How the game is really played

Just for the record, here is the secret Fauci memo explaining to everyone the Ground Rules of the pandemic. You aren’t supposed to know any of this.

To: World leaders
From: Tony Fauci
Subject: Ground rules for the health and safety of the world and the protection of my position as the highest paid government employee.

  1. NEVER allow a proper autopsy by people who are capable of making a vaccine determination. If an autopsy can’t be avoided, make sure the coroner is under staffed, lacks the proper skills and tests, and doesn’t have the time to do it right. Also, offer the family to pay for the funeral expenses if they skip the autopsy.
  2. Never allow anyone to do an analysis on what is in the vials. In the rare event an analysis happens, we have your back. We’ll claim that these are anti-vaxxers who deliberately contaminated the vials before they were analyzed.
  3. Ensure that the drug companies have complete immunity from prosecution. Otherwise, we’re totally screwed.
  4. Label anyone who opposes us as “anti-science.” This works really well. Even Senator Johnson doesn’t like this.
  5. Make sure that the vaccine injury program (the CICP) never pays a dime to COVID vaccine victims. Even paying out a dime would be an acknowledgment that the vaccines aren’t safe. That would cause vaccine hesitancy. We cannot have that.
  6. Mandate the vaccines for everyone *except CDC, FDA, NIH, and Congress). Give it to them right after birth. We don’t want to have a control group here that isn’t dying. If people make that comparison we’re screwed. This is why we nixed the placebo group in all the clinical trials, so nobody would ever find out how unsafe these vaccines are.
  7. In the event of disabilities that happen during the clinical trials, change the symptom when writing the report. So “permanent paralysis” —> “mild abdominal pain.” Trust me, this works. The vaccine injured 12-year old, Maddie de Garay, is our poster child. The press is never going to cover this because we told them not to. We can do fraud in plain sight and nobody catches us on this, it is so well controlled.
  8. If someone dies from the vaccine during a clinical trial, do not panic. Simply write up in the report that the death “isn’t related to the vaccine.” The FDA won’t ask you how you determined that. Anyone who asks stupid questions like that will be fired from the FDA.
  9. There are going to be more all cause death reports in the vaccine group than the placebo group, like nearly 25% more (as in the Pfizer trial), but don’t worry. This is because the vaccines are super deadly, duh. However, by 1) choosing very healthy cohorts and 2) limiting the size of the cohorts, we can claim that the difference in deaths is “not statistically significant.” This fools all the “real” scientists. They will say, “oh that makes sense” and not dig deeper. It works every time. Critical thinkers like Chris Martenson don’t matter because they don’t have a big enough following to matter. And we de-platformed Bret Weinstein so he’s not going to bring Robert Malone on his show ever again.
  10. The medical community is never going to check your work if you work at the CDC. They are brainwashed from Day 1 in medical school to always trust the medical authorities. We basically turn them into sheep and remove their critical thinking skills. And medicine is so complicated that they have to trust us because they don’t have the time, skills, or tools to do shit like actually look at the VAERS database. This is how our loyal staffers, like John Su, are able to get away with making presentations of the VAERS data without even mentioning the under-reporting factor. We’ve instructed everyone on the outside panels to never question our staff members on stuff like this. Otherwise, we kick them off the committee like we did with that slimeball Martin Kulldorff who let science get in the way of his thinking. So what if he’s an expert. We don’t need experts. We need people who follow orders. The outside committee members all saw we did that and it sends a chilling message to them that they all understand: comply with the rules or have your head cut off. They aren’t stupid.
  11. Aggressively pursue the revocation of the medical license of anyone who speaks against the narrative. Even just one tweet that cautions people about the vaccine or questions mask wearing, should be grounds for license revocation.
  12. NEVER do a proactive survey to find out the denominator of events. Back in 1985, we carefully designed the VAERS system so that nobody will ever know the true denominator so we can argue that every vaccine is safe, no matter how unsafe they are. This allows us to claim all these signals are rare. Ten years ago, we killed the ESP-VAERS project because it was too accurate. Bobby Kennedy nailed us on this in his book, but his book is so long, nobody’s going to find this. It’s on page 73 of the book (look for AHRQ if you have the Kindle Edition).
  13. We use masks as a symbol of compliance to assess our level of control. Masks don’t work at all. We know that. The two randomized trials showed no effect. But they don’t know that and they totally trust us. So masks are our canary in the coal mine. If people aren’t complying with our ridiculous masking advice, it’s a sign we are losing it, so we have to stiffen the enforcement by doing things like making it a crime not to do what we say. This control over people’s minds is critical to our success. We can even get them to double-mask, they are so stupid. They can’t figure out that 2 x 0 = 0.
  14. We have a huge educational campaign to fool people into thinking this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” rather than a “pandemic of the people who never got early treatment.” It is totally working. We didn’t even have to show a single statistic from any hospital. The press eats this up.
  15. We are paying hospitals huge bonuses for classifying deaths as COVID deaths in order to keep the fear alive. If someone dies in a car accident, but they test positive for COVID (using a high cycle threshold is usually how it is done), then the death is a COVID death. The hospital makes money and we use the stats to make COVID look like an emergency.
  16. Make sure your physicians are NOT educated about reporting to VAERS; let’s not make a bad problem even worse. We don’t want anyone reporting. It’s already bad enough. We’ll fix VAERS to make it crash more (like right before you hit submit) and make the UX harder to use, just in case.
  17. The only early treatments allowed are those created by our big pharma sponsors. Everything else we need to go after doctors and take away their license if they prescribe any shit that works like ivermectin. We’ll make sure that nobody finds out that ivermectin is what Japan uses to get to zero COVID deaths. We got Pierre Kory fired from his job. Other people will take notice of that. By marketing anti-virals that don’t work 100%, it means we get to increase our average selling price. Now we can market both products to everyone: a vaccine that doesn’t work and a pill that doesn’t work.
  18. We have to make out Omicron as a serious threat, even if there are only a few deaths. This is required to maintain the EUA on the vaccines. If the pandemic goes away, we’re screwed. So we have to keep the US in a state of emergency with new and more dangerous variants. Since people die all the time with Omicron, we make it appear they died “from” Omicron to keep the revenue stream going. They are never going to figure this out.
  19. The mainstream media has been trained to never mention that the vaccine could be a cause of death, even if the person died within hours of the vaccine and they were perfectly healthy before and had no history of heart disease. If they die in their sleep less than 24 hours after vaccination, the press will just report this as an “unexpected, tragic death” and there will be no mention of the vaccine.
  20. Censor/discredit/ridicule anyone who attempts to question the narrative such as making a link between the vaccine and death or saying that masks don’t work. This is because your narrative is not supported by the facts.
  21. NEVER accept a debate with the opposition. That would be devastating because we’d lose. So you must completely ignore any attempts. Even if they offer you $2M to come to the debate table like that troublemaker Kirsch did. Claim that doing so would give them credibility. So even for someone like RFK Jr. who has a NY Times bestselling book, just keep pretending that they have no credibility like Jake Tapper did. You never want to give the “cranks” air time. Jake is well trained.
  22. Keep repeating “safe and effective.” Say it enough times you’ll believe it and it will let you ignore all the bodies dropping like flies around you, including stuff like 3-year-old kids who die from cardiac arrest less than a day after being vaccinated. When that happens, think “it’s just a fluke.”
  23. We’ve exempted the employees of the CDC, other agencies, and Congress from any of the mandates. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to keep anyone employed there. Did you know that nearly none of the CDC employees vaccinate their kids? It’s amazing that the mainstream press has never uncovered this. At CDC, the motto is “do what we say, not what we do.” Americans are so naive; they think we walk the talk. No way. We aren’t stupid.

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