Importance of Vaxxine Compliance

The UN Agenda 21 has multiple components, such as Agenda 2025, 2030, 2050, etc.  In order to succeed with the current Agenda 2025, the vaxx scam must be pulled off to reach over 70 percent extermination of the “Western” populations. As of now, many people are becoming more aware that “something is just not right” with the scam covering up this immediate phase of operations, the kill-off.

The Ubermeisters are depending on certain Western elite, together with the CCP, to create, promote and distribute a bioweapon, comprised of graphene oxide, SPIONs, parasites and an artificial mRNA that induce your body to become auto-immune, providing the means to kill you by multiple pathways such as graphene oxide poisoning and AIDS. Auto-immune means your body’s immune system turns on itself and starts to destroy your vital organs.

Although the vaxx is totally lethal, the poisons in the serum are designed with an incubation period of considerable length.  They see more people are catching on to their scheme, so they decreed double, triple, quadruple jabs and then unlimited booster shots, the October 15th global mandates to force-vaxxinate the global workforce, and now all children 5 to 12 years of age.

The British Commonwealth and EU countries that are now visible as the immediate victims of the Ubermasters are experiencing a massive die-off, due to their high vaxxine compliance.

China, Russia, Africa and Latin America are not the immediate targets and therefore, their participation is that of supporting the narrative, not armageddon as with the British Empire and its US world police henchmen.

Timing is everything, because the mortality rate in 2021 has skyrocketed by 4% since 2019, depending on the country. The more people who see vaxx-mortality firsthand, the sooner volunteering for more vaxx will slow.

The Global Ubermeisters, working with the CCP, to exterminate ‘Western’humanity, because it’s in the CCP’s interest to do this. They are the new hegemons of the RESET2020, for the next period of ‘new empire’.

This is a weird bizarre tale, it is a weird bizarre scenario, it’s a weird bizarre plot, it’s a weird bizarre view of reality and unfortunately, it’s pretty accurate.

There are people within the power structure, the minions, that do not know they’re doing the dirty work of the Ubermasters. These would be a lot of the people that are giving the jabs, tests, collecting data, etc.  These people believe this bullshit. They’re mind-controlled, they think there is a virus, they think that you must wear the mask, that the masks really work, that the vaxxines really work. They actually believe this shit, although much of that might be eroding by now, much of their unfounded belief. We see that more and more, in the population, as the reality progresses and the curtain parts further.

People begin to drop out of existence. One day, you will notice the absence. There were definitely no excess deaths in the world in 2020.  Only after the big vaxx invasion in January, 2021, have the excess deaths started to appear in the statistics.  This is simply because the covid19 is only the old common flu.  But what they are trying to continue calling by name ‘the covid19’ is now only the vaxx, itself.  The vaxx is the real disease that is causing horrible adverse effects and a large incidence of deaths.  This incidence is large enough to be noticeable already.  It has actually barely started, as the engineered part of this scam intends for the deaths to occur in about two years after the first jab.  This is to create a plausible denial on the part of the jabbers, that the massive deaths are not due to the vaxx’s.  They intend to tell you that these deaths are still from covid19, not from the vaxx’s.  After the passage of two years, they will say this could not be vaxx-related.  It is too long since the jab, so it must not be caused by the jab.  And the ignorant will just buy into this, although most will be dead by then.

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