Informed Consent is Nonexistent Among VAX Takers

Millions of vax takers throughout the US and the Rest of the World received no informed consent opportunity prior to receiving the injections.  If any information was supplied, it was a load of smelly propaganda and non-facts extoling the efficacy and safety of the killer vax.  None of it true. This is no kind of shot that is intended to help anyone.  It contains nothing but the means to harm and eventually kill.

Instead of bribing the ignorant vax takers with lottery tickets and hamburgers, the establishment has the obligation to provide takers with the most current reliable information available.  This is especially essential in the face of the fact that this vax is experimental emergency-use-only, with significant accompanying mortality and debilitating side effects occurring at the level of millions of victims.

If ‘informed consent’ was offered, the vax coverage would probably be less than 10% of the population.  It is only because the government and medical establishment are treating this vax campaign as if everything was normal regarding, testing, approval, efficacy and safety.  Meanwhile, everything is far from normal, and vax takers are being exploited for their ignorance and misplaced trust in the establishment.

Again, the establishment is the ‘fox guarding the hen house’, by knowingly foisting this extremely dangerous injection on people who have been duped into thinking it is the only way they can save their lives while being totally ignorant of the true nature of this injection.  If the takers realized that the immediate mortality and diseases caused by this injection is only the very tip of the iceberg, the story might read differently.  The real carnage lies ahead.  As the mRNA molecules for making the spike proteins start to produce, slowly at first, then exponentially increasing, the real intended effects will start to be seen, as people’s organs start to become more and more dysfunctional. 

The spike protein mRNA was never intended to remain captive in the injection site, as some still try to claim.  Any kindergartener could deduce that this liquid would become part of the system of distribution of fluids within the body and end up in literally every part of the body.  The magneto effect is intended to assist the mRNA molecule with passing through the cell walls and into the cell interiors.  Once inside the cell, this foreign mRNA molecule, which contains the blueprint for the ‘spike’ protein, can be used by the cell in replication to make the cell produce a dysfunctional cell that is unable to perform the functions of the organ.  At first, only a small number of dysfunctional cells will hardly be noticeable.  But over a period of time, one to two years, the organ will become overwhelmed by the dysfunctional cells of which it is increasingly comprised.  These mortal effects will become more and more prevalent, until the organ is performing at a level insufficient to keep the body alive.

This particularly seems to be the case with the myocardial system, the battle with the foreign protein that is causing organ enlargement and serious blood circulatory problems in a short time period post-vax.  I think this was unexpected, as is the case for the other mortal and serious side effects.  They wanted the vax injections to go smoothly, so that other takers would follow along in suit.  These unexpected consequences have made it impossible to avoid awareness on the part of other potential takers, who have now become ‘hesitant’, as the new term suggests.

These mortal consequences were expected to develop after a year or more, so the medical goons could claim: ”this can’t possibly be related to the vax.  That was years ago’.

Things don’t always go as planned, especially when it’s a ‘rush job’.  This whole scamdemic and vax campaign is so full of holes, that any investigator of false flag doings will detect it in a heartbeat, like a fresh pile of stinking cow shit. 

The little Dr. Mengele’ protégé, Fauci, is an arrogant idiot that truly believed he could put his fourth reich bullshit over on the whole world, and even conduct weaponization in a manner so sloppy that discovery was unavoidable.  The rest of the puppet-heads couldn’t save the day for him.

Believe me, they are going to try their old and trusted trick of pretending nothing happened, and the citizens, with their short attention spans, are going to forget exactly what happened.  Soon, with a little water under the bridge, everything is going to go back to its earlier status.  No one will be any the wiser, and the 70% are going to take the vax.  By 2025, the populations of the ‘West’ will be 30% of the present level.  UN Agenda 21 will be well underway.  The surviving minority will be doing their part, whatever that may be.  They will “own nothing, and be happy about it”.  They will all be sterile, and no further maintenance of the human race will be occurring.

There are a lot of indications of how life on Earth will be then, if there is any human life at all.  By the time Agenda 22 rolls out, humans may have no part to play any longer. 

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