Funding Your Own Lethal Injection with Moderna

Charting the unlikely rise of Moderna, Inc and the nearly $20 billion US Tax Dollars sunk on their mRNA “vaxxine” needs to be sent to all of the sleeping zombies in your life.

Moderna, by the way, is an appendage of the I. G. Farben Chemical Company, of Zyklon-B notoriety, from the Nazi era, resurrected by none other than the ‘Fauci’.


According to the official narrative, COVID-19 was first discovered as a pneumonia outbreak in the city of Wuhan on December 31st, 2019 and it wasn’t until January 9th of 2020 when this supposed mystery virus was ‘officially’ determined as a novel coronavirus.

Operation Warp Speed began on May 15th of 2020 to facilitate and accelerate the development of COVID-19 vaxxines. Of the companies receiving research funding, the one responsible for the mRNA vaxxine was Moderna.

But we know that none of this checks out.

We now know Anthony Fauci used NIH funds to engineer a novel coronavirus capable of directly infecting humans. And we also know that Modern has been working with Fauci’s NIH on the mRNA COVID vaxxine since December of 2019.

Reborn in 2010 as ModeRNA Therapeutics, they were criticized for their specialty of mRNA bio-hacking, that transforms human cells into drug factories and later changed their name to Moderna.

With a reputation for losing top talent and keeping investors in the dark, due to dangerous, unpredictable side-effects, Moderna somehow became Big Pharma’s Golden Unicorn. They went public in December 2018 with the largest-ever IPO in the biotech industry. Without even having a safe, effective product, they blew up faster than Uber.

And a year later, before COVID-19 ever made headlines, Moderna was working with Fauci’s NIH, outsourcing redacted challenge studies, where subjects are deliberately infected with the Fauci-funded Wuhan Lab-made coronavirus and treated with Moderna’s experimental gene therapy.

And as fate would have it, the massive investment in Moderna paid off. Operation Warp Speed brought Moderna’s pay-off to just under $2.5 billion and actual sales to the US, alone is already over $15 billion.

There does not seem to be any breakthrough science. The mRNA is still proving to be as unpredictable and deadly as experts have been saying for years.

And we now officially know that the shot is permanently changing a person’s DNA to render the organs dysfunctional due to foreign cell production.

And yet, people are still lining-up to get the shot, thanks to media and Big Pharma. And thanks to the self-proclaimed philanthropists who fund the media and Big Pharma; the ones who call themselves the “Good Club”. The ones who met in 2009 to discuss how to save the world and how overpopulation was a major priority in this UN project.

How much more evidence do we need, before we collectively realize that this entire thing is a scam?

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