If you think you don’t have viruses think again

This is not what they are telling you, or anything they have educated you about, but you, and everyone else is a virus haven.  As they test more people, everywhere in the world, they all turn up ‘positive’ for whatever virus they are testing for.  That is because viruses make up a large component of the human body, commonly referred to as our microbiome and microvirome, that have evolved with us since life-forms have existed, plant and animal.

Scientists have only recently begun to quantify these microbiome components, and discovered it is inhabited by at least 38 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion viruses.

transmission electron micrograph
No one can see a virus except by electron microscope after complicated preparations

Transmission electron micrograph of multiple bacteriophages attached to a bacterial cell wall.Dr. Graham Beards, CC BY-SA

It has been estimated that there are over 380 trillion viruses inhabiting the body of every person, a community collectively known as the human virome. These viruses can cause minor illnesses like colds, flu or grippe.  More sinister infections, like Ebola, HIV or dengue can be the result of bio-engineering in weapons labs, which has been going on for much longer than you might imagine.

  Viruses are just dead RNA molecules, waste products from mitosis, which is going on constantly on a massive scale in the human body.

So, this is important lesson #1: Everyone is positive for presence of all viruses, therefore there is no contagion, no masks, no distancing, no isolation and the “case numbers” have no meaning when everyone is a positive case.

I am a physician-scientist studying the human microvirome by focusing on how viruses work, because I believe that it is vital that humans know what sneaky little creeps, like Fauci and Gates, are foisting on the world, using nothing but lies, to accomplish a mission they have designed for themselves to bring about a much more heinous crime.  Viruses are not predators and their mere presence presents no danger to your body.

Viruses are just waste material from the replication process which includes junking the old eukaryote cell, and ejecting it in the form of an exosome.  An exosome is formed by the eukaryote to get rid of waste matter by encapsulating the dead molecules inside a protein coating and expelling it from the cell.  This waste matter is not alive, so it is not ‘conscious’, so it can make no plans to infect your body.  It is just something that exists in huge quantity because countless cells are replicating.

In a weapons laboratory, the protein coating can be made to present little spike-like formations designed to get hooked on cleavage sites of cells whereby it may accidently find its way inside the cell after penetrating the cell-wall.  This is not some plan of the virus, it is a plan of the war-crazed military apparatus of some countries that are insanely obsessed with war and killing, even their own citizens. 

So, this is important lesson #2:  viruses, which are dead, can be equipped with mechanisms of opportunity to penetrate the cell wall of a eukaryote cell. The dead molecules can accidently be re-incorporated when the cell replicates again, yielding a defective cell.

This defective cell can become a problem if your immune system is ineffective due to bad diet, bad life-style and fear.  The problem will be of an insignificant nature unless the number of defective cells exceeds your immune systems’ capacity to destroy them.

One might rightly assume that if viruses are the most abundant microbes in the body, they would be the target of the majority of human microbiome studies. But that assumption would be horribly wrong. The study of the human virome lags so far behind the study of bacteria that we are only just now uncovering some of their most fundamental aspects. This lag is due to it having taken scientists much longer to recognize the presence of a human virome, and a lack of standardized and sophisticated tools to decipher what’s actually in your virome.


Here’s a few of the things we have learned thus far. Bacteria in the human body are not in love with their many phages that live in and around them. In fact, they developed CRISPR-Cas systems – which humans have now co-opted for editing genes – to rid themselves of phages or to prevent phage infections altogether. Why? Because phages kill bacteria. They take over the bacteria’s machinery and force them to make more phages rather than make more bacteria. When they are done, they burst out of the bacterium, destroying it. Finally, phages sit on our body surfaces, just waiting to cross paths with vulnerable bacteria. They are basically bacteria stalkers.

Viruses, like bacterium, inhabit all surfaces both inside and outside of the body. Everywhere researchers have looked in the human body, viruses have been found. Viruses in the blood? Check. Viruses on the skin? Check. Viruses in the lungs? Check. Viruses in the urine? Check. And so on. To put it simply, when it comes to where viruses live in the human body, figuring out where they don’t live is a far better question than asking where they do.

Viruses live everywhere, in water, air, ground, in your house, car, swimming pool…everywhere.


It may seem counterintuitive, but harming our bacteria can be harmful to our health. For example, when our healthy bacterial communities are disturbed by antibiotic use, other microbial bad guys, also called pathogens, take advantage of the opportunity to expand their culture in our body and make us sick. Thus, in a number of human conditions, our healthy bacteria play important roles in preventing microbe imbalance.  Your microbiome is an essential aspect of your body, which can not live without it. That is why you eat yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, kombucha, sour dough breads, etc.  It is bacteria that keep the interior of your body clean and free of organic wastes.

Viruses are little more than nuisances, causing colds, or flus, Viruses do not have or maintain a specific identity. The whole flawed theory of vaccination is a story in failure to treat viral intrusions of any and all kinds. It is commonly known that there is no way to vaccinate against or even treat the common cold.  The entire idea of flu vaccines is just a bad joke.  They would like you to think that vaccines are useful, but, in spite of all the weaponized viruses produced and seeded into our environment, none of them have been effective in producing any epidemic, such as they were intended to do.  They can make a weaponized virus, but virus change constantly and become non-weapons very fast.  That is the reason that this time, they are not making any pretense of maintaining the fake story, they are just issuing new mandates for new forms of human torture and lockdowns and threatening enforcement using contact tracing and steep fines or imprisonment, taking your children away and many other sick measures. 

Important lesson #3:  Vaccines do not work on viruses (or anything else) and you should definitely fear some radical vaccine concepts that are universally mandated and forced by law using the coercive forces of the state.

If nothing else, you should follow these three important lessons in dealing with the state on matters of the non-existent corona pandemic.

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