Friar Alexis Bugnolo Says 2 Billion Dead in the Next Year.

Alexis Bugnolo is an American-born Franciscan priest living in Rome who is spearheading a campaign to unseat Pope Francis.

Bugnolo says that this is it. We’re in the Apocalypse and he estimates some 2 billion people will die from what he calls the “Death Vaxx” in this first phase of UN Agenda 2025.

He says that over the next few months, the immune systems of those who have been injected will progressively degrade, with symptoms mimicking AIDS and he cautions people not to live with or be in close contact with those who are vaxxinated, to avoid infection with the deadly spike proteins and genetically-modified hydras, which can be transmitted via shedding from saliva, mucosa, blood, tears, sweat, etc., for example.

He says the vaxx is not only to kill those specifically targeted for death, but to massively reduce the world population in general, by poisoning and suppressing natural immunity.  Some can be genetically re-engineered, while alive, by the Globalists, using dose after dose of the vaccine and eventually, some sort of 5G technology bearing some form of control technology.”

It appears the Plandemic has been in the works for at least 40 years, without anyone realizing what they were up to. “They basically want to totally re-engineer the biology of the human being and they want to exterminate the ‘natural’ human beings altogether to achieve massive population reduction.

“Now, we can see what the real meaning of the ‘New World Order’ is, we can see It isn’t the super-wealthy owning everything, the New World Order is to take humanity itself, as a natural resource, in the sense of making it an object of economic activity, legally owned and patented.

“This is way beyond slavery. They want to make human beings legally-owned properties. They have carefully patented everything they are injecting into your body, which is recombinant and can no longer be separated from you.  Your own body will be used for whatever they want it to be used for, whether it’s sex, creating medicines, slave labor, growing replacement organ parts for their children and themselves. By virtue of their patents, you are property, which they legally own.

“We are talking about You, personally, not just your tissues, grown in a laboratory. You personally will be their slave, their robot, their organ-harvesting plant”.

“They’ll be farming you and they’ll be able to change your genetics at will, on a daily basis and this is their objective.  Now, most people will not live through this experiment. Most of the 3 billion who have taken the vaxx are obviously going to die. Whether you’ve gotten one dose of the real vaxxine, or you’ve gotten 7 doses, you are on a death path. You are ‘walking dead’. It’s only a matter of time. UN Agenda 2025 ends in year 2025.  Then Agenda 2030 continues for the next phase, ending in 2030.  They have no need for 8 billion eating and shitting human bodies.  They will make the population be what they need it to be.  Most likely under 500 million.

If you haven’t taken the vaxx, you are an intelligent person, the last refuge of humanity. You are one of the few who will carry on the human race until the end of time.  They know this, but they must be sure that you are truly a member of this category. The test continues, with however many Greek alphabet letters are available to be called ‘variants’, to generate more fear based on more fake threats, to drive the weak into the vaxx lines leading to the grave.

“The death-vaxxed will not be able to conceive human children. Their children will be genetically-modified and remote controlled, so we are at a great parting, here: A small group of Humanity goes in one direction and those who allowed themselves to be fooled by the UN Agenda 2000 have been eternally imprisoned already, biologically, while most are dead.

“I don’t see, from the situation being revealed, that it’s possible to save someone. Once vaxxed, you are not only legally-owned property, but you are already in an irreversible death spiral.”

Independent Doctors and experts have examined the contents of the serum vials and discovered unbelievably diabolical things. “There’s the hydras, that are genetically-modified so they can live in your blood and in your lymph fluids and meld with your cells and change your genes and they’ll just go on multiplying in your graphene oxide titrated blood.  There no longer exists a viable immune system to seek and destroy harmful foreign invading entities in your blood stream.

“The vaxx turns off your immune suppression of metastatic cancer cells, so cancer is going to begin claiming cells through out you body. It turns off certain genes your immune system uses to protect the body from attacking itself.  Your body no longer can distinguish native from foreign entities, so it attacks everything.  Nothing is available to prevent GMO genetic-modification and reengineering of those who have been vaxxinated.  Many in the recently vaxx’d category have yet to feel what is slowly developing within their body.  They erroneously believe they are on their way back to “normal”. The ubermensch intend that the correlation between the injection and the adverse effects will be sufficient so as to make it possible to float a narrative isolating the injection from the infection.  How many times can they pull this variant bullshit off?  It depends on only two things:  how many extremely ignorant victims remain available and how many letters remain unused of the Greek alphabet.

“So, the ubermensch will kill 2 or 3 billion but that’s only their first objective for UN Agenda 2025. The New World Order means that humanity now is in a new economic frontier. They have abandoned all human sense of morality and now look upon you as something lower than a milk cow. In the case of a milk cow, at least you want the genes to be high quality, and healthy, so you get nice milk. But these people don’t even want that. They want you to be their genetically-engineered robot unless or until they don’t want you to exist anymore.

“So, this is beyond any measure of psychopathy that I know if and this is so insidious, intelligent, well-planned and so controlled that I believe everyone, like it or not, has to recognize that the uber-humans are behind this.

“Looking at this from the perspective of uber-beings who hate the world as it is, who hate the creation of the humans, and see the only way to protect and save the planet is by, first of all, massive reduction of the human population, followed by a social system that does not permit the on-going resumption of the destruction of the planet by the surviving humans.  They intend to take possession and control of the planet, in its very essence.  Humans, unlike all other creatures habituating the planet, are irrationally destructive.  They will kill indiscriminately, massively over consume resources with no thoughts for future sustainability, they will fill the oceans to the top and destroy all life to hide their shit, they will destroy the climate, the atmosphere and all forms of plant and animal life that are essential to human life.  They believe they have science and can control the planet to convert it to be more convenient.  This list goes on and on, but anyone with sufficient intelligence to qualify as a survivor can finish filling in this list. 

Who is the creator god who always hated humans?  It is Enlil, of course, also known as Yahweh or Jehovah. When is Enlil apt to return to this planet?  In about 600 years from now. The blue-bloods were designed and endowed with the right to rule over humans, as gods, in perpetuity.  When, the day comes, they need to have a presentable order running smoothly, bearing fruit while they reign as gods on Earth…

“We’ve clearly moved from reality to the Twilight Zone. This is no metaphor. We are in Armageddon. This was written of by the creator gods in their cuneiform tablets, that have been rediscovered by archeologists in huge numbers.  These tablets are the basis for the bibles, written by the jewish priests, the clan of Shem, who followed the Lord Enlil, who promised them they are to be the inheritors of the earth and the ‘chosen people’.  They needed to write the bibles to proclaim it so, for the eyes of the goyim.

“All of the apparent past evil of Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Marx, Stalin, Churchill, Rosenvelt, etc. has been at the behest of the uber-humans, as part of their plan to keep the human population in check.  World Wars are small potatoes compared to what is taking place today.  Other prior RESETS have occurred on a regular basis over the past 3,000 years.  Horrible murderers and very wicked men were at work, but this is way beyond that. This is taking evil to a level that we have never seen in the history of humanity, that no human mind would have ever contemplated. The human mind is terribly limited and flawed.  It can see nothing more than grandiosity on its own part. It can conquer Mother Nature, it can conquer the frontiers of space, time, biology, micro-biology, health, economics and so on.  Except for one problem.  It is delusional and unable to understand even the first thing about any aspect of real science.  It thinks it can go to space by blowing up super-sized Chinese fireworks that are incapable of leaving the atmosphere.  The ignorant people believe it all, so it must be true, right?

“There’s been a lot of talk of us, who are not vaxxed being put in concentration camps but I think that’s less likely to be the case, because the vaxxed will be dead before they’ll be able to execute it. It’s not like they’re going to use unvaxxed people to put other unvaxxed in concentration camps. They will use vaxxed people and these people only have about another 6 to 12 months to live.

“The position of those who are not vaxxed is much stronger. This death-vaxx is going to be very horrible for most of them, those who can see what is going down and realize that they are among those who will be going down next.  That realization is going to be a tough one to swallow. However, those who are death-vaxxed will be in panic and of little further use to the ubermensch or themselves.

“So we are at a Great Parting, where humanity goes one way, the death-vaxxed go another and I think once people realize what’s going on, we’re going to see a lot more civil strife, considering that these death vaxxes have genetically-modified hydras in them that can seep through fluids – it is not yet clear if they can come out of your lymph fluids and your blood into your sweat or your saliva or other fluids of that sort, but I would strongly recommend not touching anyone who’s vaxxed, avoiding having any physical contact with them and I would strongly suggest you stop living in a house with them, because you could pick up their saliva from a fork, a knife, a cup and who knows what the result would be. It would probably be your death. Keep on mind that these hydra and graphene are submicroscopic, and can only be viewed using the latest scanning electron microscopes.  That is the reason why it took a long time for independent researchers to analyze the content of the vaxx serum. These electron microscopes are available on government budgets, but no so much on independent researcher’s budgets. Masks, distancing and antibacterial slime are of no use at all here.

“Exercise extreme caution and try to do what you can to accept psychologically what’s now going to happen, because it’s much worse than you think.  Many families have loved ones who are vaxxed.  They are all doomed and it is not going to be easy to deal with their deaths.

“We, who are not vaxxed have to survive. Those of you who are married or marriageable, need to have children, because humanity, itself is under such an existential threat.  Measures to create infertility and non-viable copulation are extensive and wide-spread.  It is only a matter of a few years before total sterility will be the norm among humans.

“I think the governments that are pushing this are going to collapse by design.  Of course, it is going to be far far easier to manage the existence of 500 million humans than the current 8 billion. Governments, in the plural, are not going to be a part of the NWO, which is a singularity in terms.

You must get into to the countryside, grow food, get a water supply, and arm yourself.  Make friendships with other people who are not vaxxed and be prepared to take over the civil control of your local area, because it’s going to go down quick, now.

“I think we’re on a roller coaster ride, on that steep slope, and now through Christmas might be the last months of semi-normality in the ‘Western Nations’. Like in Africa, where they were smart enough not to start vaxxinating people, they’re going to end up the ones that outlive this, whereas foolish nations, like the US, Canada, Britain, Europe, Australia and NZ, who have 50 percent or more vaxxination ratios will be annihilated. They are the targets of UN Agenda 2025, the first phase.

“If you are associating with clergy who are pushing the vaxx, I strongly recommend you stop going to their churches.

You can’t live with people who are vaxxed. You end up with your health destroyed because these things are just going to start oozing out of them.  Nothing they can about it. 

“I hate to say it, because it is the consequence of what this Death-Vaxx does. It’s going to destroy human society. Husbands are going to have to leave their wives and children their parents and if you are Death-Vaxxed, don’t kiss your kids! You’re going to spread all that to them and even if they’re not Death-Vaxxed, they’ll end up dying.

“You are a walking bag of horrible technological and infectious agents and I hate to say this, but this is what the Globalists have done to you and this is what you’ve done to yourself by rolling up your sleeve.  They have steeped you in ignorance and advantaged themselves with your ignorance.  You have been easily taken in, and the consequences are inevitable.

“And don’t blame us for being prejudiced. I mean, this is a plague now. What’s in the vaxx is the Plague of Plagues, because it’s not just something that kills you, it destroys humanity and could end up destroying all of humanity if it spreads to the whole world.  It has nothing to do with virus.  It has to do with toxic injections.

You can certainly adopt a health and wellness program.  That is really your only solution, but it is, and always has been, the only real solution.  Its just that you have never been educated on the subject.  In fact, you have been dis-educated your entire life, and it’s a little late in the game to do much about it now.

“And this also makes it difficult for us, who go to stores and buy things. You’re buying vegetables and fruits from people who’ve been Death-Vaxxed? They’ve touched it with their hands? Don’t eat any raw vegetables from the markets.  Grow your own foods, organically, and learn how to preserve them for long term storage.

Start thinking about all the consequences. They’re horrible. If you don’t recognize this new reality, and take necessary precautions, you will be dead.  It’s just that simple.  At this moment, ignorant people will laugh at you.  Good, let them laugh.

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