False-flag Terror

Underlies Every Single Mass Casualty Event in Your Lifetime, including 911, JFK assassination and Coumbine.

False-flag terrorism is their primary weapon used to control the public masses.  This includes fake viral disease, like covid.

James Corbett warns that as the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, we must be on the lookout for false flag terror. He says reports of a Swiss Federal Intelligence Service warning about imminent attacks on “coronavirus vaccine infrastructure, including vaccination centers, transport and manufacturing facilities,” scream to him that there’s a high likelihood that the next false flag event will be blamed on the anti-vaxxer crowd and he says not to fall for it.

“They will pull that trigger if and when they feel they need to and we have to speak out about it before, to warn the public that this is already an option on the table – false flag terrorism – in order to gin-up a response from the public, to get those damned ‘anti-maskers’.”

He reminds us that, “The War on Terror is and always was about creating fear among the citizens. It was always about creating the Homeland Security apparatus to wield against the population and to criminalize dissent – and that is what is happening right now.”

Do not take the lethal injections that are being pushed with maximum intensity from the highest levels, for the purpose of genocide.

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