Idiocy in an Age of Stupidity

The Memes of Stupidity

Have you noticed this global warming meme that died many deaths due to revelations of fake data and manipulations, but just keeps coming back to life again and again. This is an example of a meme that was a total fabrication from before day one. There is no valid evidence for its existence, in spite of a massive campaign to fabricate some. Polar bears on ice bergs, melting ice caps and rising sea levels have all been trotted out with elaborate programs of photos, videos, even movies, supposedly supporting the contentions. These are appeals to the emotions of children, taught in school by NEA-indoctrinated teachers who are either on-board with the deceit or totally stupid, or both. The children bring this home and easily convince their TV-dazed parents of its validity. After all, who does not want to save a polar bear in peril? Suddenly everyone, starting with the youngest, most impressionable child, is an expert on the subject, to be heeded without question.

Years after this meme has been dead and buried, it continues to resurface. Just this morning, I noticed a report of a Turkish town that will soon be underwater and gone forever. The next clip is about the crisis of falling sea levels. Well, which is it? You can’t have it both ways, except maybe in public education in the US where facts and logic have long since been dispensed with and impossibilities can exist side by side.

In the first place, cycles of warming and cooling are normal and have always been occurring. These cycles occur over periods of many thousands of years. Data taken during a short part of a human lifetime is not of any significance. These ideas of seas rising to levels where coastal cities will be inundated during a period of 10 years are total nonsense and reflect the idea that the perpetrators of this hoax believe you are too ignorant to know better. Could they be right?

This source is the Matrix via its agents in various government, industry, academia, religious and military operations.  All of these are supposed to be ‘above-question’ honest, viable, sincere and benevolent towards their subjects. The reality is the opposite.  The only thing that you can be sure of with these actors is that every word is a lie, every action is a ploy and every deed is to their benefit and your detriment.

Recognize this face? This is not the face of ignorance. It is the face of treachery. To see the face of ignorance, go look in the mirror (If you buy even one word he says).

Don’t waste your energy with the typical response “they wouldn’t do that”, “why would they do that?” or “how could they do that without simultaneously harming themselves?”.  I have  provided detailed responses to these questions in prior posts, so just take it for what it is…..this is the reality of your existence…..they can, they will and they are “doing this”.

Approximately every 200 years, an event, called a ‘reset’ occurs.  This is a real event that reduces the population of awakeners, usually the mature adults. It can be a contrived event or a real pending natural catastrophe of which they are aware of, that conveniently serves their needs and is often artificially enhanced and capitalized on to achieve the goal of reducing suspicious segments of the population, the adults who have seen too much.   You may have seen predictions of a reset involving currencies. This is not what the resets are about. Control or more likely, loss of control is the main concern. Maintaining control of children and juvenile thinkers is easy. As the average age of a population increases, the percentage of awakeners will also increase, even if just from experience and chance. This is a risk that cannot be taken.

Money is never the problem as the system can never run out of money because money is only a fake construct of the Matrix.  They can make infinite amounts of it for no cost.  You may say “but nations have had their currencies inflate, to their ruin”.  Yes, of course….they must have all the fake constructs appear to be real or they would not be effective. The dollar may well  inflate to its ruin, but this does not make the monetary system any less fake. It only makes it exactly what they wanted it to be…a control structure. The US dollar will fall in ruin when it suits their agenda. Until then, you do not need to worry about it.

Here we see one of the numerous currency-making machines. There is no limit to the amount of debt-based money this machine will create in any instant at no cost to them.

The reasons for the reset is this ….every fake system can only fool some of the people some the time, but never fool all of the people all of the time.  They have to keep manipulating the system with new constructs as the old ones become worn out.  Eventually, the system starts to become less efficacious and would eventually be less effective and more obvious.  Once some subjects start to realize the nature of the fraud, it can accelerate the process for other new awakeners. A reset corrects this problem. It takes most people’s attention away from awakening to survival, except most of the target segment does not survive it.

The most recent prior reset occurred in 1812 with the world-wide ‘mudfloods’ volcanic erruptions, comets and wars.   This event eliminated a large component of the adult population.  Afterwards, orphaned children were transported all over the world, to clean up and restart the population again.  World history was again re-written to eliminate the past and continue the fake narrative. You can research this event more thoroughly on your own to further your understanding.

“…if-all-records-told-the-same-tale-—-then-the-lie-passed-into-history-and-became-truth.”-1984-George-Orwell. There can be little doubt that we are living in an “Orwellian” world at the present time.

The next imminent reset is both overdue and much more complex due to the population spike of the past 100 years.  I can tell you that it is going to be massive in terms of deaths because the ultimate goal has been revealed.  The  total earth population must become less than 500 million.  You can do the math.  I do not believe this will be done in a single step or by means of a single ploy.  The ‘western’ populations are now idled and expendable. The small part of the population that is employed is performing ‘spin-the-wheel’ type of jobs. There is no longer any contribution to the agenda.

In this post, I want to discuss what I see as one of the high potential contrived mechinismss of the impending reset.  Other machinations are more than visible at the present time, but this one is probably one the ‘biggies’.  It has been long in the creation and is in the final stage of implementation.  It is known as ‘global warming’ from the 90s, morphed into ‘climate change’ more recently, although it was ‘global cooling’ in the 70s.  No matter what, it is said to be anthropomorphic, ‘man-made’, and an excuse to really destroy earth’s atmosphere, ironically, by anthropomorphic pollution. Once the atmosphere is destroyed, the depopulation is going to follow in short order as food shortages create violent riots.

Although they show charts with temperature data going back to year 1000 CE, it is certain that the ancient data is contrived because there are no such records in existence.  If there were, they would show a normal fluctuating chart of varying cooling and warming periods correlating with solar energy minimums and maximums. These changes occur in a geological time frame, not a human time frame. Data taken over the period of a human life time is just meaningless ‘noise’.

Here we see the work of the clowns at East Anglia Univ. and cohorts. The fake data from manipulated computer modeling was presented as real data to comply with the directive of the controllers issuing the grant money. They thought they could panic the ignorant masses into complying with their Carbon based warming meme. And, they were correct. The masses panicked.
The dark black line shows the real measured data. The real patterns are normal. But now, in the minds of most ignorant people, global warming is real. Because now, as Orwell predicted, “the lie has passed into truth” and once the government buys a meme, they never let it go, no matter how thoroughly it is disproven. They have control of the media who pounds the meme into the minds of the ignorant without end.

Now, enter the scientism clowns and the maestro, chief clown Al Gore.  Just like all modern scientism studies, financial grants are given to those who are willing to play their game.  The Controllers require supporting data for the foregone conclusions already contrived to serve the agenda of their current meme. The data need not be valid or stem from anything meaningful.  It just needs to fool a majority of ignorant fools in the population who are only up-to-speed on important things like football scores and tv schedules.

Dominant Social Theme: ‘Warmism’ is a science.

Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth [by the way, 17 years later, none of the predictions have come true], has been sent to every secondary school in the British Empire, which includes the USA, as part of the campaign to indoctrinate young minds with the false perception that there is global warming caused by human activity with all the potential that has for control, taxation, suppression, international law and centralization of authority.

The alleged villain is the so-called ‘greenhouse gas’ carbon dioxide, supposed to be belching from smoke stacks, industrial systems, but mostly from human lungs. It is claimed that this is collecting in the atmosphere and forming a barrier to stop solar heat from escaping, a greenhouse effect. Never mind that CO2 is less than 400 ppm, or 0.04% of the atmospheric gases and is needed by all plants to photosynthesize your food.

We are urged to become ‘carbon neutral’ and to watch our ‘carbon-footprint’. It is still OK for the rich like Gore to pollute as much as they choose so long as they invest in green technologies or pay someone to plant a tree while they bank $billions from selling you lies.

911 false-flag demolition of the World Trade Centers to stampede the ignorant into perpetual war on terror (as well as skim off a few $trillions in good measure). Never mind that the perpetrators of all terror are Mossad, CIA and FBI agents and their puppets.

Dominant social themes are important to the Controllers because they provide problems that supposedly can be solved only by them within a global context. The so-called war-on-terror is another such global problem, as is the “war on drugs”. These latter two examples illustrate the charade, as it is common knowledge that the war-on-terror was launched by the false-flag 911 trade center demolitions, blamed on Islamic terrorists. The CIA is the largest international drug running organization in the world. It is also the largest sponsor of fake terrorists like ISIS and the Taliban.  Bin Laden worked for the CIA since the 70’s. They trot out solutions for fake contrived problems that only exist due to their own actions.

We have the exact same thing going on with global ‘warmism’.  Contrive the problem by any means necessary so you can be the one to offer the world the solution being demanded by the crowd of sub-juvenile thinkers to lead to the hidden agenda solution sought in the first place.

The UK Telegraph published this article about Steven Goddard’s book:

Another damning example has been uncovered by Steven Goddard’s US blog Real Science, showing how shamelessly manipulated has been one of the world’s most influential climate records, the graph of US surface temperature records published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). – UK Telegraph

Art Robinson, PhD. Represents 31,487 scientists who have signed a refutation of global warming. Only a handful of paid traitors support the meme, so long as the $ keep coming their way. The biggest supporters are Elhi teachers who know absolutely nothing about it except what they heard from Al Gore, who also knows absolutely nothing about it..
Real scientists say “NO”.

Goddard shows how, in recent years, NOAA’s US Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) has been “adjusting” its record by replacing real temperatures with data “fabricated” by flawed computer models. The effect of this has been to downgrade earlier temperatures from the 30’s and to exaggerate those from recent decades, to give the impression that the Earth has been warming up much more than is shown by the actual data. The Earth is, in fact, cooling. This is not to mention the fact that data from this short period is in no way indicative of a trend. Meaningful changes occur over a much longer time period.

In several posts headed “Data tampering at USHCN/GISS”, Goddard compares the currently published temperature graphs with those based only on temperatures measured at the time. These show that the world has actually been cooling since the Thirties; whereas the latest graph, nearly half of it based on “fabricated” data, shows it to have been warming at a rate equivalent to more than 3 degrees centigrade per century.

When I first began examining the global-warming scare, I found nothing more puzzling than the way officially approved scientists kept on being shown to have finagled their data, as in that ludicrous “hockey stick” graph, pretending to prove that the world had suddenly become much hotter than at any time in 1,000 years. Any theory needing to rely so totally on fudging the evidence, I concluded, must be looked on not as science at all, but as simply a rather alarming case study in the manipulation of public opinion.“…Goddard

The “crisis” of global warming is supposed to provide a key challenge that only a coordinated global response could overcome. If this was a real trend based on real data, global warming would be perhaps the most compelling crisis available to the Matrix controllers.. This is the urgency they are trying to create and pull off to stampede the sheep while robbing them blind.

It would be the deepest problem – were it actually true – demanding the broadest response. It would justify legislative adjustments in almost every aspect of human behavior, including industry, agriculture and domestic behavior. It is a meme that the global elite is desperate to sustain, even though it is a crumbling one. As the crumbling worsens, we see emerging a subtle change in reporting by all the state media…‘warmism’ morphs into ‘climate change’. 

Well, who can argue against climate change?  It has been happening forever and will continue to happen forever. It is totally normal and the way the world works. It offers no new threat or reason for fears, but the bandwagon does not miss a beat.  It goes on as though nothing has changed and the existential danger is just as imminent and grandiose as ever.  After all, the slug-brained NEA school teachers have already indoctrinated and traumatized their students.  The students have already indoctrinated their TV-dazed parents.  The state media runs their daily stories fully supporting the ‘imminent disaster’ meme.  A totally contrived fraudulent story has crumbled to ashes from its lies but goes on without missing a beat so far as the popular demand for the government to ‘do something’, ‘anything’, to avert the ‘public danger’, whatever it might be, real or contrived.

The 2019 planting season cannot go forward due to intense flooding from weaponized weather manipulation. Little did we realize that we were to be the victims of our own armed forces’ ‘full spectrum dominance of the weather’. We have not seen any “normal” weather in over 50 years.

Meanwhile, the world is experiencing the most extreme weather ever seen during such a brief period of time.  In every aspect, weather records are being broken almost daily.  Is this what climate change is all about? 

Maybe not!

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) site, Gakona, Alaska, is pictured with Mount Wrangell in the background.U.S. Air Force photograph

The USAF/DARPA and allies have a program for “full spectrum dominance of the planet through control of the weather”.  Since the end of WW2, the USAF Weather Command has been conducting atmospheric spraying operations in conjunction with DARPA and its HAARP array located in Alaska.  The spraying programs are many and varied, carried out by not only the USAF but other government organizations for a host of reasons.  I am only going to discuss the full spectrum weather dominance issue.

Everyone has seen the chemtrails from the aircraft that are systematically spraying the skies.  The chemtrails come in a variety of forms, having different colors, persistence, polarities and other characteristics.  No doubt, a lot of experimenting has taken place to reach the current capabilities of this program, which we are witnessing in recent years.  Much more material is being sprayed every year and more sophisticated apparatus has been installed in many types of aircraft and oceanic ships.  In addition, the original HAARP array has been expanded and upgraded continuously and several more new ones have been constructed in different areas of the planet.

Interior outfitting of airborne assets for atmospheric spraying of liquid chemicals.

How this works and the scope of this project is a subject worthy of study and I would suggest you spend some time researching on your own.  I am not going to delve in too deep in this blog.  The key aspects of this program are the intense high capacity aerosol spraying that is being conducted 24/7 and what the affects are in conjunction with the HAARP arrays and where this has lead to in regard to the massive dilemma that is our main topic – extreme weather. I think no one can be a sceptic regarding extreme weather as it continues, week after week to devastate the continents with rain and tornadoes, hurricanes and drought, earth-quakes and volcanic eruptions.

The ‘party line’ reply when asked about this spraying is “we are spraying to prevent global warming by reflecting sunlight back from earth’s atmosphere to prevent more CO2 gases from being formed”.  CO2 gases are the purported culprit in the global warming scam, never mind that this has been proven to be a total hoax. Not only is there no global warming at all, but, if there were, CO2 could not possibly be a related cause let alone THE CULPRIT.

Chemtrails are characterrized by criss-crossed patterns of airborne particles that persist, do not disappear like contrails. Contrails are water vapor formed due to temperature of hotter exhaust gases in colder ambient air.

CO2 gases in the earth’s atmosphere constitute a tiny fraction of the atmospheric makeup.  Most of the CO2 in the world is trapped in the oceans.  The oceans control the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by virtue of how much is released from the oceans.  This is primarily a factor triggered by the sun.  The whole idea of CO2 is nothing more than a scam to rob $trillions from the inhabitants of the world while creating extreme weather causing other specific disasters. It is the extreme artificially-created weather you should be fearing. You hear terms like your “carbon footprint”, an evil thing that you should pay penalties for having.  This can only be perpetrated on people who are beyond ignorant.  But Al Gore has already set up his company to collect taxes from you for your “carbon footprint”.

When you exhale, your breath is mainly CO2.  When you inhale, you take in oxygen and your lungs extract the oxygen from the air and use it to oxygenate iron in your blood.  Your oxygenated blood is transported to all the cells in your body and provides this gas for your energy-making process, the ATP cycle.  Each cell in your body uses glucose and oxygen to make energy to fuel your activities.  Of your total food consumption, 85% is converted into glucose for energy production.  No matter what you eat, this is the case.  Many foods are net energy negative, meaning it takes more energy from your body to make this conversion than your body derives from this process.  That is called a ‘bad diet’. Carbohydrates are the most efficient food for energy production.

Farms in the Mississippi valley are underwater at planting time.

The CO2 gas that you exhale is inhaled by plants for their metabolic process, photosynthesis.  This is the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals in this world that makes it possible for both to exist.  CO2 levels in the atmosphere cycle over time, just like everything else.  In the past, CO2 levels in the air have been much higher than they are currently.  This has helped plants proliferate to a greater degree.  Humans need more plants for their own health and survival, as well as that of the entire ecosystem.  Why are we decimating our forests to get wood to build more houses for people who are going to be exterminated soon?  There are already many more houses in existence in this world than will every be needed or utilized. CO2 has absolutely nothing detrimental to do with global warming or climate change. It is the gas of life. If you had even a basic education, you should know this.

The aerosol spraying programs that are associated with the USAF full spectrum weather dominance are the ones related to our current topic.  The atmosphere of earth consists of many layers that have been classified and defined: 


The troposphere is the lowest layer of our atmosphere. Starting at ground level, it extends upward to about 10 km (6.2 miles or about 33,000 feet) above sea level. We humans live in the troposphere, and nearly all weather occurs in this lowest layer. Most clouds appear here, mainly because 99% of the water vapor in the atmosphere is found in the troposphere.


The next layer up is called the stratosphere. The stratosphere extends from the top of the troposphere to about 50 km (31 miles) above the ground. The infamous ozone layer is found within the stratosphere. Ozone molecules in this layer absorb high-energy ultraviolet (UV) light from the Sun.


Above the stratosphere is the mesosphere. It extends upward to a height of about 85 km (53 miles) above our planet. Most meteors burn up in the mesosphere. Unlike the stratosphere, temperatures once again grow colder as you rise up through the mesosphere.


The layer of very rare air above the mesosphere is called the thermosphere. High-energy X-rays and UV radiation from the Sun are absorbed in the thermosphere.


Although some experts consider the thermosphere to be the uppermost layer of our atmosphere, others consider the exosphere to be the actual “final frontier” of Earth’s gaseous envelope.


The ionosphere is not a distinct layer like the others mentioned above. Instead, the ionosphere is a series of regions in parts of the mesosphere and thermosphere where high-energy radiation from the Sun has knocked electrons loose from their parent atoms and molecules. The electrically charged atoms and molecules that are formed in this way are called ions.

The aircraft spray both ions and anions into different layers of the atmosphere, thereby creating gigantic capacitors. A capacitor is formed by two oppositely charged planes separated by a diaelectric. The charged capacitor stores large amounts of energy for a brief time. The HAARP radio array can generate enormous high-energy electrical charges that can be directed accurately to any geographic coordinate.  By this means, the capacitors can be charged and discharged in various configurations that can steer the major patterns of air currents and pressure zones.  They have discovered much during the 70 years of experimentation about how to use the huge pulses of directed energy to produce various configurations of low and high pressure zones and how to manipulate them to produce various. weather phenomena. They have altered the prevailing trade wind patterns to warm normally cold areas and chill normally warm areas.

The sun is the energy source for the planet earth. Like everything in nature, its energy output is cyclical. The periods where the energy is highest or lowest can have dramatic affects on the earth. This chart shows that we are at or near a grand solar minimum. Even if the fools initiating the weather driven flooding were not doing this, we would expect reduced crop yields due to reduced solar energy. You do realize that plant metabolism requires solar energy as well as CO2 to produce crops.

They now have multiple HAARP arrays in different parts of the world, affording them greater control over the process plus gemerating greater amounts of energy bursts and more directional control.  By this means, they can produce rain or drought, hot or cold, and precise wind patterns.   They can cause melting at the polar caps while simultaneously creating polar-like weather in the areas and seasons where it historically does not occur, such as the growing areas of the US midwest.

The winter of 2019 is an extreme example of their latest capabilities to produce extreme weather in many areas of the US and the world  Parts of the Midwest had tremendous storms at the end of winter, freezing millions of cattle, swine and other livestock to death.  Now, flooding is out of control, at well above historic flood levels and millions of acres of cropland are still basically lakes.  Crops in-storage have been destroyed and new crops cannot be planted.  Serious food shortages are being predicted for the immediate future.  Many farmers have gone bankrupt and many more will follow. This week (5/30/2019) has seen more huge flooding rainstorms and 80 plus tornadoes.

But don’t worry, your masters are on the way to save the day.  They have come up with the ultimate great idea.  All that is needed to put the final nail in this coffin is to block the sun’s light from reaching the surface of the earth. They have just announced financial grants have been awarded to Harvard and Yale Universities to implement an immediate project to spray reflectors in the atmosphere that will block a significant portion of the potentially available sunlight, further reducing the amount of light energy available to plants. They say this is necessary to stop ‘warmism’.  Has everyone forgotten that warmism is already a dead issue, shown to be a fraud and a scam?

Grand Solar Minimum, the Maunder Minimum of mid-1600s. Do not think for even a moment that this is not carefullly planned to create drastic food shortages that are going to affect everyone in the world.

With crop yields already destined to be extremely diminished, would not blocking the sunlight have a further negative effect on crop yields?  And, to add insult to injury, we have a few real scientists who have explained that we are approaching the next ‘grand solar minimum’, a period where the sun’s energy will be at cyclical extreme low levels for a long time. This is a time when we should be doing everything possible to clear the atmosphere to get every photon to the surface.

Combine this moronic plan of the ‘Ivy league’ with the weather engineering disaster already in-play and you have a recipe for drastic food shortages, the kind that will create riots, civil unrest leading to massive deaths.  This looks like more martial law and gun confiscation.  Funny how all these contrived disasters are all part of a highly coordinated master plan to maximize the real planned disaster.  Does anyone believe this is all just coincidental and organic?  Is this just ‘bad luck’ for the humans?

Do you remember the movie? I do. I thought this is beyond the impossible. Now, I see it is beyond a doubt likely.

Of course, this all has nothing whatever to do with luck.  They are desperate to resurrect the warmism meme and they assume your attention span is so short that you have already lost track of which meme is which.  Getting Yale and Harvard involved with warmism is a trick because you believe that these respected centers of learning are so erudite as to give credibility to the disproven meme again.  Harvard and Yale are elitist organizations spawning the ‘skull and bones’.  They are part of the problem, not the solution. 

This coming year, very soon, is going to be a year of food shortages.
Roads, towns, stored food and livestock are washed away.

It is all contrived to achieve a human calamity….phase one of depopulation.  Can’t be true you say?  Hang on to your hat and watch.

Deep Underground Cities and Bases:

You may also say…”Why would they do this?” They are going to starve too.” Have you seen any information on the vast underground military bases and luxury bunkers that have years of food supply plus food growing capability using unmodified seeds from their seed bank? They have it covered, or at least they think they do. They have no doubt been well aware of the impending grand solar minimum that has been predicted for a long time. They have set up the perfect storm to depopulate the planet and for their own long term survival. Do not hold your breath waiting for your invitation to the deep underground luxury bunker nearest you.

Trade wars with the two largest suppliers of food to the US?

Now, just in the past week, we have seen the Donald initiate trade wars with China and Mexico. The US imports a great deal of its food supply and China and Mexico are the two largest sources. There is no apparent or obvious reason why he did this at this particular time, but when you put this in context with the information presented above, one can not help but make the connection. When the US harvest comes in short, it seems obvious that our other food sources are going to be of much greater importance. When the US calls for help, what do you expect the response to be? What does the Donald know that you don’t know?

Now throw in 5G

Now let’s consider the 5G and ‘smart meter’ technology that is being rushed into existence at break-neck speed to play its part in the multi-front attack on your existence. 5G is weapon technology that is being rolled out to help you stream your Net Flix movies even faster. This is really urgent because maybe the Net Flix thing is a big problem for the TV addicts.

Well, 5G is microwave oven technology. But like all EMF, it is governed by the inverse square law whereby the energy density diminishes exponentially the farther you are from the source of radiation. They are placing many millions of these microwave energy sources near everyone’s home, one per each 5 houses in neighborhoods. This is still not sufficient for a well-cooked human. We need more energy density.

How can this be accomplished. Maybe you have a ‘smart meter’ at your house. What is a ‘smart meter’ anyway. We used to receive our electrical power just fine before the advent of ‘smart meters’. They say the smart meters are going to make things more efficient. Have you seen your electric bills shrinking dramatically? I have not heard any such reports.

So, then what is the use of the ‘smart meter’ ? I would offer the contention that the 5G towers and the ‘smart meters’ are a package. What would it take to dramatically increase the energy density within your house, whose walls and ceilings are full of electrical wiring connected to the ‘smart meter’. What is needed to boost the field strength of the microwave energy? I think the only thing needed is a really good antenna system such as all this electrical wiring already installed in all the hidden hollows of your ceilings, walls and floors and to which the very computer you are using right now to read this information. If the smart meter can receive a pretty strong microwave EMF burst from the 5G tower, it could boost this packet of energy and use the antenna provided and already connected to it to give all the inhabitants of the house a massive blast of microwave energy at a very high level.

5G tower in a location near you.

Possibly with the dose of heavy metal ions you have trapped in your body from all the recent vaccinations, you are an active target that can be smoked pretty effectively with this technology.

Add up all the angles that are in-sight for precipitating your demise and you may find them more than sufficient. You are not even considering dozens of other factors that have been in-play for a long time and which I have discussed at length in other posts. But there is a lot of urgency that is disproportionate to the alleged nature of the threats they are supposed to be saving you from.


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