FDA to give full approval to COVID vaxxines No public hearing; no transparency; no open review of vaxxine data

It’s all happening behind closed doors
by Jon Rappoport
The fix is in.  

We’re racing from “emergency use authorization” of experimental vaxxines to “full approval.” Boom.   Despite the promise of “transparency” prior to giving full approval to the COVID vaccines, the FDA is set to give its final green light today, or later this week. It’s a slam-dunk.   It is not based on any meritorious facts. It is just a ploy to depopulate.

And there is NO public hearing.   This means the vaccine marketing/intimidation/mandate campaigns will ramp up much higher. “Well, NOW there is NO reason for anyone to refuse the shot. The FDA states it is completely safe and effective.”  

Obviously, the FDA didn’t want to allow even mainstream “experts” to speak in a public hearing before approval; the agency is running a very tight ship. No slip-ups. No defections.   An 8/20/2021 article in the BMJ (“Covid-19: FDA set to grant full approval to Pfizer vaccine without public discussion of data”) quotes a few of these dissenting mainstream pros.

 For example:   “Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate who serves as a consumer representative on the FDA’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee, said the decision removed an important mechanism for scrutinizing the data.”   “’These [FDA] public meetings are imperative in building trust and confidence especially when the vaccines came to market at lightning speed under emergency use authorization,’ she said. ‘The public deserves a transparent process, especially as the call for boosters and mandates are rapidly increasing. These meetings offer a platform where questions can be raised, problems tackled, and data scrutinized in advance of an approval’.”   “Witczak is one of the more than 30 signatories of a citizen petition calling on the FDA to refrain from fully approving any covid-19 vaccine this year to gather more data. She warned that without a [public FDA] meeting ‘we have no idea what the data looks like’.”   “’It is already concerning that full approval is being based on 6 months’ worth of data despite the clinical trials designed for two years,’ she said. ‘There is no control group after Pfizer offered the product to placebo participants before the trials were completed’.”  

“’Full approval of covid-19 vaccines must be done in an open public forum for all to see. It is setting a precedent of no standards for ‘vaccine approvals’.”   Understand—this devastating criticism of the FDA is coming from a person who operates WITHIN the public-health establishment.  

Amidst a tsunami of reports of vaccine injuries and deaths from around the world, the FDA is proving it is an agency that will certify maiming and killing without hesitation if it furthers their purposes. This is an agency of the medical establishment that is “in on it”, that is, the conspiracy to depopulate the world, starting with the ‘West’.   Do not be taken in by this totally insignificant development, which was expected all along, is based on nothing and is just a ploy.

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