Child Abuse, Torture and Blood Sacrifice

Has been happening for over 100,000 years. Few have realized it enormous scope

This may seem like a questionable topic for a wellness discussion. No one in a society that, either through ignorance or choice, allows this as a normal and acceptable practice can be in a state of wellness. This is Sickness in extreme..

Nemis Golden, a 10 yo BOY, whose parents are encouraging his new career as a drag queen

The news is filled with reports of pedophilia, trafficking, abuse and murder of children, in all civilizations, and all continents.  The perpetrators are primarily found in the ranks of government, religion and privilege. Over 8 million children disappear every year in the Western world.  Most are killed, but a few survive to tell us their stories.  The stories they tell are disgusting and unimaginable to most.  Most would prefer to think it is all untrue or grossly exaggerated.

The information available indicates that it is both true and operating on a horrendously vast scale, probably far greater than reported. This practice operates on many scales and many levels, but it is, fundamentally, a persistent practice that was born with the dawn of humanity.  To comprehend what it is all about requires going back in history to the very beginning.  The earliest reports are found in the ancient Sumerian tablets and the derivative bibles written much later, after the departure of the creator gods. However, unlike the Sumerian tablets that are just historical, the bibles were written by beings to serve an agenda.  While the tablets and the real history of man has been suppressed to the nth degree, the bibles have been pressed upon humans to the nth degree as ‘god’s word’.  The reason is simple.  The bibles are designed to suppress real history and to close the steel trap on humans by introducing both the Judeo and the Christian religions, including Islam.

Sumerian tablet specimen

The tablets, of which more than one million have been unearthed, contain no religious content at all.  The bibles, plagiarized from the tablets, are designed to present humans with a superstitious form of religion based on a false narration of the contents of the tablets which form the historical basis for these biblical tales.  To make matters even worse, the bibles have been so manipulated by men over the course of time that there is very little veracity remaining in even the stories as fabricated by the jewish authors.  King James made sure that humans would only receive an intensely contrived version of history that served to indoctrinate humans into accepting the dogmatic tenets of modern religion designed solely to intimidate and exploit the humans everywhere on every level.

The modern biblical theories, – called truths, once revealed of their fabrications, will bring about the end of a great dellusion.  Religious illusions have been accepted by a large number of humans, although they are losing their audience significantly in recent times. These religious illusions are based on concepts of the ‘post-departure’ priests of Yahweh (Jehovah, Enlil).  The pre-departure priests of Yahweh served no religious functions whatsoever.  They were, among the uneducated masses of humans, the ones who were educated and served the demigods as minions to direct the affairs of human civilization and pass along the will of the gods.  Later, their temples were banks for money changing.

Your intermediary with God the Source Creator ??

I am basing the biblical aspects of this presentation on the works of Mauro Biglino, the Italian translator who worked in the employ of the Vatican for many years, translating from the original texts written in Hebrew and Aramaic. Hebrew is the original text of the old testament bibles, which were originated by the Hebrew priests, the followers of Lord Enlil Yahweh.  After the great flood of 11,600 BCE, the principal demigods and their offspring formed cities for their own followers.   In the case of Lord Enlil, a middle eastern group of nomadic people descended from Shem, in the area of Yemen, were his followers and he their protector.

Mauro Biglino, Linguist, scholar, translator, author

The bible speaks of the Anaqim or Elohim, beings who colonized earth from another world. The Roman church, created by Titus Flavius, acknowledges these beings but misleadingly represents them as ‘spiritual’ entities.  The ‘new testament’, itself, was assembled by Flavius Josephus, the jewish turncoat adopted by the family Flavius during the third Roman war with Jerusalem.

  This bible was a collection of numerous stories and letters of many men of the period, for the purpose of uniting and maintaining control over the extended Roman empire.  Flavius specifically did not wish to attempt the use of the old testament, for this purpose because the Romans had been warring with the Palestinian jews in the middle east for centuries. The jews were the Pharisees, money changers and tax collectors who were despised by most non-jews of the time.

Titus Flavius, Roman emperor

Modern religions are adapted to a preconceived vision of divinity.  One which immediately identifies the presence of the word ‘god’ with transcendence.  They create an ‘alternate world’, a divinity far from man in substance and form, undefined, vague and unable to be represented.  The bible talks of many gods, the oldest of the texts telling the story of these many gods in connection with the origin of mankind and, later, the jewish tribes.  These stories tell of the times when men still walked with the gods, the Anaqims/Elohims, talking and eating with them. Making arrangements with them and serving them.  Humans are also used by them, betrayed by them, followed them and are abandoned by them according to their interests at the moment and the contingent circumstances.

Flavius Josephus, a jew, creator of the Roman new testament bible

During this era of thousands of years, men could choose their gods from among many who desired them to join their contingents. These gods did not lose their solid physical presence until a time, around 1,000 BCE, when they physically departed the earth in their ‘chariots of fire’, rising into the ‘heavens’.  These gods were very long-lived and were considered by short-lived humans as immortal.  Immortality was a much sought after aspect in the aftermath of the god’s presence on earth.  To fill the power void left by the departure of the gods from earth, Enki created the homo capensis, a version of the human hybrid genetically possessed of the attributes of the gods to a greater extent than the homo sapiens.  These are the ‘blue bloods’ with copper in their veins to carry the oxygen, as compared to iron, as the red-blooded homo sapiens. 

Enlil Yahweh Jehovah

Humans inherited a legacy of empire, technology, science, language, civil engineering, architecture, agriculture, cosmology, cosmogony, metallurgy and power to utilize the attributes of Nature to an extent that exceeds that of modern man today.  The blue-bloods were supposed to be capable of preserving this legacy into the future.  They failed at this responsibility and resorted to a desperate practice of attempting to maintain their power and superiority over humans by any means, to their own exclusive benefit.  The gods, the Anaqitis, colonized the earth for the purpose of mining and transshipping gold.  Although they had brought a workforce along with them, the Igiggi, a point came where the Igiggi were overwhelmed with the task and asked to be relieved from their burden.  At this time, the half-brother of Enlil,

Enki, Lucifer the serpent

Enki the scientist, offered a solution based on genetically advancing a creature endemic to the Absu at the time, known as the homo erectus, using their own genes to achieve the goal.  Enlil insisted that the new creature possess no features or capabilities beyond those needed to perform the tasks at hand.  Being responsible for the mission, he feared the possibility of a creature with advanced capabilities breeding in large numbers that could quickly exceed his own resources for maintaining control.  Maintaining control of the experiment was his main concern, and keeping the population well under control was his objective.

Enlil’s city of UR

Enki, the scientist, had no such concerns but agreed to limit the breeding to only the numbers of workers needed to meet the production goals of the gold mining operations.  The Igiggi were freed to leave the mines in South Africa and migrate to the luxurious cities of Enlil in the middle eastern regions of Mesopotamia and Sumeria.  From a biblical standpoint, this is where the Anaqitis met in council and agreed to ‘make man in our own image and likeness’.  Once the Adamus were taking over the workload and the Igiggi had come to the cities, they soon thought of many tasks that the Adamus could perform for them in the cities.  The Adamus were to be allowed to breed in greater numbers and were sent north to the cities to serve the demigods living there.

Igiggi taking human females for bearing them children, the Nephilim.

The Igiggi population was male and there were only 14 females among the contingent of Anaqitis, the wives of the senior officers.  The Igiggi thus had freedom but lacked female companions.  Looking at the bible again, we find a passage of this nature: “and the gods looked upon the daughters of man and found them to be fair.  They took from among them all that they chose, to make of them wives and to bear them children”. “Thus were born the Nephilim, the giants, mighty men of old”.  Enki frowned on this practice, which he regarded as beneath the dignity of the Anaqitis.  He regarded the Igiggi who practiced this breeding as ‘fallen angels’.

The mighty men of old, giant Nephilim killed human males, their rivals.

Now, we have a world inhabited by humans, Anaqitis and Nephilim.  The Nephilim, being hybrids, came in many varieties.  The Igiggi were giants in comparison to humans.  The Nephilim were thus a race of giants.  The entire earth is filled with the skeletal remains of giants, even though the homo capensis have made a concerted effort to conceal this fact.  As giant skeletal remains were dutifully brought to the Smithsonian Institute, these remains, this evidence, was systematically destroyed and never revealed or displayed.  Only in other parts of the world was this evidence preserved until more recent discoveries and publication.  Even then, the homo capensis have managed to keep this a secret from a large part of the population.  You are not allowed to know your true history or identity.

Nephilim came in many shapes and sizes.

Again, the bible phrase says: “Adamus were created to love and serve the gods”, in other words, a race created for menial tasks to make life easier for the gods.  Genesis 2.2 tells us that, ‘after creating man, the gods rested from their labors’, referring to the Igiggi who were freed from the mines.  Enki, who was in charge of the mining operations in south Africa, called the Absu, or the lower parts, was known as the Lord of the Underworld.  This became associated with the term ‘hell’, because it was here that humans did not want to return to….the underground land of perpetual toil with no remission.  Those in the cities of the upper world lived far more comfortable lives. 

Biblical account of the Nephilim

In the Absu was the E-din, the pleasant area for the Adamu children to occupy while they were still in puberty and teenage.  This was the pleasant garden of the free and easy period prior to going to the mines for the rest of their lives of unending labor and toil. A time came, when Enlil came to visit Enki in the Absu to inspect the mining operations and the breeding facilities for the Adamus.  Upon visiting the E-din, he was horrified to find teen-age Adamus freely engaging in sex.  This, being his most dreaded fear, angered him greatly.  He called for his brother to come to see what was going on.  He accused Enki of permitting the Adamus to enjoy the forbidden fruit and learn the secrets of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the original sin.  He demanded that the Adamus be cast from the garden and be returned to captivity.  Brother Enki’s family crest is the caduceus, the intertwined serpents, still in use today as the symbol for the medical profession.  This set the stage for the never ending battle between good and evil, as serpent Enki was cast into the image of the evil one, Lucifer, while Enlil was cast in the role of Yahweh/Jehovah, the ‘one and only god-the-father’.  Conflict arose between the brothers and their offspring which escalated over time and to the present.

Caduceus, Enki’s family crest
Nephilim and homo capensis skulls often confused and comingled due to being ‘different’, and in the ignorance of humans as to their own history..

Thus, modern supporters and purveyors of the superstitious religions want to cast things of a sexual nature as ‘sinful’.  This has confused and tortured many who have taken the words of modern priests seriously and believed their most powerful human instinct is sinful against a mysterious god who will judge and damn them to hell for eternity for doing what was instinctively natural.  Untold psychological damage has been wrought upon the poor ignorant believers.

Evolution is incapable of accounting for any aspects of history.

It should be noted that Enlil was the paranoid, schizophrenic psychopathic god of the jews, who was promoted to the one-god, while Enki was cast as the devil, satan and the name Lucifer was associated with evil.  Enki was the god who created humans and loved them as his children, while Enlil hated humans from the inception and took to harsh measures of punishment and bloody psychopathic proofs of loyalty.

I just went to look at my news feeds and came upon this piece of insanity:


Update 03/26/2019

In recent developments, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo intimated (invoking the Old Testament) that God had sent Trump to save Israel against Iran, According to Philip Giraldi:

Mike Pompeo‘s view of the possible divine origin of the 2016 election result as a necessary intervention to “save the Jews” is possibly the most frightening bit of commentary to come out of the Trump national security team ever.”

But there is another dimension to this issue which must be addressed: Religious discourse has always been embedded in US politics.

A twisted and shameful interpretation of the “Voice of God” has been a driving force behind US Foreign Policy pronouncements for more than half a century. In 1945, President Truman intimated in the immediate wake of  the bombing of Hiroshima, that God stands on the side of “Us Americans” with regards to the use of nuclear weapons. “We pray that He may guide us to use it [nuclear weapons] in His ways and for His purposes” (August 9, 1945.

You just can’t make this shit up!

Nephilim lived in all parts of the world until the most recent reset, in 1812.

The family of Enki produced scions who carried on in the light of Enki as a benefactor and teacher of humans.  Enki’s youngest son, Ningishzida (Thoth, Hermes, Kukulkan, Virocha, Quezacoatl) traveled the world, establishing new cultures and cities, bestowing knowledge and enlightenment upon humans.  Enlil’s son, Ninurta, delivered nuclear bombs on the area of Sodom and Gomorrah, killing all who dared disobey Enlil and rendering the entire middle east uninhabitable for thousands of years.  Yet, the jews made sure we got the whole concept totally wrong in their writing of the bible, casting themselves as the ‘chosen people and inheritors of the earth’.  The jewish people were instructed to use the goyim for their own profit, to be considered chattel, totally dispensable and soul-less.

The Smithsonian Institute made every concerted effort to cover up the existence of Nephilim and homo capensis by destroying all historical evidence donated to them. Archeological funding grants were awarded only to those who agreed to hide any evidence of real human history, and turn over the evidence to them for destruction or suppression.

Both bibles, Roman and jewish, were published in original form during the period 200 BCE – 300CE.  This is recent history when contrasted to the tablets which reveal human history back to 135,000 BCE.  They were published in Hebrew and Aramaic while the tablets were written on fired clay in cuneiform.  In the process of editing, plagiarizing, translating, and falsifying, the modern bibles, especially the KJV, bear little resemblance to the originals.  This is why it is so important to obtain accurate translation from linguists such as Mauro Biglino, who was actually a Vatican translator, producing pure accurate translations that reveal the truth of the biblical stories, even though they are filled with fabrications.  The kings of history had no reason to give you truth while they had every reason to give you a book of lies purported to be god’s own words.

Much has been written on the subject of angels and much confusion reigns to the present. Malakims, angels, is a word that stems from the Greek ‘agghelos’, meaning messenger, herald or correspondent.  It refers to the messengers of the Elohim that were used to communicate instructions of all kinds to the humans. The very idea of angels seems to appeal to humans and a great deal of embellishment has been given to the subject.  We find a lot of references to angels and prophets who have ‘visions’ which are said to be god talking to them in their sleep. Of course, this all fits with the ‘mysterious’ and superstitious.  It would not be so dramatic if it were flesh and bones messengers of Yahweh arriving from a journey down the road bearing messages and seeking a place to get a meal.

Pope Francis was quietly and quickly removed from the scene when verified reports of child trafficking and participation in ritual sacrifice were released.

The biblical background information leads us back to the topic of the origins of child abuse and blood sacrifice.  The ‘Ten Commandments of the law’ are regarded as a significant aspect of the bibles/religions.  These commandments stem from the covenant established between the god Yahweh and his chosen people, the semite nomadic tribes of the middle east. Confusion has been generated over the nature of the directions given to the followers by Yahweh as the basis for how the people must conduct their lives in accordance with the contract. This contract is defined as “ten-of the-words” and was written in fired clay, the normal vehicle to carry written information in that day.  Therefore, these 10 words are the foundation for day-to-day living within the covenant of Yahweh.  They have been incorporated into the basis for the entire Christian-derivative and judeo religions of the present day. I wonder if any readers will recognize them.

Toddler-aged Dallas cheerleader sexualization.

The Decalogue, or 10-commandments, in the popular King James version, are:

  1. I am the lord, thy god, you shall have no other gods before me.
  2. You shall not take the name of the lord in vain.
  3. Remember the Sabbath, the day of rest.
  4. Honor your father and mother.
  5. You shall not kill.
  6. You shall not commit adultery.
  7. You shall not steal.
  8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
  10. You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Bear in mind, there is nothing religious here.  This is only the ethical/moral code that is embedded in the conscience of all men.  The ‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you’.  A common sense way of living ones life.

Victoria’s secret

But, is this what was really written by Yahweh and given to Moses?  Going to the actual words written and handed to Moses, we find the following:

  1. I am Yahweh, your Elohim.  You shall not have any other Elohims before me. You shall not make idols. You shall not bow down to the other Elohims for I am a jealous god.
  2. You shall not make a covenant with the people of other lands.
  3. Break down their altars, break their images, cut down their groves and do not worship their gods.
  4. You shall not take of this land daughters for your sons.
  5. You shall not make for yourselves any gods of cast metal.
  6. You shall keep the feast of unleavened bread in the month Abib.
  7. Mine are all the male firstborns of your sons, you shall redeem yourselves with gifts.
  8. You shall observe the Sabbath after working for six days. You shall observe the feast of weeks (harvest).
  9. Three times each year shall all your males appear before me.
  10. You shall not offer the blood of my sacrifices with anything leavened, or allow the sacrifice of the feast of Passover remain until the morning.
  11. The best of your first fruits of your ground you shall bring to the house of the lord.
  12. You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.

Moses took these commandments by dictation and was instructed to create new tablets, as he had broken the originals upon returning to the people, finding them to have built a gold calf idol.  This is the practical handbook for the chosen people to safeguard their health in the desert without refrigerators and hygienic facilities.  For our immediate purposes, it establishes that all firstborn sons belong to god and must be delivered accordingly, as sacrifice.

More Victoria’s secret sex toys.

Again, we have nothing religious or sacred here.  Just a practical manual of how things were to be for those who wished to enjoy the protection of Yahweh.  Yahweh has a hunger for the firstborn sons of man.  Is there anything here that could be useful in creating a new religion, like Christianity?  It would seem not.  Josephus could find nothing here to use in his new testament.  He was trying to create a religion of superstition and mystery with nebulous humanesque beings with supernatural powers.  The Elohim did not intend to create any religion.  Yahweh was establishing a contract with clear mutual obligations.

Victria’s sexy underwear serves the sole purpose of sexual provocation.

On topic, Yahweh intended to receive every first born son of his followers.  This was a fundamental commandment, right up front.  Could this have anything to do with all the catholic priests molesting their altar-boys? Later, his priests in the temples demanded to receive nubile virgins on some basis of quantity and regularity.  Disobedience was dealt with severely.  When the Elohim genetically created the homo sapiens from their own genes and the female ova of the homo erectus, they primarily needed a labor force to maintain the gold production.  Initially, the humans lived in pens or enclosures.  An analogy could be made between Elohim and humans and humans and cattle.  The Elohim are genetically advanced beings, clearly superior to the humans.  There is no way they are going to advance the humans to a point anywhere near to their own genetic status.  They advanced the humans only to the degree necessary to perform the menial tasks required.

Who are the parents supporting this sexualization? They belong in jails or mental institutions.

The homo capensis blue-bloods were genetically designed to assume the roles of kings and priests, to rule over humans in the absence of the Elohim according to the established legacy.  Obviously, the homo capensis had a larger component of Anaqitis’ genes than humans.  To make them equal was not the purpose.  It was to make them superior, clearly superior, to rule over humans in perpetuity. The homo capensis assumed the thrones and temples with privileges of a similar magnitude as the Elohim, themselves.  They assumed the rights to demand tribute, including, but not limited to the first born children for the same purpose as the Elohim.  They could demand loyalty and tribute and mete out reward and punishments. Humans prostrated themselves on the floor in their presence, right up to the day of the last ‘reset’. when the Matrix took over with its false freedom and democracy.

Homo capensis clowns for your choice of who will rule you.

If a human took up cattle breeding, he could use his animals for labor, food, leather and any other use he could find.  No one would think of this as evil or immoral.  The superior being does not have to consider his actions in the use of the lesser being unless he so chooses.  If a farmer wants to use one of his animals for some sort of ceremonial ritual in which the animal has its heart cut out, no one is going to come to charge him with a crime.  Some empaths will consider it a crime, but they are not allowed by society to bring their feeling to bear on the owner of the animal.  In a similar vein, the Nephilim murdered human males in large numbers and raped and took ownership of the females, “all that they chose”.

Religious predators

Humans are fond of eating veal.  Again, no social judgment is rendered against this practice. The manner of the slaughter is not considered a criminal or moral factor.  Are you grasping the point here?  Homo capensis, whether they were pharaohs, emperors, kings or presidents, demanded and received obedience when they ordered their subjects to do their bidding.  If you enlist in the US military, or, if you are drafted against your will into the US military, you may be sent to kill and destroy other peoples, obviously against their will, and maybe against you own will, unless you are sufficiently indoctrinated by the system to be OK with it.  It does not matter.  If you refuse, you will receive severe punishment.  If on the battle field, it could mean instant death.  Otherwise, court martial and a firing squad.  You are the property of those who rule you, whether they allow you to adopt the illusion to the contrary, or not. Illusions do not count for anything.

Politico predator Ted Heath, British prime minister. A life-long child predator whose crimes were well known to authorities, but never prosecuted due to privilege.

The Elohim, and their surrogates, the homo capensis have always taken the young humans from day one to the present as their right.  Initially, there were no bones about it.  They had the power and they used it to fulfill their own desires.  We do not have to understand their desires, nor analyze their morality.  This is a simple situation in all aspects.  They want the young children, they have the power to take them and use them however they please. There can be little doubt that they used the children for sex and food.  Maybe in a kinder manner than the psychopaths in the positions of power today, who feel entitled to copy the Elohim as they please, in their own ‘wannabe’ power roles of governence.

Politico-crime family predator – Clintons

We see today, that government is engorged with staff.  At the top remain the homo capensis.  Lower down the pyramid are the ‘wannabes’ and ‘copycats’.  No one is making any real effort to draw a line as to where this privilege should stop, so it goes deeper.  The FBI, CIA and counterparts use this as a means to control other parties in government-game by leading them down a path to somebody, like a Jeffrey Epstein, who runs a whole island for the Zionists to secretly film willing government pedophiles in acts with minor children which they use as blackmail to coerce cooperation in achieving political goals.  The practice is so rampant today that almost anyone in any position of power, be it a corporate executive or a policeman, feels entitled to practice child pornography, child sexual abuse, pedophilia and even ritual murder.

Common psychopath human trafficker admits to killing over 400 children.

Cases in point are numerous. The organized religions of the world are full to the brim with sexual perverts, pedophiles, pornographers.  They do not need to look to much farther than the children of their followers who are altar boys or such. At the top of the heap, the vatican, is rampant large-scale trafficking. When some forces such as the UN, enter countries to exert force, they freely partake of child sex, rape, pedophilia, torture and murder. 

The same is true for foundations, such as the Clinton Foundation, who enter the scene in the case of disasters, such as a hurricane in Haiti, where they present themselves as providing humanitarian aid while trafficking as many children as possible into the organized networks that supply captive children to perverts who rape, torture and kill them.  The British queen can visit an orphanage in Canada and arrange to haul a van load of homeless children back to the palace to never be seen or heard from again.  After all, who is looking for them?  An American president, like, say, George Bush Jr. or Sr.can arrange for a busload of very young boys to arrive at midnight at the White House for a private tour.  The list is endless, to the tune of 8 million young children per year, and probably more.

President/actor predator offering ritual salute – Reagan

Hollywood is literally full of perverts with a lot of easy money. Everything rotten goes in Hollywood. There are parents who are so ignorant and asinine that they dress their children up in totally sexualized fashion, thinking that may be their ticket to wealth and privilege, caring not a wit what it is doing to the immature children who may even think it is great because that is what they see all over society these days. However, does anyone remember Jon Benet Ramsey?

Great Britain’s government is literally full of child murderers and child sex predators.

Queen royal predator

Sir Edward Heath, former Prime Minister of England, stands accused of rampant pedophilia and participating in ritualistic child murder by former police officers and alleged victims.

Jimmy Saville is notorious for supplying thousands of children to these fiends for ritual murders. The Daily Mail revealed that Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale regards the accusations against Heath as “totally convincing” and “120% true.”. Veale has been investigating allegations against Heath since the pedophile scandal surrounding BBC icon Jimmy Savile broke in 2015. Savile, a close friend of Heath, was found to have abused more than 500 children, acts which were long covered up by the “establishment.”

Bush crime family predator

America is no better. There are two primary ratlines for stolen kids, one in Europe, one in America. In the US, enforcement and the courts are owned. DC courts were stacked by the neocons under Bush43 after the Franklin pedophile scandals threatened to bring down his presidency.

Florida is totally owned, courts, local police departments, sheriffs elections, along with totally corrupt Tallahassee. New York is the same, with payoff cash running the ratline from drug ridden Montreal, down through Albany to the Kosher Nostra dens of the Trump/Kushner empire.

Robert Kraft with unamed alleged child predator

The “elites,” as they love calling themselves, who own the Federal Reserve, run Washington, vatican and London, who start our wars, loot our economy, run our media, control our lives, live on a diet of ritual sexual abuse, sex hormones and amphetamines.

Their diet of stolen children come from families destroyed by narcotics or targeted by fake courts and fake police. Kids seized by “family services” are picked through and fed into the rape and murder mill of the real “Pizzagate,” built around those who own the GOP.

We have somehow managed to elevate the sewage of the world to the status of predators, molesters and politacal leaders.

Adding to this is the beauty pageant circuit and the fake “modeling” business where our current first lady comes from, picking through the beauties of Central and Eastern Europe whose governments are entirely compromised, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine (now), Croatia and Slovakia. They are planning to add Montenegro and Serbia to the list.

The European end runs kids from Africa and the Middle East, up through Spain or Albania, ratlining them to Belgium, where they are sent to Germany and Britain and later simply disposed of.

In America, it began with “boy’s homes” and detention centers. It began with teenage boys but, as it moved on, it became younger and smaller children.

Checking my newsfeed again, I find another pertinent article:

Child Trafficking by US Government


When concerned neighbors called police to report that dozens of children were being trafficked, they learned that government contractors were responsible.

Phoenix, AZ – When concerned neighbors called police because they believed dozens of children were being trafficked in their neighborhood, they learned that the children were actually being held in a black site prison operated by defense contractors.

A vacant office building with dark windows in a quiet neighborhood has become a subject of controversy after residents began documenting the dozens of children who were transported to the building in white vans, and then never seen again.

The building is not licensed to hold children or to act as a shelter, and it is owned by MVM Inc., a defense contractor that once provided guards for CIA facilities in Iraq and has made nearly $250 million transporting immigrant children since 2014, according to a report from Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting.

The company’s website specifically claims that “the current services MVM provides consist of transporting undocumented families and unaccompanied children to Department of Health and Human Services designated facilities — we have not and currently do not operate shelters or any other type of housing for minors.”

However, Lianna Dunlap told Reveal that she became suspicious about what was going on at the office building in her neighborhood that is owned by MVM when she noticed new security cameras and extra locks on the exterior last month — and then saw several white vans transporting small children to the building.

Brooklyn proudly presents ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’.

For Washington, it has always been pre-teen girls until the Reagan era when the “gay mafia” of the neocon’s took over. This is when Trump and Epstein came into power as “suppliers to America’s leadership.”

Kids that hit the US border, and this is Trump’s doing, 100%, are picked through like meat, the “prime kids” are sent off to pedophile rings run by Trump cronies, to be passed around Pentagon brass, Tea Party get togethers and among the GOP faithful. They are stored at elite hunting “camps” and “religious retreats” owned by billionaires and big corporate donors. We aren’t making this up, it isn’t fake news and it was originally “busted” as the Franklin Scandal.

This is why Epstein flew so many on his plane, to “soften” the numbers, to “hide in a crowd” when it came out that he and Donnie were running a blackmail ring for the Kosher Nostra. Those free rides on the Lolita Express for some may have been innocent but accepting this “gift” gave Epstein and Trump all they needed.

Imagine the worst thing Bill Clinton is accused of is riding on a plane with Epstein and Trump?

When it comes to “fake everything,” the “Stone and Bannon Express” deserves credit, and with the help of the mob, Israeli intelligence and a dozen rogue billionaire satanists backing them, took over the US and are using its treasury as a personal piggybank and its military as paid thugs.

According to congress, last year 1475 went officially “missing” while thousands of others were never logged in at all. These were, using Trump’s own language, “Sportin’ kids,” those deemed “doable” by the elites that get a special kick from humiliating and destroying a small human body. In the middle of it are the leaders of Christian evangelical groups across America, TV preachers mixing it up with oil execs, newspaper owners, Harvard law professors and “Stink Tank thugs” of DC’s “lie for pay” propaganda ministry.

Government contractors escorting children separated from families at the border to consolidation centers.

Press TV: US President Donald Trump has falsely defended his administration’s policy of separating undocumented families at the US-Mexico border by blaming Democratic Party lawmakers in Congress.

The “Equality Act”

Perhaps by now you’ve heard of the so-called Equality Act, a sweeping bill that would declare homosexuality and gender confusion to be federal civil rights equivalent to race, religion, national origin, and biological sex. Who could possibly be against ‘equality’, right?

This bill, H.R. 5, right now has 240 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Nancy Pelosi has pledged to bring it up for a vote in late spring or early summer. This bill is the precursor to the future legalization of pedophilia by amendment.

The “Equality Act”, is nothing more than the legalization of perversion, a long-standing goal of the politicians who have a taste for pedophilia acquired from zionists seeking to bribe and blackmail them. Let’s hope that among the “heart attacks” planned for the next ninety days, are a handful of major Hollywood, New York, and Washington DC personalities who have made pedophilia the Third Rail of politics — Zionist control of Congress and the US economy being the first and, of course, the Zionists use Mossad agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Mazwell and others to push and manage the pedophilia agenda.

There is an almost endless amount of information in this subject in recent times, but, as we have seen, this again is a legacy from the creator gods, continued by their surrogates, the homo capensis, who continue to rule us and murder our children, after horrible abuse and torture.  Their minions further down the government food chain are all scrambling to get on the bandwagon to grease the skids for their presumed rise into the upper tiers of the power pyramid.

People fear knowing this information, which is very helpful to the predators, who perform these horrors on a massive scale with total impunity. Awareness is the only option.


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