Florida COVID Cases Have Plunged 88 Percent in the Past Six Weeks with NO MANDATES

Barely anyone is getting sick in Florida anymore now that Gov. Ron DeSantis has lifted all  coronavirus (Covid-19) mandates and returned the state back to normal. You might wonder why it seems impossible that other states could do the same. It is also unavoidable to see that wellness of the population is not a part of the agenda.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the number of new daily cases of the covid disease has plummeted to a three-month low as the state approaches pre-covid levels of illness. When all vaxxines are stopped, there will be no more cases or deaths associated anything covid.  Covid will find its way back to its original home, inside the Fauci’s sick skull.

Over the past six weeks, new cases of the Fauci Flu have dropped a whopping 88 percent, and that is without any mask mandates, vaxxines mandates, social distancing requirements or other tyranny.

At the current time, Florida ranks 48th out of the 50 states in terms of covid cases, making it one of the healthiest states in the country right now by a long shot.  This is only saying that the lack of covid cases reduces the impetus or incentive to press for the vaxx.  With fewer vaxx’s, disease will follow course, because the only source of disease in this entire equation is the vaxx, itself.  A given state is going to have a disease case for every covid vaxx administered.  There will, of course, be the normal level of sickness from causes other than covid vaxx’s.  But, since they always erroneously call the sickness from the vaxx as a covid19 case, just stop the vaxx’s and you will find the vaxx disease stops in perfect correlation.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Florida’s seven-day case average dropped below 3,000 for the first time since July 7. The new seven-day average across the state is 2,870 cases.  They will not allow this to happen, but if they simply discontinue the covid vaxx administration, this average will rapidly approach zero.

The mainstream media is not sure how to handle this massive drop in cases since it does not fit the narrative that masks and vaccines are saving lives. To the contrary, states like Vermont that are almost entirely vaxxinated are seeing a huge surge in hospitalizations and deaths.  All are attributable to the vaxx.

Things are moving in the wrong direction in the compliant states, in other words, while states like Florida and Texas, that are fully open, are seeing new cases and hospitalizations drop towards zero. This makes the narrative 180 degrees out of sync with reality.  This is the truth and the significant ‘take-away’ from this report.

Side note: India State Of 241 MILLION People Declared COVID-Free After Government Promotes Ivermectin. Or, another way to say this, is ‘after halting vaxx’s’, no more covid vaxx disease.

Covid Deaths Have Nearly Reached Zero in Florida

Even better, is the plunging death count in Florida. According to data published by the Orlando Sentinel, the seven-day average by date of death in Florida is almost zero – the lowest it has been since before the Fauci started the plandemic.

Keep in mind that even these few deaths being reported are classified as “covid-related” deaths, meaning someone died with covid, supposedly, and not necessarily from covid.  Since we know for sure that the PCR tester is dysfunctional, this begs the question of just how it is being determined that anything is covid related.  I have not heard any information about another available tester and all indications are that they are still using the PCR, in spite of knowing it is useless. They just keep on pretending that they have the means to know something, when it is obviously not true.  People just keep on thinking that somehow, they must have a way of knowing what the claim.  They just plain do no know any of this, but if no one calls them out on it, they will continue doing it.

The system has been playing games with the data like this from the very start, not to mention the fiasco with all the fake PCR tests that have been generating hundreds of millions of false “positives” to pad the numbers with fake data upon which to continue the same old bullshit that has already been proven to be wrong, false, fake..

South Florida is seeing the most improvements, with Palm Beach County seeing a 28 percent drop in cases and a 14 percent drop in deaths. Nearby Broward County also saw a 28 percent drop in cases, along with a 23 percent drop in deaths.

Miami-Dade County saw a 26 percent drop in cases and a 36 percent drop in deaths, while Orange County saw a 31 percent drop in cases and for some reason a 49 percent increase in deaths, or so they say.

A heatmap published by the Orlando Sentinel shows that many southern states are doing quite well in terms of cases and deaths, probably because they are warmer and have more sunlight as the winter months approach. Conversely, many northern states are not doing so well as they get colder and the sunlight wanes. 

Exposure to natural sunlight causes the body to produce vitamin D, which is critical for maintaining strong immunity. Those with vitamin D deficiency are more prone to developing chronic illness of all types.

The latest figures suggest that 58.4 percent of Florida’s population is now “fully vaxxinated.” The most vaxxinated areas are in South Florida.

“The vaxxine IS the pathogen” per the Citizen Free Press. “The virus is a pretext to inoculate you with the pathogenic poison.  This is exactly what I have been saying for many moons.  There is so much evidence of this fact, that you would think it would be totally common knowledge.  But apparently only among the alert, astute, educated, analytical segment of the population.

It appears that this is what this whole mess is going to boil down to.  Are there enough citizens in the astute category to save the dumbasses from their own ignorance?

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