Fauci and Gates to Depopulate the Earth with Coronavirus Vaccines

When Big Pharma finally unveils its fake vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as early as this fall, the endgame will ensue to “depopulate the Earth.”

This is according to a study of history which, although having been revised, still remains available to us thanks to early photography, cartography maps, literature and archeological relics.

Looking back in history, we can see the patterns of empires dating back to the time of the Anunnaki’ departure from the planet, around 800 BCE.  It is very easy to read the actual accounts written by the Anunnaki during their 450,000 years of rule over the earth, or the extremely altered jewish bibles versions. Less clear is the actual history of the period from 800 BCE to the present time, during which the homo capensis have been the rulers.  They have been more devious, reflecting their insecurity as a minority ruling class than does not possess the resources and faculties of the powerful Anunnaki, who created them and left them in-charge of humans.

Initially, the homo capensis ruled in an overt simple system called feudalism.  The homo capensis blood line families were supposed to adhere to a system of succession for the kings by means of familial interbreeding.  The king’s blue blood family lines provided minions necessary for a system of feudal rule whereby there were brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins and so on, resources to extend the scope of the  management system for all of the assets owned by this king’s family, which included the human serfs.

The other aspect of this system of rule is the caste of the priests.  At that time, the priests are not what we, today, recognize as priests.  The priests of old were the educated and learned ones who had control of the temples, rendering services to the elder gods, the Anunnaki.  At this earlier time, there was no superstition or mystery about the subject of religion.  In whatever city, state or tribe, the king was the god, subordinate only to the Anunnaki, who were seemingly immortal creator-gods of everything.  They descended from ‘heaven’ in their space vessels, were apparently immortal, could create mortals combining primitive genetics with their own genes.

When the Anunnaki gods left the earth, this was essentially an orphanizing for the humans.  The homo capensis could not even begin to take the place of the creator gods.  They could not maintain the status of gods in the same manner as the elder gods had been able. They were not that different from homo sapiens.

The priests of the chief elder god, Yahweh, saw the solution.  They needed to create a mysterious superstitious cult of worship to the gods who had created and then returned in their indescribable ships to heaven, from which they did not return.  That’s where we get ideas about dying and going to heaven, after which we also do not return to the earth.

The priests of Yahweh started an effort to collect all of the writings of and about the elder gods.  They took the actual historic materials which they had been the curators of while the elder gods lived on earth.  They took all of the directives, commandments, lore, then combined and weaved fabricated material of their own creation to yield the bible.  This project began shortly after the departure of the gods in 1,000 BCE and was completed around 400 BCE.  This gave them the basis for formalizing the new ‘religion of the jews’ at that time.  They did not call themselves ‘jews’.  This was the only official ‘religion’ in existence at that point in time.  The word ‘jew’ was not even used before a point in time around 200 CE.  This bible made Yahweh the chief god, god the father, of which the tribe of Yahweh were designated the ‘chosen people’.

Simple enough.  Although there were about 1,000 Anunnaki gods on the earth, the rest were dropped out of memory, except for Enki, Lucifer, the half brother to Yahweh, who was his arch enemy and has been given the role of satan, the enemy of Yahweh.  There were plenty of other groups of humans who worshiped the sun, moon, planets, wind, fire, water, all the other Anunnaki gods, and plenty of other things, but only the jews had Yahweh, who had chosen them to be the ‘chosen ones’ over the remaining humans on earth, the soul-less goyim. 

Getting back to the history of empire, we have literature identifying many conquering empires, who had their own blue-blood ruling royals.  The Romans and the Greeks are the empires which we learn about in public education.  They are said to be the basis for our own civilizations.  We take note of the Romans, who conquered many lesser nations and formed a greater and more notable master empire, including the jews, themselves.  Rome was the hegemon of that particular RESET cycle.

In the third war of Roman dominance over the jews, a noted jewish traitor ‘turned coat’ and joined Titus Flavius, the Roman general, to assist him in reconquering his own jews.  His name was Josephus, a psychophant who curried favor with the Flavians to the point where he was made a member of the house of the Flavians, which produced three emperors. 

He convinced then Emperor, Titus Flavius, to attempt uniting the wayward members of the empire using a new religion, mandated to be the sole religion for all of the entire Roman empire.  That religion is Christianity.  Josephus Flavius collected all relevant written material about a man named Joshua, who he renamed Jesus the Kristos, the new testament bible.

This may all seem a bit ‘off-topic’, but you will see in a moment how it forms the basis of the system used by the homo capensis to control humans then And now. The outrightly brutal feudal system is not the most productive option for exploiting the resources of the planet.  Another, much more sophisticated system was invented, where the serfs were born into the illusion of freedom, equality and self-determination.  I call this system the ‘Matrix’.  You may call it democracy or socialism.  It’s all the same.  It is a system where the serfs believe they are born free, own property and work on their own behalf.  This system is based on a lot of constructs that support this illusion, such as: religion, elected politics, currencies, banking, corporations, stock ownership in corporations,  private property, public education, private ownership of assets, a fake medical system, misbeliefs in personal health care,‘isms’ and philosophical concepts of right and wrong, people as enemies of other people, military/industrial investment, and more.

If you believe you are working for yourself to gain and keep property and other forms of wealth, you will work much more diligently than if you work under the whip.  If you believe you can do wrong, but confess at your dying second to gain heaven, you will not have to spend too much time and consideration on a vast esoteric concept of what comes after death.  If you believe in politics as a dialectic, then you can argue endlessly and never even have a suspicion that your view of leadership and power is only a reality TV show.  If you believe that it is in your benefit to work to produce something of value from raw materials, and give this to your employer in exchange for some paper that is created in unlimited quantities at zero cost, then you are just a dreamer.  If you believe that you should go, or send you son to go, and kill other humans over an ‘ism’, then you are an ultimate fool. Of course, this can go on and on, but you get the idea.

The Matrix is a fraud and totally flawed.  In the course of the history of empires, there is a repeating pattern.  Start with children who are indoctrinated in public education and by their parents from their own flawed education.  Use these children as the base stock for breeding a whole new empire full of young humans who are hungry and eage, on the stage which has been set up for this purpose.  These new young breeders will train their children into the Matrix concepts that they have, themselves, been indoctrinated into.  Give them a fresh start by teaching them to take land and resources away from weaker cultures and plant the means for financing a great new enterprise that will, after 100 years of effort, become highly productive and wealthy. Then, only to decline for the following 100 years into the next RESET.

The successful new empire will exert its power and will over lesser states, and take them along as participants in the great empire.  They, of course, will exploit their own lesser states, thus gaining more power and wealth.  They reach the point where they are affluent and can lay back and exploit the benefits of empire, losing their desire to perform certain types of work that they can allow immigrants to perform.  They become less productive and start to off-shore their industrial manufacturing enterprises to other states.  They have wealth, so they can borrow currency from many sources.  They become a ‘service-sector’ economy where they spend the pot of wealth, over and over again, to buy new things from their subordinate states, while performing services for their wealthy comrades.

By the time the second 100-year period is over, they have borrowed every last cent, destroyed the land they live on, war on every weaker state so they can take whatever resources they want from them, develop a vast chasm between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ into an unbearable disparity that is seething in a boiling pot.

Now, the 200-year cycle has played out and there is nothing of merit or value left to take to the pawn shop to get another bag of cocaine.  The kings and queens are nervous because, unlike when the party is going strong, now the citizens are ‘useless eaters’, extravagant, wasteful, who are suspicious of what some have rightly viewed a plot.  The time is now here for the ‘RESET”.  The 200-year RESET, where the hegemon and the rest of the states of empire are subjected to some great catastrophe that depopulates the adults, while salvaging the children to start over with a new beginning of empire in a more virgin venue.

This is the point we find ourselves at this moment, just over 200 years from the 1812 RESET.  The Queen has given the order…”get rid of the useless eaters”.  Everyone is laughing, because they think she is joking…making a ‘funny’.  They never taught us in public education that this has been occurring every 200 years for more than 2000 years.  Does any of this ring with enough truth that you can see what is happening at this very moment? With this fake pandemic and fake race riots?

Stop for a moment, think again, and see if it looks a little different in light of these facts.

 Louis Farrakhan recently declared that Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are basically eugenicists trying to get rid of all the “useless eaters.” Hah! There’s that term again.

A controversial figure, Farrakhan urged African leaders during his annual Fourth of July address from his headquarters in Chicago, to tell their black followers to avoid getting any vaccinations, or medications developed by the likes of Gates, Trump or Fauci.

Louis Farrakhan Anthony Fauci And Bill Gates Are Trying To 'depopulate The Earth' With Coronavirus Vaccines

“I say to my brothers and sisters in Africa, if they come up with a vaccine, be careful,” Farrakhan proclaimed from his pulpit. “Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medication. Do not take their medication.”

The 87-year-old activist quickly started to “trend” on Twitter following the speech, drawing blacks and whites alike who are skeptical of Big Government “medicine” to question whether getting vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is really a good idea.

Farrakhan has proposed forming a team of independent virologists and epidemiologists to take a closer look at whatever vaccines are eventually rushed to market.

This, he says, will help to determine whether or not they are truly safe and effective. Now, Farrakhan may not know this, but I am informing you now…this is no vaccines for viruses.  It is just another control mechanism that you may, or may not bow to.

“They’re making money now, plotting to give seven billion, five-hundred million people a vaccination,” Farrakhan went on to state, referring to the globalist plot as presented on the infamous Georgia Guidestone to reduce the world’s population to just 500 million people.

“Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, Donald TRump – you want to depopulate the Earth,” he added.

“What the hell gave you that right? Who are you to sit down with your billions to talk about who can live, and who should die?”

Echoing what many “truthers” have been saying for years now, Farrakhan went on to curse these globalist monsters, declaring publicly that their “work is coming to an end quickly, because you have sentenced billions to death.”

“Conservative” Daily Caller chides Farrakhan, likens him to “anti-vaxxers” making “unfounded allegations”

As to be expected, some in the so-called “conservative” media have responded with antagonism towards Farrakhan, who in the past has been accused of “anti-Semitism” for calling out Jewish special interests that he says get a free pass when it comes to steering political narratives. Could this possibly be the truth??

Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Caller is also upset that Farrakhan dared to question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, as well as level “unfounded allegations about Fauci’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Daily Caller would appear to support Fauci’s agenda, based on these remarks, as well as oppose the “popular conspiracy theory … that Fauci is prolonging the duration of the coronavirus pandemic by proposing a series of economic lockdowns and social distancing policies until a vaccine is developed.”

This type of globalist rhetoric is nothing new for The Daily Caller, which back in early 2019 got into bed with the vaccine industry by blaming “anti-vaxxers” for the alleged measles outbreaks that were being reported around that time, among groups of children who are all fully vaccinated for measles.

Interestingly, The Daily Caller appears to have removed its comment section, at least on this particular article about Farrakhan, which prevents readers from chiming in on what they think about his statements.

Perhaps this news outlet recognizes that its positions on the pandemic, mass vaccination, and “anti-Semitism” are not all that popular after all.

By the way, one must ask oneself why they are in such a hurry to get the continent of Africa totally fitted out with 5G towers and equipment.  Africa is not the most intensely infused with high technology industry.  Surely, those countries with much more need for speed in data transmission should be getting preference over Africa??

Another interesting piece of the puzzle is the low-key activity in the US to take land back from private ownership into federal ownership.  Much of this land is now being returned to the Indian tribes from whom it was stolen originally. Just yesterday it was announced that about half of both Oklahoma and Kansas were ceded back to the Muskogee Indians.  Look at the map of western US and you will note that half of the territory is now taken out of private hands.

These types of things, that you can find if you look, are meaningful in the overall context of this RESET 2020.  It would appear that what is underway is a taking back of US land that is maybe going to be ceded back to the original owners.  I would not be opposed to this development, as the original owners certainly cared for the land far in excess of the European robbers.  They planned for a sustainable future. With careful use, the land may possibly be brought back to health over the next 200 years.

Oklahoma is the light-brown territory to the left
Federal-owned land is in red. Not updated for Indian-owned KS – OK territory

There is likely no further need for a lot of slaughter cattle for quite some time in the US.

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