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For readers keeping track, you will have noted that the last blog posted by me on this site was dated March 2, 2022.  From this date to the present date, April 12, 2022, is more than 5 weeks.  This is the length of time I have been down with a flu or toxin.  Prior to this date, I had a period of slow weight loss but was able to continue my daily routine. During the more intense 5-week period, I had a large weight loss, due to being essentially nauseated by the thought of foods in general.

Does this mean that I have had a bout with covid19?  Probably this does not mean that I have suffered from the covid19 novel flu. Some will allege that I would not admit it even if true.  But there is no doubt that I had something ailing me that was quite severe and debilitating. Although I never had any amount of fever.

It is not a viral disease because viruses are not the source or cause of the flu or any other disease.  But the governments have made the point that they have contaminated large numbers of the population going back to 2020, prior to the availability of the vaxx.  I have chosen to refuse the vaxx, thus it is not attributable to this source of deadly sickness. 

The flus are not contagious, thus are not spreading by this means.  All virus are dead molecules, tightly wrapped in a proteinaceous vesicle called an exosome, which is ejected from the cell through the cell wall after mitosis is completed and a new DNA molecule has been created and put in permanent residence in the nucleus of the newly created cell.

I certainly accede to the potential of this flu to bring about death.  I was certain that I was going to either die from this disease or overcome it and return to health. My bout with this flu was accompanied by pneumonia-like mucous accumulation that required an effort to cough up and discharge from my body.

I suffered from a rapid-fire double sneezes of intense force, bringing out sinus mucosa.

I suffered from hallucinations for the first week or two.  I was unable to sleep in my own bed and slept outside on a recliner.  Things were going on and they seemed to be fantastic and surreal.

My eyes were affected, becoming dry and blurry.  I had to wear tinted glasses to clear my sight for driving in sunny conditions.  I used eye drops a couple of times each day to keep my eyes lubricated and comfortable.

My internal balance is somewhat faulty

My skin is like crepe paper due to muscle mass loss and inadequacy of muscle and fat to fill out the bag of skin.

No vomit or diarrhea

No elevated temperature. Maybe even excessively low

Frequent urination

Bowel movements difficult due to lack of formation of solid stool, sticky, not easily moved by peristalsis. Irrigation required.  Recent improvement in stool formation and semi-normal formation of floating turds.

Finger and toe nails healthy

Mucous in lungs and trachea, must expirrate to discharge and expel by oral discharge

Muscular weakness proportional to losses in mass

Appetite has returned , very ravenous.  But weight gain elusive

Energy levels pretty good

No odors

No pains, old pains feel better.

Somewhat addled during worst, but acuity has returned

Hearing unaffected

Touch and feeling unaffected.

Drive to survive and overcome strong.

No cravings or compulsions regarding food types.

No lasting effect on long or short term memory.

John Rappaport excerpt from recent essay:

I wrote that, by accepting current statistics on COVID cases in the US, you’re committed to concluding that everyone in America is going to be infected.


If you accept the official figures—56 million COVID cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and one million new cases on the day of January 3rd—you’re committed to this:

Not only will all 330 million people in the US become infected, everyone in a nation of a billion people would become infected.

In the US, with 330 million people, everyone would become infected five, six, or seven times.

No matter what.

—Regardless of vaccines, quarantines, isolation, lockdowns, distancing, masks, everyone moving to underground bunkers and permanently wrapping themselves in stitched-together plastic shower curtains.

If you accept the existence of the virus, the supposed extent and speed of its rapid spread, the validity of the test, the accuracy of the case numbers, the meaning of what constitutes a case, you’re committed to:


It’s really worse, because the official reports on the virus imply it’s behaving unlike any other germ in history. It’s not burning out. Natural immunity isn’t taking hold.

Therefore, everyone will become infected and re-infected an UNLIMITED number of times. And if naturally acquired immunity doesn’t take hold in the future, we’re all going to die.

That’s the actual COVID narrative, once you accept the basic premises.

Face it.

Or do something revolutionary: think about the basic premises.

For the past two years, I’ve written over 450 articles rejecting every single premise, with explanations and evidence.

And when I say “every premise,” I include the fatuous and bloated and preposterous and kindergarten assertion that the virus—SARS-CoV-2—exists.

Because it doesn’t. The virus doesn’t exist.

Once you extract that rotting piece of nonsense from the COVID story, all the other premises, and the whole narrative, collapse.

Sanity returns.

Of course, I’m aware that many people prefer to remain blindly insane. They prefer to accept the official COVID fairy tale, while at the same time refusing to realize the implications of what they are buying.

I’m not writing for them.

I’m not writing for the people who hold out hope that “a vaccine will save us.” Think that through. In the last year, we’ve seen two significant variant strains of the virus, according to the lying public health leadership. If that were true, we would expect to see more variants—and the vaccine would stop working each time a new variant appeared. As one researcher recently pointed out, are we supposed to believe the whole country (and the world) can be injected with a useful booster EVERY SIX MONTHS?

Of course, there are no variants, because there is no virus. There is nothing to vary FROM.

Everywhere you look, the official story implies doom, and everywhere you look, the official story is false.

How About the experience of other readers?

There is a feature available on this site to leave your comments, not just for me, but for all readers.

I think it would be interesting and helpful if others were to share their own experiences should they have suffered the novel flu. Why not take a few minutes to share your own observations with others, who can learn some important information that may be of great usefulness while filling in a lot of blanks for everyone about what is really going on.

Thanks for contributing to the information database.

Dr. Walter Urban

My good friend and associate, Dr. Walter Urban, has gone on a journey of some mysterious circumstances.  Although he has never contributed any writings of any kind to this blog site, he was still an inspiration and source of knowledge.  Although this is a mysterious incidence, his age is around the early 90s and his health was extensively deteriorated.  I hope you will join me in wishing him well, whatever circumstances life has dealt him.  He lived part time in Costa Rica and the other part in Columbia.  I hold little hope of discovering further information about him.


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