, in their most ‘scientific manner’, that they only believe in matter and things that you can see and touch. Not realizing that the seeing, touching or expounding of their ideas is being done solely in the realm of ‘consciousness’. Consciousness must come first, for anyone to even be aware of matter, therefore ‘consciousness’ is not a derivative of matter, as they erroneously claim, but the other way around.

Even though ‘scientism’ would have you believe otherwise, we are not exactly at the pinnacle of scientific advancement today.  In fact, quite the opposite.  From an extremely technically advanced period which existed on the planet around 13,000 years ago, civilization on Earth has been steadily devolving, reaching the lowest point in the ‘Cycle of Consciousness’ recently,  and will begin the start of a new 13,000 year period of evolution a couple thousand years in the future.  This is not the only the reason we do not understand our Universe, our World, and ourselves, as part of life on Earth.  We have not only reached the point where we lack understanding, we have reached a point where our arrogant but unfounded beliefs are exactly the opposite of reality.  This is known in Hindi as the ‘Kali Yuga’. You have probably never heard of this, as you have been deliberately maintained in a state of almost total ignorance of reality.

From the pinnacle of fully enlightened civilizations of 13,000 years ago, through the ages of declining consciousness, we have steadily tried to cling to, and retain the formulas of our past golden legacy. But steadily, generation after generation, we have lost more and more of the formula until hitting bottom in the Kali Yuga of the present.  Our current surviving legacy is the dross from the bottom of the barrel, so to speak.  The surviving evidence,  ‘megalithic ancient wonders of the World’, masterpieces of architecture, construction, literature, art, space & terrestrial technology, philosophy, engineering, medicine, metallurgy, agriculture, health, and longevity give testimony to that period of enlightenment.  The evidence is everywhere, world-wide. Just found no where in public education.

The Eastern Asiatic civilizations of the present have preserved the memories of the past legacy with the greatest degree of integrity.  What we refer to as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine have managed to adhere most closely to the original concepts of the enlightened age.  These forms of medicine are not based on the physical machine concept.  In fact, they are based on the knowledge that the body is primarily etheric, multidimensional, and energetic in nature.  The physical aspect is only a projection intended to allow us to have certain experiences that can come from a hypothetical environment of ‘dualities’ presenting challenges for us to learn from.  If, as in the case of allopathy, we fail to recognize and understand this fact, then we ‘believe’ things like germs make us sick and we seek the pills and the knife of the allopaths to ‘heal’ us.  The statistics show this is beyond gross failure. Yet we fear the loss of it.

Here is the absolute truth…..there is only one, and I emphasize again, only one healing mechanism in existence in this World.  That is your body itself.  No one, no matter how trained or skilled, or how many pills they have in their bag, can ‘heal’ another.  In the case of ‘trauma’ care, an allopath can enhance the possibilities of the body’s healing by rejoining parts of the body that had become separated by trauma, into close proximity to facilitate the body’s healing process.  That’s it!  Pills, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, vaccinations, etc. are all harmful processes that interfere with the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself.  Disease does not stem from germs.  It stems from fake food, toxicity, weaponized pathogens, poisoned air, water and foods, 5g and other radiation poisoning, fear and worry, imbalance and deficiency of every kind.  You can thank the Matrix controllers for all this and a lot more. 

Your physical body is an agglomeration or colony of cells, the majority of which are ‘germs’, in the context that the term refers to bacteria, virus, spores, fungus, yeasts, molds and other archaea. These archaea are able to change form, from one to another, with ease. The rest of your cells are the eucharyotes, larger ‘human’ cells, that are basically all the same (plentipotent), until they become specialized by their DNA.  But the physical cells of your body are comprised of common inert chemical elements from the Earth.  It was thought, until recently, that the atoms of these elements were made of tiny balls of matter called electrons, neutrons and protons.  With the advent of quantum physics, it is now recognized that these subatomic components are the interface between energy and the illusion of matter, existing in both states.  The atoms of the chemical elements comprising your body are almost totally empty space.  The quantums of energy occupying this space have properties that differ from the world of classical material physics, the familiar common properties of our physical world. Also, your body is over 75% water.  There is no inherent or intrinsic intelligence in the chemicals of your body.  You rely on intelligence and information from a higher-dimensional, non-local source.  This is an energy source the carries the information to/from the DNA in each cell in your body.  When you reach the point where your body becomes physically diseased, you have had a chronic problem with the quantum/physical interface for a long time.  This not a surprise if you are unaware you even have such an interface.

In this dimensional state we find ourselves in, we can easily be fooled into thinking that our physical body is the sum totality of our existence.  If you spend some time focused on this, you will come to realize that this is a foolish error and ego-induced deception.  There is far more to you than your physical body.  In fact, your physical body is not you at all, but just a ‘container’ that serves a purpose for a brief educational experience called a life-time in the third-density.  This fact has been fully realized in our past enlightened existence, where no one was foolish enough to think that their physical body was the sum total of their being.  That is why, even to the present day, enlightened cultures still remember from that ancient time and practice energetic-based self-healing/maintenance methods.  It is only, as some members of these cultures succumb to ‘Westernization’, that they ‘forget’ these facts and adopt allopathy, to their ultimate detriment and demise.


We are multidimensional beings, who, during this brief life-span, are existing in an relatively limited state of consciousness.  We have volunteered to do this as a learning experience, like leaving home and going off to summer camp, where life is going to be more primitive for a short time, just for the experience of it.  This game is more complex, in that we are challenged to learn who we really are while in a state of limited awareness.  Our Source Creator is an all-knowing and all-powerful Source of Cosmic Consciousness, consciousness and information existing in the highest possible state of energy density.  We are all a fractal spark of this same Source of energy and information.  Our destiny is to fulfill the purpose of this evolutionary exercise and then to continue on our journey to rejoin the Source, bringing the valuable wisdom of our experiences.  There are many steps or phases of this process and many levels of energy density (dimensions) to experience.  Countless similar ‘lifetime’ experiences may be required to finally totally evolve our own DNA to the point of ultimate awareness, Cosmic Consciousness, where we rejoin and remain again in the energy-state, a part of the Source Field.

We have a responsibility to achieve the highest level of evolution possible during each phase, including our present lifetime.  To accomplish this, we have the responsibility to maintain our physical vessel in good working order, until its programmed biological end.  We are not entitled to needlessly abuse and debilitate our vessels through carelessness, weakness or ignorance. Our body vessel is the tool provided for us to accomplish our mission.  If it becomes debilitated, we may fail.  Nature provides us with everything we require to maintain our physical vessel in good order.  Some foolish societies have declared a ‘war on Nature’, thinking that man is apart from and superior to Nature. 

The aspects of our ‘being’ that are beyond the physical third-density are not directly perceptible to our physical senses.  But any sensible person will be able to realize that what we can directly observe with our third-density sensory organs does not account for the infinite amount of information needed to develop and maintain our physical form and function.  That information is coming from somewhere else.  Your form and function is fluid.  Some of it is autonomic and some consciously directed.  We take for granted that our appearance changes only very gradually with age and we will continue to function without the need to consciously direct our metabolism.  Things that can be ‘taken for granted’ often tend to escape consideration.  However, this particular matter is of great significance, and failing to take consideration of it will have a price to be paid in terms of your health. 

Cosmic spirit is multidimensional

In order for the chemicals that comprise your physical body to have form and function, you require a continuous link with your Source Field, which is providing the required information to each cell at a very high rate of refreshment.  If you were to lose this link, you would be physically dead in a brief time and your etheric body would depart your physical body and return to a higher quantum density to reunite with your Spirit. Your physical body would return to the very dust it originally came from.  I have written extensively on the details of this and this information can be accessed in the blog archives on this site, therefore I am not going to repeat these details here.  I want to make sure that the point is clearly made that your life, and of course, your health is based on the integrity of this link totally. This is the essence of life and  ‘energy medicine’ that has been known for thousands of years, but largely forgotten today due to the Matix.

Your physical body is only a projection in third-density space/time.  As such, it is only ‘information’ that is exchanged with the Source via the infinite torsion energy field, the ‘Chi’.  This energy is the primary constituent of the Cosmos and carries the information of life to all things, no mater the current level of consciousness.  It works, on one hand, autonomically to form everything in the physical world.  But it also works consciously to allow for conscious functions driven by ideas, thoughts and intents.  It works to allow your physical body to manifest higher functions beyond those of metabolism, such as memory, creativity, imagination, synchronicity, intuition, premonition, ideation, intellect, belief, intention, conscience, love and various parapsychological phenomena.  None of our higher functions derive from our physical body.  Your brain is just a junction box for your nervous and sensory systems.  Your DNA in every one of the hundreds of trillions of cells in your body is the receptor/transmitter that encodes and decodes the almost infinite amount of information you process every microsecond of your existence in the physical domain.  Without the exchange of this information with your higher-dimensional Source, your chemicals would neither take nor maintain your form, nor could they perform any of the functions of life or health. 

When you are not communicating fully and/or accurately with your Source, you are going to manifest problems.  When you are communicating fully and accurately with your Source, you will not only function perfectly, but you can even regain form and function that may have been lost previously due to some circumstance.  All of the information for your complete and originally perfect physical form and function exists within your Source Field and is available to you.  It is only the energy issues involved in downloading this information to the DNA in your cells that prevents perfect performance. 

Multi-dimensional Awakening

Recall that the results of the Human Genome Project revealed to modern scientism that only 3% of your DNA is ‘Coding’.  The other 97% was classified as “junk” DNA.  This is, of course, nonsense.  While scientism and allopathy have no real solutions, the simple solution lies within you.  This is true and functional whether you are aware or not.  When you made the decision to have this life experience, you also agreed to a filtration process regarding the extent of this information that would be available during this lifetime.  If you had full access to all of your past experiences, and the wisdom you have derived therefrom, there would be no challenge to this life experience, because having fore-knowledge would give away the challenge.  It would be like having the ‘crib sheet’ for the final exam.  You would get the answers correct, but you would learn nothing in the process. 

Everything that we are supposed to learn here is available to us, but just not obvious or conspicuously easy.  We are also easily led into the deception that we are all separate from one another and relatively powerless in the face of the great complexities of life. Why should we feel this way?  In the physical projection, we certainly appear to be separate entities that must compete amongst ourselves for the resources we need and want.  We work to develop spiritual maturity and see the true being at our core, which is our Spirit, which is Source.  There is only one God-Source.  It is the same one at the core of each of us and all of Nature.  This God-Source is in no way related to any of the current organized religions of this time period, which are all Matrix constructs. We manifest a physical body, but also many higher levels of being.  Consciousness has many degrees.  We can say we are conscious and use consciousness to manifest many experiences.  The paramecium is ‘conscious’ of its environment, but to a different degree than a human.  By the same token, there can be a great difference in the degree of consciousness on the part of individuals because we are all on a journey but at different stages.  Ego-consciousness is not the same as spiritual consciousness.  Ego is temporary, existing solely in the physical plane. It serves its own purposes, not all of which are beneficial to you.

We also have a subconscious, to which we mistakenly attribute most everything that is not consciousness.  The subconscious is our reptilian component, which is primarily an ‘algorithmic program set’ that we all develop, initially to help assure our survival.  Many of the ‘programs’ running in our subconscious were created when we were at a young age and consciously immature.  Being more conscious can mean becoming aware of these programs that are no longer useful and ‘observing’ when we automatically respond to a situation by triggering one of these useless irrational programs, and overcoming its power over our behavior.  The subconscious can have useful programs as well, that we acquire to allow us to be more efficient and functional, like learning to drive a car or developing ‘muscle-memory’ in sports.

Spiritual consciousness is awareness of our Spirit, which is the part of us that is the God-Source.  Again, spiritual consciousness has degrees.  You can enhance your spiritual consciousness by consciously working on it using transcendental meditation.  In this process, you force your ego into silence and submission, which is the state it should be maintained in.  Once you learn to transcend the ego, your Spirit will be available for direct communication and its tremendous power will be available to you.  This is not something difficult or mysterious.  Anyone can easily do this if they understand their reality and their objective.  We all have the potential to ‘create’.  This power can be used constructively or destructively.

DNA coils

Since we are all a part of the same Source Consciousness, there is a ‘collective’ aspect to this power and consciousness.  We may all be at a different stage of conscious enlightenment but we all share the same projection of existence.  We manifest this potential by means of our thought-forms which lead to our ‘intentions’.  The power of our intentions is a function of our core wisdom system. This is not the belief structure that you have come to accept as part of your indoctrination into some Matrix construct, such as a organized religion. Our core wisdom system gets its strength from the reality of our own actions and the ultimate knowing of absolute truth we have accumulated..  What this means is that you can not fool your Spirit by false conscious assertions.  You cannot just claim to have a belief in something. True belief comes from truth and truth is absolute.   It also means that you are totally responsible for your own actions and state of being.  No one else is responsible and no one else can do this for you.

In the context of gaining or maintaining your physical health, it is impossible to abuse your body, yet claim to believe that you’re simultaneously entitled to perfect health.  The extent of your honest belief is, in fact, the absolute truth about your status.  The veracity of this absolute belief stems form your very Soul. If you are on a healthy diet, a clean life-style and free from toxicity, fears and worries, you will know this absolutely and it will be reflected in your true beliefs, confirmed by your Soul.  There is no free ride available here.  But the manifestation process is direct and simple.  To acquire and maintain perfect health, eat complete integral whole ‘living’ foods, drink pure untreated water, do not put harmful substances into your body, exercise daily, get at least 2 hours of daily sun exposure, make sure that your fluids are slightly alkaline, breath only clean pure air, avoid exposure to toxins and make sure that you are stress and worry-free through meditation.  This is not complex.  It is how you should be living on a routine basis.  This is all you have to do have the legitimate belief that your body will maintain a perfect state of health.  Disregard all of the hundreds of ‘gimmicks’ that are touted as miracle cures and silver bullets.  Stay far away from allopaths, patent drugs, hospitals, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.  Health and wellness is virtually free.  You are paying a fortune to the fake medical system to induce the diseases that they create and instill into your own body.

I am sure you are familiar with the term ‘placebo’, often used in a denigrating fashion by allopaths and pharmaceutical drug testers.  The term placebo is used by the drug establishment to refer to a ‘fake-drug’ that is used in blind tests to compare the effectiveness against pharmaceutical drugs.  Why does the placebo usually work just as good as the drug, or, sometimes better?  The reason is that everything works on ‘belief’, as I have explained.  If you truly believe that some allopathic doctor can heal you by prescribing a pill, then, whether the pill is sugar or drug, it may work for you, at least initially, in alleviating the symptoms of your malady.  This is just proof of what I am telling you about the power of ‘belief’ in empowering your intentions.  Your false belief is not sustainable, therefore you will not be healed of any fundamental disease. Your symptoms may temporarily abate. You do not need to go through this faux process now that you understand how healing actually works.  This false process leaves the ultimate cause of your disease  un-addressed.

Your intentions will manifest when you project the mental image of your objective, exhale it into the ‘ether’ and inhale the ‘ether’ into your body with the confidence of true belief.  This is called ‘conscious breathing’.  It is a simple technique that everyone can perform…..when you awaken in the morning, when you have a moment during the day and when you are preparing to sleep at night.  It takes only a moment, but persistent consistency is the key.  Do not expect to have old chronic injuries or maladies disappear quickly.  Expect this process to be a gradual but steady one, although there are many cases of  overnight disappearance of tumors.  Do not be fooled by the ‘instant gratification’ of patent drugs that mask symptoms while leaving fundamental problems undiscovered and unresolved.

You are genetically engineered to live a life-span of 150 years.  Exceptional cases, such as the 163 year old Russian Georgian, Shiroli Mislimov,
for whom a Russian postage stamp was created to commemorate his long life, are not common, but possible.  Perfect health during this life-span is the ‘normal’ expected condition.  Allopathy is one among many deceits that will cause you to die half-way through your potential life-span, and then, probably in a state of sickness far short of your life-goal.  This also demonstrates the power of the conscious mind, as you have been led down this path from birth to premature death by indoctrination and forced participation in a monopoly medical scam that is fed by toxic processed food, water and air, not to mention incessant worry and false beliefs.  This is how things work.  You can take steps today to assume responsibility for your own health and longevity and still reap the benefits.


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