Irrefutable Proof No Pandemic Occurred

2020 2,838,000*236,000CDC DATA 
20192,855,000238,000CDC DATA
20182,839,205237,000CDC DATA
20172,813,503234,000CDC DATA
*Averaged for 12 months
Total Reported COVID-19 Coronavirus Deaths Oct. 1, 2020  207,008
(÷ 9 months = 
+23,000/month).   Source:


CDC Data Proves There is No Pandemic

If the alleged pandemic had occurred, there would be some millions of deaths during 2020 that would have significantly exceeded the historical yearly number of deaths caused by attrition.  If not, as shown in the above data, then whatever was claimed to be a pandemic was totally false.  Zero deaths.

The mortality data above clearly shows that the death rate for 2020 is consistent with the death rate for the preceding years.  Therefore, no deaths can be attributed to the alleged Corona virus pandemic. There is absolutely no excess morbidity in any country in the world.

I have written this since day one.  There are zero deaths attributable to the corona virus pandemic.  This is a proven fact by the mortality data published by the CDC itself.

The only conclusion that can be drawn here is that there is no justification, due to a virus-based fabricated pandemic, for the destruction of lives and livelihoods that has been perpetrated by the world’s government. 

The inescapable conclusion is that these mass mass crimes against humanity were perpetrated for some totally different reason.  This is also what I have written since day one, as you can bear witness by reading my archives.

For those who are running around masked, heads down, maintaining distances, accepting absurd restrictions on almost everything in their lives, this is an unexplained and unacceptable consequence of bold-faced deceit and heinous criminality.

Those responsible for fabricating and perpetrating this crime must be defied and ultimately punished for nothing less than mass murder. Many lives are going to be forfeit before this debacle ends, even if they do not get away with their plan to inject us with some fake vaccine designed to either kill or ‘zombify’ us.

As David Icke has said in the past: ”Humans Get Off Your Knees”.

There is no escaping the fact that the ‘electoral democracy scam’ is over and overt feudalism has returned, but it is being done in cruel, inhumane deceit.  They plan to kill most of us, but they have played this hoax in such a way as to gain our cooperation in their deadly hoax to depopulate us.

Do not accept deceit.  Do not just accept death.  They are going to play you out for every last spark of hope you have.  Can you wake up and face what is really going on in a manner warranting your continued existence?

The slim chance of your continued existence depends on one thing.  That one thing is ‘acceptance of reality’.  You must purge this entire idea of a medical crisis from every cell in your body.  So long as they can lead you by the nose based on your fear of this fake virus story, you are going to be driven down the path they have planned out for you.

What is the Fake Threat?

There is no medical emergency.  There are infinite quantities of viruses in your body, everyone’s body, in every plant, fungus, mold spore in this world.  None of them have ever killed anything.  They have existed for all time.  Get real.  Get this pandemic out of your life…it’s nothing but a lie that is a useful tool for those who mean to harm you.  It is how they plan to lead you willingly into this global reset that necessarily involves mass depopulation of the ‘West’.

You will be ineffective in preserving your very existence, and that of your family, for just as long as you are paralyzed by fear of a non-existent bogey-man or an unwarranted belief in government integrity.

What is the Real Threat?

That is not to say that there is no emergency and imminent danger.  There is.  Your government is not the clowns that you chose with an election ballot.  These are just the clowns on the ‘early show’.  You are governed by the same powers as everyone else in this world.  You know the faces and names of their minions (Kissinger, Brzinzski, etc.), who appear everywhere to direct your every move to fulfil their agenda, of which you are most likely not privy.

It is their agenda that you have been a useful tool in the fulfilment of.  This has been the case for the entire 135,000 years of human existence. The 200-year resets have been a regular occurrence throughout the Common Era (C.E.).  The power structure is updated, a new venue of exploitation is opened up, the labor force of the old venue is no longer useful, the adults are depopulated and the young children are re-allocated to the new venue. This is the new (old) reality you need to become aware of.  This is what you need to fear, not some imbecilic viral medical pandemic foisted on you by the current version of Herr Mengele of the Fourth Reich (Herr Fauci and Gates).


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