Italy’s Claimed Covid Death Tally Corrected From 132,161 To 3,783

A new report from Italy’s Higher Institute of Health provides an objective analysis of the nation’s misleading covid-19 death tally. Italy’s official covid death tally rose to 132,161 in October of 2021. This tally is unrealistic because covid-19 was diagnosed in haste and under conditions of financial and political bribery using non-specific diagnostic criteria.

OK, this is Italy, but it is exactly the same for all of the countries of the world.  The public health sector was being instructed to record and relabel every death as “Covid19” at the same time as the defunct PCR tester was amassing records of hundreds of millions of false positives.  Together, the illusion was created of a rapidly sweeping disaster that was declared a pandemic by the WHO.

When the dust settled and a real look at the facts was undertaken, just as this example of Italy, The truth is, there were only a few deaths, these almost certainly are all from flu or attrition.  Zero deaths can be attributed to covid19.  This reveals the truth, after the fact, when the damage is already done.  It confirms my assessment, as I have presented it all along.  There is no covid19 disease nor are any deaths attributable to it. 

Image: Il Tempo Italy

Covid-19 was often listed as the cause of death when it was merely “suspected” and especially when “it could not be ruled out.”

After careful review of the medical reports, it turns out that respiratory infections may have been the primary factor along with normal attrition.

Various forms of medical malpractice, withheld treatment, inhumane isolation, undernourishment, and unethical standards of care are at the root of this worldwide medical crisis. The deaths are real, but the causes are skewed. I would claim, more than skewed.  They were deliberately fabricated as an element of this overall scheme to invent and falsely claim that a new disease somehow materialized out of thin air, all organically and uncontrollably.  This stinks just like all the prior attempts at creating threats out of viruses that fizzled and proved to be lies.

New Medical Analysis Reduces Italy’s Covid-19 Death Tally By 97.1%

A new analysis reduced Italy’s covid-19 death tally by 97.1 percent and provided a more accurate picture as to why these people died in the hospital. Only 3,783 cases could be directly correlated with a covid-19 diagnosis. Because the PCR test (that was designed to detect covid-19) was fraudulently-calibrated from the start, even these 3,783 cases of covid-19 are highly suspect, to the point of being totally invalid. and insignificant.

Symptoms of respiratory infection could have been the result of any number of infections that kill people every year, whether that be influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia or countless other lower and upper respiratory tract infections. Viral infections do not have the same effect on one person to the next due to several underlying factors including the cellular and microbiome terrain.

According to this new analysis, only 2.9% of the deaths registered since the end of February 2020 could possibly have been caused by the novel SARS coronavirus that has never been isolated from humans and replicated in human tissue samples. Therefore, never been demonstrated to even be in existence. The annual respiratory infections, antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, medical errors and other acute medical emergencies that usually cause overcrowding in hospitals were used as propaganda to terrorize and defraud the world into perpetual lock down.  But most seriously, and obviously the true motive for this scam is to stampede the herd, while still in falsely initiated hysteria, into imprudently taking an injection claimed to be a vaccine providing protection from this non-existent covid19 disease.

The covid-19 death tally included Italians who suffered from one to five underlying chronic diseases; many were on immune suppressant drugs, and a certain percentage died from medical emergencies that are totally unrelated to covid-19. A total of 67.7% suffered from more than three chronic diseases that had not been resolved through modern medicine. Italians who were already suffering from chronic conditions went on to suffer further from ventilator-associated pneumonia and ventilator-associated lung damage.

One in ten of the deceased patients had a stroke; 65.8% of the Italians had arterial hypertension and were on immune-suppressant drugs; 15.7% suffered from heart failure; 28% had ischemic heart disease; and 24.8% suffered from atrial fibrillation. At least 17.4% already had sick lungs. Many (29.3% had diabetes and other metabolic ailments) that drastically impacted their immune response.

There were several patients (16.3%) who were on their deathbed, struggling on immunosuppressant chemotherapy and radiation drugs known to make people susceptible to any respiratory infection.

These cancer patients had been dealing with cancer for the past five years, with an average three-to-five-year chemotherapy survival rate coming to a close. Another 23.5% were struggling with dementia, their life coming to a close.

The fiends and monsters, such as A. Fauci, who pushed this scam with every penny in the US treasury, were on a mission.  Their intentions are to administer as many doses of vaxx as possible, and they are intent on doing this while the victims are still in a state of imprudent panic.  The real deaths began after the vaxxines were dealt out in early 2021.  The started calling the new vaxxine-disease ‘breakthrough’ cases and delta variants, because these vaxx-disease illnesses and deaths still had to somehow be associated with the fake covid19 disease, and definitely not with the covid-vaxx disease, which has totally different symptoms from the covid flu.

Now, the hospital emergency rooms are being  over-run with fully vaxx’d patients who have a blood-clotting disease that begins with myocarditis and soon becomes a more dangerous disease that causes blood clots in the lungs and brain, then all vital organs, leading to death.

Unethical, Inhumane Practices Have Been Implemented in Medical Systems Worldwide

Ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a worldwide pandemic of SARS-CoV-2, medical systems around the world have handled hospitalized patients differently. Patients with any sort of respiratory symptom were isolated and separated from family members.  Keep in mind that respiratory infections are the most common non-lethal malady seen everywhere in the world.  This situation is no different.  But it was necessary to make this seem different because the real objective from the start is to panic everyone in the world to accept the shot, called, inaccurately, a vaccine. 

The vaxx is the only threat that is real in this entire scam. 

The fake medical experts who are behind this scam, need to achieve a level of inoculation of over 70% of the populations of every country in the Western world.

The public health agencies mandated hospital systems to make vague diagnoses, classifying anyone “suspected of covid” as an official case of SARS-CoV-2. These patients were viewed as highly contagious vectors of disease that should be isolated and put on mechanical ventilation.

Efficacious treatments were bypassed. People dying on ventilators were classified as covid deaths “when covid-19 could not be ruled out as the primary cause of their death.”

As terror and fear were propagated across the media, hospital systems put non-urgent, elective procedures on hold, suspending routine outpatient services that left many chronic patients without adequate medical care.  The prime first destinations for the lethal injections teams were the retirement and old folks homes, where easy prey were waiting in helplessness, to have their lives terminated by merciless killers who were there for the easy picking.

Industrialized nations like Italy did not implement at-home treatment plans and did not distribute nutraceuticals and prophylactics to help control respiratory disease in the population. This caused populations to be dependent on an already overcrowded system that is not set up to deal with panic, ignorance and helplessness.

As nations continue to put all their stock in the designated vaxxines, people continue to suffer and die, even as countless anti-viral, bronco-dilating, anti-inflammatory immune therapies exist.  But here, we have one single avenue.  The vaxx, approved for use in life-or-death emergencies only, is not only being given out free, but is being advertised, incentivized with lotteries, raffles, cash payments followed by the most dire, harsh coercion involving job loss and privilege deprivation.

The perpetrators are now in a frantic race to achieve their vaxx quotas before too many victims show up at hospital emergency rooms with vaxx disease, and now everyone sees that in this great scam, that they are the prime actors and victims.

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